Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 253

Chapter 253 How Come I Cant Cut This Green Onion
Chapter 253: How come I cant cut this green onion?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
When Song Shuhang left to buy the kitchen knife, Mama Song jogged till the entrance and shouted to Song Shuhang who was downstairs, "Shuhang, buy a bottle of soy sauce while youre at it. The bottle we had at home is almost finished!"

"Sure, no problem," replied Song Shuhang as he waved his hand.

"And be careful on the road," Mama Song added before shutting the door.

And once Song Shuhang was far away...

On the cupboard, a tender green onion popped out from behind a box!

"Hmph, foolish human! Did you really think you had me under control? Ridiculous! After all, Im a powerful monster that has cultivated for 300 years! Unexpectedly, he even dared to threaten me!" the onion spirit said proudly.

The green onion that Song Shuhang took with him was a very ordinary green onion.

No matter how weak it was, this onion spirit was still a monster. Aside from the innate ability to drill into the earth and ran away, she had another ability that all monsters possessedthe ability to make herself invisible! Of course, every cultivator that had completed their Foundation Establishment could see invisible monsters.

But that wasnt a problem in this case because Mama Song and the others were only normal people and couldnt see her!

Therefore, when Song Shuhang went in his room to care of his suitcase, Lady Onion quietly went into the kitchen and picked a sprouted green onion of the same size as her.

Afterward, she placed it on the cupboard and rubbed her body against it, leaving her smell behind. This way, Song Shuhang wouldnt find anything unusual about the green onion.

As for herself, she hid behind a small box on the cupboard.

Afterward, she started to wait patientlywait for Song Shuhang to leave and take that green onion with him.

As long as Song Shuhang was gone, she could easily run away!

And then, everything went according to the plan. Her luck was really good today; it was as though God was helping her!

Song Shuhang also didnt think too much while going out; he casually picked the green onion on the cupboard and left to buy the bone cutting kitchen knife...

However, Lady Onion didnt get impatient and waited till his footsteps and aura completely disappearedonly at that time did she pop out from behind that box!

"Now, its time to flee! I have to run very far away and not let that Song Shuhang catch me ever again!" Lady Onion muttered.

She had no intention of harming Song Shuhangs family. Its not like the thought hadnt crossed her mind... however, she didnt dare to!

She could faintly feel two powerful presences in the house!

These two auras were really too terrifying, and in Lady Onions mind, they were like the sun and the moon in the sky, something that you absolutely couldnt neglect!

Therefore, she didnt dare to cause a ruckus here. As long as she could successfully escape, it was all good...

"Long live freedom!" Lady Onion howled in a low voice. Afterward, she quietly revealed half of her body, preparing to run away!

At this time, Mama Songs voice suddenly echoed, "Ah? There is unexpectedly a green onion here?"

Soon after, Lady Onion felt someone grab her; it was Mama Song!

Actually, it wouldnt have been a problem for Lady Onion to avoid Mama Songs hand but one of the two powerful auras in the house slightly moved and sent out a groan.

Lady Onion was scared to death and therefore Mama Song caught her with no difficulty.

"I dont remember putting a green onion here though?" Mama Song was confused. However, she still brought Lady Onion in the kitchen.

Afterward, she put her together with other green onions.

"There arent too many green onions home. Should I make lamb with fried green onions then?" Mama Song muttered.

After hearing these words, Lady Onion was alarmed, Dammit. What does she want to do? Is she planning to cut me up and cook me?

Just as she was thinking this, Mama Song picked up the knife and started to cut the green onions!

Dammit! Im a powerful monster that has cultivated for 300 years! And youre unexpectedly treating me like a normal green onion? What a joke!

Lady Onion was very angry. If this green onion doesnt show her strength, these guys might even confuse me with garlic chives!!!

Therefore, she decided to show her strength and let this human know how scary she was.

But right at this time, one of those two powerful auras sent out another groan.

After hearing this groan, Lady Onion immediately shrank.

Its not so bad after all; if you want to cut me, then do it!

A normal knife couldnt hurt her anyway.

Once this foolish human discovered that her kitchen knife wasnt able to cut her, she should give up, right?

"Cut cut"

Mama Song was very quick, and in the blink of an eye, she had already cut all the green onions, except Lady Onion, into tiny pieces.

Lady Onion quietly looked at her brethren that had met a cruel end.

This was just too horrible. Those were her brothers and sisters! And now, this human had cut them into tiny pieces Lady Onion felt sad and aggrieved.

"Eh? How come this one is still whole?" At this time, Mama Song looked at the undamaged Lady Onion, her face filled with confusion.

Does this kitchen knife have problems?

She held Lady Onion and tried cut her up again.

When the kitchen knife tried to cut Lady Onions body, it felt as though it was trying to cut an extremely hard oxhide, and it didnt damage it in the slightest. Moreover, when Mama Song put all her strength into the knife, she unexpectedly felt the knife being repelled!

"?" Mama Song was at a loss.

"Are you surprised? Huh? Although my cultivation level is low, Im still a monster that has cultivated for 300 years. How can a small knife made of iron injure me?" Lady Onion said self-satisfiedof course, Mama Song couldnt hear her voice.

"Has this knife become too dull?" Mama Song looked at the knife in her hand.

Therefore, she tried to use it to cut other things such as the lamb and the cabbage.

But strangely enough, it cut everything quickly and easily.

Thereafter, Mama Song turned her head and tried once again to cut Lady Onion needless to say, the outcome was the same as before, and she couldnt cut her no matter how much she tried.

Just what was happening!

"Is it possible that this is not a green onion but something else with a similar shape?" Mama Song raised Lady Onion and smelled her.

But after smelling the rich fragrance of green onion, it seemed that this was indeed a green onion...

Mama Song was dumbfounded.

After staring blankly for a while, her eyes suddenly lit up!

For some unknown reason, she recalled to mind Song Shuhangs ornamental saber.

Maybe I should try to use that saber?

Anyway, its just a green onion, and its unlikely to dirty Shuhangs ornamental saber.

When she thought of something, she would do it. Mama Song had passed this fine tradition to Song Shuhang too.

Then, Mama Song ran toward the living room with Lady Onion still in her hands. Afterward, she took down the ornamental saber from the wall and quickly returned to the kitchen; all of this under the confused looks of Zhao Yaya and her friends.