Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 263

Chapter 263 Arranging A Formation With Bamboo Splits
Chapter 263: Arranging a formation with bamboo splits

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"At first, everything went as yesterday. Doudou gave me his mobile phone and accompanied the small monk to have his hemorrhoids treated. But since they didnt come out even after a long time, I went to inquire. It was then that I discovered that the small monk and Doudou had already left quite some time ago. He was able to swindle me again." Senior Brother Zhou Li kept pouring out his woes.

However, it couldnt be helped!

Doudous skill in running away was already SSS level! Even True Monarch Yellow Mountain was powerless against it. Zhou Li, who was responsible for cleaning up Doudous messes, had already suffered 109 consecutive defeats against him.

"Ill try to find Doudou as soon as possible and contact you. As for the tractor accident on your side, Ill send someone to deal with it. You dont have to worry about it," Zhou Li said after he pulled himself together.

After all, he was a man that had lost 109/109 battles; even after this heavy defeat, it didnt take him too long to recoverby now, he was pretty experienced at consoling himself...

Song Shuhang felt sorry for Senior Brother Zhou Li. And when he remembered that unknown fairy maiden that Zhou Li loved but couldnt meet, he couldnt help but feel sad for him.

"Senior Brother Zhou Li, dont give up! After you catch Doudou, Ill keep a close watch on him and wont let him escape. Im not sure how long I can hold on for, but I wont let him escape for a week!" Song Shuhang pledged.

On the other side, Senior Brother Zhou Lis shed a tear of happiness.

After hanging up, Song Shuhang heaved a long sighDoudou and the small monk were really two troublemakers; one couldnt help but worry about them.

"Did Doudou escape again?" Soft Feather asked.

"Yes, and he also brought the small monk Guoguo along. Guoguo is Great Master Profound Principles new disciple. A while ago, because he wanted to have his hemorrhoids treated, he quietly ran away from the Faraway Wandering Temple and ended up coming here. Then, Senior Brother Three Realms asked me to look after him for a while." Song Shuhang rubbed his temples. "After seeing his lovable and stern appearance, I thought that it would be an easy task. But who would have thought that he was even more troublesome than Doudou..."

"Ahahah." Soft Feather made a hollow laugh she too had quietly run away from home.

Doudou kidnapping the small monk wasnt the only thing bothering Song Shuhang. If Senior Brother Zhou Li couldnt come over, who would help him deal with Senior White?

He had promised Mama Song that he would wake up Senior White and have him come down to eat somethingat first, he was thinking of waiting for Senior Brother Zhou Li and have him use an illusory art to assume Senior Whites appearance.

But now, Senior Brother Zhou Li was chasing after Doudou and the small monk...

And that wasnt all! While meditating, Senior White could casually unleash his illusory reality, giving birth to that desert and the young in green clothes riding a white horse phenomenon. And to prepare against all eventualities, he wanted to ask Senior Brother Zhou Li to put a defensive barrier around his room.

What a headache!

Senior Song seems very worried when someone runs away from home, will the other members of the family be this worried? Is father also this worried whenever I run away from home? Soft Feather patted her big chest; she felt uncomfortable. After returning home, should I apologize to him?

At this time, Song Shuhang patted his forehead. "Im so stupid!"

He looked at Soft Feather and asked expectantly, "Soft Feather, do you know how to arrange a defensive formation?"

He remembered that Soft Feather could also use formationswhen he accompanied her to the Luo Xin street area to catch the ghost spirit, Soft Feather stringed together a few silvery sticks and talisman papers, arranging a defensive formation.

"I know how to arrange a defensive formation. However, there are many types of formations with different strengths. Senior Song, what kind of defensive formation do you have in mind? And what do you need to use it against?" Soft Feather asked.

"There is no need for it to be too powerful. After all, it doesnt have to protect us against an enemy." After speaking this much, Song Shuhang shot a look at Senior White although Venerable White was meditating, it was unknown if he had completely cut off all relations with the outside world. After all, he was closing up for only two days. Maybe he could still hear?

Thereupon, Song Shuhang quietly took out his mobile phone and sent a private message to Soft Feather.

He sent her a message about how Senior White would inadvertently launch an illusory reality while closing up. Afterward, he briefly mentioned the desert and the young man in green clothes riding a white horse that tortured him.

Then, he told her that a defensive formation protected medicine Master's multi-storied building, and thanks to this barrier, the illusion hadnt spread outside the building.

Therefore, he wanted to up a defensive formation inside the room. Its strength was unimportant; it only had to block the illusion that Senior White unconsciously launched sometimes.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginableafter all, Song Shuhangs family was composed of normal people, and if they were involved in the illusion...

