Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Senior Song Are You Surprised Eh What
Chapter 260: Senior Song, are you surprised?! Eh? What?

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As expected of a rich girl, she spares no expense no matter what shes doing. However, this time she went overboard a bit. How will I repay these favors in the future? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

In all honesty, meeting Soft Feather, Sixteen, Senior White, and even Doudou while entering the world of cultivators was really a huge stroke of luck.

Song Shuhang said to Sima Jiang, "Little Jiang, wait a moment. Im not home right now. Ill call my mom and tell her to open the door."

"No problem," Sima Jiang replied with a smile.

After hanging up, Song Shuhang called his mother. "Ma, there is an express delivery for me downstairs. Can you open the door and sign it in my stead?"

"An express delivery? I understand." Then, Mama Song loudly shouted, "Old Song, there is Shuhangs express delivery downstairs. Go take a look!"

"Im going," Papa Song replied.

It seems that father and Zhao Yaya have already returned from the hospital.

At this time, while still on the phone, Mama Song thoughtlessly asked, "They came so early in the morning what did they send exactly?"

"A friend should have sent me some tea leaves. Right, is Elder Sister Yaya still there?" Song Shuhang asked.

Mama Song replied, "Yes, I convinced her to stay for a meal. She is also free these days."

"Then, after receiving the delivery, can you open the package and tell me whats inside? If there are only tea leaves inside, put them in a jar and give them to Elder Sister Yaya. Tell her that these are the same tea leaves from yesterday," Song Shuhang replied. Yesterday, he wanted to give Zhao Yaya another portion of tea leaves. However, he fell asleep afterward and wasnt able to.

"Got it," Mama Song said. "Moreover, come home a bit early for the meal, dont stay out for too long."

"Sure, Ill return home early," Song Shuhang said.

After hanging up, he swallowed a qi and blood pill and kept practicing. Since he was already at it, it was better to complete todays round of practice.

At this time, Papa Song arrived downstairs and saw the tall and strong-looking Sima Jiang. Behind were also four stocky men in black suits guarding a big box.

"Is this Shuhangs delivery?" Papa Song curiously asked using Wenzhou areas dialect Anyway, who delivers packages like this? With four men in black suits watching over it?

"Haha, you must be Shuhangs father, right? You two really look similar!" Sima Jiang laughed and also used Wenzhou Citys standard accent. Afterward, he went forward and gave Papa Song his business card. "I am Fengshou Express Deliverys Sima Jiang, and Im here to deliver this big box. Do you want us to bring it upstairs?"

As a member of an elite company of express deliveries, Sima Jiang knew many languages, and he also knew over ten Chinese dialects so as to avoid not understanding what the client was saying.

"I see, go ahead. Thanks." Papa Song took the business card and nodded.

This box was a cube with sides measuring 1.6 meters. Therefore, it was tough for him alone to bring it up. Anyway, Papa Song and Song Shuhangs shared only around 10% of their facial features. As a consequence, Sima Jiangs flattery had deeply impressed him.

"Is the attitude of your Fengshou Express Delivery always so good?" Papa Song thoughtlessly asked.

"Of course! If you have an express delivery to send, just give me a call and Ill be there!" Sima Jiang started to shamelessly advertise his company. At the same time, he gave Papa Song some papers to sign. "Ill have to ask Mr. Song to sign here."

Papa Song smiled and nodded. Afterward, he signed the papers.

However, he thought in his heart Is their attitude so good because Shuhang is a big client of their company?

Papa Song was a seasoned man and had dealt with a variety of people for many years. Therefore, he could roughly gauge the situation just with a glance.

Is the thing in this box really so precious?

The four men in black suits cautiously lifted the wooden box and brought it inside the home, putting it in the middle of the hall.

Afterward, Sima Jiang bid farewell to Song Shuhangs family members. "Mr. Song, well take our leave then."

And just in this fashion, he brought along the four men in black suits and left Song Shuhangs house, their heads held high.

"Were they from the express delivery company?" Mama Song asked from the kitchen, somewhat confused. None of them looked like an express delivery man. Especially those four men in black suits that looked the same as those bodyguards you see in movies.

"Shuhang, this boy what did he exactly buy during this year that he got in touch with this company?" Papa Song muttered. Then, he recalled to mind that tractor that could run up to 150 km/m.

Considering that Shuhang is studying Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, is it possible that his talent is incredibly high and he has already started to design and manufacture large mechanical devices?

Then, Papa Song shot a look at the big box before his eyes and curiously asked, "Now, what does this box contain?"

"According to Shuhang, there should be tea leaves inside, but would you really put tea leaves inside such a big box?" Mama Songs corner of the mouth twitched.

J ust how many tea leaves can one put inside such a big box?

Probably so many that they could last for a lifetime.

Just as both of them were lost in thoughts, a noise transmitted from the box.

"What was that?" Papa Song said, somewhat vigilant.

