Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 256

Chapter 256 The Strings Of Karma And The City In The Sky
Chapter 256: The strings of karma and the city in the sky!

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Maybe this monster organization had no techniques suited for fighting? As a consequence, Lady Onion turned out to be so weak and didnt even know how to use the monster energy she had accumulated in those 300 years.

Just as he was fantasizing, the members of the monster organization approached Lady Onion and decided to teach her a lost technique!

Woah, a lost technique?

Song Shuhangs interest was piqued I didnt spend all those years as a green onion in vain. Today, Im finally being rewarded after suffering so much!

Perhaps, Lady Onion was so weak because she didnt properly study this lost technique! Such being the case, I, Song Shuhang, will master this lost technique to perfection and display its full power!

Song Shuhang pricked his ears up and started to carefully listen to this elder of the monster organization that was in the middle of passing down a lost technique!

The elder took out a thick book and started to explain.

The name of this lost technique was 200 Must-Have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive, and the book was written in the language of monsters. Therefore, Song Shuhang couldnt understand it. However, the table of contents seemed very long.

Still... isnt the name of this lost technique a bit too lame? This doesnt seem to be the name of a peerless technique! Song Shuhang started to worry.

Perhaps although the name is a bit lame, the contents are very good? Song Shuhang tried to comfort himself.

At last, the elder started to explain the contents of the lost technique.

The contents of this book were very varied. If you wanted to take the initiative and attack, there were the Divine Stealing Technique, How to Smoothly Form a Team and Rob a Human Cultivator, 500 Ways to Surrender to a Human Cultivator Youre Unable to Beat, and the Ultimate Seducing Skill of a Pretty Female Monster.

And if you were in a difficult position and wanted to counterattack, you could use the How a Female Monster should Become the Male Masters Mistress, 13 Moves to Fight the Male Master's Harem, How a Male Monster should Win his Female Masters Heart, and 72 Ways to Successfully Usurp the Position of the Female Masters Husband.

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded!


What kind of dog shiet lost technique is this?!

No wonder hed felt that Lady Onion was an idiot when he met her. In particular, that Ultimate Seducing Skill of a Pretty Female Monster was the perfect technique to shoot yourself in the foot. It was like saying, "Come, enjoy my body as much as you want!"

It seems that this monster organization was the source of all those cancerous techniques!

Song Shuhang had thoroughly lost hope now.

He had stayed as a green onion for a long time, suffering every day. In the end, his reward was this set of completely useless lost techniques of the monster race?

"Bastard! You deserve to burn in hell! Let me wake up already! I dont want to stay here anymore!"

However whenever he was dreaming of someone elses experiences, Song Shuhang couldnt casually leave.

Therefore, he had no choice but to keep dreaming and seeing things from Lady Onions perspective, learning about her life experiences.


In the dream, the innocent and naive Lady Onion started to earnestly learn every move and style from the 200 Must-Have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive.

She gave her best and trained day and night without taking breaks.

If Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven were to see this scene, wouldnt he be heartbroken and aggrieved?

He was looking forward to the unlimited future of this small monster onion, but now, it seemed that its future was rather bleak.

Moreover just as Lady Onion was getting more and more skilled in these lost techniques, a not-so-well feeling started to well in Song Shuhangs heart.

No matter if it were a monster or a human, once they had fully mastered a skill and finished their practice, they would descend from the mountain, right?

And after descending from the mountain, they would try to find an opponent and try these skills out, right?

If this monster onion were to find a human cultivator () and display that set of self-harming lost techniques... wouldnt it be like telling the other party to do her?

Aaaah! Right now, I have taken possession of her body, and Ill experience everything in first person!

If someone were to do her, it would feel as though I was personally experiencing it!

Let me out! This ending is just too cruel!

"Please, end this awful dream already! Please, end it and let me wake up!" Song Shuhang struggled with all his might.

However, it was all useless.

Time quickly passed by, and another year was gone in the dreamland.

The fateful moment was also quickly approachingbecause Lady Onion in the dreamland felt that she had mastered all those techniques and was preparing to descend from the mountain.

