Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 247

Chapter 247 The Meteorite Exploded
Chapter 247: The meteorite exploded!

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Seeing Shuhangs surprised face, Papa Song asked, somewhat confused, "You wont be able to shoot it before the years end? Then, how much do you need? And what kind of movie is it? Is it similar to those funny clips you find on the net?"

"Cough, no." Song Shuhang patted his chest and said, "Dont worry. Itll be out before the years end!"

No matter what, he now had to produce a small movie before the years end!

As if that wasnt enough, he had to play the role of a nouveau riche the type that rewards his subordinates with hundreds of thousands of RMB and goes around with several hundreds of different kinds of luxury cars.

If you werent good at telling lies, you had to pay the price for it.

Later, he would have to go to the Nine Provinces Number One Group and see if there was any senior with a business related to movies and television.

According to Song Shuhangs understanding, the seniors had stretched their tentacles to every corner of the world. Some of them had even invested money in Mars exploration.

Therefore, there might be a senior that had opened a movie company. If so, he could shamelessly ask this senior to help him shoot a small movie. At the time, he would be able to play the role of a flashy nouveau riche for free and wouldnt have to pay anything out of his pocket.

On the mountain road, Zhao Yaya was leaning against the guard rail. Maybe it was thanks to the direction of the wind, but she could clearly hear Song Shuhang, Papa Song, and Uncle Lus conversation.

"Hes lying." Zhao Yaya said in a soft voice. Even if they were pretty far away, she could see that Shuhang was lying based on his body language.

What he said about the driving license and the movie were both lies.

Song Shuhang made two trips and brought Papa Song and Uncle Lu back on the mountain road. Afterward, he also brought his suitcase up.

Zhao Yaya gave Papa Song, Old Lu, and Lu Tianyou a quick check. Aside from Uncle Lus sprained waist, they had sustained no other injuries.

Afterward, she said to Papa Song, "Uncle, my friends and I will deliver you back home. However, well need to make more than one trip."

The three girls were driving sports cars that had only two seats. Therefore, they could only bring one person with them.

"Elder Sister Yaya, you can deliver them back first and pick me up later," Song Shuhang said with a smile. "I need to call a friend and ask him to help me bring the tractor up."

"Fine. Wait here, Ill be back very quickly." Zhao Yaya nodded.

Papa Song and the others boarded the sports cars and went back. Song Shuhangs big suitcase was also sent back home with them.

Once they were far away, Song Shuhang heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Then, he jumped down once again and arrived next to the tractor.

The tractor still had Venerable Whites formations glued to it. Aside from the one that strengthened the vehicle, it was better to remove all the others.

Moreover, there was still that meteorite lying in the open container of the tractor.

Since he was alone, Song Shuhang used the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk and quickly arrived near the tractor.

"First, lets turn the tractor over." Song Shuhang muttered.

Then, he stretched his hands and grabbed the body of the tractor.

"Ah!" as he shouted, the power of qi and blood in his Heart and Eye Apertures exploded. The supplementary technique Immovable Body of the Buddha activated on its own, covering his body with a pale golden light.

In the next instant, Song Shuhang put all his strength in his arms, lifting the tractor up!

The tractor, which was originally turned over like a tortoise, was lifted upVenerable Whites weight reducing formation also played a crucial role here.

Soon after, he secretly operated the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique and made an effort to turn the tractor over. The heavy tractor was finally flipped over, hitting the ground with a loud bang.

Except for some fuel leaking out, the tractor suffered no damage.

On the other hand, the meteorite had a lot of small cracks on its surface. It was unknown if it was because it fell from a high place or because the heavy tractor pressed on it.

Song Shuhang curiously squatted down on a side and said, "Strange, was this meteorite so frail?"

Because, the first time he saw this meteorite, it had just pounded Penniless Thief Sects Cloudy Mist, making him fall from the sky. Afterward, it had crashed to the ground and created a big hole.

If this meteorite were really that frail, wouldnt it have broken into many tiny pieces when it fell to the ground along with Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist?

In addition the first time he picked this meteorite up, Song Shuhang felt Venerable Whites aura coming from it. What was the truth behind this meteorite?

Song Shuhang started to examine the meteorite carefully.

"After a careful look, the top and bottom of this meteorite seem a little too smooth, just like sword cuts," Song Shuhang muttered.

He could faintly feel Daoist Priest Cloudy Mists aura coming from the bottom. When Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist met this meteorite, he should have tried to chop it down with his sword, leaving behind that cut.

On the other hand, he could faintly feel Venerable Whites aura coming from the top.

But why would this meteorite have Senior Whites aura on it?

Song Shuhang thought to himself, Is this the doing of those disposable flying swords that Senior White sent into space?

Lately, Senior White had sent a lot of disposable flying swords into space.

If one of those disposable flying swords hit the meteorite, it was possible that it would leave such a cut behind.

Song Shuhang pressed his finger on the cracks of the meteorite. Afterward, he used his mental energy to examined the auras within.

So thats how it was! Song Shuhang understood everything.

After examining the cracks on the meteorite, he discovered that these were the aftermath of the clash between Senior White and Daoist Priest Cloudy Mists sword qi.

The two sword qi fiercely fought inside the meteorite, destroying a large part of its internal structure.

That was the reason for the lightness of the meteorite when Song Shuhang lifted it.

This meteorite was what you would call a rotten interior beneath a fine exterior. In other words, it was nothing but an empty shell.

After the tractor turned over, the cracks on the inside spread till the surface.

I wonder how the meteorite looks on the inside after the clash of those two kinds of sword qi Song Shuhang suddenly thought, becoming curious.

This meteorite is already full of cracks. Should I just break it and take a look?

Lets do it then!

The qi and blood in his Heart and Eye Apertures exploded, concentrating in his fist.

"Basic Fist Number One!" After a loud shout, he ruthlessly smashed his right fist against the meteorite!

"Crack, crack, crack"

Cracks spread on the surface of the meteorite like a spiderweb, and more and more of its surface was crumbling.

Just when he was about to see the interiors of the meteorite, a bad feeling welled up in Shuhangs heart.

He put a hand in his pocket and squeezed between his fingers the last armor talisman in his possession; this was to prepare against all eventualities.


When it had crumbled till reaching a third of its original size, the meteorite suddenly exploded!

F*ck, why did it explode?!