Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Question How Cool Is It To Operate A Hand Guided Tractor
Chapter 236: Question: How Cool is it to Operate a Hand-Guided Tractor?

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"We are driving there? Alright." Senior White beamed brightly and said, "Then Im gonna choose!"

"Yeah, Wenzhou City isnt far, just a few hundred kilometers away. Hence, driving there ourselves is more convenient." Song Shuhang replied, "Pick something that has big space, we have quite a lot of suitcases."

Song Shuhang had a large box in his handsit contained a million RMB in cash, medicine pills, treasured saber Broken Tyrant, soul beads, Spirit Green Tea, etc.

"Yup, actually I had already chosen a car the minute I saw it, lets drive that one. I feel that that vehicle is just to my liking!" Venerable White happily pointed to a domineering, huge vehicle.

Song Shuhang looked up and his mouth opened wide, not making a single sound.

Wheres the best place to learn how to operate an excavator? In Shandong, China, look for ugh, whatever.

"Senior White, this is an excavator. Its not a vehicle for transportation purposes, it is a construction vehicle used to excavate the ground. If you're really interested in this vehicle, we can operate it after we return from Wenzhou City, heading toward the back of a mountain to try it out." Song Shuhang forced a smile.

Senior White just came out of secluded meditation not too long agoeven though he had grasped a lot of knowledge on the modern era from the Internet, the information on the net was rather messy. There was a lot of information that Senior White had not had the time to fully comprehend.

"Ooh, then what is the one next to it? Is it also another construction vehicle?" Senior White pointed to another vehicle with the same domineering air and might.

"Yes, it is also another construction vehicle. That is a bulldozer, it is used to clear the land, construct roads, and the like. If Senior wants to, you can wait for us to return and take it out to play." Song Shuhang sighed.

Thereafter, before waiting for Senior White to point his finger, he took the initiative to introduce the third vehicle, "The tractor, damn its a hand-guided type. Ahem, this is used to transport things, in the past it was mainly used for transporting crops in villages I guess?"

Song Shuhang was not very sureeven though it was said to be used for farming purposes, when he was younger, he saw that similar hand-guided tractors were also used to transport sand, cement, etc, creating a loud rumbling sound that came through the door of his house, and flashily leaving behind a trail of black smoke.

Speaking of which, how did True Monarch Yellow Mountain get an antique like this? And it is freaking brand new? Dont tell me he got the factory workers to work overtime to assemble it?

This thing was one of those models that required you to hand crank the engine of the tractor to operate it. If he remembered correctly, it was not allowed to be used on most of the roads now.

Perhaps only in some secluded areas, you could still see people using such hand-guided tractors.

After Song Shuhang scrutinized it, he realized that there was a barrel of diesel fuel behind the tractor was it reserve fuel? One could only say that True Monarch Yellow Mountain really prepared everything meticulously.

"Used for transporting things? Next to the driver seat in front, it seems like its possible to squeeze another person in. Both of us can operate it! Lets just use this one!" Senior White said excitedly, with one look he had already scrutinized the three vehicles that were more domineering than the restthe first two were construction vehicles and this one could transport things as well as people, hence there wasnt a problem!

"No can do, Senior. This vehicle is not allowed on the road!" Song Shuhang called out, "Lets change to another vehicle!"

"No, I have already chosen it. Even if its not allowed on the road, its fine. We can engrave an invisibility formation on it, and remove it when we get to your house!" as Senior White spoke, he had already seated himself inside the tractor.

He curiously held onto the steering wheel of the tractorwhen comparing it to a steering wheel of a car, this type of steering wheel had quite the charm.

Since it had piqued his curiosity, he decided to choose it!

"Senior, never mind. Lets change to another one, this one isnt very fast, at most it can only go at a speed of over 30 km/h!" Song Shuhang said worriedly.

Even if you drove a ladys car, at least it could shelter you from the wind and rain. This old model of hand-guided tractor didnt even have anything in front to shelter you from the wind and rain, it was entirely bare.

"No worries, I can increase its speed. I have experience now; it definitely wouldnt ruin the vehicle. At most we can engrave the formation to reduce the resistance of the air and the weight. It doesnt matter, lets just use this vehicle!" Venerable White was adamant on choosing it.

Song Shuhang racked his brains. His eyes lit up and he said, "Senior White, our drivers license doesnt permit us to use this type of vehicle, we can only drive smaller cars."

Senior White looked at his drivers license and looked, "It isnt true, my drivers license permits me to drive all kinds of vehicles, doesnt it?"

Song Shuhang stretched his head and looked, he saw that there was DE printed on the license. Which was to say, he could drive all vehicles below the DE category, which meant all of them.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain really attentively prepared everything!

"Additionally, we are going to be in the invisibility mode in any case, not having a drivers license doesnt matter." Venerable White laughed heartily, he was very pleased with himself.

Song Shuhang was left speechless.

Ultimately, Song Shuhang couldnt change Senior Whites decision.

Venerable White was especially in love with this one and only hand-guided tractor vehicle. You could see right now that, even before operating the hand-guided tractor, Venerable White was already currently seated within, with both hands grabbing onto the steering wheel and turning left and right with his entire body swaying rhythmically

There was no hope.

Speaking of which, was he really going to drive this thing all the way back to Wenzhou City? Just imagining the scene made Shuhang feel sore.

