Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 267

Chapter 267 A Masked Thief Or Is It An Assassin
Chapter 267: A masked thief? Or is it an assassin?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
In the afternoon, 3:30 PM.

Soft Feather said goodbye to Mama Song and prepared to leave. She was heading to her friends family.

Mama Song was a bit sad to let her go. "Yu Rouzi, you can come here whenever youre free!"

Song Shuhang pushed the door open and prepared to see Soft Feather out.

Once they were downstairs, Song Shuhang asked, "Soft Feather, how are you planning to reach your friends family?"

Song Shuhang remembered that Soft Feather couldnt ride a flying sword yet. Then, was she planning to reach that place by train, car, or plane?

"Ill go by train. There is a stop just outside the small town where their family is located. Ill just need to walk a bit before arriving there!" Soft Feather laughed. "Senior, you dont need to worry. Ive already learned how to buy tickets; there wont be any problem!"

"Then, Ill accompany you to the train station," Song Shuhang said. There was a little bit of distance between his house and the train station.

"Good!" Soft Feather nodded.

"Em is an electric scooter fine?" Song Shuhang asked, somewhat embarrassed.

Papa Song had taken the car to go to work, and the tractor he had used to come here was destroyed some time ago! Well, even if the hand-guided tractor was still intact, he had no intention of using it to drive Soft Feather to the train station!

"An electric scooter? Ive heard of it, I will ride it with pleasure!" Soft Feather suddenly got excited.

Song Shuhang felt that it was very easy to make Soft Feather laugh or become happy. She was very lively and was always in a good mood.

Soon after, when Song Shuhang took out the womanly electric scooter, Soft Feather asked, "Senior Song, can I drive it? Please, let me drive it!"

"Sure, but wear the safety helmet. The road leading to the train station is under tight surveillance, and if you don't wear the helmet, youll be scolded by the police officers." Song Shuhang gave her the safety helmet.

Speaking of which Soft Feather wouldnt add weird stuff to the scooter akin to Senior Whites formations to increase its speed and so on, right?

After wearing the helmet, Soft Feather sat in the front. Her legs were very long and it was rather interesting to see her ride this small scooter.

At first, Song Shuhang was planning to sit like usual with his legs spread apart, but after seeing that the person in front was Soft Feather, he heaved a sigh and decided to sit like girls, with both legs dangling on one side.

After all, willpower alone wasnt enough to control certain natural reactions...

In the end, Soft Feather didnt add any formation to increase the speed of the electric scooter. She was happy with just riding it on the road. Although there were all types of vehicles on the Spirit Butterfly Island, she could only take a stroll within the boundaries of the island. It wasnt as exciting as riding on the main road.

Unfortunately, it was very rare for Soft Feather not to act unreasonably. However, there was a limit to how reckless you could be with an electric scooter.

But along the way, the electric scooter suddenly started to slow down; it was out of power.

"Eh? Senior, whats happening?" Soft Feather looked at the electric scooter, her expression confused. Although she was twisting the handle to accelerate it, its speed was still getting slower and slower.

"Is it out of power?" Song Shuhang shot a glance and discovered that it was really out of power.

It seemed that Mama Song forgot to recharge it after the last time she used itMama Song didnt have a driving license. She tried to get it for three years but kept failing. Therefore, she decided not to take the test anymore out of spite.

"Its out of power? What do we do now?" Soft Feather was worried. She was so happy to ride this scooter, but now, it was out of power.

"Fear not!" Song Shuhang thought of a small technique in his possession and said, "I have the battery charging technique!"

Although the battery charging technique was used to recharge mobile phones and laptops, it should still work on an electric scooter. However, it was unknown how many time you would need to use it to recharge an electric scooter completely...

The answer wasthirty times!

One use of the battery charging technique was enough to charge a mobile phone completely, and a large amount of its extra energy was wasted. Therefore, both phones and laptops could be fully charged after only one use.

The battery charging technique didnt consume too much qi and blood energy, but after using it thirty times, Song Shuhangs face was a bit pale. If he hadnt already opened his Nose Aperture, he would have had to take a portion of the energy of the ghost spirit.

"Senior, you even know how to use the battery charging technique? Senior Thrice Reckless uploaded this technique on the group space a long time ago. But after taking a look, I discovered that it was too troublesome to learn and gave up." Soft Feather secretly stuck out her tongue and added, "Since its fully charged, lets go!"

"Lets go then!" Song Shuhang was slightly panting as he sat in the rear seat once more.

The electric scooter started to operate once again; this time, it was fully charged.

Soft Feathers melodious laughter echoed again.

On the road, Song Shuhang felt that there was something amiss Wait, I fully charged it?

Damn, why the hell did I waste time to fully charge it? Charging half of the battery should have been more than enough to let me return home...

Is there something wrong with my head today?

After arriving at the train station, Song Shuhang accompanied Soft Feather to buy the train tickets. After seeing that she entered the waiting room, he was finally free from worries and left.

At dinner, Song Shuhang kept performing his two roles. First, he ate the dinner as Song Shuhang. Afterward, he went to this room, changed into Venerable Whites appearance, and returned to the table again to eat the second meal.

