Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 242

Chapter 242 There Is Something Wrong With This Speed
Chapter 242: There is something wrong with this speed!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
"Whats happening outside?" after seeing Shuhangs strange expression, Mama Song also looked out the window. Then, she saw Old Lu and Papa Song getting on the tractor. Lu Tianyou also got into the open container on the rear with a bitter expression...

"Those two fools, after drinking all that wine, they have decided to cause trouble outside?! They need a good beating!" Mama Song said angrily. Afterward, she took the phone and dialed Papa Songs number.

But when Papa Songs phone rang, they discovered that it was still on the table when he answered Shuhangs call before, he casually left it on the table and forgot to put it in his pocket.

"..." Mama Songs anger level sharply increased. She angrily howled at the three people downstairs, "Old Song, immediately stop that tractor!"

Maybe it was due to the tractor making too much noise, but none of them heard Mama Songs angry howl.

The tractor set out, slowly accelerating.

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The tractor set out amidst thundering roars and black smoke. Very soon, it left Shuhangs main gate, disappearing on the road.

"..." Mama Song.

"..." Song Shuhang.

After thinking a bit, Mama Song said, "Shuhang, go to the living room and see if Tianyous keys are still there. That BMW downstairs belongs to him. If he left the keys there, go take the car and overtake them!"

"I cant overtake them." Song Shuhang bitterly smiled.

"What?" Mama Song was confused.

"That tractor of mine is a bit out of the ordinary." Song Shuhang looked at the skyby accelerating a little, it could reach 100 km/h. If you were to accelerate again, it could reach 150 km/h without much trouble, and it could go even faster if you were to push it to the limit. How could he overtake it?

"Oh! This feeling cant be described with mere words. Driving this tractor is awesome!" Old Lu laughed. His whole person was shaking up and down along with the tractor. He seemed very happy.

It had been ages since he drove a tractor! Right now, he felt as though he had returned back in time to when he was still young.

Back then, he used to drive the tractor the same way.

During winter, he would drink a little bit of liquor to warm the body and drive his beloved hand-guided tractor, rushing amidst Wenzhou Citys streets. At the time, he had just got married, and although making a living was difficult, he was still very happyand if Papa Song werent there, constantly poking at his sore spots, he would have been even happier.

He pressed on the accelerator and pulled the transmission, changing gear.

The speed of the tractor was getting faster and faster, and the black smoke it was emitting was also getting thicker.

"Old Song, where should we go? If I remember correctly, there should be an old route with no traffic in the direction of the mountain. If we go there, we wont meet the police." Old Lu said to Papa Song.

Times had changed. When they were young, even if they were to drive drunk, no one would say anything.

But now, you would get caught, and that was somewhat troublesome.

"That should be fine. Just go toward the mountain, but remember not to get on the main road and only use small roads. Moreover, someone paid out of their pocket and had the main road on the big mountain fixed; Im not sure whats the purpose though. You can go there and take a stroll if you want." Papa Song was sitting in the open container behind the tractor, and he felt that something was not right.

The speed of the tractor was getting faster and faster, and the surrounding scenery was changing at a constantly faster pace.

"Old Lu, whats our current speed?" Papa Song loudly asked. The engine of the tractor was too noisy, and you had to shout to hear each other.

"Were not going too fast. I have yet to put the highest gear. So, you dont have to worry. Ahaha!" Old Lu, who was sitting in the front, was extremely excited.

Lu Tianyou felt that there was something wrong He didnt put the tractor in the highest gear yet?

Thats impossible!

By comparing it to the speed of his car, Lu Tianyou guessed that the tractor should be going at 60 km/h right now. Moreover, its speed was continuously increasing.

What joke was that? A tractor that was going at 60 km/h wasnt in highest gear yet?

Did that mean that the tractor was modified?

Wenzhou City, not too far away from Baijing Street, Mountain Niuding. Here, there was a circular mountain road.

Actually, Mountain Niuding was the abbreviation used by local people to refer to several mountains that were linked together, and if you were to search for this term on a map, you wouldnt find anything.

A long time ago, there was a bent mountain road that linked the people on Mountain Niuding to the outside world.

But later, all the residents moved toward the foot of the mountain. And since the number of families living up there was continually decreasing, the mountain road was also abandoned.

But, two years ago, an unknown nouveau riche got approval from the authorities and paid out of their pocket to fix and enlarge the mountain road. Right now, the mountain road was rather spacious.

At this time, three very cool carsone red, one blue, and one whitestopped at the start of the mountain road.