Then, just as Song Shuhang had predicted, Lady Onion descended from the mountain and started to look for a human cultivator.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh and started to mentally prepare himself If I were to turn into a girl and be forcefully enjoyed by others how should I exactly prepare myself?

Prepare your sister! How can you prepare for something like that?! Song Shuhang roared, "Let me go! Its time to put a stop to this nonsense! End this goddam dream!"

However, just as before, all his struggle was useless.

At this time, after many hardships, Lady Onion finally managed to find a human buddhist monk.

Why did it have to be a monk?!

According to Lady Onions investigation, the name of this buddhist monk was Nine Lanterns. They had thick eyebrows and big eyes, as well as a very handsome face.

They had a thin and slender stature, and as they were wrapped in that large monks robe, they looked so thin that it was almost pitiful. Although this Nine Lanterns had a slender figure, their chest muscles were very developed, and the wide monks robe was barely able to wrap them.

Ah? Wait! Why does it seem that there is something wrong with this scene?

While Song Shuhang was still thinking, Lady Onion had already taken the initiative and attacked.

The first technique she used was the Divine Stealing Technique. Afterward, she used the How to Smoothly Form a Team and Rob a Human Cultivator and the 500 Ways to Surrender to a Human Cultivator Youre Unable to Beat techniques.

These techniques were all displayed to perfection.

But no matter how much these skills were polished, they had no effect on Nine Lanterns.

As a consequence, Lady Onion suffered a complete defeat.

At last, she clenched her teeth and displayed the Ultimate Seducing Skill of a Pretty Female Monster.

It was worthily an ultimate technique, its effects were really outstanding.

After Nine Lanterns suffered this move, she went forward and enjoyed Lady Onion to her hearts content...

Yep, Nine Lanterns was a she. Song Shuhang wasnt mistaken.

The buddhist monk Nine Lanterns was a woman. She had a slender and tall figure and a very developed chest.

Song Shuhang looked at the scene unfolding before his eyes, his face stiff. However, he rejoiced in his heart. Lesbians! Although they couldnt have children, he still offered his most sincere prayers to all the lesbians in the world.

At least he wouldnt have to worry about the If I were to turn into a girl and be forcefully enjoyed by others, how should I exactly prepare myself problem.

After Nine Lanterns () was done enjoying Lady Onions () body, both of them were staring blankly.

Song Shuhang already knew what would happen next. Nine Lanterns brought Lady Onion to a buddhist temple and locked her up for almost 300 years!

"I wont have to experience those 300 years too, right? I have already been a green onion for too long! Ive had enough of it!" Song Shuhang was starting to worry.

But right at this time, the picture before his eyes changed.

He wasnt seeing things from Lady Onions perspective anymore.

Song Shuhang discovered that he was now seeing things from the skyit was as though his spirit had suddenly come out of Lady Onions body and was now watching Nine Lanterns and Lady Onion from an elevated position.

"Is this dream finally coming to an end?" Song Shuhang thought to himself.

In this dream, he didnt learn anything aside from that dog-poop-level 200 Must-Have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive.

Hmm even if I didnt learn anything useful, I discovered that I have a lot of patience.

Hehehe. After all, if you were to turn into a green onion and stay all alone on a mountain peak for several tens of years under the wind and the sun, your patience would surely improve!

However, the price I had to pay was a bit too high!

Just when Song Shuhang was fantasizing, his eyes started to glitter and he felt a stabbing pain.

He couldnt help but blink a few times.

When he opened his eyes, he saw something very strange!

Blue, white, golden, pink, blood-red, black he saw a lot of multicolored strings filling the world.

Song Shuhang lowered his head and looked at his body.

He discovered that his body also had many strings attached to it.

Black strings were fewer in number, and there were only five of them. They were piercing the void and you couldnt see their other end.

Next were the six blood-red strings. These red strings were broken and thus fluttering in the wind.

White strings were very numerous. There were several thousand, most of them were piercing the void and you couldnt see their other end.

The blue ones neared the hundred.

As for the golden ones, there were around twenty. These strings extended to every corner of the world, and Song Shuhang had no idea where their other ends were.

The most eye-catching one was the seven-colored string connecting his spirit to Lady Onion.

