Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Twin Tailed Senior White
Chapter 266: Twin-Tailed Senior White!

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In the afternoon, after eating the meal, Papa Song returned to the company he worked at, the State GRID Corporation of China. Although the job wasnt hard, Papa Song was somewhat bored of it.

Therefore, he was secretly saving up money. After Song Shuhang had graduated, he was planning to open a fitness equipment factory with two good friends.

Over the past two years, fitness equipment for domestic use was selling more and more, and this made Papa Song rather excited. If he werent afraid of a possible loss that could affect Song Shuhang studies, he would have already resigned from his current job and opened the factory with his friends.

Papa Song and his friends were keeping this matter a secret and hadn't told their families about it, but the three of them had already started to plan the establishment of the factory and were planning to open it in three years at most.

At this time, Mama Song and Zhao Yaya were chatting in the living room.

...Mama Song wanted to know which place was the best for a date in Wenzhou City. She was looking for one that would create a good mood and wouldnt be too chaotic.

She felt that Song Shuhang, this bookworm, wouldnt be able to find an appropriate place for a date. And since she was worried about his future, she had already started to make preparations.

While the two of them were discussing, Song Shuhang pushed the door of the living room open. He was here to take a few snacks.

There were always some snacks in their living roomwhen Mama Song watched drama or when Papa Song watched Western science-fiction movies, they would come in handy.

"Ma, Elder Sister Yaya, what are you talking about?" Song Shuhang thoughtlessly asked. Then, he squatted down and took some snacks with him.

"We were thinking about which place would be the best for you to bring Yu Rouzi to," Mama Song said with a serious expression. Speaking of which, the name of this girl was rather strange, who would name their child soft feather?

Whatever, the name wasnt important. What really mattered was that she was beautiful, sensible, and very interesting!

"Shuhang, Ill leave you the key to the car. There are many interesting places in Wenzhou City, you can bring her wherever you want for a stroll. Good luck, you two look very good together!" Zhao Yaya held her thumb up in approval.

"Pfff! What are you two even talking about?" Song Shuhang laughed, "There is nothing of the sort between Yu Rouzi and me!"

Soft Feather was indeed beautiful, but Song Shuhang was clear of his limits. He wasnt like those main characters in novels that would put on a fierce look and all the females would automatically fall for them! Moreover, it was only his second time meeting Soft Feather in person!

"Also, Yu Rouzi has something to attend to in the evening. She will leave in a while," Song Shuhang added.

"She will leave in a while?" Mama Song was disappointed after hearing these words.

"Then, Ill return to my room." Song Shuhang picked the snacks and laughed.

He didnt wait for Mama Song to speak further and immediately left as though he was running away.

When he pushed the door of his room open and looked inside, Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

"Ah! Senior Song, youre back." Soft Feather turned her head and laughed embarrassedly after seeing Song Shuhang.

At this time, she was sitting beside Senior White and taking photos of him.

Taking a photo itself wasnt a bad thing, but there was something wrong with Senior Whites current state.

On the bed, Soft Feather had put Senior White into a very lovely poseat this time, he was pointing both his forefingers toward his cheeks, looking very cute.

"Pfff!" Song Shuhang couldnt help but laugh.

"Senior Song, when I looked at Senior White, I thought he would look very cute in this pose. Ahahah" Soft Feather made a hollow laugh as she explained.

She was afraid that Song Shuhang would scold her for being impolite to a senior.

But his reaction was very different from what Soft Feather had expected.

Song Shuhang gave her a thumbs up and said, "Good! If you tie Senior Whites hair into twin-tails, it will look even cuter!"

...Perhaps this was the influence of Thrice Reckless Mad Saber and Immortal Master Copper Trigram from the Nine Provinces Number One Group, but Song Shuhang himself wasnt aware that he would from time to time do things so reckless he was practically seeking death.

Soft Feather was surprised at first, but soon after, her eyes lit up. "Ah! Senior Song has a good eye indeed!"

Then, she suggested, "Senior Song, should we try it together?"

Song Shuhang thought a bit and said somewhat worried, "Wouldnt that cause Senior White to wake up?"

"Dont worry. As long as we dont have evil intentions, Senior White wont react while in meditation. I have experience with this matter!" Soft Feather patted her chest and guaranteed.

She has experience in this matter? Now, does Venerable Spirit Butterfly have a different flashy hairstyle every time after he stops meditating?

"Then, shall we try?" Song Shuhang was excited. "Ill go get a rubber band to tie the hair!"

"I have a hair ribbon here!" Soft Feather replied. Then, she took a colorful hair ribbon out of her pocket. Although she liked to keep her long pitch-black hair loose, she didnt mind changing style once in a while. Therefore, she had all types of girl accessories with her.

Now, it seemed that preparations were complete!

"What kind of twin-tails do you want?" Song Shuhang asked. Although he hadnt personally tied the hair of a girl, he had seen many girls with twin-tails.

