Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 261

Chapter 261 Size Reducing Purse
Chapter 261: Size reducing purse

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When Song Shuhang got home, he was gasping for breath due to the long run. After pushing the door open, he saw Mama Song and Soft Feather discussing happily!

The two of them were chatting about popular Chinese artists of over twenty years ago, TV series that were popular at the time, and all strange events that happened all over China in the last years. Of course, they also discussed some recent events.

Mama Song was surprised that the girl before her eyes knew about so many matters from 20-30 years ago. Was it possible that she was frequently accompanying her elders at home to chat? If that was the case, this girl was really filial!

On a side, Papa Song and Zhao Yaya were acting as filler characters since they didnt even have the chance to join the conversation.

"Ah! Shuhang, youre finally here. Where had you run to? You made this girl wait a long time." Mama Song raised her brows after seeing Song Shuhang and secretly gave him a thumbs up.

Song Shuhang didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

"Senior Song! Are you surprised to see me here?" Soft Feather stood up and smiled. "Its a pity though. You would have been even more surprised if you saw me come out of the wooden box."

"I can only say that Im rather surprised." Song Shuhang smiled. Then, he waved at Soft Feather. "Ma, Ill bring Yu Rouzi to my room for a chat."

Mama Song unconsciously said, "Ah? Isnt there a guest sleeping in your room? How about going into the living room?"

"Its alright. Song Bai and Yu Ruouzi are also acquaintances," Song Shuhang replied.

After Song Shuhang was gone, Papa Song held his chin and said, "What is the relationship between Shuhang and this girl?"

"It doesn't matter whats their relationship. As long as its a girl, its fine." Mama Song sat on the sofa and sighed with emotion. "But why did that girl come out of a wooden box?"

"It seems it wasnt a normal express delivery." Papa Song guessed. "You saw those men that brought the box inside, right? They didnt look like express delivery men at all. I think they were hired by that girl to bring her over here and give Shuhang a surprise. Young people really have unique ways to amuse themselves. She unexpectedly sent herself over in a wooden box."

"I think that even the youngsters of this era are unlikely to seal themselves in a box and mail themselves over. If Im not mistaken, this girl went to Shuhangs university some time before the athletic meeting," said Zhao Yaya while taking a sip of the tea made from the Spirit Green Tea; she looked very comfortable.

After hearing these words, Mama Song and Papa Songs eyes lit up.

The two of them also took a sip of the tea, their expressions very comfortable.

Song Shuhang brought Soft Feather to his room and asked, "Soft Feather, did you secretly run away from the Spirit Butterfly Island?"

"I didnt secretly run away!" Soft Feather replied. "After receiving your home address, I felt that it would be troublesome to look for your house personally. Therefore, I decided to come along the express delivery."

Song Shuhang smiled and asked, "Then, is Venerable Spirit Butterfly aware that youre here?"

"Ahahaha, I didnt tell him about it. However, Ive already contracted the ghost spirit and completed the synchronization. According to our original agreement, I can leave the island at any time! Therefore, it doesnt count as secretly sneaking out," Soft Feather said with a self-satisfied look on her face.

"..." Song Shuhang.

In the end, you still secretly run away!

"Ah, yes. Senior Song, before coming here, Ive heard that you and Venerable White are now living together, is that true?" Soft Feather said, somewhat excited.

"Yes, Senior White is meditating in my room right now." Song Shuhang pushed the door of the room open and pointed at the figure lying down on the bed.

There was still more than a day left for his meditation to end...

"Ah! So, this is the legendary Senior White!" Soft Feather excitedly entered the room and carefully sized up Senior White.

He was like the worlds most beautiful artwork; an immortal that had been banished into the world of mortals. His long black hair was scattered all over and his body was faintly emitting a charm that attracted others attention. Those that saw him couldnt help but want to sit next to him and gaze at him forever.

"Be careful, dont stare at Senior White for too long," Song Shuhang reminded. According to what the seniors in the group had said, Senior Whites charm could affect all genders and species.

"Its alright. I already prepared myself." Soft Feather turned her head and pointed at her eyes with a satisfied look on her face. She was wearing something akin to contact lenses.

It should be some a magical treasure, right?

"Senior Song, can you help me take a few photos?" Soft Feather turned around and passed her phone to Song Shuhang.

"You want to take some photos?" Song Shuhang took the phone.

"Yes, I want to take a group photo!" Soft Feather took off her little sandals and revealed her lovely feet. Next, she climbed onto the bed and sat next to Venerable White, stretching her hand and making a V sign.

Oh so she wanted to take a group photo with Venerable White?

Speaking of group photos with Venerable White ugh! Why the hell did I remember that time when we went bungee jumping?

When they took those pictures, he screamed again and again, and only with much difficulty was he eventually able to squeeze out a forced and unsightly smile. On the other hand, Senior White was as beautiful as always. The contrast was so big that you couldnt look at those photos without feeling awkward.

