Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Afterward They Enjoyed Themselves To Their Hearts Content
Chapter 248: Afterward they enjoyed themselves to their hearts content!

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Why the hell would it explode?! So unlucky!

Song Shuhang sighed with emotion and quickly activated the armor talisman in his hand. He felt very sad at this moment.

This was the last armor talisman in his possession! After it was used up, he would have to wait a long time before getting his hands on other life-saving treasures!

After it was activated, the energy inside the talisman changed into an omnidirectional barrier with no blind spots, covering Song Shuhangs body.


The core of the meteorite exploded, releasing high-temperature flames that engulfed Song Shuhang.

At the same time, the meteorite broke into many small fragments that dashed toward Song Shuhang like bullets!

"Ding, ding, ding" The defensive barrier of the armor talisman shook again and again, and many ripples started to appear on its surface.

Song Shuhangs complexion changed. He put all his strength in his feet and quickly fled from the sitethe defensive barrier of the armor talisman could block an all-out attack from a cultivator of the Third Stage, and now, it had trouble warding this attack off!

In other words, these fragments of the meteorite propelled by the explosion had an attack power that approached the Third Stage!

Song Shuhang swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Luckily, the meteorite had exploded on this inhabited mountain slope. If it had exploded in his house, Papa Song would have cried to sleep and would have to buy a new house!

"Whiz, whiz, whiz!" Flames were still coming out of the meteorite. Moreover, many of the fragments rushed toward the nearby tractor.

After all that tossing about, the strengthening formation applied by Venerable White upon the tractor had almost exhausted its spiritual energy.

Therefore, the tractor was turned into a beehive by the fragments of the meteorite. As if that wasnt enough, the high-temperature flames covering these pieces lit the fuel inside the tractor.

"Boom!" This flashy tractor that could run up to 150 km/h and had experienced things that other tractors wouldnt experience in their entire lifetime finally exploded. However, it had lived its short life to the fullest and had no regrets.

But, even in its last moments, it gave its all and used the last bit of its strength to release fire and fury upon the world!

A chain of explosions followed!

Does it really have to be so flashy? Song Shuhang bitterly smiled. Afterward, he operated the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk at full power and quickly fled from the dual explosion of the tractor and the meteorite while his armor talisman was still working.

After a long time...

The explosions died out.

Song Shuhang examined the armor talismanonly a small part of its power was left...

That was rather fearful. If I didnt have this armor talisman, even if I werent dead, I would have been severely injured! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

After making sure that the explosions had completely ceased, he lightly jumped and returned to the scene.

A deep hole was left in the original position of the meteorite.

The tractor was already changed beyond recognition, and only a blackened mass of steel and iron was left. Those A4 paper sheets that Venerable White had engraved formations upon had all exhausted their spiritual energy, turning into regular paper. Afterward, they were burned by the flames.

It seems I wont need to trouble Senior Brother Zhou Li this time.

After the explosion, the tractor was thoroughly ruined. They only needed to spend some money and ask someone to come here and deal with the scrap.

Song Shuhang went toward the hole left behind by the meteorite.

Why did this meteorite suddenly explode? Even if the remnants of Venerable Whites sword qi clashed against Daoist Priest Cloudy Mists sword qi, it shouldnt be enough to turn the meteorite into a bomb, right?

Unless there was also something else inside the meteorite that got activated by the sword qi, causing the explosion just now?

Song Shuhang carefully looked in the hole, and as expected, he saw something.

It was a fist-sized black stone, sparkling like a diamond. Unexpectedly, it wasnt sent flying by that fearful explosion from before; it was still in the exact center of the hole.

"Just as I expected, there was something here!" Song Shuhang lightly jumped, entering the hole. Afterward, he cautiously stretched his fingers and touched the stone.

An ice-cold feeling transmitted from his fingers. That powerful explosion from before hadnt increased the temperature of the stone at all.

"If Im not mistaken, the meteorite was still burning when it hit Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist, but when I went there and tried to move it, the flame had already died out. Moreover, it had become ice-cold, and the reason behind this change should be this stone," Song Shuhang muttered.

He was sure that this thing was a precious treasure.

Perhaps, it was exactly that weird enlightenment stone mentioned by Venerable White!

At this time, around a thousand meters away from where the explosion took place, a fine and slender figure stopped walking and looked toward the site of the explosion.

This figure had long green hair and two lovable ponytails. She was wearing a green cheongsam that served as a contrast for her fine and slender body.

Her name was Lady Onion, and she was an onion spirit that had cultivated for 300 years!

She had cultivated for a whole 300 years! That was quite fearful, wasnt it?

But whenever someone mentioned those 300 hundred years, Lady Onion felt like crying.

300 years ago, she was just a little wild onion that was lucky enough to take root upon a natural spiritual spring. Time passed, and one day, she suddenly turned into an onion spirit.

