Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Fighting And Seeking Death Until The End
Chapter 234: Fighting and seeking death until the end

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
Just like the last time, after noticing Song Shuhang, the young man in green clothes riding the white horse said happily, "Little White, Little White! I finally found you!"

Having experienced this scene the previous time, Song Shuhang made a fist and welcomed him, "Bring it on! Its been a while since Ive seen you!"

Of course, these words did not affect the young man. Unless you said the keyword rest, the young man would keep repeating the same fixed lines.

However, Song Shuhang wasnt planning to rest just yet. He wanted to fight with the young man in green clothes and see how much he had progressed since the last time.

The last time he had been here, he only knew the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique. However, this time, he had grasped the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk footwork and the Immovable Body of the Buddha supplementary body tempering technique. In regards to Daoist techniques, he had learned the Lightning Palm. Even if his realm was almost the same as back then, his fighting prowess was on another level.

"Little White, where did you run off to, I thought you lost your way," the young man in green clothes stood in front of Song Shuhang, grinning radiantly. He was like those NPCs in gamesacting according to a fixed pattern, even the lines he was saying were the same.

"Enough chit-chat. What do you want to train in this time?!" Song Shuhang said heroicallyin the meantime, he secretly used the power of qi and blood to draw the character on the palm of his hand. With that, he could use the Lightning palm at any time!

"Little White, shall we train some hand-to-hand combat techniques?" the young man in green clothes didnt throw him any weapon; instead, he assumed a martial stance.

Song Shuhang laughed, "Thats exactly what I was hoping for. Look at my power, Basic Fist Number Three!"

He didnt wait for the young man to attack, he decided to make the first move to gain an advantage. He used the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk and sharply increased his speed.

After approaching the young man, he released the Basic Fist Number Three. This fist was like a violent storm that pounded toward the young man.

He had learned his lesson after being beaten for nearly an hour last time.

The young man was skilled in every field, and his stance was flawless. He used a finger technique that resembled the Nine Swords of Dugu, and against that technique, Song Shuhangs Basic Buddhist Fist Technique had previously suffered a complete loss.

Under these circumstances, he could only use speed to overcome skills.

Song Shuhangs cultivation had slightly increased from last time; in addition, he had the help of the ghost spirit and that extra speed from the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk. Therefore, this storm-like fist was even faster than last time and the angle it was hitting from even trickier.

"Hehe. Little White, bring it on!" the young man smiled.

Then, just like last time, he easily evaded Song Shuhangs barrage of fists like a loach. Although these fists were quick, none of them could touch his body!

After seventy fists, Song Shuhangs barrage came to an end.

At this time, the young man raised his finger and said, "Hehe, Little White. Take my move!"

As before, this finger attack reminded Song Shuhang of the Nine Swords of Dugu. It directly aimed at the places where his fist technique was weak. He wasnt able to ward it off because he attacked precisely when his fist had lost all its momentum, being in its weakest state!

Last time, it was exactly this godly finger that made Song Shuhang wish he could die, making his whole body ache.

But this time, he was already prepared he had been saving up the Lightning Palm just for this moment!

The finger of the young man aimed at Song Shuhangs shoulder.

Song Shuhangs shoulder immediately became numb and aching as though it had received an electric shock. But thanks to the Immovable Body of the Buddha, he could withstand this kind of pain.

Taking advantage of the fact that young man was in the middle of his attack, Song Shuhang made his move and lightly shouted, "Lightning Palm!"

The character in the middle of his palm shone and turned into a ball of lightning. Along with the movement of Song Shuhangs shoulder, the Lightning Palm went toward the young man.

The young man, as if he had thought that Song Shuhang wouldnt use Daoist techniques, didnt dodge.

The Lightning Palm made a crackling sound and hit the young man directly!

The strength of this technique was enough to create a hole of the size of a basketball in a hard rock. However, the strength of this young man was unknown. Therefore, it was unknown how much damage he would suffer from the hit.

Song Shuhang wasnt worried that the young man would die this place was only an illusory reality created while Senior White was cultivatingeven if the young man were to die, a brand-new young man in green clothes would spawn after a while!


After being hit by the Lightning Palm, the young man was sent flying and rolled several times on the sand. Lightning was entwining his body while sending out crackling sounds. The electricity completely paralyzed him, and his body was continuously twitching.

"Hahaha! Idiot, I can use the Lightning Palm now!" Song Shuhang laughed self-satisfiedhe had finally released some of his anger.

The last time, the young man had tortured him in various ways in this same desert. Now, the Lightning Palm let him breathe a mouthful of fresh air. It was a good feeling!

Just when Song Shuhang was loudly laughing, the young man rolled on the ground twice and got up.

He patted his green clothes and said to Song Shuhang, "Little White, youre so shameless! You unexpectedly used a Daoist technique!"

Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide, What the hell? Even after being hit by the Lightning Palm, there isnt even a scratch on his body?

"In that case, Ill also be impolite!" the young man said a brand-new line.

...It seemed that Song Shuhang using the Lightning Palm had changed the plot, just like when he said the word rest last time.

However, it seemed that the plot wasnt changing for the better this time!

Song Shuhang swallowed a mouthful of saliva, "Dont be like this. Wouldnt it be better if we both stayed polite? Moreover, Im feeling a little tired. How about resting a bit?"

However, the word rest didnt have any effect on the young man this time.

"Hehe. Look at my magical technique! Invincible Nine Manifestations of the Dragon God: Ferocious Thunder and Lightning!" the young man joined his palms together and chanted a long series of words.

Is he trying to intimidate me?

Just when he thought this, Song Shuhang heard the sound of a muffled thunder coming from the sky. Soon after, a rain of lightning came down from it, aiming at Shuhang.

You heard correctlyit was a rain of lightning!

The lightning was as concentrated as raindrops. It was even scarier than the heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage Acquired Realm that Sixteen had faced.

Song Shuhang looked at the sky, desperation filling his face. With this much lightning, he had nowhere to hide. Even if he used the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk at full power, he could travel for a hundred meters at best. But that thunderstorm was covering an area of at least 500-600 meters!

It seems that Ive brought a disaster upon myself, right?

Song Shuhang wanted to cry but had no tears.

Soon after, Song Shuhang yelled like a pig that was being slaughtered...

It was quite painful.

Song Shuhang felt his entire body being roasted by the lightning even his consciousness had started to fade.

Please, stop! If Im hit again by the lightning, Im going to die!

However Ive got the feeling that I forgot something.

As soon as he saw this desert, the first thought that crossed his mind was how he should make the young man pay for the beating last time. He didnt notice it before because he was too agitated, but now, he had the feeling that he had forgotten something.

Right, where is Instructor Li Jr.?!

Instructor Li Jr. was still sleeping on the sofa!

He wouldnt have also encountered the young man in green clothes, right? Instructor Li Jr. is just a mortal, wont he die after this treatment?

Instructor Li Jr, dont die!

Soon after, Song Shuhang felt the world fade to black; he had lost consciousness due to the lightning...

Instructor Li Jr. slowly opened his eyes.

"Ah? What is this place?" he looked at the desert in confusion.

Ah? This is a desert!

What happened? How did I end up in a desert?

Let me recall what happenedit seemed that I urgently needed money and therefore decided to teach two rich rookies how to fly an aircraft. This morning, after signing a contract with the aviation school, my colleague and I waited for those two people to come over to learn how to pilot an aircraft.

Then, he met those two people. One was a handsome man; the other was a university student with a friendly smile.

As for what happened afterward he didnt remember. It seemed that he could vaguely recall the faces of some Caucasians, but he didnt remember the exact details of what had happened.

"What happened? Why am I in a desert? Am I dreaming?" Instructor Li Jr. rubbed his temples. Then, he stretched out a hand and inserted it in the sand, picking it up.

He could feel the sand slipping away through the gaps in his fingers; the sand seemed real. Instructor Li Jr. pinched his tight; he felt pain! It wasnt a dream. He was really in a desert!

Does that mean that I got into an accident while giving flight lessons to those two rookies? Did the aircraft crash here?

But thats impossible! There are no deserts near the area of Jiangnan!

"Little White, you finally woke up!" at this time, Instructor Li Jr. heard a melodious voice of a man.

Instructor Li Jr. turned his head and discovered that there was a young man in green clothes not too far away from his position. The man was wearing an ancient robe, and he was riding a completely white horse!

This young man is very handsome. Are they shooting the scene of a movie set in ancient times?

However, who is this Little White? Was he referring to me?

"Little White, where did you run off to, I thought you lost your way." The young man said as he narrowed his eyes in a smile.

"Wait, little friend. Did you just call me Little White?" Instructor Li Jr. pointed toward himself and said somewhat confused. "Did you mistake me for someone else?"

My name is Li Xihua, I am a young flying instructor in an aviation academy. My marital status is single.

I have good relations with people. At the aviation academy, everyone cordially calls me Li Jr.

However, strange things happened in the past few daysfirst, they mistook me for Anthony, and now, they are mistaking me for Little White. Just who the hell is this Little White?

Ah? Wait!

Who the hell is Anthony?!

Today, Instructor Li Jr. discovered a frightening matterthere were many strange shards of memories in his head. Or maybe a big chunk of his memory was missing...

As though he hadnt heard Instructor Li Jr.s words, the young man took off a long sword from the horse and threw it at Instructor Li Jr.!

"Little White, shall we train sword techniques?" after saying these words, the young man took off another long sword from the horse!