Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Rich Men Have Their Own Unique Way Of Thinking
Chapter 237: Rich men have their own unique way of thinking

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Along the way, Song Shuhang felt that the gazes of the surrounding people were concentrated on themand that was probably true!

No matter who it was, after seeing the tractor and the driver, they felt the urge to fix their gaze upon them.

The one driving the tractor was Venerable Whitehe resembled an immortal that had come out of a painting, incredibly handsome. When people saw him, they felt that he was the incarnation of the words beautiful, pretty, and handsome. No, even these words weren't enough to describe him!

This man that seemed to have come out of a painting had now an excited face. His hands were placed on the steering wheel, and his body was swaying along the tractor. He seemed very happy.

Song Shuhang, who had the delicate and childish look of a student, was shrinking next to Venerable Whitethis tractor had just one seat in the front, the seat of the driver. Therefore, Shuhang could only shrink in a corner, looking distressed and lovable.

The tractor made a rumbling sound and started to move as the black smoke rose upwards.

This whole scene felt wrong on so many levels!

"Senior White, can we use a magical technique to become invisible?" Song Shuhang turned his head and said to the happy Venerable White.

He couldnt endure those gazes anymore. When those people were looking at him, it felt as though a thousand arrows were aiming at him; it made him feel very uncomfortable.

"Eh? Oh, I forgot to use the invisible formation!" Venerable White laughed, somewhat embarrassed. Then, he made a turn and stopped on a deserted street.

After making sure that no one was looking at them, Venerable White took a sheet of A4 paper out of his pocket and stuck it on the seat of the tractor.

He only needed to activate the formation on the sheet of paper, and the tractor would become invisible.

Song Shuhangs face twitched. Did Venerable White prepare it beforehand?

Song Shuhangs guess wasnt wrong. Venerable White had already prepared this formation. Right now, he had several sheets of A4 paper with formations engraved on them. All of them were one-use goodsthere was a lot of cars in the garage; therefore, he needed to plan things properly. Otherwise, wouldnt it be troublesome to draw formations every time he was about to drive a new car?

"This paper has an invisible formation on it. Once were nearing your house, you just need to tear it off to make the tractor visible." Venerable White explained.

I would prefer to keep the tractor invisible even after arriving at the main gate! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Next, Venerable White took out four more sheets of A4 paper with formations on them. "On this sheet is a formation to decrease the weight of the vehicle. This one is to decrease the air resistance. This one is to increase the speed by three times, and the last one is to strengthen the vehicle. With these four formations, this tractor can reach the speed of 150 km/h. Moreover, it wont take too much damage due to the excessive speed."

Song Shuhang quietly pasted the four A4 paper sheets on the tractor.

Senior White snapped his fingers, and all formations activated. Then, he happily drove the hand-guided tractor toward Jiangshuis Civil Aviation Training Center.

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The tractor was happily running on the road. Soon, its speed would exceed 100 km/h.

Along the way, Senior White used his godly driving skills to overtake one car after another; the speed was also continuously increasingand whenever there was a long queue of cars ahead of them, he would pat on the tractor and shout, "Leaping technique!"

The tractor would soar into the sky like a war horse and leap over all the obstacles, continuing its happy journey.

This driving style went against common sense!

In a silver car behind the (invisible) tractor.

"Ah? Husband, did you also hear the noise of a tractor just now?" the young woman driving the car said, somewhat confused.

The husband, who was sitting in the shotgun seat, pointed ahead and called out in alarm, "Oh my God, whats that thing?"

They could see a mass of black smoke coming out of thin air, and from the space below the black smoke came the rumbling noise of a tractor.

That mass of black smoke was dashing forward at a very high speed. Even on this jammed round, it had surpassed 100 km/h.

"Is this a ghost car?" the young woman shivered, "For example, the driver of a tractor might have died on this road a long time ago. And since he still had some resentment toward this world, he took his tractor and went for a stroll on this road."

"..." The husband faintly sighed. He decided not to let his wife read those strange novels or watch movies for a while.

A similar scene played inside many other cars.

Almost all the drivers on the road heard the rumbling noise of a tractor and saw the black smoke it was releasing.

Some people could even smell the exhausts of the tractors engine.

...Venerable White only made the tractor invisible. He didnt use a formation to make its sound and smell disappear.

He did it because he felt that driving a completely invisible tractor was very uninteresting. It was like wearing beautiful clothes in the middle of the night!

It was better to have audience, and having the audience exclaim in surprise would give even more motivation to the driver!

But Song Shuhang was completely unaware of this.

He still thought that the tractor invisible, noiseless, and untraceable.

