Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 257

Chapter 257 Emptying Stomach Pumping Hands
Chapter 257: Emptying stomach-pumping hands

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The city in the sky scene flashed across Song Shuhangs mind. Even so, the magnificent sight of the city in the sky caused Song Shuhang to exclaim in admirationit was so majestic that even words could not be used to describe it.

Additionally, in the scene, that city in the sky was discernible and extremely realistic; yet at the same time, it caused people to feel like it was an indistinct illusion. The two completely opposite feelings co-existed within this image of a city in the sky.

Song Shuhang reached out his hands and rubbed his temples.

Speaking of which, when he thought of the island that was floating in the sky, the first thing he thought of was the newsthe mysterious island that appeared on the East China Sea.

It was the place where the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group entered and ultimately left with their memory lost. It must be reiterated that one of the people who entered the island was a Sixth Stage cultivatorTrue Monarch Ancient Lake Temple!

Could this city in the sky be the mysterious island?

If it was the mysterious island then, according to the direction of strings of karma, could Nine Lanterns who imprisoned Lady Onion away 300 years ago currently be on the mysterious island?

At the same time, Shuhang remembered Lady Onion herself mentioning before that she was released from the temple not long ago then, Nine Lanterns went to the mysterious island recently? No, perhaps Nine Lanterns was already there since a long time ago, and as for the onion spirit, it could be possible that she finished her sentence, and was thus released?

"The mysterious island?" Song Shuhang muttered.

He had a bad premonitionit was as though the mysterious island was cordially reaching out its hands, beckoning him over.

"Oh Little Brother, youre finally awake." At this time, a voice suddenly echoed in his ear.

Song Shuhang got a shock, the voice was very close to him yet he did not feel anything! If it was the enemy, he would have died several times a long time ago.

Shuhang turned his head and looked towards the source of the voice.

Thereafter, he saw a man who was fully wrapped in his blanketit was Daoist Cloudy Mist from the Penniless Thief Sect who got smashed by a meteorite and fainted.

At this time, Daoist Cloudy Mist was floating on top of the ceiling of his room, wearing a smile on his face.

"Ah, its you, Daoist Priest." Song Shuhang nodded and asked, "Daoist Priest, youre awake too?"

"Thanks to you, I could wake up this fast." As he was speaking, Daoist Cloudy Mist carefully looked at the bedhe was gazing at Venerable White who seemed to be both sleeping and practicing.

This formidable cultivator was steadily and continuously absorbing the spiritual qi between heaven and earth, causing Song Shuhangs house to be filled with spiritual qi. Thanks to the large amount of pure spiritual qi, Daoist Cloudy Mists injuries quickly recovered, enabling him to wake up from the coma.

Song Shuhang was full of smiles but he secretly sighed in his heart. He was originally planning to call True Monarch Yellow Mountain directly while Daoist Cloudy Mist was unconscious so that he could come over to get him.

It was just that he hadnt expected so many things to happen in the meantime, so Daoist Cloud Mist had actually woken up before he did.

"In order to thank you for your help, I have also done a little something to help you, as a way of returning your favor." Upon finishing his sentence, he reached out his hand, revealing a green crystal.

"Help me? What is this?" Song Shuhang looked curiously at the item in his palm.

"You dont remember it? Well, thats possiblewhen you ate it, it didnt look like that." Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist smiled. "This is the sprout of the onion spirit, didnt you eat it? Even though the onion spirits body is good for ones health, but before you eat it, you have to at least remove the monster qi from its body."

From the looks of it, during the period he was in a coma, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist still had a certain extent of awareness of the world, huh? Hence he knew about the onion spirit matter.

"Eating her was an accident." Song Shuhang forced a smile.

"Haha, let me return it to you. Take it." Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist lightly tossed the crystal over to Shuhang. "When I woke up, I saw that your entire body was being engulfed by the monster qi and hence I used the Emptying Miracle Hands to help you extract the onion spirit body from your stomach. Dont worry, my skills are top-notch, it definitely would not harm your body. You can keep this onion spirit crystal for yourself, perhaps in the future it might come in handy."

"Onion spirit crystal..." Song Shuhang received the crystal that was jade green in coloreven though this thing looked really pretty, but the thought of it being removed from his stomach made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

Additionally, after he woke up, it was no wonder he felt that the sick feeling he had earlier on from eating the 300 years old onion lamb with fried green onions disappeared. So it was because Daoist Cloudy Mist lent a helping hand!

However Daoist Cloudy Mists act of kindness was least expected by Song Shuhang.

"Speaking of which, whos the senior laying on the bed?" Daoist Cloudy Mist smiled and asked. He absolutely dared not look directly at Venerable White.

Things that should not be seen will definitely not be looked at. As a rational thief, he was an expert in restraining his own greed. Otherwise, it wouldnt be long before he got himself into trouble if he took everything he wanted.

Of course, True Monarch Yellow Mountains treasures were an exceptionas long as an item belonged to True Monarch Yellow Mountain, it had to be stolen without any exceptions!

"Youre talking about Venerable White? Hes my senior." Song Shuhang intentionally revealed Senior Whites rank.

"Venerable?" Daoist Cloudy Mist immediately swallowed his saliva hard.

Seventh Stage Spiritual Venerables were a group of cultivators who were the strongest and the highest in rank in the world of cultivators as of now; each of them was a big shot and a leading expert within their respective field.

