Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Shuhang Lets Have Fun In The East China Sea
Chapter 265: Shuhang, lets have fun in the East China Sea!

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Zhuge Zhongyang continued to speak complacently, "Additionally, I have already decided on the route we should take! We will take the plane to the big island within the East China Sea, and we will explore and have fun for a day there. Also, I have already booked a luxurious 5-day cruise and reserved a couple of places for you and your friends. Come with us. Youths, let us play as hard as we can and have an awesome time!"

Please, youre going to see your prospective wife candidates, not to have fun set your priorities right! Gao Moumou strongly criticized in his heart.

At the same time, he looked up to the skyeven changing his phone number couldnt help him escape the clutches of Zhuge Yue and Zhuge Zhongyang. What sin had he exactly committed in his previous life to meet this pair of fools in this life?

As a Buddhist saying goes: If we glanced back at each other 500 years ago, wed meet once again in this lifetime.

That means that 500 years ago, his myopia must have been so bad that he looked at this pair of fools a couple of hundred times in exchange for the current ill-fated relationship in this life.

No way, he definitely couldnt accompany this pair of fools to go to the East China Sea, or else the blissful honeymoon plans he made with his girlfriend, Yayi, would be completely foiled.

Hence, he had to reject vehemently! He couldnt afford to give his opponent any chance to take a breather... he had to bluntly reject, not giving them any way out!

"Not possible, I wont go with you guys on the trip. Just give up!" Gao Moumou said coldly. "I already made holiday plans with Yayi, no matter what, I will not change it!"

After earnestly rejecting them, the tone of Gao Moumous voice changed, and he immediately betrayed his comrades, saying, "However I can help you contact Song Shuhang and Tubo to get them to accompany you guys. You know them too, they are my roommates, they are really nice."

"No way, if you dont accompany me there, I will feel very anxious," Zhuge Zhongyang said. "After all, youre my only friend here in China! This concerns my lifelong happiness, you must help me!"

"Not gonna happen, you can forget about it! If you continue whining and complaining, I am not going to even contact Song Shuhang and Tubo, and youll have no choice but to accompany Miss Lu alone to the East China Sea!" Gao Moumou threatened in a low voice.

"Sigh, there is no need for that. We were originally grown from the same root; why should we hound each other to death with such impatience? 1 " Zhuge Zhongyang sighed deeply and snapped his fingers.

Zhuge Yue raised his (her) pretty face, swiped his (her) phone and played a sound recording.

Firstly, it was Zhuge Yues voice. "Let me kiss you, the french kiss way!"

"Im sorry, I have to refuse. Im not gay and I already have a girlfriend. Please find something else to practice with... pillows or a pillar, its all up to you!" said Gao Moumous voice.

Zhuge Yue paused it and smiled at Gao Moumou.

After hearing that conversation, Gao Moumous face immediately went white. "Why, why do you have this recording?!"

He reached out his hands in a bid to snatch Zhuge Yues phone.

Zhuge Yue nimbly dodged and calmly tapped on the phone.

"So, its definitely impossible, you should give up this idea! Hey, wait, what are you doing? Omph!" said Gao Moumous voice.

And a series of kissing sounds was heard.

Thereafter, Zhuge Yue started to explain. "Originally, at that time, I wanted to take a video so that I could look at it, to do a research on how to kiss but I didnt realize it was in voice recording mode instead. It was indeed a failure."

Horrible, he (she) even wanted to take a video? What would have happened if it got leaked? Id die!

"Delete it, delete all of it from the start to end, and wipe all contents of your phone!" Gao Moumou raged in a low voice.

"Hehehe, this is after all an important research material, how can I let you delete it so easily?" Zhuge Yue laughed complacently.

"Bastard, you two deserve to die!" Gao Moumou clenched his teeth.

"Hehehe." Zhuge Yue wore a cute smile on his (her) face.

"Lets make a deal." Zhuge Zhongyang ran his fingers through his hair and struck a dashing pose. "You accompany me to the East China Sea, and I will make sure Zhuge Yue deletes this recording. I can also guarantee that I will ensure that she deletes all the other duplicates of it too. How about that?"

Gao Moumou wanted to cry but failed to shed a tear. "Dammit, why are you insisting that I go with you?"

"Thats because... you are my good-for-nothing adviser!" Zhuge Zhongyang flipped his hair.

Gao Moumou felt that he might as well be dead500 years ago he was definitely not just myopic, he must have been really blind for him to have any relations with this pair of fools before his eyes.

Zhuge Zhongyang changed to another dashing pose and said, "One word, deal or no deal?"

"Deal!" Gao Moumou clenched his teeth.

Thereafter, he resigned to fate and started taking out his phone and calling it was such a tragedy, if he did not drag a few others down with him, he wouldnt feel ok.

Be it Song Shuhang, Tubo, or even Yangderegardless of who it was, he definitely had to drag at least two others to die with him. They were after all brotherseven if they were not born in the same year, month and day, they had to at least die at the same time!

Gao Moumou dialed Song Shuhangs number first.

Very quickly, Song Shuhang picked up the call. "Hello, who is this?"

He asked because Gao Moumou had changed his number.