"Rustle, rustle, rustle" the sound coming from the box was getting more and more clear. There was indeed something inside moving.

Next, Mama Song and Papa Song saw that the cover of the box was slowly lifted.

This scene was enough to scare someone.

Mama Song gave Papa Song a meaningful glance. Papa Song immediately grabbed the nearby broom and tightened his right hand around it, even the muscle on his arm started to bulge faintly.


At this time, the cover of the wooden box was sent flying.

"Ahahaha, surprise! Senior Song, did you see my incredible appearance?! Are you surprised?" A tall and slender girl suddenly stood up from the box. She was holding her hands high and had a pleased look on her face. It was the smile of someone that had successfully managed to play a prank.

Her long pitch-black hair dropped on her back like a waterfall. She was wearing a white t-shirt and cropped jeans and was full of energy. The most eye-catching part was her two very long legs!

Mama Song opened her mouth wide () and wasnt able to close it for a while.

Papa Song was holding onto the broom, his face awkward.

"Eh? What?" The girl with long legs looked all around and saw the surprised Mama Song and Papa Song, the latter holding a broom. She turned her head once more and looked all around a second time; however, there were no traces of Song Shuhang anywhere.

"What? Is Senior Song not home?" Her self-satisfied smile turned into an embarrassed one.

"Senior Song?" Mama Song was confused.

After seeing Mama Songs confused expression, the girl with long legs blinked a few times. "Dont tell me I mailed myself over to the wrong address?"

Then under Papa Song and Mama Songs dumbfounded gaze, she picked up the cover of the wooden box she came out of.

Afterward, she jumped back into the box and covered it with the lid.

It was really a lot of work. It wasnt easy for a girl with a tall and slender build like her to squat down inside such a box.

Before covering the box, she looked at Mama Song and Papa Song somewhat embarrassed, and said, "Uncle, Auntie, Im sorry. It seems I mailed myself over to the wrong address. Hehehe, dont worry. Ill make a call and clarify the situation."

Then, they heard her dial a number, calling someone.

Soon, the person on the other side picked the phone.

"Hello Senior Song?" the girl said somewhat anxious.

"Soft Feather? Did you call me to tell me about the express delivery of the Spirit Green Tea? They already delivered it to my house!" Song Shuhang said with a smile.

"They delivered it to your house?" Soft Feathers expression stiffened. "Weird, I dont see you around!"

"You dont see me around?" Song Shuhangs expression also stiffened.

Song Shuhang rubbed his brows and recalled to mind the last time he received a big express deliverythat delivery was from Su Clans Sixteen. The contents of that delivery were a box of Spirit Green Tea, a jar of fasting pills, and a free-of-charge and very cute Sixteen...

"Soft Feather, did you send yourself over?" Song Shuhang cautiously asked.

Soft Feather laughed and said, "Ah Senior Song, you guessed correctly. Ahahaha"

"Wait a moment. Im immediately coming home since I was outside practicing, my mom and dad received the delivery for me." Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh.

"Eh? Oh! No wonder I couldnt see you." Soft Feather nodded. "Then should I wait for your return inside the box?"

"...There is no need for that. Before coming home, Ill make a call and explain to my parents whats happening," Song Shuhang said as he put out the flames of the fire controlling art burning in front of him.

Then, he used the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk and rushed home at full speed.

He felt that Mama Song would misunderstand things after seeing Soft Feather!

On the other side.

Under Mama Song and Papa Songs careful gaze, Soft Feather pushed the box open once again.

Then, she embarrassingly stood up and waved her hand at Mama Song and Papa Song. "Auntie, Uncle, hello. Im Senior Song Shuhangs friend, Yu Rouzi 1 !"

When Soft Feather drilled inside the box and made that call, Mama Song had already thought of this possibility.

At the time, she remained silent and didnt speak, because she was too excited!

Shuhang, that blockhead, had finally opened his eyes. After seeing that he had brought back a man, Mama Song had already lost faith in her son. But never would she have expected that he was a so-called man of true talent that didnt like to show off his talent. Without making a sound, he brought a girl home through the express delivery!

"Child, quickly come out. There is no need to stay inside the box." Mama Song gave Papa Song a meaningful glance, hinting him to put the broom down.

Afterward, she went forward and helped Soft Feather get out of the box.

"Ahaha" Soft Feather laughed embarrassed. Then, she turned around and picked a small gift box and handed it over. "This is a small gift. I ask Auntie and Uncle to accept it!"

"The fact that youre is enough already. There is no need for excessive courtesy. You can treat this place as your home, no need to be embarrassed!" Mama Song said with a radiant smile on her face.

At this time, Zhao Yaya, who was resting in the living room, also came over.

She shot a glance at Soft Feather and noticed her long legs.

This girl with long legs it should be her , right? When she went to Song Shuhangs university during the athletic meeting, Song Shuhangs classmates unintentionally revealed that they saw him with a beautiful girl with long legs.

It seems that she is the girl they were talking about...