Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Papa Song My Liver Is About To Explode
Chapter 241: Papa Song: My liver is about to explode!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
After returning home, Song Shuhang will have to face Old Lu! And a drunk Old Lu is at least three times more annoying than a normal one. Papa Song patted his poor liver.

But, Shuhang is hopeless too. If he was coming home, he could have called a bit earlier! With that, he would have had time to prepare himself mentally. But now that he was only ten minutes away from home, Papa Song was at a loss and didnt know what to do!

"Be careful on the road, and when youre home, remember to greet your Uncle Lu properly. Anyway, what is that rumbling noise Im hearing?" Papa Song used his head and shoulder to hold the phone and spoke loudlyhe also said the keyword Uncle Lu to let Song Shuhang prepare for the worst.

"Ahaha, its nothing. This time, Im coming back with a somewhat special vehicle." Song Shuhang laughed and said, "See you later then. Ill be there soon."

After finishing his sentence, Song Shuhang hung up.

Papa Song put away his phone, somewhat confused He is coming here with a special vehicle? What kind of vehicle has such a noisy engine?

A sports car? No, thats not it. That sound was somewhat similar to those cargo ships they used to use on rivers or those tractors that are rarely seen in the village nowadays.

A tractor? F*ck, it cant really be a tractor, right? Papa Song felt a chill in the air that made him shiver all over.

No, it shouldnt be. I even regularly sent money to Shuhang. He shouldnt be poor to the point of having to sit on a tractor to return home.

I must have misheardmaybe that tractor-like sound belonged to an SUV?

While thinking, Papa Song secretly shot a look at the BMW 7 Series parked in front of his house.

Son, you better not return home with a tractorotherwise, your father will lose all face!

"Old Song, was that Shuhang?" Old Lu asked while drinking wine at that moment, his sound clear and a smile on his face. "Is he returning home?"

"Ah? Yes. Shuhang decided to give us a surprise. He said hell be here in a while. Wife, Shuhang said hell be home in ten minutes. Remember to prepare something for him!" Papa Song said to his wife in the kitchen.

"Eh? He is returning home? Geez that boy. He could have called sooner." Mama Song said with a smile. Luckily, she had already prepared a lot of dishes since Old Lu was coming.

"Old Song, where is Shuhang now? Should I ask Tianyou to go pick him up with the car? Ahaha!" Old Lu laughed and continued, "Speaking of which, I havent seen Shuhang in a year. I wonder how much he has grown?"

"No need to trouble Tianyou. Shuhang said hes coming here with some vehicle. He should be here soon." Papa Song said with a laugh.

Then, he started a fierce drinking battle with Old Lu.

He had ten minutes if he could get Old Lu completely drunk, then it wouldnt matter what kind of vehicle Shuhang was using to come here, because Old Lu wouldnt remember!

After mulling over it, he was more and more convinced that that was the sound of a tractor, and this was causing him to panic!

Unfortunately, it wasnt so easy to get Old Lu drunk.

Ten minutes quickly passed by...

Next, the strange rumbling sound of a vehicle echoed in the surrounding area.

Song Shuhang had finally arrived!

Just as he was approaching home, Song Shuhang found a corner and tore off the paper that had the invisible formation engraved on it, making the tractor visible.

He didnt tear off the other formations because having the tractor go at 20-30 km/h would be exasperating. Anyway, as long as the tractor was visible, it wouldnt scare anyone. As for its speed, he would reduce it once he was close to home!

Actually, Song Shuhang was originally thinking of stopping the tractor at some deserted place near his house, because returning home with this gadget was rather embarrassing. Moreover, his Uncle Lu was a guest today, and he knew about his (harmful) friendship with his father. Unless they compared and ridiculed each other, they wouldnt be happy. Therefore, the sight of him returning home with a tractor was unthinkable.

But after picking up the meteorite and Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist along the way, Song Shuhang had no alternatives but to cancel this plan. He couldnt possibly carry Senior White and Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist and bring them home while conveniently dragging along a meteorite, right?

As a result, Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and discarded his sense of shame and moral integrity, deciding to go home with the rumbling tractor.

And on a second thought, he found that a hand-guided tractor was rather cool!

"Is Shuhang finally here?" after hearing the rumbling sound, Old Lu got up from the chair and went toward the window laughing. He wanted to see how much Old Songs son had changed after a year.

