Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 250

Chapter 250 Shuhang Why Are You Bending Over Your Waist
Chapter 250: Shuhang, why are you bending over your waist?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
After finishing her sentence, Lady Onion jumped high in the sky and fiercely knelt on the ground, almost hugging the ground, "Immortal, please forgive this small monster. Just now, this small monster was only joking. The small monster surrenders!"

"..." Song Shuhang had lightning crackling on his hand as he gazed at the onion spirit kneeling on the ground, his expression stiff. "Are you surrendering?"

"Im telling the truth, Im surrendering!" the onion spirit replied.

Song Shuhang recovered from his stiffness and recalled scenes from moviesfor example, after being defeated by the main character, the villain would kneel on the ground and beg for mercy. But in truth, he was preparing a big move. The soft-hearted main character would think of accepting the villains surrender, but just at that time, the villain would evilly smile and launch his big move...

After carefully thinking about it, Song Shuhang decided to reduce the female monster into a half-dead status with his Lightning Palm before proceeding any further. After all, she had cultivated for 300 years and couldnt be taken lightly.

Underestimating the enemy was akin to committing suicide! He wouldnt dare to forget the words of his seniors.

Therefore, Song Shuhang didnt stop and kept aiming at the female monster with the Lightning Palm.

Although she was kneeling on the ground, Lady Onion had been secretly looking at Shuhang all along.

When she saw that this small human cultivator had a resolute look in eyes and kept aiming at her with the Lightning Palm, her expression became gloomy.

He didnt accept my surrender, so cruel!

"What a villain!" Lady Onion clenched her teeth and magically changed into her original form, a green onion.

And then she slipped into the earth with a whizz and disappeared without a trace.

It wasnt a monster technique, but the unique innate skill of an onion spirit. After all, she was a monster born in the earthat critical times, she could change into her original form and quickly slip into the ground. This skill was similar to the Earth Escape Technique, but the distance it could cover was very short.

While she was in her original form, aside from this innate skill, she had other strong methods to preserve her life. As long as her root was intact, she wouldnt die!

Even if the part of the onion that had sprouted was cut off, as long as she could absorb nutrients from the soil, she could regrow it.


Song Shuhangs Lightning Palm hit the ground, leaving behind a big hole.

After the dust settled, he didnt see any traces of the onion spiritas expected, he couldnt take it lightly!

Song Shuhangs look became serious as he started to look around for the onion spirit.

After a short while, he found hershe was hiding in a thick patch of grass not too far away. That tall and delicate green onion stalk was really eye-catching!

"Where do you think youre escaping to?!" Song Shuhang roared and dashed toward the green onion.

He couldnt afford to let her escape; she knew that he had the enlightenment stone! Having a precious object could arouse the jealousy of others. If she were to leak this matter, he could say goodbye to his peaceful life for a very long time.

"How did he find me?!" the green onion called out in alarm. She drilled out of the soil and quickly ran away.

You didnt even conceal your aura; I only need my sense of smell to find you! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

"Human, wait! I was really surrendering; I wasnt trying to deceive you. It was a sincere surrender!" the onion spirit shouted while running away.

"If you stop putting up a fight and follow me, Ill accept your surrender," Song Shuhang said in a grave toneat the very least, he wanted to bring the onion spirit to Venerable White and have her memories deleted.

When Lady Onion heard the sentence follow me, her complexion changedshe immediately recalled to mind her 300-years-long imprisonment in the Heavenly Dragon Temple.

Was this human cultivator also planning to catch her and close up somewhere for several hundred years?

She wouldnt accept it! She had already been locked up for 300 years, and even if plant-type monsters had a relatively long lifespan, they couldnt go on living forever. If she were to be locked up for a few more centuries, she would really turn into a withered onion and pass away!

...She could only resort to that move.

Lady Onion clenched her teeththe last time she used that move, the effect had been completely different from what her teacher told her!

Moreover, she had understood many things after being locked up in the pagoda. Those 200 must-have skills for a monster spirit to survive were a big scam.

However, that technique should still have some effect in this hopeless situation!

After all, every man would show tender feelings for the fairer sex!

Thereafter, Lady Onion clenched her teeth and displayed her unique skillUltimate seducing skill of a pretty female monster!

"..." Song Shuhang looked at her speechlessly.

Lady Onion was dumbfounded. This young man wasnt affected by her charm? Dammit, Ill go all-out now, Ultimate seducing skill of a pretty female monster!

Then, she swayed her body in a very sensual way.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Lady Onion was surprised once again. Was the mental strength of this young man so high?

At this time, Song Shuhang finally spoke, "What are you trying to do?"

"Youre asking me what Im trying to do? Dont you find my current pose very sexy and enchanting?" Lady Onion asked, somewhat confused.

"..." Song Shuhang.

After a while, Song Shuhang couldnt bear it anymore and said mockingly, "I only see an onion buried in the ground, swaying left and right. What should I exactly find sexy and enchanting? Are you making fun of me?"

Lady Onion had forgotten to change back to her human form. Right now, she had the appearance of an onion; an onion that was swaying left and right in front of Shuhang this scene was quite funny.