The lead story in Wenzhou Citys newspaper tomorrow would be: A university student went mad and killed his parents. Moreover, he used very cruel methods...

After reading this message, Soft Feather immediately replied using her phone, "Oh, its easy then. If Senior White is unconsciously releasing an illusory reality while closing up, a small formation next to the bed will be enough to stop it!"

She seemed very confident.

After all, there was also a Venerable in her familyher father. Therefore, she was familiar with the illusory reality and had the means to stop if it was accidentally released.

Then, she took a writing brush made from monster beasts fur from her purse and asked, "Senior Song, do you have talisman paper?"

"Talisman paper? You mean an A4 paper?" Song Shuhang askedearlier, he had seen Senior White use A4 paper sheets to create all sorts of talismans.

"..." Soft Feather. "Senior Song, stop joking. How can you compare A4 paper to talisman paper?"

"Eh? It wont do?" Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh it seemed that only Venerable White could make talismans from A4 paper!

After pondering for a moment, he took out a sheet of A4 paper from his pocket and gave it to Soft Feather; it was the invisible formation that Senior White had pasted to the tractor earlier. The ones that strengthened the tractors body and reduced its weight got destroyed along with it.

Maybe Soft Feather could use the formations drawn on this sheet of paper as a reference.

Soft Feather took that sheet of A4 paper and stared at it for a while. Then, she asked, "Is this Senior Whites work?"

"Yes!" Song Shuhang nodded.

"Just as I expected! My father once said that Venerable White could be ranked amongst the first three in the field of formations among cultivators! The level of this formation has completely exceeded my understanding." Soft Feather carefully looked at the sheet of A4 paper and asked expectantly, "Senior Song, can I keep this paper and examine it?"

"Sure, you can take it if you want," Song Shuhang replied.

"Thank you, Senior Song!" Soft Feather put the sheet of A4 paper away with great care.

Then, she added, "In the absence of talisman paper, we can only rely on things we can find around here. A4 paper is no good though. My level is not so high after all."

"Which materials do you need?" Song Shuhang curiously asked.

"Lets go look for some fresh bamboo splits; we can use those instead of talisman paper. By borrowing the wood element aura inside the bamboo splits, we can arrange a small wood-type defensive formation." Soft Feather said.

Song Shuhang was worried they would need something similar to the wood struck by lightning which was quite difficult to find, but hearing that they only needed bamboo splits, he heaved a sigh of relief. "Thats easy to find! There are a few types of bamboo growing behind my house; Ill go chop some of them."

"Lets go chop them together." Soft Feather jumped from the bed and wore her sandals.

"Fine!" Song Shuhang said.

Hopefully, Senior White wont launch his illusory reality right at this moment. Song Shuhang joined his palms together and prayed.

"Ma, Im bringing Yu Rouzi downstairs to chop some bamboos. Were planning to create an interesting thing." Song Shuhang said to Mama Song in the living room.

"Sure, have fun. However, dont stay out for too long. Lunch will be ready soon," Mama Song shouted.

"No problem!" Song Shuhang laughed.

He took the treasured saber Broken Tyrant from the living room and went downstairs with Soft Feather.


Lu Tianyou and Old Lu also went to the hospital for a check-upPapa Song called them a dozen of times and urged them to go there for a check-up.

Papa Songs train of thought was: If I, who was sitting in the open container behind, had to go to the hospital, how could this troublemaker Old Lu not go? Unacceptable! Although they couldnt share their good moments, they had to share the bad ones!

Thereafter, Papa Song called them several times, at intervals of tens of minutes, and urged them to go to the hospital. No phone bill could stop him from bothering them.

Lu Tianyou started the car and drove his father home. However, he seemed a little absent-minded along the way.

"Tianyou, is something the matter?" Old Lu asked.

"I was thinking about Song Shuhangs tractor," Lu Tianyou replied honestly.

"Oh, that tractor was indeed very fast." Old Lu nodded.

Lu Tianyou faintly smiledat the time, he didnt only pay attention to its speed. He noticed that it was very steady, and the people on it didnt even feel the wind blow against their faces.

Although unaware of what technology they had used to manufacture it he felt that it was something worth investing into.

Moreover, did this friend of Shuhang that modified the tractor already have someone investing money in this project?

If he didnt, Lu Tianyou didnt mind investing money himself, helping Shuhang and his friend develop this technology further.

He was sure that it would be very profitable!

Very quickly, they were already home.

After parking the car, Lu Tianyou and his father went upstairs. On the way, Lu Tianyou took out his mobile phone and scrolled through the various group chats to see if there was something interesting.

At this time, a news sent by one of this friends piqued his interest.

Title: Absolutely dazzling to the eyea tractor, an excavator, and a bulldozer towering amongst luxury cars!