Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Unexpectedly I Was Forced To Use This Move Once Again
Chapter 249: Unexpectedly, I was forced to use this move once again!

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In the capacity of a 300 years old onion spirit, she had the innate ability to detect natural resources; her senses were even keener than humans!

Then, she rushed toward the place of the explosion.

Although her cultivation wasnt high, she was after all a 300 years old nimble onion spirit. Her speed wasnt slow.

Very soon, she arrived near the place of the explosion.

At that point, she saw a very young human cultivator holding a blackish stone in his hand. The young man had a pale defensive barrier protecting his body.

"A human cultivator?" Lady Onion immediately stopped and cautiously hid. After that incident with Nine Lanterns, she was terrified of human cultivators.

As soon as Song Shuhang grabbed the black stone, he felt something change in his body!

In the instant his fingers came in contact with the black stone, he felt a burst of strange energy pouring into his body from the stone.

It wasnt qi and blood energy, true qi, or spiritual energy. It was something that didnt belong to the world of cultivators. However, this power could still affect cultivators.

During this month, Song Shuhang had freeloaded a lot of Venerable Whites luck and had many fortuitous encounters. His third aperture, the Nose Aperture, was almost full of qi and blood and only needed the right opportunity to be opened.

When this strange energy poured inside his body, it directly started to influence his apertures.

Soon after, the bottleneck of his Nose Aperture started to loosen up.

You could regard the bottleneck of the Nose Aperture as a thick iron gate. A cultivator needed to continuously accumulate qi and blood in the aperture, and once it was full, they could rely on the qi and blood energy to smash the gate open.

But, under the effects of the strange energy of this black stone, the thick iron gate started to weaken. From an iron gate, it first changed into a wooden one then, it became a paper gate!

And a paper gate only needed a light push to be broken through!

It was a very rare opportunity that shouldnt be wasted!

Song Shuhang ate one of the qi and blood pills he had brought along with him. Afterward, he started to run about in the terraced field-like mountain slope.

He used the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk, Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, and the supplementary technique Immovable Body of the Buddha to adjust the quantity of qi and blood inside his body.

Then, he poured all the extra qi and blood into his third aperture, the Nose Aperture.

The ghost spirit inside the Heart Aperture also reacted and decided to help Song Shuhang on its own initiative, sending a stream of pure qi and blood inside his Nose Aperture. This increased his overall energy of 10%.

After three rounds of the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, the quantity qi and blood in the Nose Aperture had reached the maximum level and was about to overflow.

And, just in this fashion, the fearsome bottleneck was breached as though it was nothing.

The third aperture, the Nose Aperture, was open!

Song Shuhang inhaled some fresh air.

When cultivators opened their first aperture, the Heart Aperture, they would complete their foundation and start walking on the path of a cultivator.

When they opened their second aperture, the Eye Aperture, their eyesight would be strengthened.

And when they opened the Nose Aperture, their sense of smell would be enhanced.

However, after having your eyesight strengthened, you had many advantages. But after having your sense of smell enhanced, you had many things to worry about.

Before reaching the Third Stage Realm, cultivators were unable to control their sense of smell freelythis time, if a stinking pill were to fall next to Song Shuhang, that foul smell would be enhanced by a hundred, thousand, or even tens of thousands of times. It would suffice to make Song Shuhang directly faint.

Of course, it also had many advantages. Aside from enhancing your sense of smell, once you had opened your Nose Aperture, after every breath, you would inhale the wandering spiritual qi in the surrounding area into your body. Part of it would be stored inside your Nose Aperture; another part would integrate with your body, strengthening it.

In other words, after opening the Nose Aperture, taking a breath was the same as cultivating!

It was truly a wonderful feeling!

The only problem was that Song Shuhang didnt unlock the innate skill of the Nose Aperture. But, there was no rush. After all, he could unlock one while opening his Mouth and Ear Apertures.

After opening his eyes, Song Shuhang greedily breathed, wanting to inhale as much spiritual qi as possible inside his body!

In the next instant...

"Ugh this smell!" Song Shuhang threw up. While inhaling the spiritual qi, he also inhaled the burnt smell coming from the remains of the tractor.

At this time, he felt as though his face was glued to the place where this burnt smell was coming from.

Opening the Nose Aperture had many advantages and many disadvantages!

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh.

Afterward, he weighed the black stone in his hand. At this time, he was almost certain that this was the same enlightenment stone that Senior White and True Monarch Yellow Mountain were talking about.

Just by standing next to the stone, he could feel the bottlenecks of his apertures weakening. Moreover, when he gazed at the stone, Song Shuhang felt an endless stream of disordered information enter his brain.

He was unable to describe this information with words, but it was as though he had been suddenly enlightened.

After this enlightenment, he discovered that his comprehension in regards to the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, True Self Meditation Scripture, Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk, and Immovable Body of the Buddha had become much deeper.

He believed that if he were to use these techniques again, there would be even more changes.