As soon as he heard that strange rumbling sound, Papa Song had a very bad premonition. He stiffened a bit and went toward the window like Old Lu.

The two of them simultaneously looked downstairs.

And when they looked below, both their complexions changed.

Song Shuhang was grabbing the steering wheel of the tractor, continuously shaking along with it. He had a very happy look on his face.

In the open container on the rear was a big rock...

However, it was unexpectedly a tractor and a hand-guided one at that!

Were they shooting the scene of a movie?

After an instant, Song Shuhang skillfully parked the tractor.

"Puahaha! Old Song, this hand-guided tractor your son is driving is really beautiful! I too drove this gadget, but it was 20 years ago! Where did he unearth this ancient thing? Nowadays, its almost impossible to see these things on the road, right?" Old Lu pointed downstairs and loudly laughed.

When he saw his sons BMW 7 Series and Old Song sons hand-guided tractor Old Lu was delighted. This was enough to make him feel happy for a whole year!

On the other side, Papa Songs face had become green with anger. He clenched his teeth and wished he could run downstairs and ruthlessly beat Shuhang.

This brat actually used a tractor to return home! Moreover, he wasnt even a passenger; he was personally driving it!

As if that wasnt enough, it was even a hand-guided one!

At this time, Papa Song felt that his liver was so painful that it was about to explode!

Downstairs, after stopping the tractor, Song Shuhang picked up another person that was curled up in the corner of the driving seat.

"There is someone else too?" Papa Songs expression became a little better.

However, why was Shuhang carrying this guest on his shoulders?

Just as he was thinking, Song Shuhang went to the rear of the tractor and started to fiddle with something. Besides that big rock, there was another person in the rear of the tractorand this person seemed to be in bad shape!

Papa Song noticed that this person didnt have many clothes on. Wasnt it a bit improper to go around like this in broad daylight?

Then, they only saw Song Shuhang stretch his hand and put this person on his other shoulder.

Afterward, with one person on his right shoulder and one on his left, he wobblingly headed upstairs.

"Whats happening?" Old Lu was somewhat confused.

Papa Song shook his head. He had no idea of what was happening either.

Soon, Song Shuhang arrived upstairs and knocked on the door.

Mama Song ran over and opened the door.

After seeing him, Mama Song asked somewhat worried, "Shuhang, who are there two people on your shoulders?"

"Ahahaha. You dont need to worry." Song Shuhang hinted at the person on his left shoulderthe still-in-meditation Venerable White. "This one is my good friend, I asked him to come over to our place. On the way here, he got sleepy and decided to take a nap. However, hes the type of person that wont easily wake up once hes sleeping. No matter how much you shake him, he wont react at all."

"..." Mama Song looked at Venerable White. Was he sleeping or in a coma? Wasnt his sleep a little too deep?

Venerable White was hanging upside down from Shuhangs shoulder, his long hair scattered downwards. His hands were weakly dangling, and his legs would sway whenever Song Shuhang took a step.

To be able to sleep in these conditions, this girl must be a really heavy sleeper!

Mama Song heaved a sigh and said, "Fine, leave this girl to me. Youre also hopeless. Do you think its proper to carry a girl like this?"

Mama Song mistook Venerable White for a girl after seeing his long hair and slender figure.

"What girl? Cough, cough. Ma, SeSong Bai is a man! If youre wondering about his long hair, he studies art. Its pretty common for art students to have long hair." Song Shuhang quickly made up a story.

Luckily, Zhao Yaya wasnt here. Otherwise, she would need only a look to tell that Shuhang was lying.

"What? Its a boy?" Mama Song was a bit disappointed.

She thought that Shuhang had finally opened his eyes and brought a girl home! She didnt expected that after one year in university, he would still bring a boy back... that idiot!

"And the one on the right?" Mama Song shot a look at Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist. After a quick look, she was scared to deaththis person seemed to be in awful condition, with blood all over the face. Moreover, it appeared that his body had been roasted. All his clothes were burnt to the point of becoming rags, and he was emitting burnt smell. But, strangely enough, the skin that was showing from under the clothes was intact and undamaged.

"This is a wounded person I picked up on the roadside. After examining him, I discovered that he had some superficial wounds and fainted. I thought it wasnt a good thing to leave him lying outside. Therefore, I brought him back with me." Song Shuhang said with a kind smile.

