Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Meteorite And Cracks
Chapter 245: Meteorite and cracks

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In tragedy movies, there was a technique frequently employed in setting up the background of movie characters to increase the sense of tragedyfor example, when a few characters in the movie experienced all kinds of hardships and overcame layers and layers of obstacles before finally escaping death and climbing out from places like underground areas, traps, site of catastrophe etc...

What welcomed them right after wasan abrupt rain of bullets or a mysterious ax slashing toward them out of nowhere, a sharp sword, a meteorite falling from the sky, exterminating everything, and other various kinds of methods, giving the pitiful movie characters a one-way ticket straight to heaven

Thereafter, the audience would feel betrayed, and couldnt help but feel that these characters were very miserable

At this moment, Old Lu really resembled one of those tragic characters.

He clenched his teeth and gathered his willpower and his manly dignity, stubbornly drifting again, sending the hand-guided tractor into the U-turn.

At that moment, Old Lus entire body was very exhausted, but at the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief.

However, after that what appeared before their eyes wasnt the wide and straight main road, but an even more dreadful and tighter U-turn.

"My poor waist! Its over!" Old Lu shrieked in fear.

This time, he no longer had the ability to make the tractor enter the second U-shaped curve in the opposite directioneven if his waist had been in perfect condition, he still would not have been able to do it.

Did he really think that a tractor was like a sports car? Even if a tractor could reach up to the speed of 150 km/h, it would still be a mere tractor. Control, torque, braking, nimbleness, and other various kinds of performance aspects of a tractor could never be matched up to that of a sports car.

"Dont give up, Old Lu!" Papa Song called out. He wished to climb to the front and take Old Lus positionbut in reality, even if he took over, it would be of no use. No matter how good his skills were, he wouldnt be able to change the fact that the tractor was already charging out of the mountain road.

Although Old Lu had entered the U-turn with much difficulty, it was all for naught.

Behind them, the sports cars driven by the three ladies reduced their speed steadily and turned the corner, successfully passing the first winding road.

Little Maisui looked at the tractor in the second winding road and said disappointingly, "Ah damn, what a pity. The tractor already passed the first winding road."

"It doesnt matter, being able to capture him passing the second winding road is also pretty good," the trendy Alice said.

Thereafter, the three sports cars decreased their speed once again in preparation for passing the second winding road.

At the same time, they switched on the dash cam of their cars in order to capture the historical moment of the God clearing the S-shaped curve at the speed of over 100 km/h on a tractor from three different angles.

But at this time, the Gods tractor before their eyes only moved slightly from side to side in the direction of the second winding road and then, the tractor crashed into the guardrail without any hesitation!


The guardrail, that was originally solid and hard, got easily broken upon impact with the tractor that was going at a speed of over 100 km/h as though it was made from a weak plastic material.

The tractor flew and charged towards the sloped terrace, and tumbled down!

Upon seeing that scene, the three ladies subconsciously stepped on their brakes.

The tires of the sports cars and the ground made a piercing burnout sound; the three sports cars steadily stopped at the roadside.

"" Little Maisui was dumbfounded.

"" The trendy Alice was also dumbfounded.

"" Zhao Yaya was even more dumbfounded for a long time, and soon after, she hurriedly got out of her sports car and panickedly ran in the direction of the area where the tractor tumbled down.

After all, Papa Song was on it!

Little Maisui and Alice also ran over from their cars, following closely behind Zhao Yaya.

The three ladies ran to the damaged guardrail and looked down.

At this moment, the tractor was like a turtle that was flipped on its back, fallen onto the third layer of the terraced field-like slope. Its four wheel were still spinning, making rumbling noises.

The three people within the tractor were underneath the vehicle, it was not known if they were alive or dead.

"Uncle, Uncle!" Zhao Yaya shouted, at the same time tensely grasping for her cell phone, preparing to call Mama Song.

At this time, in the rear of the open-topped container came Papa Songs voice, "Cough, cough! Old Lu, you bastard, Im not done with you. Say something, are you still alive?"

Thereafter, two figures could be seen getting up from underneath the overturned open-topped container of the tractor.

One belonged to Papa Song, a bespectacled man with the manners and air of a scholar.

The other one belonged to the tough and stocky Lu Tianyou.

Apart from being dirty and messy, both of them looked like they had no injuries at all!

"Dad, are you alright?!" Lu Tianyou shouted loudly, almost tearing his windpipe.

"How can I be alright. Oh my goodness. Quick, get me out. My lower back is hurting so much." Old Lus cry came from the front of the tractor.

Papa Song and Lu Tianyou rushed over to the front seat area.

The front of the tractor was sticking up in the airthere was a gap between it and the body of the tractor.

Old Lu was right in the middle of the gap

Apart from the hurt waist from before, Old Lu was also fine and had no injuries.

Next to Old Lu were items that were originally placed in the small compartment next to the drivers seat, but were now sprawled all over on the ground.

