Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Shuhang You Have Another Oversized Express Package
Chapter 259: Shuhang, you have another oversized express package!

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The next day, July 11th, cloudy.

It was rare for the sky to be overcast. Even though he had the spirit-binding ice bead with him, he was not afraid of intense heat. However, in the scorching summer, as long as he did not have to see the splendid smile of the sun, his mood would get a lot better.

Early in the morning today, Zhao Yaya drove over to pick up Papa Song to bring him to the hospital for a checkup

From the start, Papa Song kept insisting that his body had no problemshe did not want to go to the hospital. Papa Song was one of those people that didnt like to go to the hospital. Whether he had a common cold or was ill, he would prefer to stay at home and suffer instead of going to the hospital.

However, after Mama Songs face started looked serious, Papa Song obediently went to the hospital with Zhao Yaya.

There was a story behind Papa Song and Mama Songs special relationship.

It was said that the two of them were classmates back then when they were in school in his younger days, Papa Song did not look as gentlemanly.

At that time, Papa Songs physique could fight that of Old Lusthey were both tough, stocky, and muscular. They both had an intimidating face as well.

Furthermore, Papa Song was one of the main members of the mixed martial arts society in school, a gold medalist and Mama Song, on the other hand, was a beauty who was rather popular back then in school.

How the two of them met went a little like thisit was said that at that time, there was another member of the mixed martial arts society who was a very close friend of Papa Songs. Additionally, that member wanted to woo Mama Song back then, but the only problem was that he didnt have a chance to come in contact with her.

Ultimately, after pondering hard for several days, he finally thought of a perfect plan. Hence, he looked for Papa Song and roped him in to act out a scene of hero rescuing the beauty.

Back then, Papa Song was still muscular and fit, with an intimidating facehe didnt need any makeup for his role as the villain. He just needed to show his muscles and make an evil grin to portray a natural villain.

Hence, that good friend of his requested Papa Song to act as the bad guy to scare Mama Song. Then, at the crucial moment, he would suddenly appear; the hero successfully rescues the beauty, winning her heart!

Papa Songs personality back then had quite a number of similarities to Song Shuhangs personality right now. For small tasks that they could easily fulfill, they wouldnt reject anyone who needed their help.

Hence, both parties agreed upon the script for the "show".

And then, both of them chose a small pathway which Mama Song took back then to go home after school, and waited for her to pass by.

That good friend of his squatted in a corner, preparing himself to save her anytime.

As for Papa Song, he worked out his muscles a little, welcoming Mama Song.

According to their plan, Papa Song stopped Mama Song. He flexed his muscles and wore an evil grin, saying, "Hey girl, wanna accompany me to somewhere fun and have a good time?"

Next, according to the script, Mama Song would cry out in fear and his good friend would flashily appear to save the day, beating Papa Song up, causing him to make a run for it and thus winning her heart.

However, at that time, Mama Song did not show even a bit of fear. She calmly stood where she was, scrutinizing Papa Song once from head to toethat gaze caused Papa Song to feel a little scared.

Thereafter, Mama Song nodded and calmly said, "Alright, lets go."

And then... both she and Papa Song left together they left.

Papa Songs friend kneeled on the ground, unable to say a single word for a long time.

Not long later, Mama Song became Papa Songs girlfriend. And as for Papa Songs good friend, he had already cried hard in the bathroom countless times.

And then, within the next few years of his school days, Papa Songs personality underwent a huge changefrom a guy with a muscular and stocky build with an intimidating face to a guy who wore glasses with a gentleman-like eloquence and mannerisms. He became gentle and his academic results also improved tremendously.

For this huge change, Papa Song had endured a lot of hardshiphe couldnt even tell anyone else about it.

After waking up, when Song Shuhang was having breakfast, Mama Song hurried to him and asked, "Shuhang, where did the injured guy you brought back go?"

Earlier, when she looked into the guest room, she realized that the wounded guy who was in a coma yesterday was gone. The blanket disappeared too.

Song Shuhang swallowed the fried egg in his mouth and said, "I was about to tell you, Mom. The injured guy woke up in the middle of the night and came to my room to look for me. After a short chat, he left."

"He left in the wee hours of the night, wrapped in a blanket? You didnt ask him to stay?" Mama Song furrowed her brows.

"He looked for me in the wee hours of the night, I wasnt even fully awake. After he finished talking to me, he left just like that, still wrapped up in the blanket I didnt even have the opportunity to give him a set of clothes. Forget it, its ok. He will find a way to get some clothes to wear. Besides, I dont really know him If he wants to leave, I cant stop him," Song Shuhang casually replied.

He honestly did not think of giving Daoist Cloudy Mist a set of clothesthe latter simply jumped out of the window and flew off while still wrapped in a blanket.

"Seriously, Shuhang. You didnt even give him a set of clothes, other people would mock us." Mama Song sighed and said, "Also, your good friend hasnt woken up from his slumber yet?"

She saw that Venerable White still had not woken up to have his meals

"Haha, hes more of a sleepyhead than an average person. But he drove all by himself yesterday, hence hes more tired. Let him sleep a while more, its not an issue." Song Shuhang forced a laughthey might get into trouble. Venerable was going to be in secluded meditation for at least two days. Right now, only twenty hours had passed. There was still a long time to go before he ended his secluded meditation.

