Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Shuhang Going Around With Forged Documents Is A Crime
Chapter 246: Shuhang, going around with forged documents is a crime!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
Of course, the person Song Shuhang was referring to was Heaven Shrouding Hook Zhou Li, a subordinate of True Monarch Yellow Mountain that specialized in handling these kinds of problems. Zhou Li was coming to Wenzhou City to deal with Doudous car accident from yesterday. And since he was at it, Shuhang would ask him to deal with this tractor too...

Next, Shuhang arrived at the place where the tractor had crashed into the guard rail.

On the steep slope, Papa Song, Uncle Lu, and Lu Tianyou had moved Song Shuhangs suitcase and the tank of fuel to a side. The three of them were sitting in a row; it was unknown what they were chatting about.

The tractor behind their bodies sustained no damage. The reason for this was the strengthening formation added by Venerable White.

"How are you planning to get down without a rope?" Zhao Yaya looked at the five-meter-deep steep slope. Jumping down from such a height was difficult. But, even if he were to get down, how was he planning to bring the people below up?

At this time, the people below also noticed Shuhang.

Papa Song shouted, "Shuhang, youve come so quickly? Come, throw down the rope!"

"I dont have any rope with me. When Elder Sister Yaya called me, I was already on my way." Song Shuhang replied.

"..." Papa Song was speechless.

...Then, why did you come here? To helplessly stare at your father sitting on a mountain slope after overturning the tractor?

"Its alright. Ill come down and bring you up." Song Shuhang said with a faint smile. Then, he gazed at the terrace field-like mountain slope.

"Dont do anything stupid!" Papa Song shouted.

But, his voice had yet to fade when Shuhang jumped down.

When Song Shuhang jumped down, he stretched his foot midair and used the protrusions of the mountain slope wall to slow down his speed. Then, he nimbly arrived at the first layer of the terrace field.

Papa Song facepalmedit was a five-meter-deep terrace field-like mountain slope. What was he planning to do after coming down here? Did he want to carry them up on his back one by one?

Was his dear son becoming more and more stupid after studying? His liver was really in pain right now!

At this time, Little Maisuis voice echoed in Zhao Yayas headset, "Yaya, did your cousin jump down?"

"Yeah." Zhao Yaya replied.

When she looked down, Song Shuhang jumped down once more and nimbly arrived at the second layer of the terrace field.

Was Shuhang always so agile? Zhao Yaya was confused.

The sound of a car door being opened came from behind.

Little Maisui and Alice came out of their cars and arrived next to Zhao Yaya.

"Yaya, your cousin is quite handsome," Alice leaned against the guardrail and said. She looked at the nimble Song Shuhang and smiled.

Zhao Yayas smiled, "Do you find him pleasing to the eye?

"As long as something is handsome, its bound to be pleasing to the eye. Im one of those people that only care about looks." Alice narrowed her eyes. Then, she also added, "Unfortunately, hes too young. I dont date younger people."

"I also find him pleasing to the eye!" Little Maisui shouted, "But unfortunately, he is a man. If it were a girl, I would have dated her."

"You two are hopeless" Zhao Yaya gave them a supercilious look.

"Hehehe." Little Maisui strangely laughed.

While Zhao Yaya and the others were chatting, Song Shuhang had already arrived at the place where the tractor had crashed.

Papa Song and the others were looking at him and didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Song Shuhang looked at them and said with a smile, "Come. Once youre ready, Ill bring you up."

"You want to bring us up?" Lu Tianyou said somewhat confused.

"Brother Tianyou, come. Ill bring you up first. Dont struggle, please," Song Shuhang said.

"Fine." Lu Tianyou replied.

Next, Shuhang stretched his hand and grabbed Lu Tianyou. The latter didnt even have time to react as he was lifted and put on Shuhangs shoulder.

"What do you want to do?" Lu Tianyou felt awkwardhe had a bear-like build, and yet, Shuhang had casually lifted him and put him on his shoulders.

How can Shuhang be so strong? Is he an ant-man?

Moreover what is he planning to do? Carry me on his shoulder till the mountain road?

Shiet, he really wants to do that!

In the next instant, he saw Shuhang lightly jump while carrying him on his shouldersyeah, lightly jump!

Have you ever seen someone lightly jump while carrying a 190-cm-tall bear-like man on their shoulders? Its not like everyone was like Shaquille O'Neal who could dunk even with several people grabbing on his body.

However, Song Shuhang carried him on his shoulders and started to quickly climb the terraced field-like mountain slope.

Lu Tianyou only felt that he was going higher and higher.

After a short amount of time, he was already on the mountain road.

Song Shuhang let him go and put him on the ground.

"A-arrived?" Lu Tianyou was at a loss and could only stutter. He wasnt even able to form a coherent sentence.

He wasnt the only one surprised. Zhao Yaya and her two friends had also their mouths wide open.

From their viewpoint, they could see things even more clearlySong Shuhang carried Lu Tianyou on his shoulders, and then whizz, whizz, whizz... they were already on the mountain road.