"The key to wealth lies in taking risks, right?" Song Shuhang muttered as he looked at the area where the terrifying explosion had taken place.

The calamity of the meteorite falling from the sky was directed against Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist.

And, this sudden explosion should have been his calamity, right? And the reward should precisely be this enlightenment stone.

"Did he break through? He broke through just by holding that stone?" The eyes of the onion spirit lit upif she were to get a hold of that stone, she too would be able to quickly increase her strength.

She had to obtain that stone at all costs!

At this time, she was making various calculations in her mind.

It seems that that human cultivator just opened his Nose Aperture. On the other hand, I opened my Nose Aperture decades ago. Moreover, I cultivated for 300 years! I should be able to win! After thinking a bit, the onion spirit concluded that it would be no problem to take care of this small human cultivator.

And right at this moment, Song Shuhangs armor talisman exhausted its energy, and the protective barrier vanished.

This was the perfect opportunity!

The onion spirit slowly approached Song Shuhang.

After decreasing the distance between them, she suddenly got up and pointed her ten fingers at Song Shuhang, releasing the Heavenly Dragon Temples Basic Finger Technique.

Her fingers were like swords and would create several holes in Song Shuhangs back. After taking this attack, Song Shuhang wouldnt be able to move anymore. At that point, she would be able to easily snatch the black stone.

"Youve finally come!" But things didnt go according to the script. Song Shuhang loudly shouted and turned his head as he mercilessly released his cannon-like Basic Fist Number One toward the incoming person.

To tell the truth, Song Shuhang had long ago realized that someone was sneaking up on himafter opening the Nose Aperture, his sense of smell was keener.

Also, the figure that was approaching, although very cautious, didnt know how to restrain its aura. Therefore, Song Shuhang could smell the smell of onion emanating from its body from very far away!

The onion spirit hadnt expected that Song Shuhang would react this quicklyand, to be honest, she didnt have any fighting-related experience. When she descended from the mountain 300 years ago, she immediately met Nine Lanterns.

Afterward, she was imprisoned and released only one year ago.

She was a complete rookie when it came to fights, and she had even less experience than Shuhang.

After seeing Song Shuhangs explosive fist, she clenched her teeth and used the Heavenly Dragon Temples Basic Finger Technique to ward it off.

The strong points of a finger technique were its speed, flexibility, and ability to pierce through mere touch.

The strong point of a fist technique were its fierceness and raging power.

Therefore, the onion spirit was at a significant disadvantage here.

The finger and the fist clashed. Song Shuhang felt the power of this Heart, Eye, and Nose Apertures combine and explode toward the outside.

As a result, the onion spirit was sent flying and fell to the ground.

Song Shuhang gazed at the onion spirit and blurted out, "Quite weak!"

Quite weak, quite weak, quite weak!

These words echoed inside the onion spirits mind.

At this time, she was furious.

"Little cultivator, youre courting death!" A glint of cold light flashed through the eyes of the onion spirit.

A terrifying strength gushed out of her body. That strength even influenced the surrounding area, and a cold wind started to blow against Song Shuhangs face.

Song Shuhang shivered. He had felt a similar strength coming from Doudou onceit was monster energy!

"Little cultivator, are you afraid?" The onion spirit coldly snorted. "Im a powerful monster that has cultivated for 300 years. Youre simply courting death if you dare to oppose me!"

A powerful monster that has cultivated for 300 years?

To be honest, Song Shuhang was really scared. The monster energy emanating from the opponents body wasnt false, and such a huge quantity was indeed scary!

"If you dont want to die, hand over that stone. Today, Im in a good mood. If you surrender, Ill spare your small life," the onion spirit said as she clenched her teeth.

Song Shuhang didnt reply and took a deep breath.

At one time, he had wondered if there was something wrong with his head. When Altar Masters underlings tried to kill him... although he was very scared, he was also very excited.

And now, that disease had struck once again.

"If you want to take this rock away, youll have to fight for it!" Song Shuhang stretched his hand and quickly drew the character on his palm with the qi and blood energy.

Then, he shouted, "Lightning Palm!"

"Crack, crack, crack!"

Lighting exploded from the center of his palm!

When the onion spirit saw Song Shuhang using the Lightning Palm, she was scared to death, "Shiet!"

Since when could First Stage cultivators use something like the Lightning Palm?

This time, she had been very careless.

From start to end, she was only bluffing! Although she had accumulated a lot of monster energy in these 300 years, she had only practiced Buddhist techniques in the end.

Therefore, she could only use it to intimidate her foes; it didnt have any other use.

Ah, yes. She did cultivate a long time with that monster organization, right?

At the time, she learned a small technique to accumulate monster energy and those useless 200 must-have skills for a monster spirit to survive.

But aside from this, they didnt even teach her the foundations of monster techniques...

"After several hundred years, I was unexpectedly forced to use this move once again," the onion spirit said coldly, gazing at Song Shuhangs Lightning Palm.

In the next instant, she made up her mind and decided to use the 500 ways to surrender to a human cultivator youre unable to beat!