Song Shuhang rubbed his temples. Now, he was certain that this monster in front of his eyes was really dumb!

"Oh? Forgive me. I was too anxious and forgot to change into my human form." After finishing her sentence, Lady Onion magically changed into a human with two green ponytails and a tight-fitting cheongsam. Then, she said, "Can we start from the beginning?"

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth. "Stop wasting my time! Ill give you two choices: follow me on your own, or Ill beat you till youre unable to move and bring you back with me."

Somewhat worried, Lady Onion said, "No! Give me another opportunity! My Ultimate seducing skill of a pretty female monster is very powerful! If you let me display it once again and youre still unaffected, Ill follow you obediently!"

Song Shuhang deeply sighed.

Did Mother Earth wake up on the wrong side this year? All the people Ive met this year are rather eccentric.

No matter if it was the silly uncle from the Immortal Farming Sect or the silly onion before his eyes, they were really too out of the ordinary.

Couldnt a monster with a normal brain have come here? I would at least have a decent fight and get some experience out of it!

After sighing, Song Shuhang stretched out a finger toward the onion spirit and said, "Then, only this time, Ill give you a chance! If your technique doesnt work, youll obediently follow me. If you dare to renege on your promise, dont blame for using a heavy hand!"

As he spoke, he held the last sword talisman in his hand. If the onion spirit were to try to run away, he would use the talisman to take care of it!

"Watch carefully then. Ill assure you that you wont be able to control yourself after looking at me!" Lady Onion swung her long hair.

System notificationLady Onion used the Ultimate seducing skill of a pretty female monster against Song Shuhang!

Lady Onions charm increased to 10,086!

Lady Onions charm was off the charts, and no one could resist her! No matter if it was a man or a woman, they couldnt withstand this charm! Go, young man, mess her up for good!

The onion spirit was cheerfully swaying her body while charmingly looking at Song Shuhang.

She had a lot of confidence in her charm. If even a woman couldnt resist her, how could a small male cultivator?

Then Lady Onion finished her performance with a hop.

"Clap, clap, clap!" Song Shuhang clapped his hands, "That was a good hop! Well done!"

"Thats it?" Lady Onion didnt dare to believe the reality before her eyes.

"Didnt I coordinate and even give you an applause? Wasnt that enough? You have to know that I have very high standards!" Song Shuhang said while standing up with his waist bent over. "But enough chit-chat, do as you promised! Dont struggle and come with me. Otherwise, Ill beat you up until you cant move and still bring you with me!"

"Y-you are you even a man?! How can you remain unaffected?!" Lady Onion pointed at Song Shuhang and screamed.

"Hehehe." Song Shuhang kept his waist bent, trying to hide his boner, and made a fist, sneering, "Hearing your words just now, it seems Ill have to beat you till youre at deaths door!"

"Im sorry I take those words back, okay? And Ill also obediently follow you, fine?" Lady Onion felt like crying. She could solve this problem neither through words nor strength.

Song Shuhang nodded satisfied.

At this time, Zhao Yayas sports car came over!

Her timing was just perfect. If she were a little early, she would have seen the scene of the explosion. If she were a little late, Song Shuhang would have already headed home with the onion spirit.

"Change into an onion and follow me." Song Shuhang took out his sword talisman and said to the onion spirit, "Dont even think about escaping. If you try to escape, youre as good as dead."

With Song Shuhang threatening her, she obediently changed into an onion.

At the same time, she requested, "Immortal, for how long are you planning to lock me up? Can you seal me for not too long? I was just locked up for 300 years!"

She was locked up for 300 years? Song Shuhangs heart softened. She was really pitiful!

Seeing that Song Shuhang didnt reply, Lady Onion got anxious, "Otherwise, I can give you a cultivation technique to decrease the time I have to stay locked up!"

300 years ago, she stole a set of techniques from Nine Lanterns. Afterward, Nine Lights never came back to retrieve it.

"Dont worry. You wont be locked up for too long. Now, well go back and see a senior if we hurry up, youll be released in a few days," Song Shuhang replied.

"Really?" The onion spirits eyes lit up.

Song Shuhang sighed, "Yes, I have no reason to deceive you."

"Good, good." Lady Onion had calmed down.

Afterward, Song Shuhang grabbed the onion and lightly jumped, arriving at the edge of the mountain road. Here, he waited for Zhao Yays arrival.

After stopping her sports car, Zhao Yaya made a beautiful U-turn.

"Quickly get in the car. Aunt is super mad, and Im not sure how long uncle will be able to hold out. He secretly told me to bring you back as soon as possible," Zhao Yaya said with a smile.

When she brought Papa Song and others back, Mama Song was somewhat confused.

But when she discovered that Papa Song and the others got into an accident, she lost her temper. Right now, Papa Song, Old Lu, and Lu Tianyou were sitting in a row, being brutally scolded by Mama Song.

Therefore, Papa Song hoped that Zhao Yaya could bring Song Shuhang back as soon as possible and let him appease Mama Songs anger.

"Ahaha." Song Shuhang laughed. Afterward, he crawled into the car with his waist still bent.

"Shuhang, why are you bending over your waist?" Zhao Yaya asked, somewhat confused.