"No wonder that you dare to nibble directly on the onion spirit; its because you have such a formidable senior by your side." Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist sighed, and lightly patted Song Shuhang.

However when he was lightly patting Song Shuhang, he stealthily stuffed a fist-sized stone back into Song Shuhangs pocket.

It was the enlightenment stone.

...As the saying goes, thieves dont leave empty handed. Treating Song Shuhang only required a very slight effort for Daoist Cloudy Mist. Even for the people of Penniless Thief Sect, they also made a clear distinction between gratitude and grievances.

Song Shuhang brought him back when he was passed out and allowed him to quickly recover from his injuries. That was considered a favor. By helping Song Shuhang remove the onion spirit crystal from his body, it was an effortless way for him to return that favor.

However, after he helped Song Shuhang remove the monster onion crystal, he casually took the treasure, enlightenment stone, out of habitit just so happened that he needed it.

During the period where he got sealed, his strength kept accumulating. Now, he was about to make a small break through within the Fifth Stage Realm. If he had the enlightenment stone, it would save him time and effort!

But right after he took Song Shuhangs enlightenment stone, he happened to see Venerable White laying on the bed. In a split second, he felt like a cat whose entire bodys fur stood on endit was an instinctive fear.

The tremendous sense of fear continuously infiltrated his thoughts without dissipating.

Hence, Daoist Cloudy Mist did not leave immediately, but lingered behind to wait for Song Shuhang to wake up in order to sound him out for the status of Venerable White.

After confirming that the cultivator on the bed was a Seventh Stage Venerable, Daoist Cloudy Mist secretly stuffed the enlightenment stone back into Song Shuhangs pocket.

...I shall temporarily leave the enlightenment stone with this little fella for now.

When he got the chance in the future, he could always come over to steal the enlightenment stone if he wanted, there was no need to rush. There was definitely no need to risk offending a Venerable for a momentary benefit!

After he gave the enlightenment stone back to Song Shuhang, Daoist Cloudy Mist saluted with his fists clasped towards Song Shuhang and said, "Little Friend, we no longer owe each other favors. I still have some things to settle, we shall bid each other goodbye here."

"Have a safe journey, Daoist Priest." Song Shuhang bowed with his hands forming the same salute.

Daoist Cloudy Mist, still wrapped in the blanket, suddenly whizzed out of the househe was preparing to look around for any vacant apartments for rent or sale near Song Shuhangs house.

He was preparing to stay there temporarily first; when he had the time, he would make a trip to Song Shuhangs house to test the effectiveness of the enlightenment stone. He was striving to obtain his first breakthrough within this realm.

One day, after Venerable White and Song Shuhang got separated, he would take the opportunity to steal the enlightenment stone.

After waiting for Daoist Cloudy Mist to leave, Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief.

He felt around in his pocket and took out the enlightenment stone. Luckily, this treasure is still here.

Next, Song Shuhang realized there was something on top of the enlightenment stone... it was an onion root?

"Lady Onion?" Song Shuhang warily asked. Wasnt Lady Onion in the other pocket? How come shes on top of the enlightenment stone? Did she climb over herself?

Furthermore, he wasnt sure if it was a misconception, but somehow, he saw fresh shoots coming out from the onion root? Has Lady Onion recovered so quickly?

The onion root shuddered slightly, not saying anything.

It was not because she couldnt speak, she simply had no mood to say anythingright now, she just wanted to cry and pass out.

At that time, she thought she had successfully completed her mission, and hence, she climbed all the way from the other pocket to the enlightenment stone and then used her root to wrap aroundit was in preparation of taking a good rest to accumulate a bit of energy before taking off with the enlightenment stone as well as the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

However, she fell asleep without realizing it, and had a very, very long dream. She was not clear about the things that happened in the dream. But after much difficulty, when she finally woke up, she realized something serious happened.

She germinated!

Germinating was a good thing, but the problem was... she took root in the wrong place.

Yes, her root fastened itself to the enlightenment stone and the bigger problem was that she couldnt pull it out!

Additionally, she realized she couldnt transform into human form.

She had started growing on top of the enlightenment stone

If she couldnt transform into human form, how would she be able to run away with the enlightenment stone? How would she be able to retrieve the treasured saber?

Right now, she was stuck in the physical state of an onion, unable to move a single step.

Hence, Lady Onion was in a bad mood, not wanting to speak.

"What are you doing, laying on top of the stone? Come down, I will look for a small pot to plant you, allowing you to grow your roots and germinate faster, enabling you to recover back to your original state," said Song Shuhang.

Thereafter, he reached out his hands to pull Lady Onions roots.

After pulling once how come it couldnt be pulled out?

Song Shuhang lifted the enlightenment stone and scrutinized it. "Youre growing on it?"

The onion root shuddered, not uttering a single word. She was extremely heartbroken and hurt.

"You cant speak?" Song Shuhang talked to himself, and then kept the enlightenment stone first.

He flipped open his cell phone once again and looked at the time. It was actually past 2 in the morning he slept for a very long time.

Sounded about right, he had dreamt of Lady Onions 300 years of life which felt like forever, of course his sleep would have been that long, wouldnt it?

Uncle Lu and Lu Tianyou, coupled with Zhao Yaya and her two friends, should have already eaten and gone back, right?

Then, Shuhang opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

The moment he opened the chat group, the app prompted him that someone tagged him. It was Soft Feather.