"What do you think of this road? Its beautiful, isnt it?" a young but lively girl with a ponytail came out of the white car. She made a hugging motion with her arms, her face very satisfied.

A girl with slender and long legs, phoenix eyes, and white clothes came out of the blue car. She looked at the mountain road and said with a gentle smile on her face, "This time, Little Maisui chose a very good place!"

A girl with trendy sunglasses was driving the red car. She raised her head and pressed the horn, saying, "Enough chit-chat. My car cant wait anymore. Lets race!"

"Hehehe. Alice, I was just waiting for these words." Little Maisui laughed, "This time, I must surpass 120 km/h! You two, just look. On this road, Ill reach even 130 km/h!"

120 km/h?

Wait, was this number wrong? Were they using this kind of speed to race? Couldnt you reach this sort of speed on public highways too if you were to press the accelerator firmly?

"Hehe. Youre not the only one that has practiced in secret! I practiced for a long time, and even on a mountain road, I can maintain a speed of 100 km/h! I can say for sure that you two arent my match," Alice, the girl with sunglasses, said self-satisfied.

100 km/h? And she was even happy about it

You guessed it right these three girls really liked racing, but they were just too weak-hearted.

They liked driving at high speed, but when they were racing against someone else, they would be left in the dust because they were too slow.

Even if they liked racing, they didnt like being left in the dust and ridiculed every time!

Therefore, the girl named Little Maisui got permission from the authorities and decided to build a private road in this remote area.

This way, these three girls that liked racing, but did not have guts, could come over and have fun.

Although the speed wasnt too fast, they would at least enjoy themselves.

"Zhao Yaya, get in the car. Its time for a race!" after getting into her white car, Little Maisui shouted to the girl with long legs standing beside the blue car.

The girl that was gazing over the road was none other than Song Shuhangs cousin from his mothers side, Zhao Yaya.

"I didnt expect Little Maisui to choose Wenzhou Citys Baijing Street for the meeting. Shuhangs home is very close to this place! After the race, I might as well go to his house and see if he has returned or not." Zhao Yaya muttered to herself.

Yep, Zhao Yaya really liked racing however, no one at home knew about this hobby of hers; it was deeply hidden!

Then, the three girls got into their cars.

"Ill count to three. After three seconds, well set out!" Little Maisui said, self-satisfied.

It wasnt a regular car race, and the three girls didnt really care about rules either; they just wanted to have fun.

"One, two, three!" Little Maisui loudly shouted as she pressed the horn of the car. Afterward, the three beautiful sports cars dashed forward with a whizz sound, starting to sprint on the runway.

At the start, the three girls had very earnest expressions, and their speed wasnt low while sprinting in a straight line.

But, whenever they had to make a turn, they would immediately apply the brakes, decreasing their speed...

The instructor had always told them to slow down when making turns!

After all, you needed to put safety first when driving!

"Yo~ yo~ check it out!" while driving the tractor, Old Lu was humming an old song. He had a very happy appearance as he was speeding on the small road, heading toward the road behind the big mountain.

Papa Song, who was sitting in the open container in the rear, frowned and said, "Isnt this speed too fast? I think weve surpassed several cars while coming here."

"Youre overthinking it. Maybe their speed was just too low, and we overtook them. Anyway, it feels good to overtake cars with a tractor. Wahaha!" Old Lu laughed.

Thats not the problem, Father. There is really something wrong with this speed! Lu Tianyou thought to himself. Then, he stretched out his hand and touched his hair. He was uncertain as to why there was no wind.

The tractor didnt have a windshield, and even if the speed wasnt too fast, wind should still blow in their faces, right?

But after sitting in the open container for a while, he hadn't felt any wind.

"Ahahaha! Old Song, weve arrived at that place! Tsk, its indeed a good location. The road is very spacious, and there is no one. If we had a good car, it would be pretty cool to race here. But now, lets have some fun on this road. Ill show you my overbearing driving style from twenty years ago!" Old Lu was delighted.

Then, he changed the gears and increased the speed of the tractor to the limit!

Rumble, rumble, rumble the roar of the tractors engine echoed throughout the entire mountain.

At the same time, its speed sharply increased.

Papa Song said, somewhat worried, "Be careful, this is a mountain road! There are many turns!"

Old Lu laughed, "What turns? At the time, I drove the tractor and made eighteen turns on a mountain road at full speed! Now, this expert will teach you how you make turns! Wahahaha!"

Old Lu twisted his waist and grabbed the gearshift of the tractor, slowly moving it...