Therefore, he knew that there were many types of twin-tails.

For example, they could be symmetrical and tied above the ear, sticking up. This one was quite cute.

Or, they could also be on the crown of the head and sticking up or hanging down behind the ears. This one was also quite amusing.

You could also tie the twin-tails behind the ears and make it drop down; you could also add a fringe for extra cuteness. It also gave you a scholarly air.

Or, you could turn the twin-tails hanging behind your ear into pigtails, draping them over your shoulders. This style was also refreshing.

Moreover, you could add many decorations and tie your hair in many different ways. There were so many different patterns that you couldn't count them.

"Lets try them all!" Soft Feather said straightforwardly. "We dont have to limit ourselves to a twin-tails, we can also try a ponytail, hair-up style, and so on! I know many styles myself!"

"I see. Then, you tie the hair and Ill coordinate with you!" At this time, Song Shuhang had already lost his mind and wasnt even thinking of the consequences.


Song Shuhang cautiously raised Senior Whites head, and Soft Feather pulled the hair from behind his body out.

"Senior Whites hair is very long and soft!" Soft Feather sighed with emotion. Then, she used her small hands to comb his hair. Once she was done, she added, "Come, Senior Song. You take the hair and form a ponytail; Ill tie it."

"Sure!" Song Shuhang gently put down Senior Whites head and took his hair from Soft Feathers hands. Then, just like she asked, he grabbed it and formed a tail above Senior Whites ear.

As expected, Senior Whites hair is really soft Song Shuhang thought to himself. It felt as though he had grabbed a first-rate silk cloth. He felt very unwilling to part with it after grabbing it.

"Senior Song, raise your hands a little. If we dont tie them at the root, it wont look good," Soft Feather said.

Then, she used two white-colored hair ribbons and tied a very pretty butterfly-shaped knot in the place where Song Shuhang was grabbing.

"Lets do it on the other side too! I think that white hair ribbons really suit Senior Whites black hair!" Soft Feather said excitedly.

"I feel the same!" Song Shuhang went on the other side. Then, he tied a tail on the other side too with Soft Feathers help.

It was a success!

At this time, Senior White was lying on the bed, his face peaceful. After his long hair was tied into twin-tails, he looked even more beautiful.

The twin-tails gave one a feeling that was hard to describe!

"Awesome!" Soft Feather took her mobile phone and took several pictures of Senior White, twin-tails edition.

"Come, Senior Song. Put Venerable White in the same pose as before, when he was pointing his forefingers at his cheeks!" Soft Feather said excitedshe looked like a child that had found an amusing toy.

"Sure!" Song Shuhang coordinated and started to fiddle with Senior Whites hands, making his forefingers point toward his cheeks.

Ah! Venerable White looks incredibly cute in this pose.

If not for the fact that weve lived together for quite some time, my heartbeat would have also sped up after this scene, right?

"Woah! Now, I feel like taking Senior White away and storing him in my house," Soft Feather muttered. Then, she took her phone and took another round of pictures.

"Eh wait. Dont include me in the pictures," Song Shuhang said.

Soft Feather stuck out her tongue.

After Song Shuhang moved away, she started to madly take pictures again.

"Come, Senior Song. Lets exchange places!" Soft Feather said full of enthusiasm after she was done taking pictures.

Next was Senior White, ponytail edition!

Senior White in ponytail edition also looked goodclick, click, click!

Senior White double braid edition also looked goodclick, click, click!

Senior White hair-up edition was also cute to the extremeclick, click, click!

Ah? What type of hairstyle was this? Were these two hammers? Ox horns? Whatever, it didnt matter. They all looked cute on Senior Whiteclick, click, click!

And these pigtails coiling up on the top of the head what style was this? Well, lets just take a pictureclick, click, click!

Senior White was played with till he was broken.

Even Song Shuhang himself had forgotten how many different styles they had tested on Senior Whites hair.

At last, Soft Feather was completely satisfied. Then, she secretly shot a look at Song Shuhang and laughed As expected, Senior Song is the best. Even while performing such a deed, he still coordinated with me.

After stretching herself, she narrowed her eyes. "Hehe, we took many pictures. Ill show them to my father after returning home. Ah, yes. Senior Song, Ill choose the best ones and send them to you!"

"Ahahah, sure huh?" Song Shuhangs smile stiffened. He recovered from the sometimes my brain stops working disease and returned to his senses.

F*ck wait, what the hell was I doing just now?!

Once he recalled to mind everything that had happened, his legs went softhe felt as though his acrophobia had suddenly worsened.

"Cough, Soft Feather. After thinking a bit, I think its better if you keep those pictures to yourself. After all, I can see Senior White everyday, there is no need to send them to me," Song Shuhang coughed and said, his face serious.

"I see. Then, lets put it off until later." Soft Feather replied. However, she was thinking something else in her heart Senior Song and I worked very hard to take these pictures...

Later, I must choose the best ones of the batch and secretly send them to Senior Song...