Additionally, the tank of fuel within the open-topped container behind, together with Song Shuhangs suitcase, tumbled over to one side. And, cracks started forming on the huge meteorite that was crushed by the vehicle

Papa Song and Lu Tianyou combined their strength and dragged Old Lu out from underneath the tractor.

Luckily, no one was injured.

"Thank God the three of us are fine." After Old Lu saw how everyone was safe, he smiled embarrassingly.

"Count yourself lucky that youre not deadif not for you insisting on taking the tractor, none of this mess would have happened." Papa Song stared hard at Old Lu.

As they were speaking, Papa Song tried recalling the vague memories of what had happened earlier, when the tractor charged out of the mountain road.

He remembered indistinctly that when the tractor was charging out, the body of the tractor lit upit was very bright!

Thereafter, Papa Song felt himself falling onto the ground. But, he was surprised that there wasnt any feeling of any impact!

...They were clearly flung from the mountain road down to the third layer of the terraced field-like slopeevery level had a height of five meters, so that was fifteen meters in total.

Falling from such a height and being pinned down by a tractor under normal circumstances, they would die nine times out of ten! However, apart from getting themselves dirty and messy, the three of them were actually completely unscathedwithout a single injury.

"Uncle, Uncle! Are you alright?" At this time, a melodic voice of a woman came from the mountain road.

Papa Song lifted his head and saw Zhao Yaya, who was decked in white clothes, calling out at him.

Zhao Yaya was really scared just nowif these terraces werent this high, she would have jumped down to give the three of them a full-body checkup. After all, she studied medicine.

"Eh? Yaya, why are you here?" Papa Song asked in reply. After that, his eyes shifted to the three sports cars stopped at the side of the road and then he understood what was going on.

Earlier did the cars that Old Lu overtook on the tractor belong to Zhao Yaya and her friends?

Hence, he smiled and waved at Zhao Yaya and said, "We are completely fine, without a single problem! You dont have to worry, Yaya!"

Zhao Yaya asked, "Uncle, do you need me to give aunt a call?"

"Dont panic, dont panic. First, give Shuhang a call and get him to bring a long rope or something and help us out of here," Papa Song shouted in reply.

Thereafter, Papa Song looked at the overturned tractor that was akin to a turtle that flipped onto its back and estimated that only a large crane would be capable of hoisting the tractor up.

Speaking of which, this tractor must have undergone modifications. Where did Shuhang get it from?

If he borrowed it from someone, what will happen if its damaged beyond repair?

Where is he gonna get another tractor that can go up to 150 km/h to compensate them? Papa Song was vexed.

"Shuhang has returned home?" Zhao Yaya opened her contacts list and dialed Song Shuhangs number.

Very soon, the call connected.

"Eh? Elder Sister Yaya, whats up?" Song Shuhangs voice came from the other end of the line.

"Shuhang, quickly prepare a very long rope, at least about thirty meters long, and bring it over to the mountain road on Mountain Niuding. Keep following the mountain road and youll see me. Its urgent," replied Zhao Yaya.

"Mountain Niudings road? Elder Sister Yaya, youre there too?" Song Shuhang was baffled and asked, "What happened? Why do you need such a long rope?"

"Uncle Lu drove out of the mountain road with uncle on the tractor, and they fell off the mountain road onto the terraces next to it. The terraces are pretty tall and so they cant climb up," answered Zhao Yaya.

"They overturned the tractor? Are they ok?" Song Shuhang panicked.

"They seem alright, but I havent examined them yet. Well know after we get them out," said Zhao Yaya.

"I will be there immediately," Song Shuhang answered and hung up immediately after.

"Everything I feared happened!" Song Shuhang sighed and soon after, his body once again burst forward. Out of worry for his fathers safety, subconsciously, the speed of his Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk stepped up a notch.

Ten minutes later, he arrived at the site of the accident.

When he looked from afar, he saw three sports carsred, blue, and whitestopped at the roadside.

Zhao Yaya was leaning onto the barrier, looking down at the three men trying to arrange the articles in the vehicle.

Two other women hid in the car, enjoying the A/C.

Song Shuhang reduced his speed and ran towards Zhao Yaya at the speed at which normal people run 100m at. He waved at her from afar and shouted, "Elder Sister Yaya, where is dad and the rest?"

"Shuhang, youre finally here." Zhao Yaya pointed in the direction of the damaged barrier and said, "Uncle and the rest are below eh, Shuhang, what about the rope? Why did you come empty-handed?"

"When you called, I was already nearby, so I ran over. My dad and Uncle Lu had a couple of drinks today before driving the tractor out, so I was worried and continued following them behind." Song Shuhang forced a laugh.

In front of Zhao Yaya, it was hard for him to lie. He merely covered up the fact that he used Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk to rush over.

"We dont have any other options but to call road assistance to help save them and retrieve the tractor while theyre at it," said Zhao Yaya.

Song Shuhang hurriedly replied, "You dont have to, Elder Sister Yaya. I can get someone to help retrieve the tractor. I have a friend that specializes in dealing with such problems. As for dad and the rest I will get them up first."