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The tractor quickly arrived at Jiangshuis Civil Aviation Training Center.

When they were about to arrive, Song Shuhang called Caselli, saying that they would bring Instructor Li Jr. back today. However, he had no plans to attend flight lessons today since he had to make a trip back home. Once he had returned to Jiangnan College Town, he would once again come to the training center to take lessons.

Caselli naturally agreed.

Many instructors of the training center were curious about Li Jr. suddenly coming out of the spacecraft that had returned from space. They wanted to know what had happened after he had brought those two rookies for a ride in the sky.

When they were near the aviation school, Song Shuhang put away those A4 paper sheets that had formations engraved on them.

The tractor lost its invisibility while speeding toward the training center.

"Hello, Miss Caselli. Were here." Song Shuhang gave her another call.

Very soon, Caselli came to receive them...

As soon as she came out, she was dumbfounded...

She absentmindedly looked at the hand-guided tractor before her eyes and Venerable White who was driving the tractor and had a Im super happy right now face, as well as toward Song Shuhang who was shrinking into a corner.

Caselli blinked several times and took a deep breath.

...To make it short, at this moment, she thought that the average man couldn't comprehend the logic of these ultra-rich guys. She had now a brand-new concept of the sentence unique ways to have fun.

When the average man was walking, these rich people were already riding bicycles; when the average man was riding a bicycle, these rich people were already driving cars; when the average man was driving a car, these rich people were already flying aircraft; and when the average man was flying an aircraft, these rich people were already driving tractors...

They wanted to experience things that were out of the ordinary and uncommonrich men had their own unique way of thinking.

"Mr. Song Shuhang went through great trouble. Anyway, where is Instructor Li Jr.?" Caselli revealed a very professional smile.

"Hes in the rear. Mr. Li Jr. fell asleep not too long ago." Song Shuhang leapt down from the tractor and went toward the rear, picking up Instructor Li Jr.

Two tall men came from behind Caselli and received Li Jr. from Song Shuhangs hands.

"Is Instructor Li Jr. alright?" Caselli asked curiouslyshe was very curious as to how Li Jr. had ended up in the spacecraft that was returning from space, and what he had exactly gone through for the past few days.

"Hes fine. He has a strong body." Song Shuhang smiled. Once he returned from the United States, Senior Brother Zhou treated him with special medicines. Not only were his wounds healed, but his body had also become stronger.

And today, Venerable White used his spiritual power to heal him. Needless to say, he had benefited quite a bit from that too. Shuhang knew it because his body was also strengthened after Senior Whites treatment.

"Since weve got other matters to deal with, well take our leave. Once he wakes up, you can ask Instructor Li Jr. himself about what happened. After were back in the area of Jiangnan, well contact Miss Caselli and decide when to study piloting other models of aircraft." Song Shuhang said with a smile as he waved his hand.

"Alright, no problem." Caselli also smiledonce Instructor Li Jr. was awake, they could finally ask him what happened.

Song Shuhang crawled into the tractor, and Venerable White made a beautiful turn.

The tractor rumbled and set out toward Wenzhou City, Song Shuhangs native place.

At this moment in Wenzhou Citys Baijing Street.

A brand-new BMW 7 Series skillfully stopped in front of Song Shuhangs houses entrance.

Soon after, a tall and big man with a bear-like build came out of the backseat. He was around fifty years old, but due to his strong body, he looked much younger.

This person was a very old (and harmful) friend of Papa Song, Old Lu.

"Tianyou, take out the gift I prepared for Old Song. Wahaha!" after coming out of the car, Old Lu stretched his legs and loudly laughed.

At this time, Old Lu acted all pompousall he lacked was the cocky strut.

A young man who also had a strong bear-like build came out of the car. He was Old Lus younger version.

This person was Old Lus son, Lu Tianyou. He already looked thirty years old. However, he was only two years older than Song Shuhang.

At this time, Lu Tianyou had a bitter smile on his face. He didnt want to accompany his father to Shuhangs house to show off, but he was unable to stop him.

Lu Tianyou opened the trunk of the BMW and took out a small statue made of copper. This statue was wrapped in red cloth, and you couldnt make out its appearance.

"Come, quickly! I already cant wait to see Old Songs miserable appearance. Ive already suppressed myself for a whole year. I cant wait anymore!" Old Lu loudly laughed. He went in the direction Song Shuhangs house, filled with fighting intent.

Lu Tianyou heaved a deep sigh and used his hand to cover his face.

He felt that his father was really making him lose face!

After sighing, he looked in the mirror of the car and tried to fix his smile. At last, he was able to squeeze out a suitable smile. Then, he followed his father, trying to maintain his smiling face.