Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 239

Chapter 239 A Shooting Star Streaking Across The Sky Lets Wish Something
Chapter 239: A shooting star streaking across the sky, lets wish something!

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Ive heard there are many different types of snacks and delicacies in Wenzhou City. I might as well go there and eat something. Afterward, Ill return to the Penniless Thief Sect. Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist thought to himself.

After being sealed for 200 years, he felt that this era was really wonderful!

They had the Internet, cinemas, theaters, and many other marvelous ways to have fun. Even the ruler of a country in ancient times didnt have such a wonderful lifeof course, you needed money to enjoy life to its fullest!

The only problem was that the advancement of science and technology had severely polluted the environment. However, this wasnt really a problem for cultivators.

Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist had already condensed a Golden Core. Even if the Earth were hundreds of times more polluted, it wouldnt cause him any problems.

Therefore, no matter if we were talking about snacks bought on the streets, things fried in oil, or junk food, as long as they looked and tasted good, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist wouldnt hesitate to eat them.

Things like viruses didnt really affect him.

For example, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist had felt his belly ache after eating fifty kebabs, but his body had automatically reacted and neutralized the bacteria in his stomach.

Speaking of which, what did kebab contain to make the belly of a Fifth Stage cultivator ache?

However, it tasted pretty good, and his mouth was watering just at the thought of it. If he had the opportunity, he wanted to taste it again!

"Lets go! Lets see what delicacies and amusing things they have in Wenzhou City!" Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist happily activated the sword light, heading toward Wenzhou City.

Along the way, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist suddenly furrowed his brows.

"Weird. Why am I feeling an impending sense of crisis again? Moreover, this feeling of danger is getting heavier and heavier." Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist muttered to himself.

"Did I wake up on the wrong side today? Or did I bathe on the wrong side yesterday?"

He was already familiar with this sense of crisis. Ever since he had broken through the Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique, he felt a strange lingering feeling of danger.

At first, he thought that it was True Monarch Yellow Mountain who had left behind a trap or something. Then, he tried many different ways to get rid of this sense of danger but to no avail.

Yesterday, this impending sense of crisis suddenly disappeared.

But now, he had the same feeling again.

"I have no idea whats happening, but even if its death, stop hiding and come at me directly!" Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist muttered to himself.

After a short moment, he clenched his teeth.

My safety is more important. Ill cancel this trip to Wenzhou City and directly return to the Penniless Thief Sect after passing through the city.

After returning to the sect, he could rely on the great defensive formation. At that point, he wouldnt have to be afraid of this bad omen!

On the road to Wenzhou City.

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The engine of the tractor was roaring as before. Song Shuhang had his hands on the steering wheel, and his whole body was shaking as the tractor was moving forward. At this time he too was very happy!

He discovered that driving a hand-guided tractor was quite satisfying if others couldnt see you.

Just as Venerable White said, feeling the tractor shake while driving was a pretty good feeling.

And the feeling was amplified if the tractor could reach 100-150 km/h! It was good to the point of becoming addictive!

"Hehe. Senior White, well arrive at the destination in around half an hour. Afterward, well go toward Baijing Street; my house is there." Song Shuhang said to Venerable White.

He was afraid that Senior White would get distracted if he was too bored. Therefore, he would often try to start a conversation.

But this time, Venerable White didnt reply even after a while.

Song Shuhang quickly turned his head and discovered that Senior White was curled up into a ball.

Did he fall asleep?

Did he consume too much spiritual energy when he healed Instructor Li Jr. and me this morning, therefore becoming tired?

Or perhaps...

Song Shuhang slowly decreased the speed of the tractor and stopped on the roadside.

Then, he stretched out his hand and tried to shake Senior White.

But, just like before, Venerable White didnt reacthe wasnt breathing either. Given his current realm, Senior White didnt need to breathe.

Song Shuhang thought a bit and took something out of his pocket. It was a thousand mile sound transmitter in the shape of a small flute. True Monarch Yellow Mountain had delivered him this flute when he had to look for the Senior Whites closing place.

With this gadget, he was able to contact Venerable White while the latter was in seclusion.

Song Shuhang blew the small flute.

Very soon, Senior Whites gentle voice spread from the flute.

"Buzz... hello."

Song Shuhang looked at Venerable White. After seeing that he didnt react at all, he had guessed what was happening.

"Buzz hello. This is the place where White is closing up. Ill be out in 2 days, 6 hours and 30 minutes; please wait patiently!" Venerable Whites voice kept echoing from the flute.

Aaah Senior White is closing up.

Venerable White was known as a cultivation madman. Since he was sitting on the tractor and felt that he had free time, he decided to close up. And how long was he closing up this time? Ah yes, two days.

