Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 252

Chapter 252 This Blade Seems Quite Sharp
Chapter 252: This blade seems quite sharp!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
After arriving upstairs, even without entering, Song Shuhang could hear Mama Song angrily scolding his father and the others.

Zhao Yaya laughed and knocked on the door.

The trendy Alice opened the door.

"Youre finally here." Alice narrowed her eyes into a smile. Afterward, she stretched her hand and quietly pointed to the living room.

At this time, in the living room.

Papa Song, Old Lu, and Lu Tianyou were sitting side by side on the sofa, shrinking like quails.

Mama Song was standing and said from her elevated position, "What do you think youre, kids? Driving while drunk? Do you have a death wish or something?"

Blahblahblahblah Mama Song was like a machine gun and gave no sign of stopping.

"Auntie, have some tea." Little Maisui thoughtfully gave Mama Song a cup of tea to let her moisten her throat.

This girl really liked to cause trouble.

After cursing so much, Mama Song happened to have a dry throat. And after that cup of tea, she felt as though she had recharged. She was ready for another round of scolding.

After seeing Song Shuhang, who was standing at the entrance, Papa Song immediately hinted him to enter the scene and save the daytoday, he had lost a lot of face.

But there was no way around it. They drove the tractor after getting drunk and even got into an accident. There were no excuses for their behavior.

Therefore, Mama Song didnt let them off even if Zhao Yaya and her two friends were here, and they were being scolded since the moment they got home. Given Mama Songs current fighting capacity, she could keep going for at least one more hour.

When Zhao Yaya turned her head, she saw Little Maisui serving tea; the corner of her mouth twitchedthis girl was really incorrigible! She pulled Alice along and entered the living room. She wanted to carry Little Maisui off as not to let her cause any more trouble.

When Zhao Yaya and Alice entered the living room, Song Shuhang also followed. In the meantime, he put the onion spirit on the cupboard at the entrance of the living room.

After all, she had the appearance of an onion now. He couldnt casually put her wherever he wanted. What if Mama Song were to get a hold of her and cook her?

"Obediently stay here and dont move. Otherwise, the talisman in my hand will show no mercy." Song Shuhang gave her a final warning and showed her the last sword talisman.

When Lady Onion felt the terrifying sword qi coming from the sword talisman, she was so scared that she started to shiver.

After settling the question of the onion spirit, Song Shuhang entered the living room with quick steps.

"Ma, Im back." Song Shuhang revealed a bright smile and said to Mama Song, "Ma, there are guests now. You should attend to Elder Sister Yaya and her friends first. Moreover, father and the others should have understood that they were in the wrong by now. And once the guests are gone, it wont be too late to scold them again."

Little Maisui laughed and waved her hand, "It doesnt matter, you dont need to mind us."

Papa Song coughed and said, "Cough. Wife, you cant neglect the guests. As for todays matter, Old Lu and I drank too much and didnt know what we were doing. However, we deeply regret our actions!"

"Sister-in-law, its all my fault. It all happened because I couldnt control myself!" Old Lu immediately followed suit and admitted his mistakes.

"Im also at fault. I should have stopped father and uncle!" Lu Tianyou also followed their example.

Mama Song glared at the three, but thanks to Song Shuhangs persuasion, she decided to temporarily let them off.

"Yaya, Ill prepare some tea for you girls. Sit down and take a rest in the meantime." Mama Song said.

After Mama Song was gone, Papa Song heaved a sigh of relief.

At this time, Old Lu said, "Shuhang! Im sorry for what happened to your tractor. Is it still in good condition?"

It was a tractor that could run up to 150 km/h! If it were to be damaged, how would he even compensate Shuhang? Even a wealthy person couldnt afford that terrifying thing!

"It had some problems, but its nothing too serious. I can take care of it by myself. Uncle Lu, you dont need to worry."

After hearing these words, Old Lu secretly heaved a sigh of relief. However, he still decided to wait a few days and look for an opportunity to compensate Shuhang. He was a true man. Since he had caused an accident and overturned the tractor, he would find a way to compensate for it.

But the problem was how to make up for it. He would have to think about it carefully after returning home.

"Old Lu, dont think too much about it. Tianyou, let us go in the studio and chat a bit, lets leave the youngsters here," Papa Song said as he pulled away Old Lu and Lu Tianyou.

Lu Tianyou wanted to cry but had no tears Im only two years older than Shuhang! Although I have a big build, Im also young!

Song Shuhang chatted a bit with Yaya and the others, and when he saw Mama Song boiling water for the tea, he recalled the Spirit Green Tea.

"Elder Sister Yaya, wait a moment. Ill give you a good thing." Song Shuhang smiled.

"Its the thing you talked about before?" Zhao Yaya asked.

"Yes," Song Shuhang replied.

He was taking his leave not only for the Spirit Green Tea but also to take a look at Venerable Whites current state. Moreover, his big suitcase was placed at the entrance of his room after Zhao Yaya brought it back.

Inside this suitcase were one million RMB, medicine pills, the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, soul beads, the Spirit Green Tea, and many other things.

If Mama Song were to bump into the suitcase and discover the cash and the saber, added to the wounded Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist, who knew what she might think.