"Its me, Gao Moumou!" answered Gao Moumou.

"Gao Moumou, whats up?" Song Shuhang asked. Then the melodious laughter of a woman, akin to silver bells, could be heard from Song Shuhangs end of the linealbeit faintly.

If one had to describe that laughter, they could say that it was simply a sound with healing properties. Upon hearing it, Gao Moumous mood became a lot better. He evaluated the laughter in his heartit was in second place after his girlfriend Yayis laughter.

"You know, I mentioned it to you guys before, prior to the start of vacation. That bastard Zhuge Zhongyang wants to invite our classmate Lu Feis elder sister on a trip to the East China Sea. Not only that, he had already booked the flight tickets and had gotten the itinerary all planned out. If you have the time, do you wanna have fun in the East China Sea?" Gao Moumou tried to sound as gentle as possible, just like wolf grannys voice, patiently instructing, luring Little Red Riding Hood...

"Eh? Didnt you say that you wanted to spend some quality time with Yayi, just the two of you?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

"Sigh, its hard to decline Zhuge Zhongyangs magnificent hospitality, and also, East China Sea is beautiful and fun, so I decided to bring Yayi along with me as well. Moreover, I dont have to fork out any moneyit includes food, drinks, accommodation, and leisure activities," Gao Moumou lied through his teeth.

"If thats the case, when will it be?" Song Shuhang askedhe didnt have any other things to do lately anyway.

As they were speaking, he looked at Soft Feather. Yeah, Soft Feather was a good girl.

Thereafter, his glance fell on Senior White, who was still laying on the bed. He couldnt help but think of Doudou who ran away from home together with the small monk.

As expected bringing the three of them along would be much safer.

Gaou Moumou asked expectantly, "Were leaving in two days time, wanna go together?"

Two days later? Just in timeSenior White would have been awake by then, Doudou and Guoguo would also be found by then as well. The timing was just right.

"Alright, no problem." Then, Song Shuhang asked again, "Can I bring people along?"

"No problem, the more the merrier! Id even think its little if you brought eight or ten people! Even if you brought twenty, thirty, or even a few hundred people with you, I wouldnt think its too many!" Gao Moumou laughed his head off it would be best if he could bring a thousand people along; besides, the money they would be spending belonged to that idiot Zhuge Zhongyang.

"Haha, probably just a few people, Ill ask them first. Once I have confirmed everything, I will call you back to give you an answer," replied Song Shuhang.

"My good brother, remember to bring as many people as you can. So thats settled, see you!" Gao Moumou laughed heartily and hung up.

Thereafter he took a deep breath and prepared a speech in his head before making a call to Tubo.

"Hello Tubo, its me, Gao MoumouI have a really fun place to bring you to! Right, its the island resort in the East China Sea that Zhuge Zhongyang talked about, do you wanna go together to have fun? Hehe, theres also a luxurious 5-day cruise, how does that sound? Action is better than feeling excited at the thought of it, pack your suitcases, my brother; we will come pick you up in two days!"

Song Shuhang hung up.

Soft Feather was lying next to the bed, laughing melodiously.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

This young lady laughs way too easily, its scary!

He suspected that if he were to casually tell her a few jokes, she would laugh very hard and probably wouldnt be able to straighten her back. And if he were to give her a few funny stories, she could possibly get cramps from laughing too hard.

"Soft Feather, my friend told me hes organizing a group trip to the East China Sea, do you wanna come with us?" Song Shuhang asked.

Soft Feather held her belly and finally stopped laughing with much difficulty.

And then, she shook her head with a face full of regret, saying, "Even though I really wanna go, I cant. I have to rush over to my friends place to assess the situation and see if theres anything I can help them with How about this, Senior, you leave your cell phone on; after I finish settling my friends familys problem, if its still early, Ill go over to look for you!"

"Right, Senior, wear this!" After which, Soft Feather took out a silver bracelet from her purse.

"?" Song Shuhang took the bracelet and looked at Soft Feather with a baffled expressionwhy did this bracelet look like it was meant for females? As a man, how could he wear it?

"This acts as the coordinates for the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique! My dad prepared it for me. I cant operate flying swords yet, so rushing to places can be very troublesome. With this bracelet acting as the coordinates, I can use the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique on my magical treasures to rush toward its position. As for this item, there is one on the Spirit Butterfly Island, one on my father, and as for this one, its for you to wear it. If I finish settling the issue earlier than expected, I can directly use Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique to rush over to you." Soft Feather laughed happily.

"The Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique? Used to rush to places?" Song Shuhang felt that the name of the technique was very familiar.

Very quickly, he remembered where he first came across this spell.

(Sailor Moon, Moon Prism Power, Make Up!)

Ill be damned, it made me think of that embarrassing scene again... That Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique was a technique given to him by Venerable White at that time to save his life in a pinch.

When he was being chased by Limitless Demon Sects Branch Leader Jing Mo, he used the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique to escape to Venerable Whites side. En route, he even pushed against the lower back of Penniless Thief Sects Cold Flame Sword with his head, spinning while flying for a long time.

But, wasnt that a spell to save ones life?

In Soft Feathers eyes, this spell was also to be used when one was in a rush to get to somewhere