Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Zhao Yaya Wait Is That Uncle
Chapter 243: Zhao Yaya: Wait, is that Uncle?

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Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The hand-guided tractor was still emitting black smoke. Afterward, it beautifully turned, and its speed didnt even decrease while turning the corner!

"Did you see that beautiful turn? Even those guys drifting in movies arent my match; this is true skill!" Old Lu shamelessly praised himselfhowever, his palms had started to sweat.

Why? Because just as he was talking, the front of the tractor started to sway more fiercely, and the speed also seemed to have increased.

In the open container, Lu Tianyou secretly wiped the sweat from his forehead. Seeing how their bodies had tilted while making the turn, their current speed should be around 70-80 km/h. No, even faster!

This hand-guided tractor has undergone some modification.

But why would Shuhang crazily modify a hand-guided tractor?

Is the new trend to modify tractors instead of luxury cars?

This idea wasnt too far-fetched. Somewhere in China, some rich men got tired of luxury cars and started to hold competitions between horse-drawn carriages!

"Ah? Old Lu, be careful! There are cars ahead!" Papa Song had a keen vision; he saw some cars ahead after they turned the corner.

Once they got closer, Papa Song saw three sports cars.

One white, one blue, and one red.

Unexpectedly, there were sports cars here!

These cars werent going slow. One could notice it from their rumbling engines.

This section of the road was completely straight, and the speed of these sports car should be above 100 km/h, right?

But, strangely enough, they were slowly but steadily catching up to those cars with the tractor, pulling the distance closer bit by bit.

Lu Tianyou couldnt bear it anymore and said, "Are we going at 100 km/h?"

"Nonsense. Have you ever seen a tractor going at 100 km/h?" Old Lu heavily reprimanded his son. How could a tractor reach 100 km/h?

But as he was speaking, his voice started to lower.

Because, while he was saying those words, the tractor caught up with the last of the three cars, the white one!

And then...

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

The tractor was emitting black smoke, and its big tires were madly spinning. And just in this fashion, it casually overtook the white car.

Old Lu opened his mouth wide.

In the white car.

Little Maisui, the girl with ponytails, also had her mouth wide open. She blinked a few times and looked at the tachometershe was going at 120 km/h!

She blinked again and looked at the vehicle that had overtaken her.

This vehicle had four huge tires and was making strange rumbling sounds while sprinting. It was a tractora hand-guided tractor with an open container attached behind it.

Moreover, she saw a rock about the size of a small table in the open container plus two men. One had a bear-like build; the other was a scholarly middle-aged man with glasses.

"What the...?" Little Maisui was dumbfounded.

Just whats happening?

A tractor carrying a huge rock surpass her car and she was going at 120 km/h! Was she hallucinating?

"Alice~ Yaya~ Am I going crazy? I think Im having hallucinations. I just saw a hand-guided tractor surpass my car!" Little Maisui shouted into the microphone of the headset.

While racing, the three girls wore headsets to easily communicate and avoid being unprepared if something were to happen.

Her two friends didnt reply. She only heard a buzzing sound.

After a long time, the girl with sunglasses driving the red car, Alice, said in a grave tone, "I thought I was the only one seeing things, but it seems you also saw it. A moment ago, I saw a hand-guided tractor emitting black smoke through the rear-view mirror, and a bear-like uncle was driving it. Ah I was overtaken!"

Just as she was speaking, the rumbling tractor overtook her.

At this time, Alice was going at 125 km/h!

"Weve surpassed two sports cars." Papa Song swallowed a mouthful of salivaat this time, only an idiot would believe that the tractor was going at 30-40 km/h!

"If Im not mistaken, Shuhang should have modified this tractor, right?" Lu Tianyou said in a deep voice.

"Nonsense!" Old Lu, who was sitting in the front, shouted, "Dont you know how an engine works? A hand-guided tractor such as this can go at most at 60 km/h! Only if you change its engine with that of a Ferrari can it go faster! But as you saw, the engine of this tractor wasnt modified; you need to start it manually!"

What father said isnt wrong. No matter how much you modify the tractor, the engine will limit its speed! Lu Tianyou remained silent.

But if this was the case, how could this tractor go at more than 100 km/h, easily surpassing two sports car?

At this time, the tractor they were sitting in was slowly approaching the blue car in the front. Given the current speed of the tractor, it was only a question of time before it overtook the car.

Was this tractor like one of those Transformers in movies that could change their appearance with Allspark?

At this time, Zhao Yaya looked at the weird tractor through the rear-view mirror.

As the distance between them was getting shorter and shorter, she blinked a few times.