"How come youve suddenly decided to take a group photo with Venerable White?" Song Shuhang thoughtlessly asked. Then, he took the phone and adjusted the angle, taking several pictures of Senior White and Soft Feather.

Afterward, he returned the mobile phone to Soft Feather.

Soft Feather knelt on the bed and took the phone. "Hehehe... Senior Song, you dont know? Senior White is very rare! And being able to take a photo with him is very difficult!"

Senior White is very rare?

It seems there is something wrong with the adjective Soft Feather used! Its not like Senior White is a giant panda Wait! What the hell am I saying, Senior white is much rarer than a giant panda! Ah? This logic seems flawed too...

"Hehe, Senior White is really as handsome as they said." After fiddling with the phone for a while, Soft Feather sent these pictures to the group space of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Title of the album: Today, I went to Senior Songs house and took a group photo with the legendary Venerable White!

Soon after, the seniors in the group started to pop up and put likes on the picture.

As expected, Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator was the first one to reply. "Senior White is as handsome as always, and Soft Feather also looks like a fairy that has descended to Earth!"

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "This is how you should take pictures with Senior White! This scenery is very pleasing to the eye, and the two of them look like two flowers that have blossomed on the same stalk. Its very refreshing compared to the pictures of Senior White and little friend Shuhang doing bungee jumping from last time. At the time, little friend Shuhang was merely serving as a contrast to highlight Senior Whites handsome look!"

"..." Song Shuhang.

Senior Thrice Reckless really likes to speak his mind without caring about the consequences! His tongue is just too venomous! No wonder that many seniors looked for him to pay him a visit (and give him a lesson). It wasnt that those seniors had a low tolerance, it was that Senior Thrice Reckless really needed a lesson!

Immortal Master Copper Trigram: "I especially went back to take a look at Senior Whites and little friend Shuhangs group photos. And after comparing them to this one, I feel that life is truly wonderful."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Since the last time he courted death in front of True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Senior Immortal Master Copper Trigram has really stepped up his game. It seems he can no longer turn back. If we add his black trigram attribute on top of it, Song Shuhang believed that he would one day surpass Thrice Reckless Mad Saber and become the number one death seeker of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Fairy Lychee: "Did little friend Shuhang take this photo? This angle is really good. Next time, I also wouldnt mind coming to your house to take a group photo with Senior White!"

Soon after, the other members of the group also came out and commented. Basically, all of them were praising the picture.

After the seniors were done commenting, Medicine Master also sluggishly wrote his sentence. "Shuhang, control yourself! Otherwise, youll have to deal with two venerables!"

This sentence from Medicine Master left the other members of the group baffled.

After reading all the messages, Song Shuhang also shot a look at the picturejust as Fairy Lychee said, the angle he had casually chosen was really good. Should he also save it on his device?

Just as Song Shuhang was lost in thoughts, Soft Feather jumped down from the bed and opened her small and exquisite purse.

Then, she put her hand inside and took out a big rectangular table!

"Woah!" Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide. He had seen stuff like this only in some novels and Doraemon. It was his first time seeing it live.

He was taken by surprise and thoroughly shocked!

"Is this a space-related magical treasure? A cosmos bag?" Song Shuhang cautiously asked Senior Medicine Master said that he would have to sell his entire property to get such a treasure! Although what Senior Medicine Master was talking about was a space ring.

"It's not a cosmos bag; that thing is just too expensive. My father said that Im not strong enough to casually bring it out. This purse of mine is much inferior to a cosmos bag. Here, look." Soft Feather smiled as she explained. Then, she opened her small purse and gave it to Song Shuhang.

When he looked inside the small purse, he saw ten or so objects, and each of them was reduced in size and looked like a toy.

"This purse is made from the shed skin of the Little Finger Snake, a spirit beast. The skin of this snake has the innate ability to reduce the size of everything it touches. Although this snake has the size of a little finger, it can reduce the size of a big elephant to that of a fingernail after coming in contact with it, gulping it down at once. The ability of its skin it sheds works the same way and can reduce the size of various objects. However, its effects are not that strong and can reduce a table to the size of a matchbox at most. Moreover, it cant reduce the size of living things," Soft Feather explained.

"There arent many differences between a cosmos bag and this item!" Song Shuhang sighed with emotion.

"Of course there is a difference. A cosmos bag is based on the principles of space and time. The things you put inside will never deteriorate and mix between them. My size reducing purse can only reduce the size of a few things, and I have to keep everything in order so as to avoid creating confusion," Soft Feather replied.

As far as Im concerned, this thing is not so different from a small space bag! Song Shuhang sighed with emotion. Then, he curiously asked, "Just how strong is this Little Finger Snake? Where can you find it?"

"A Little Finger Snake can appear anywhere. Traces of their presence are found in all corners of the world. However only a very small number of cultivators were able to see their true bodies. Finding some of their shed skin is already considered great luck," Soft Feather explained.

After finishing her sentence, she put her hand in the small purse and took out an incense burner and a few incense sticks...