In this fashion, Venerable White decided to meditate for the next two days just like that.

Song Shuhang rubbed his forehead.

Senior, you could have closed up for less time!

How should I deal with this situation once Im back home?

If Senior White were closing up for only half a day, he could say this, "My friend was very tired after the journey and fell asleep. Hell rest for a while."

But now, Senior White was closing up for two days. How would he explain this situation to Papa Song and Mama Song?

My friend really likes to sleep and will wake up in two days. You dont have to worry, ok?

Worry my a*ss! Who would sleep for two days?! Maybe someone in a vegetative state!

At the time, Papa Song would be so worried that he would immediately send Venerable White to the hospital.

"What should I do now? Should I look for a hotel near the house and let Senior White rest there?" Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

However, he immediately denied this possibility.

What kind of joke was that, putting Senior White in a hotel?

If Senior White were to unconsciously launch his real illusion while cultivating, all the people inside the hotel would be tortured to death by the young man with green clothes.

And even if he were not to use the real illusion, given his charm and beauty, there was a high chance that a bunch of young masters would come with their men and try to take him away.

Such a scene wasnt impossible, because something very similar had already happened!

The last time Senior White was in seclusion, several young masters had mobilized their forces to steal him, almost killing each other during the fight.

"Forget it, Ill return home first. Then, Ill try to look for Doudou and the small monk. Later, Ill have Doudou arrange a protective barrier in the place where Senior White would stay." Song Shuhang rubbed his brows.

As for how he would explain all this to Papa and Mama Songhe would take it one step at a time. Things would surely work out by themselves.

He would have prefered to avoid introducing a vegetative Senior White.

After heaving a deep sigh, Song Shuhang returned to the driver seat and started the tractor.

The engine of the tractor roared, and black smoke started to come out...

Just as he was preparing to set out, Song Shuhang saw a beautiful shooting star streaking across the sky.

Even if it was daytime, this shooting was really bright and dazzling.

"A shooting star?"

Song Shuhang closed his eyes and joined his palms together, quickly saying, "I wish for Sixteen to get better, and also for Senior Northern River, Senior Thrice Reckless, and Senior Ancient Lake Temple to get their memories back!"

After saying these words, he secretly opened his eyes and looked at the shooting star. The shooting star was still streaking across the sky; it seemed that there was time for a few other wishes!

"I wish for this trip with Senior White to be safe and hope not to encounter any disaster. I also wish that Doudou and the small monk would stop causing trouble and behave!"

After this second round of wishes, he secretly opened his eyes again. The shooting star was still streaking across the sky. Moreover, it was even brighter.

"Lets go for the final wish! I wish for my road to cultivation to be successful and filled with a lot of luck!"

The previous Song Shuhang wouldnt have done something as stupid as making wishes in front of a shooting starbecause he didnt believe in such things.

Well, the current Shuhang didnt believe in these things either!

However, after coming into contact with the world of cultivators, he discovered that luck was really a mysterious thing. That was because of Senior White who had an abnormal luck!

Although it was stupid to make these wishes, it still gave him a peace of mind.

And with a better state of mind, he might have better luck.

After making the last wish, Song Shuhang opened his eyes again and looked at the shooting star.

Wait, am I having hallucinations or is this shooting star getting brighter and brighter? And also... bigger?

F*ck, this shooting star is coming toward me!

Song Shuhang felt that he was about to pee himselfmoreover, he recalled a memory; a memory that he had almost forgotten.

That day, Branch Leader Jing Mo from the Limitless Demon Sect was chasing him, and he had used the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique to go to Venerable Whites side, conveniently bringing Cold Flame Sword along.

Afterward, he saw Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist break through the Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique with great difficulty.

And right at that time, Venerable White and True Monarch Yellow Mountain started to talk about a strange extraterrestrial rock. If a cultivator of the First Stage were to stand beside this rock, they could open their apertures more easily.

Afterward, Senior White had thoughtlessly said, "Shuhang, if you get that strange rock"

At the time, Song Shuhang had been scared to death.

He feared that a meteor would suddenly fall from the sky and hit him.

For the next few days, he had always been on alert.

After a while, he thought that nothing would happen because Senior White had just spoken thoughtlessly. Therefore, it wasnt a Senior Whites blessing.

And since nothing happened for the next days, he had slowly started to forget about this matter.

However, he hadnt expected that this calamity would still befall him.

At this time, this meteor was coming toward his position.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh and carefully looked at the meteorite. He was trying to calculate where this meteor would fall. Since he had already noticed it, he might as well try to find a way to hide from it.

It was a bad situation. Maybe he could squat beside Senior White? Even if he was closing up, perhaps the spiritual qi revolving around his body could ward the meteor off?