Then, she called out in alarm, "What?!"

"Yaya, were you also overtaken?" Little Maisui asked.

"No, there is still some distance left." Zhao Yaya repliedhowever, this wasnt the problem. The problem was the uncle driving the tractor!

Zhao Yaya was very familiar with this uncle.

This was the same Uncle Lu that would frequently visit Shuhangs house when they were little!

She had met him many times in her childhood. Even if she had grown up and wasnt going to Shuhangs place a lot these days, she would still frequently meet him while she was there.

She remembered that Uncle Lu and Uncle Song were really harmful friends. There was no limit to how much they would make the other party suffer.

If it were someone else, they would have already stopped being friends after all that arguing.

But Uncle Song and Uncle Lu were different. They would try to annoy the other party in every possible way, but their friendship was still unbreakable.

Just what type of tractor is Uncle Lu driving?! This speed is just...

Zhao Yaya quietly looked at the speed of the car140 km/h! This was the highest speed her heart could withstand. She didnt dare to go faster.

But, Uncle Lus tractor was slowly getting closer, and to catch up to her, its speed should be above 150 km/h, right?

Rumble, rumble, rumble...

I was overtaken overtaken by Uncle Lus hand-guided tractor!

Just what in the world is happening?

Next, Zhao Yaya saw a familiar person in the open container attached to the tractor.

It was a scholarly man with eyeglasses. He had an elegant bearing and seemed younger than his actual age.

"U Uncle Song?!" Zhao Yaya called out in alarm.

"Eh? What?" the surprised voice of her two friends echoed from the headset.

"I know that man with eyeglasses sitting in the open container attached to the tractor." Zhao Yayas corner of the mouth twitched; she didnt know whether to laugh or cry, "Thats my uncle. Hes the father of my younger cousin Song Shuhang, the one I mentioned before. I also know the driver, hes Uncle Songs good friend, Uncle Lu."

"Oooh, that Song Shuhang? The cousin you wanted to introduce to Little Maisui?" Alice smiled evilly.

Little Maisui also laughed, "The one I like is Sister Alice. How about doing some girl-to-girl stuff?"

"Bah, get lost! I want to have a harem of 3000 men. I dont have time for your girl-to-girl stuff!" the trendy Alice said, disgusted.

"Hehe, alright. Lets accelerate a bit and catch up with that tractor. Im very interested in it!" Little Maisui giggled, "Moreover, there is a U-turn ahead, and the tractor will have to slow down. Yaya, later you must introduce us to those two uncles!"

The trendy Alice also said, "Its the first time in my life that Ive seen a hand-guided tractor reach 150 km/h!"

Zhao Yaya noddedfor now she would follow Uncle Songs vehicle and see how things went!

At this time, a shadow was dashing on the small road connecting Baijing Street to Mountain Niuding.

This shadow was none other than Song Shuhang.

That tractor could reach up to 150 km/h. He was worried that Papa Song and Uncle Lu would do something reckless after getting drunkalthough Venerable White had attached a strengthening formation to the tractor, Song Shuhang was unsure whether that formation would work only on the tractor or on the passengers too.

Therefore, he quickly followed behind them.

Unfortunately, Lu Tianyou didnt leave the keys of the BMW behind. Otherwise, he could have used the car to reduce the distance between them.

But, strangely enough, he didnt even encounter a taxi on the road. What kind of joke was that?

In the end, Song Shuhang had no choice but to follow on footat this time, he wished he could ride a flying sword. With its speed, he would have caught up to the tractor in an instant.

Right now, he was using the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk at full power, and his speed was getting faster and faster.

The more and longer you ran, the deeper would become your understanding of the technique. Your speed would also increase in the process. The Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk was such a technique.

He resembled a black bolt of lightning while running. After the first five seconds, he had traveled a hundred meters, and his speed was continuously increasing. After a while, his speed wasnt much slower than cars.

In the meantime, he also used the Brand Induction Technique!

There was a black suitcase in the open container of the tractor, and that suitcase contained money, medicine pills, and his treasure sword Broken Tyrant.

Song Shuhang had used the Spirit Brand Technique given to him by Senior Brother Three Realms to leave a brand mark on Broken Tyrant. With the Brand Induction Technique, he locked the position of the sword, finding Papa Song and the others as a consequence.

"They went toward Mountain Niudings runway? If Im not mistaken, that mountain road isnt the best road to drive on." Song Shuhang bitterly smiled.

That mountain road had a lot of U-turns!

The only thing that made him feel at ease was that the road had become quite secure after the maintenance works. It was very wide whenever there were turns.