This seven-colored string acted as the string of a kite. Lady Onion was using it to pull Song Shuhang forward.

Yep, Shuhang was flying in the sky like a kite...

"Whats the deal with these strings?" Song Shuhang tried to stretch his hand and grab the seven-colored string. However, he only touched air and wasnt able to touch the string at all.

The average person couldnt see these strings.

But they werent the only ones. Even cultivators were unlikely to see them. For example, the Nine Lanterns below couldnt see them.

But just as he was wondering what was happening, Shuhang saw a string come out Nine Lanterns body.

This pink string stretched toward Lady Onion like a tentacle.

Afterward, another pink string came out of Lady Onions body () and connected to the pink string coming from Nine Lanterns () body.

Then, the two strings merged and became one!

"Is that the legendary string of fated marriage? Two people destined to marry each other, though a thousand miles apart, are tied together as if by a thread?" Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide in surprise.

No, thats not it.

If these are strings of fated marriage what about the ones on my body?

There are several thousand white strings on my bodyif they are all strings of fated marriage is it possible that Ill open a harem in the future?

But if they are not strings of fated marriage they might be... strings of karma?

Song Shuhang tried to guess.

Wait, strings of karma? If that were the case, it would make sense!

If these are strings of karma, their color should stand for something, right?

Pink strings should be strings of fated marriage or something similarafter all, the pink string appeared after Nine Lanterns and Lady Onion partook in some tribadism.

In this case, what does the seven-colored string stand for? Whats the relationship between Lady Onion and me? Did that string appear because I ate her?

And what do the white, blood-red, and golden ones stand for?

Just as he was pondering, the scene below started to change.

The pink string connecting Nine Lanterns () and Lady Onion () started to wriggle.

Afterward, it pierced through Lady Onions body and climbed up the seven-colored string, arriving at Song Shuhangs body and firmly latching onto it!

It was as though Lady Onion had become the medium to connect Song Shuhang and Nine Lanterns.

"Whats happening?" Song Shuhangs mind shook; he was completely baffled by this turn of events.

If we assume that the pink string was born after Nine Lanterns and Lady Onion enjoyed themselves and was the fruit of their lesbian love...

Why has this string latched onto my body?

Does it mean that Nine Lanterns conveniently sullied my pure soul while enjoying Lady Onions body?

There was no need to get me involved! I dont really want to have this string attached to my body. You two can keep having fun, just let this poor 3D hologram alone!

When the pink string latched onto his body, Song Shuhangs mind shook once more...

Afterward, he woke up!

"I finally woke up! This dream was just too long!" Song Shuhang opened his eyes and discovered that he was lying next to Venerable White.

He got a scare and immediately got up.

He turned his head and looked outside the window; the sky was already dark. It seems I slept very long this time...

Perhaps my parents saw me sleeping on the floor and decided to move me next to Venerable White on the bed?

At this time, Song Shuhang lowered his head and discovered that there was a golden string connecting him and Senior White.

Moreover, those blue, white, black, and golden strings were spreading in all directions from his body. In addition, they all went toward a specific place and didnt pierce the void and disappear as in the dreamland.

"So, the relationship between Venerable White and me is represented by this golden string? Then these twenty plus golden strings latched on my body represent my relations with the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group?" Song Shuhang muttered.

Next, those blue strings spread out, connecting to various places inside the house.

"Blue strings stand for family members?" Song Shuhang guessed.

Then, what did those white strings stand for?

Finally, his vision fell on the pink string.

Previously, that pink string was connected to Lady Onion in his pocket. Now, it was being refracted and was pointing somewhere up in the sky.

Song Shuhang unconsciously stretched his hand and tried to touch the string.

Ah! I forgot that you couldnt touch them, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

But just as he was thinking this his hand actually touched the pink string!


When he touched the string, he felt a stabbing pain in his eyes. Afterward, a burst of energy gushed out from his eyes. This energy didnt belong to Shuhang but was only lent to him for a limited amount of time.

After this energy gushed out of his eyes, all the strings filling the world disappeared.

And just as these strings were disappearing, an indistinct picture resurfaced in Song Shuhangs mindon the other end of the pink string was a huge and gorgeous island.

And, he saw a magnificent city in the sky!