It was just like those martial arts movies were powerful masters would run on walls while carrying someone on their back.

"Shuhang, are you part of the cliff-climbing club or something?" Lu Tianyou said, stupefied.

"The cliff-climbing club? Nope. Just wait a moment, Im going down and pick up Uncle Lu and my father too." Song Shuhang laughed. Afterward, he jumped down once again!

The trendy Alice blinked a few times and said to Zhao Yaya, "Yaya, give me your cousins phone number!"

"..." Zhao Yaya.

When Shuhang jumped down, Old Lu and Papa Song were squatting near the tractors drivers seat, trying to gather some documents.

After seeing that Shuhang could really carry Lu Tianyou till the mountain road, Papa Song and Old Lu relaxed.

Therefore, they started to carefully look around the tractor as not to miss anything important.

It was then that they saw this pile of documents.

Old Lu, who had his waist sprained, was standing on a side. Papa Song was squatting down and picking up all the documents, giving them to Old Lu.

"These are certificates of roadworthiness, but how come there are so many?" Old Lu shot a look at the pile of documents.

That was bad news!

There was a lot of vehicles listen on these certificates. Sports cars such as Ferrari, Maserati, and Porsche. There were also BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and even Volkswagen and Buick. Oh, of course, there was the certificate of the tractor too...

These were the certificates of more than thirty vehicles!

But that wasnt the problemthe problem was that the owner of these cars was a certain Song Shuhang.

"Old Song, are you planning to open a car-related business?" Old Lu asked curiously.

Papa Song shook his head.

"Then, whats this stuff?" Old Lu carefully looked at these certificates of roadworthiness; they seemed real. Even the license plates of the vehicles were listed.

The two of them looked into each others eyes, revealing a worried look.

"Are these documents forged?" Papa Song asked in a low voice.

It couldnt be helped. There was no way for Papa Song to believe that all these documents were real.

There were more than thirty cars listed! And some of them were luxury cars worth tens of millions of RMB!

Even if Song Shuhang was super lucky and were to win a lottery of a hundred million RMB, he still wouldnt be able to buy all these cars!

And if someone were to say that maybe Song Shuhang opened a business and bought those cars, Papa Song would surely slap them in the facewhat business was that? Banknote printing machine business?

"Yeah, that might be the case," Old Lu replied. However, he didnt dare say that for surebecause a tractor that could reach up to 150 km/h was lying upside down next to him!

Maybe Old Songs son really had some tricks up his sleeve...?

"Father, Uncle Lu, what are you doing? Get ready, Ill bring you up!" At this time, Song Shuhang arrived at their position.

Then, he saw the documents that Papa Song and Uncle Lu were holding.

...Thats bad. I actually forgot to take care of those certificates.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples. How should he explain things to Papa Song now?

Explanation 1: "Pa, these cars belong to my friend. However, he didnt have his identification card with him at the time. Therefore, he decided to put them under my name!"

This story was almost the truth but if you were in Papa Songs shoes, would you believe it?

Explanation 2: "Pa, your son suddenly struck it rich. Therefore, I decided to buy a luxury car. But since one didnt seem enough, I decided to buy an entire batch! This way, I can drive a different one every day!"

This was a lie but Papa Song wouldnt believe this story either!

And even if he were to believe it he would give Shuhang a good beating. You struck it rich and spent all the money on cars? Have you gone crazy?

Just as Song Shuhang was in a dilemma, Papa Song opened his mouth and said earnestly, "Shuhang! Listen to me. Its illegal to go around with forged documents! You might even end up in jail!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

Forged documents...?

This is actually a pretty good excuse!

His eyes suddenly lit up as he laughed. "Ahaha. Father, these arent forged documents. These are stage props! The stage props for a movie! Since the courses werent too difficult this semester, I decided to join a movie-related club. During this summer vacation, we were planning to write a story and shoot a small movie like those comedies you see on the net. I have to play the role of a nouveau riche. Therefore, the members of the club gave me these documents!"

"These are stage props? I see." Papa Song and Old Lu were suddenly enlightened.

Although it seemed a bit forced, it made a lot of sense.

"Ahahaha! Shuhang, once you're done shooting the movie, you must let me watch it first!" Papa Song happily patted Shuhangs shoulders.

"Sure, sure." Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh.

"However, even if youre using stage props, you shouldnt use ones that look so real. Its easy to get misunderstood, ending up in trouble." Papa Song added.

"I understand. Ill talk about it to the other members." Song Shuhang tried to maintain his smiling face.

Papa Song nodded, satisfied.

Then, as though he had remembered something, his eyes suddenly lit up. "Right. Shuhang, will you be able to shoot the movie before the end of the year? If you can, it would be very interesting to play it when all our relatives are gathered for the festivities of the new year!"

Papa Songs inborn disease to show off had started to manifest!

"Ah?" Song Shuhang opened his mouth wide If I can... shoot it before the end of the year?

F*ck, I was just lying! Im not even part of a movie-related club; how can I even shoot a movie to begin with?!