Thereafter, Shuhang wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and bring it inside the room.

Inside the room, Senior White was lying on the bed, still in a meditative state. Luckily, he didnt create any illusion this time.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief.

First, he took out some soul beads from the suitcase and positioned them next to his chest.

The ghost spirit came out of the Heart Aperture and gulped them down at once. Afterward, it returned to the Heart Aperture, satisfied. Today, when it helped him open the Nose Aperture, the ghost spirit had consumed a lot of energy.

Next, Song Shuhang got a hold of the Spirit Green Tea and the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

He took the Spirit Green Tea because he wanted to give a small portion of it to Yaya and the others, and he took out the saber as a preventive measure.

This saber was the best treasure of the Moon Saber Sect and could even cut the body of a Fourth Stage cultivator. With the help of this sharp blade, even if the onion spirit were to rebel, he could cut her into two pieces with one slash.

"Ill hang it up in the living room for now, saying that its an ornament." Song Shuhang thought of this plan.

Then, he hid the suitcase under the bed.

Afterward, he came out of the room carrying the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in one hand and the small box of Spirit Green Tea in the other.

Just as he came out of the room, he met Mama Song.

"Shuhang, tell Yaya and her friends to stay over for dinner. Since Old Lu was coming, I have prepared a lot of dishes. Ill make them eat a lot of delicacies in the evening," Mama Song said.

"Sure, no problem," Song Shuhang said.

"Also, can you go to the cooking utensils shop in the neighboring street and buy me a kitchen knife to cut bones? I specially bought some spareribs this morning, but when I was cooking at noon, the knife in our house suddenly broke," Mama Song said. Afterward, her sight fell on the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in Song Shuhangs hand.

"Where does that blade come from?" Mama Song asked.

"A friend gifted it to me. Its a decorative item," Song Shuhang replied.

"A decorative item? How sharp is it?" Mama Song was somewhat confused. "Can you let me take a look at it?"

"Its a little heavy. Be careful, mom." Song Shuhang had no choice but to give her the blade.

Mama Song took the saber and said, "Its indeed a little heavy and seems quite solid."

How can it not be solid? It can even cut the body of a Fourth Stage cultivator, and its very good at breaking defenses , Song Shuhang thought to himself.

"You want to hang it in the living room, right? However, it worries me a little since its a sharp blade; I hope it doesnt injure anyone if it falls." Mama Song returned the saber to Song Shuhang and added, "After hanging it in the living room, quickly go to the shop to buy me the bone cutting knife. Do you need money?"

"Dont worry, I still have some left!" Song Shuhang laughed and took the saber, heading toward the living room.

In the living room, Zhao Yaya and her friends were discussing something, and from time to time, they would cheerfully laugh.

After seeing Shuhang, Zhao Yaya curiously looked at treasured saber in his hand and said, "Shuhang, was this the good thing you were talking about?"

"No, this is just a decorative item that a friend gifted me. Im hanging it in the living room." After finishing his sentence, he waved the small box in his other hand, "This is the good thing I wanted to give you."

After hanging Broken Tyrant on the wall, Song Shuhang gave to Zhao Yaya and her friends a cup of boiling water each. Then, he added two leaves of the Spirit Green Tea to each cup.

"So, this was the good thing? Tea leaves?" Zhao Yaya curiously looked over.

Afterward, she reacted just like Shuhangs roommates at the time and said, "Shuhang, arent you being too stingy? Even if it were the famous oolong tea from Mount Wuyi, you wouldnt put so little of it in each cup, right?"

"Hehe, dont take things for granted. Youll understand after tasting it!" Song Shuhang said calmly. Next, he delivered the three cups to the girls.

Then, just like his roommates at the time, Zhao Yaya and her friends took the cups, somewhat suspicious. Then, after blowing on them, they took a sip of tea.

Soon after, the eyes of the girls lit up.

It was only boiled tea, and yet, when they drank it, a strange and refreshing feeling spread from their throats and reached their bellies. In this hot summer, it felt as though their body had been cleansed from the inside out. They felt refreshed and very comfortable.

Moreover, the fragrance of the tea lingered in their mouth for a very long time...

"And this was the effect of only two leaves." Little Maisui was breathless. She had drunk a lot of famous teas, but she had never drunk something like this. "Wont the taste become even better if you add more leaves?"

"You cant add more," Song Shuhang explained, "Although this tea tastes very good, you can only put two tea leaves in one cup. If you put more than two, itll be bad for your health. Moreover, you can only drink one cup a day, no more than that."

Afterward, he gave the small box to Zhao Yaya, "These tea leaves were also a gift from someone. Inside this box are three packets, its a gift for you girls."

This was to thank them for their help today.

For now, he would let them divide the content of this box. And one of these days, he would specially prepare a share for Zhao Yaya.

After all, he only had a limited amount of Spirit Green Tea. Therefore, he could only give it away in small amounts.

Afterward, Song Shuhang said goodbye to the girls and went to the cooking utensils shop in the neighboring street to buy that kitchen knife to cut bones.

However, he didnt forget to carry off the small onion on the cupboard before going outhe didnt dare to leave this onion spirit in his house all alone!