"Oh, you" Mama Song touched her forehead. She was really helpless about her kind-hearted son, "Shouldnt you have called the hospital first? What would you do if you worsened his state by carelessly moving him?"

And there was another point that Mama Song didnt say out loud What would you do if the wounded person were to blackmail you? At the time, a big dispute will await you!

"You dont have to worry." Song Shuhang said with a smile, "I know this person a little. In a while, Ill call his relatives and have them pick him up from here. It wont cause me any trouble!"

"You know him a little? Then its fine." Mama Song heaved a sigh, "Okay, dont dawdle at the entrance, quickly move them inside. Put the wounded one in the guest room. As for your good friend, how about taking him to your room for now?"

"Sure, no problem." Song Shuhang carried Venerable White and Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist on his shoulders. When he passed through the hall, he even greeted Papa Song and Uncle Lu who were standing beside the window.

Then, he brought Venerable White and Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist to his bedroom. Even after carrying two people, his face wasnt red, and he wasnt gasping for breath either.

"Shuhang seems to be quite strong, right?" Old Lu leaned against the window and said to Papa Song, his face completely red.

After carrying two people on his shoulders upstairs, he wasnt even gasping for breath.

"That boy is indeed quite strong." Papa Song smiled Moreover, did Shuhang grow since the last time I saw him? He seemed taller now.

"Come. Lets go downstairs and try out your sons tractor." Old Lu poked Papa Songs sore spot, "Its been years since Ive touched a hand-guided tractor!"

Driving the tractor was only an excuseOld Lus real objective was to provoke Papa Song.

"Old fool, stop causing trouble. You drank so much, arent you afraid of causing a traffic accident?" Papa Song coldly snorted.

"Hmph, what are you afraid of? Twenty years ago, I was holding liquor with my left hand and driving the tractor with the right one. And guess what, did I ever cause an accident? My capacity for alcohol speaks for itself. Moreover, Im only gonna drive on Baijing Street, what is there to be afraid of?" Old Lu said self-satisfied. Then, he waved at Lu Tianyou who was sitting in the living room, "Tianyou, come over here and help me crank the engine of the tractor! Were going for a ride!"

I have to crank the engine of the tractor? Lu Tianyou wanted to cry.

Papa Song heaved a sigh and decided to accompany Old Luhe had no choice but to tag along. Old Lu was dead drunk, what if he were to run up to some faraway place?

Then, the three of them went downstairs. Old Lu excitedly climbed up onto the tractor and stroked the familiar and yet unfamiliar steering wheel with his hands.

Time was unforgiving! In the blink of an eye, more than twenty years were gone, and their sons were now adults.

Although he wanted to drive the hand-guided tractor to poke at Papa Songs sore spot, he also missed the feeling of driving a tractor.

"Tianyou, stop daydreaming! Go to the front and crank the engine!" Old Lu shouted at this son.

Lu Tianyou made a hollow laugh and grabbed the handle in front of the tractor. Then, he exerted some effort to rotate it. When he was little, he had seen Old Lu cranking the engine of the tractor many times. Therefore, he was familiar with this task.

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The hand-guided tractors engine started once again.

"Come on, get on the tractor! Its time for a ride!" Old Lu excitedly shouted.

Papa Song helplessly climbed onto the rear of the tractor.

Lu Tianyous corner of the mouth twitched, "There is no need for me to come, right?"

"Tsk! If you dont tag along, who is gonna crank the engine if the tractor were to suddenly stop?" Old Lu angrily said.

Lu Tianyou bitterly smiled and climbed on the tractor, sitting beside Papa Song.

"Speaking of which, why did Shuhang bring this big rock along?" Lu Tianyou looked at the rock and asked.

Papa Song shook his head; he didnt know.

Upstairs, after settling Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist, Song Shuhang put Venerable White on his bed. But, at this time, he heard the engine of the tractor roaring.

Song Shuhang ran to the window and shot a look downstairs.

He saw Uncle Lu sitting in the drivers seat of the tractor, his face excited. On the other hand, Papa Song and Tianyou were sitting in the open container in the back. The tractor slowly started to speed up.

Heavens! Song Shuhang immediately broke in cold sweat.

Venerable White had attached several formations to that tractor. The only one he had torn off was the one that granted invisibility. He didnt remove the ones that decreased the weight and air resistance and increased the speed. Therefore, this tractor could reach up to 100 km/h!