To tell the truth, she too had no idea why she had turned into an onion spirit.

Anyway, since she had become an onion spirit, then so be it! She would happily live as one from then on!

And just in this fashion, she lived alone for a dozen or so years on a remote mountain, her lifestyle very carefree.

Until an organization of monsters called All the Monsters of the World Should Unite and Become a Family looked for her and gave her the name Lady Onion.

Then, the monster organization taught Lady Onion the 200 must-have skills for a monster spirit to survive.

These 200 skills were of many different types and left one stupefied.

Amongst them were the Divine Stealing Technique, How to smoothly form a team and rob a human cultivator, 500 ways to surrender to a human cultivator youre unable to beat, and Ultimate seducing skill of a pretty female monster.

There were also the How a female monster should become the male masters mistress, 13 moves to fight the male master's harem, How a male monster should win his female masters heart, 72 ways to successfully usurp the position of the female masters husband, and so on.

When recalling these 200 must-have skills, Lady Onion felt like cryingat the time, she was fooled and even thought that these were peerless skills and ended up earnestly studying them.

One day, Lady Onion felt that she was finally ready and descended from the mountain, starting to search for a human cultivator to try these skills out on.

300 years ago, Chinas world of cultivators was in a strange state. Most of the human cultivators were in hiding and it was difficult to find them in the mortal worldit seemed that the world of human cultivators underwent a big change back then...

But, Lady Onion didnt give up; she kept looking!

At last, her perseverance was rewarded!

One day, she found a buddhist human cultivator.

It was a very handsome buddhist monk, and their dharma name was Nine Lanterns. They had thick eyebrows and big eyes; their forehead was shining, and they had a thin and slender stature, as well as huge chest muscles.

Since it took her a long time to find this human cultivator, Lady Onion was very happy.

Therefore, she started to use all the techniques she had learned against the buddhist monk Nine Lanterns!

Now, lets briefly describe what happened:

Lady Onion made the first move and used the Divine Stealing Techniquethis move was a success, and she stole the Buddhist Roaring Lions Technique from Nine Lanterns.

After suffering this move, Nine Lanterns counterattacked, displaying all sorts of profound buddhist techniques. Lady Onion had never heard of these techniques, but their power was incredible!

Lady Onion got a huge scare. Therefore, she used the How to smoothly form a team and rob a human cultivator technique!

However, the skill failed because she didnt have a teammate!

Lady Onion was terrified and immediately used another techniquethe 500 ways to surrender to a human cultivator youre unable to beat technique!

And this skill was 50% effective!

Why not 100%? Because Nine Lanterns indeed accepted her surrender. However, they decided to bring her back to a buddhist temple and lock her up for 500 years.

500 years! She was only a small onion spirit, and after being closed up for 500 years, wouldnt she turn into a withered onion? At the time, how could she happily have fun?! She didnt want that!

Therefore, Lady Onion rebelled and displayed another skill the Ultimate seducing skill of a pretty female monster!

And this skill was an unprecedented success!

But just how successful it was?

...Even now, Lady Onion wasnt sure as to which words to use to describe the effects of this skill!

In short, you can sum it like thisAfterward, Nine Lanterns and Lady Onion partook in some tribadism...

Soon after the skill was displayed...

Lady Onion was sitting on the ground with a dumbfounded look on her face. She felt that there was something wrong with the skill she had usedits effects were different from what her master had told her!

"Follow me to the temple," Nine Lanterns said only a single sentence.

Just in this fashion, the innocent Lady Onion was brought to the temple by the buddhist monk Nine Lanterns and locked into the independent space of a pagoda.

From that moment, she never saw Nine Lanterns again.

In the years she was closed up in the pagoda, aside from the lack of freedom, she didnt suffer any other harm.

Usually, a few young buddhist monks would come over and give her things to drink and eat, and they would also frequently read her buddhist scriptures.

Moreover, an old monk would also come over and teach her about buddhist techniques, general knowledge, and important matters regarding the world of cultivators.

After gaining this knowledge, Lady Onion discovered that she had been scammed while she learned those 200 must-have skills for a monster spirit to survive.

Lady Onion began to cultivate those buddhist techniques earnestly. Her dream was to master the ultimate technique one day. And thenshe would look again for Nine Lanterns and defeat her in the art of tribadism!

It was regrettable that Lady Onion seemed to have no talent whatsoever for buddhist techniques, and her practicing speed was just awful. In almost 300 years, she wasnt even able to break through the First Stage. She was only able to open her Heart, Eye, and Nose Apertures. On an average, it took her 100 years for one aperture...

Lady Onion almost went insane when she was closing up.

But, one year ago, the old monk finally released her from the pagoda.

Afterward, she started to wander throughout all China, trying to look for a way to increase her strength. She had a very big goalshe wanted to master the ultimate technique!

"There is the aura of a treasure coming from where the explosion took place" Lady Onion muttered.