He had to think of a solution in order not to expose themselves.

"He can really sleep, huh. Lets let him sleep a little more then. You must get him to wake up in the afternoon to eat; if he continues sleeping, its bad for the body," said Mama Song.

"Got it. I will definitely wake him up in the afternoon." Song Shuhang assured herhe was not sure, maybe he could force Venerable White to come out of seclusion?

If he forcefully woke Senior White up while he was meditating, would anything bad happen?

For example, just like how some people would fly into anger when woken up, would Senior White also fly into anger when forced to stop his seclusion from insufficient meditation? If he did, would he bomb his entire house?

Right, speaking of which the young monks hemorrhoid treatment would end today!

By then, Senior Brother Zhou Li would bring Doudou and the young monk back.

When that time came, perhaps he could ask Senior Brother Zhou Li for a solutionthere might be a spell to transform ones appearance into Senior Whites and then act the role of Senior White coming out to take his meal, preventing Mama Song from becoming suspicious.

If that happened, the problem of Senior White being in secluded meditation would be solved!

When he thought of that, Song Shuhang immediately felt reassured.

After finishing his breakfast, it was almost 7:30 AM.

"Mom, Im going to work out, it might take quite a while. If theres anything, you can give me a call," Song Shuhang called out.

He had no place to practice in his house.

Hence, he had to look for a place nearby with no signs of human presence to practice the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique.

"Alright, dont go too far," said Mama Song casually.

Song Shuhang touched the enlightenment stone in his pocket and thought for a while before going to the living room to wrap his treasured saber Broken Tyrant with a cloth and carried it with him.

The Flaming Saber passed on to him by Daoist Scarlet Heaven needed to be practiced moreever since he saw Scarlet Heaven in Lady Onions memories, Song Shuhang felt even more strongly that there might be some deep secret hiding within the technique Flaming Saber.

After Song Shuhang left, he immediately ran in the direction of Mountain Niudingit was a good place to practice.

Within the forest in Mountain Niuding.

After Song Shuhang completed one session of the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, he closed his eyes and felt for the changes within his bodyhe just opened the Nose Aperture yesterday.

But today, after he completed one session of the fist technique, he realized that his fourth aperture, Ear Aperture, had already been filled with qi and bloodthere was a faint feeling of it swelling up!

Based on his calculations, in about seven days at most, the Ear Aperture would be fully filled with qi and blood, causing it to be forced open!

Could it be because I ate Lady Onions body yesterday? Song Shuhang had a realizationalthough the body of Lady Onion that he swallowed into his stomach had been removed by Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist with his Emptying Miracle Hands and transformed into an onion spirit crystal, there was a part that got digested by Song Shuhang and became a tonic for his bodys qi and blood.

Even though Lady Onions fighting strength was low, her cultivation of 300 years wasnt fake. Even if it was just a small portion, it was enough to fill up one of Song Shuhangs apertures.

After the Ear Aperture, it would be the Mouth Aperture. After the Mouth Aperture, it would be time for me to jump through the dragon gate! After which, whats illusory becomes genuine. The intangible strength of the qi and blood energy by then would be converted to true qi! Song Shuhang took a deep breath.

True qi was different from qi and bloodtrue qi could be released outside ones body. Just like in the movies, after reaching the highest realm, a stream of sword qi would appear following each slash. How cool!

As he was thinking about that, Song Shuhang saw the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in his hands.

It was a saber a saber.

Even the technique passed on to him in his dream by Scarlet Heaven was a saber technique, Flaming Saber. Could it be that he was meant to use a saber, instead of a sword?

Nonsense! After I reach the Second Stage True Master Realm, I will learn a couple of sword techniques immediately. Decked in white with a long sword and whistling an old song! Song Shuhang clenched his teeth.

Firstly, he repeatedly practiced the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk, the Immovable Body of the Buddha, and then the True Self Meditation Scripture.

After that was the Flaming Saber and three different ways of using mental energy, mental detection, vigilance, as well as spiritual pressure.

And then, he practiced the Lightning Palm and Turtle Breathing Technique.

Lastly, Song Shuhang lighted a ball of small flame and practiced the fire controlling art.

Unknowingly, he had learned a lot of different skills. The coolest one would be the Lightning Palm, and the fire controlling art was pretty legit tooa pity he had not perfected it yet.

After finishing one session of practice, three hours had passed.

At this time, Song Shuhangs phone rang.

He took it out and lookedit was a call from the delivery guy, Little Jiang.

An express package? From whom? Could it be the Spirit Green Tea sent by Soft Feather? Thats very fast!

Song Shuhang picked up the call. "Hi, Little Jiang."

"Haha, Shuhang, its me. Im currently right outside your apartment building, downstairs. There is an oversized express package for you." Sima Jiangs cheerful laughter came from the other end of the line.

"Oversized?" Song Shuhang subconsciously asked.

"Its very big, a square box, almost 1.6 cubic meters," replied Sima Jiang.

Song Shuhang stared blankly.

That big?

If it only contained Spirit Green Tea, did Miss Soft Feather meant to give him a lifetime supply of tea leaves?