...If I had known earlier, I wouldnt give Senior White the chance to choose. I would have just picked a car myself and drive back and all would have been good.

Forget it, it has already come to this. Since I cant fight it, I just have to accept it.

Song Shuhang put the suitcases at the back of the hand-guided tractor, and also put Instructor Li Jr. at the back as well.

Both he and Venerable White sat at the front of the hand-guided tractor and casually tossed the over 30 vehicle licenses given to him by True Monarch Yellow Mountains agent into the small compartment next to the seat.

"Lets head out!" Senior White was in high spirits!


A moment later, Senior White pressed some buttons on the hand-guided tractor for a while and asked, "Shuhang, how do I start it?"

"" Song Shuhang sighed and took out the handle. He went to the front of tractor, then pressed onto the lowering lever, plugging in the handle.

Thereafter, Song Shuhang stooped down with his butt sticking out, grabbed the handle tightly and turned it with all his strength.

When he was little, he used to see other people activate the tractor, hence he had some impression of it.

Sigh, there was no need to say more. He was just thinking of his current pose in his mindit had to be such a beautiful sight, one that people dared not look directly at.

"Rumble, rumble, rumble" the tractor quickly got activated and black smoke started coming out.

Eh wait a minute!

Did I just do something stupidif the tractor couldnt start, I could have just chosen another car, right? Why did I have to use so much strength to start up this tractor?

Song Shuhang wanted to cry but had no tears.

"Huh, you still have to do that? Interesting! Next time, let me turn it." Senior White laughed heartily.

"Ha... hehe." Song Shuhang forced a laugh, and then pulled out the handle.

"Go, lets head out!" Senior White called out.

Earlier, when he was playing alone with the steering wheel, he had already understood the method to operate it. After Song Shuhang had gotten into the vehicle, Senior White started the tractor and charged out of the underground garage leaving behind a trail of black smoke.

"Interesting, even though the speed is kinda slow, the feeling of driving it is great!" Venerable White remarked.

Of course it had the feeling, it was the hand-guided type, and the front of the vehicle was so heavy too.

...Meh, if were taking the tractor, then so be it. As long as Senior White is happy.

After driving out of the underground garage, Song Shuhang pressed the remote control to the door of the garage, and the main door descended.

With a snap of Senior Whites fingers, the defensive formation that was already set up long ago on the side of the car garage got activated. After all the cars had been delivered and assembled, the safeguarding responsibilities of the garage fell upon Song Shuhang and Senior White. This was what True Monarch Yellow Mountains agent mentioned at the start.

Just like that, Venerable White operated the tractor, carrying Song Shuhang and Instructor Li Jr. while energetically heading towards the aviation academy

After exiting the garage, it was the main street.

9 to 10 AM was the time period when there were the most people on the road.

It was not known if it was his misperception, but Song Shuhang kept feeling that Venerable White and him became the center of attention of peoples vision countless of eyes were fixated on his body, how offensive!

Wenzhou City, Baijing Street.

This was Song Shuhangs hometown.

Today was Wednesday, Papa Song specially took a day off from work and was idle at home.

The main reason was that a guest was coming over today, and he was an important one. Hence, Papa Song took a day off and waited at home for the guest to arrive.

"Old Lus still not here?" Mama Song carried cayenne pepper diced chicken out from the kitchen and placed it on the table.

The table was filled with seven dishes, yet Mama Song was still trying hard to increase the quantity.

"That old thing, he doesnt dare come over to my place for the whole year, and now suddenly wants to bring his son here. Hmph, hes definitely up to no good." Papa Song pushed up his glasses with a dissatisfied face.

Thereafter, with a face full of disapproval, he said, "I can guess his motive of coming here even with my toesI heard a few years ago that after his son dropped out of school, he went to do his own business to earn his keep. Now, hes definitely going to bring his son here to brag and show off his achievements. Just watch, I can bet with you. Once he enters the door, hes definitely going to show his son off. In order to do that, the first thing he would bring up is definitely his business, luxury car, and a grand mansion etc., it would not be far from that!"

"Pfff" Mama Song couldnt help but laugh, "Didnt this start with you?"

Mama Song still remembered that last year, Song Shuhang studied as hard as he could and got into a well-known school, Jiangnans University.

Thereafter, Papa Song frequently brought Song Shuhang to Old Lus house.

Once he entered Old Lus house, he started talking about his sons results, how great they were, getting him a place in Jiangnans University, and compared him to Old Lus dropout son. Papa Song looked so pleased and proud that he deserved a beating.

After that, Mamar Song couldnt watch it any longer and was determined not to let Papa Song drag Song Shuhang to Old Lus house. Only then did Papa Songs bragging ended.

Ever since then, Old Lu, who couldnt find one thing to brag about, spent almost one year feeling depressed at home. He couldnt find an opportunity to brag in front of Papa Song... he must have been very miserable.

Speaking of which, Old Lu and Papa Song have been long-time frenemies. Ever since they were little boys and till adulthood, they had always been comparing all kinds of things.

From height, academics and careers to daughter-in-laws or sons... whenever either party had something that was better than the other partys, they would happily run over to brag, using each others pain as a source of happiness.

"Sigh, just thinking about how Old Lus son would be driving some luxury car over in a while makes my liver ache!" Papa Song said depressingly.