Soft Feather temporarily lent him that brooch that could change ones appearance. Luckily, Song Shuhangs appetite had increased after all that practice. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to eat two large bowls of rice!

Anyway, this evening, mom was looking strangely at Venerable White. Did she notice something amiss?

Fortunately, Senior Whites meditation will end tomorrow. At the time, well eat together and mom wont suspect anything, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Spirit Butterfly Island.

Venerable Spirit Butterfly was sipping some Spirit Green Tea. His beloved daughter directly prepared these tea leaves. Although there were some problems with these tea leaves, they werent enough to affect him who had reached the Spiritual Venerable Realm. This is how he had decided to dispose of these tea leaves prepared by his daughter.

At this time, a multicolored butterfly arrived in front of Venerable Spirit Butterfly and magically changed into a girl with colorful clothes. She was a monster butterfly that had condensed a monster core and could assume a human form.

The girl with colorful clothes said with a smile, "Teacher, senior brother just called. Your daughter left the home of fellow daoist Song Shuhang and successfully took the train."

"Oh, she left already! I see, tell Jianyi to keep protecting Soft Feather in secret." Venerable Spirit Butterfly calmly noddedthen, he slowly sheathed his flying sword.

If his beloved daughter was planning to pass the night in the house of a man hehehe!

After seeing the flying sword in the hands of her teacher, the corner of the mouth of the girl with colorful clothes twitched.

Night was falling.

Song Shuhang was holding the enlightenment stone and meditating. He was training his mental energy.

Lady Onion had completely taken root on the enlightenment stone, and a tender sprout had started to grow on it, green and very pleasing to the eye.

Song Shuhang was thinking of having Lady Onion hand over the Buddhist Roaring Lions Techniqueafter all, she was planning to steal his enlightenment stone. After failing, she had to suffer the consequences!

It was unknown if it was because she couldnt or didnt want to talk, but after taking root on the enlightenment stone, no matter what Song Shuhang asked, she would just shake a bit and stay silent.

Was it possible that she had turned into a normal onion spirit after losing her body?

Late at night, silence reigned supreme.

Song Shuhang could feel the strange energy of the enlightenment stone continuously flowing inside his body. At this time, it had already started to weaken the bottleneck of the Ear Aperture.

After a few days of practice, his Ear Aperture should be full of qi and blood. At the time, he would be able to break through easily.

But that wasnt all Song Shuhang felt that even his mental energy was affected by this strange power.

This strength wasnt merging with his mental energy but was instead stimulating it, making it stronger and purer.

The effects of this strange stone are even better than what Venerable White had mentioned. If this situation continues, I wont need too long to open the last aperture, the Mouth Aperture. After opening all apertures, Ill be ready to jump through the dragon gate. Song Shuhang slowly opened his eyes and sighed with emotion.

But just as he opened his eyes he saw a masked figure stealthily trying to open the window of this room!

Song Shuhangs eyes met with that of the masked man.

Is it a thief?

This guy is so arrogant! He can clearly see that Im sitting on the bed and still awake, and yet he still dared to open the window and enter the room is he not giving me face at all!?

He needs a good lesson.

Song Shuhang put away the enlightenment stone and used the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk, dashing like lighting toward the thief. His right hand turned into dragon claws and aimed at the shoulder of the masked man.

"Dammit." The masked man cursed. However, he wasnt scared; he raised his palm like a sword and welcomed Song Shuhangs claw attack.

Immediately, Song Shuhang look changedthis wasnt an ordinary thief.

When the enemy raised his palm, he felt the power of qi and blood emanating from it; this thief was a cultivator!

Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist?

Song Shuhang immediately thought of that Spiritual Emperor from the Penniless Thief Sect.

But he didnt have too much to think right now. He used the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk at full strength, and his right hand bypassed the thiefs sword-like palm, directly aiming at his throat from a weird angle.

"Junior, you have some skills, but youre too slow!" the masked man said in a hoarse voice. He was trying to conceal his real voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, the palm of the masked man suddenly accelerated forward.

Its trajectory didnt change, but thanks to this sudden and extreme acceleration, it made Shuhangs previous move completely uselessbecause Song Shuhangs hand was still halfway when the sword-like palm was about to hit him!

"Shield!" Song Shuhang calmly said.

He used the innate skill of the ghost spirit, and a small golden shield appeared in front of his chest, keeping off the sword-like palm of the masked man!

Although it wasnt as strong as an armor talisman, this small golden shield was still capable of warding off most of the attacks of cultivators of the Second Stage!

At the same time, Song Shuhang put his other hand in his pocket.

He still had one sword talisman left!

"Clang!" The sword-like palm met the small golden shield head-on, sending out a metallic sound.

"Pierce!" the masked man shouted. Then, a white-colored sword light erupted from the tip of his fingers.

It was true qi!

This masked man was a cultivator of the Second Stage or even stronger.

"Crack, crack, crack!"

Cracks started to appear on the surface of the small golden shield, and Shuhangs body was sent flying by a huge force.

Song Shuhang stumbled on the bed, falling next to Senior White.

After this successful attack, the masked man chased after Song Shuhang as fast as lightning, readying his sword-like palm for a follow-up attack...