Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Even If One Falls A Thousand Will Arise
Chapter 268: Even if one falls, a thousand will arise!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
Song Shuhang was sent flying as his small golden shield broke, falling next to Venerable White.

At this time, the Bamboo Slips Formation was slowly revolving above Venerable Whites head.

This particular formation was the opposite of a normal defensive formationit wasnt protecting from external attacks but from internal ones. It was a revised version created by Soft Feather. It was precisely for this reason that Song Shuhang and Soft Feather could previously change Senior Whites hairstyle with the formation still active.

But at this time, the characters on the bamboo slips were all moving. It meant that the formation was working at full power right nowin other words, Senior White had used a move and the formation was operating at full strength to stop it.

After stumbling on the bed, Song Shuhang didnt bump into Senior White...

...But felt his body sucked up into another worldhe was familiar with this feeling, because he had already experienced it several times, and he wasnt hoping to experience it again.

He had felt the very same feeling every time he was sucked into that desert created by Senior White illusory reality!

Song Shuhang quickly turned around and looked behind he saw that the masked man was closely chasing after him and entered the range of the Bamboo Slips Formation, ending up in the world created by the illusory reality together with him.

Seeing this, he was somewhat relieved.

He was afraid that this man would harm his family members if he were to remain inside the house. But now that he had entered the illusion, he too would have fun with the young man in green clothes riding a white horse until Senior White was done meditating!

And after Senior Whites meditation had come to an end, this masked man would have nowhere to escape.

Song Shuhang relaxed and waited for the desert to appear and to once again meet the young man in green clothes riding a white horse.

But even after waiting for a long time, none of them appeared.

Weird, did the illusion change?

Song Shuhang was sure that he was inside the illusory reality right now. Not only because he had felt his body enter a new world, but also because the masked man chasing after him disappeared.

However, there was no desert, and his current state was a bit strange.

"Is it possible that the illusory reality turned into a transparent world this time?" Song Shuhang muttered.

The world he was in right now had no substance and was basically overlapping with the real world.

From his point view, he was still sitting in his room, and even the decorations were all the same.

However, this room gave him the feeling of being boundless. Moreover, the bed was empty; there was no Senior White here!

So, is this a new world? Different from the desert that appeared the previous times?

Or is it that this world has yet to take shape inside Senior Whites mind? This would explain why its still transparent and lacks substance.

Song Shuhang operated his brain at full speed, trying to guess what was happening.

If this was a brand-new world, what characters would appear?

The protagonist of the desert was the young man in green clothes riding a white horse... but who would be the main character of this world that had yet to take shape?

Just as he was thinking, a figure suddenly got up from the bed clearly, there was no one there a moment ago.

When he saw who this person was, Song Shuhangs expression became rather strange.

The masked man also entered the transparent world. However, he didnt know that he had entered an illusory reality. Therefore, he was looking around, somewhat confused.

Is this a trap? The masked man was puzzled and at the same time very vigilant.

At this time, a figure suddenly got up from the bed.

The pupils of the masked man shrankthere was clearly no one there a moment ago!

But immediately after, he was delighted.

"Hehehe!" The masked man strangely laughed and dashed toward the figure on the bed.

The figure next to the bed didnt even have time to react as the masked man launched his torrential attacks.

Fists, palms, fingers, claws!


"Aaaaaah!" the figure next to the bed screamed again and again, and blood madly spurted out its body...

At last, the masked man stopped his barrage of attacks.

The figure next to the bed had its eyes wide open. Sword qi had punctured its throat, fists had caved in its chest, fingers had pierced its belly, and the traces of deep claw marks could be found on its head.

After taking all these attacks, the figure crashed to the ground, and its eyes were still open even in death.

This figure had short black hair. Its age seemed to be around 18-19 years old, and it was 175 cm tall. Although its eyes were now wide open, one could faintly discern that it was a man with a kind face.

This person was unexpectedly Song Shuhang?!

"Hehehe boy, did you really think that you could escape with a stealth technique? Naive! From the instant you met me only death awaited you!" The masked man evilly smiled and laughed hoarsely.

Then, he took a step forward and grabbed Song Shuhangs head. Next, he turned his right hand into a sword and slashed down.

Blood crazily sprayed, and Song Shuhangs head was cut off...

"A piece of cake!" The masked man had a happy expression on his face. Afterward, he turned around and prepared to leave from the window.


Song Shuhang was absent-mindedly gazing at the figure on the bed; this figure was none other than Song Shuhang himself!

He didnt expect to be the new main character of Senior Whites illusory reality.

It was a strange feeling to look at himself. Song Shuhang looked at the opposite party and decided to call it Song Shuhang No. 2 for the time being.

After standing up, Song Shuhang No. 2 started to act according to the script.

At this time, Song Shuhang No. 2 didnt know whether to laugh or cry, "Hello, Senior. Im right beside you."

This scene its from the first time I met Senior White, right? At the time, he took back Senior Whites statue with great difficulty and waited for him to break out.

"Hello, Senior True Monarch White," Song Shuhang No. 2 said with a smiling face soon after. It seemed as though his voice was coming from a tape recorder.

Song Shuhang No. 2 wasnt as lifelike and fluid as the young man in green clothes riding a horse in the desert.

However, it wasnt actually so strange. After all, the young man in green clothes was already a finished product.

Meanwhile, Song Shuhang No. 2 was only a half-finished product for the moment.

After saying these two sentences, Song Shuhang No. 2s face became panic-stricken. "The brakes, quickly press the brake! ...Senior, this is not what I meant! There is a cliff ahead!"

Is this scene from that time I went for a drive with Senior White and we fell from the cliff?

Song Shuhang felt sad deep down in his heart after seeing Song Shuhang No. 2s terrified expression.

Next, Song Shuhang No. 2 changed and his expression became absent-minded. "Memories such as... Little White, when your hair reaches your waist, will you marry me?"

"Blerch!" Song Shuhang coughed up a mouthful of blood.

But at this time Song Shuhang No. 2 stopped like a machine that had lost its power.

It seemed that Senior White was still constructing this transparent new world.

On another side.

The masked man had taken a few steps forward with Song Shuhangs head in his hands when he heard a sound transmit from behind.

When he turned his head, he was dumbfounded.

He saw another Song Shuhang get up from the bedand the previous one was still lying on a side with his head missing and blood dripping all over the floor.

"Dammit, how come you havent died?!" The masked man looked at the head in his hands and at the other Song Shuhang who was on the bed. "Who the hell are you?!"

After standing up, the second Song Shuhang said to the masked man with a somewhat bitter smile, "Hello, Senior. Im right beside you."

"Youre right beside me?" The masked man looked at the head in his hands, and a cold light flashed through his eyes.

"Are you playing tricks on me? Youre courting death!" He put down the head in his hands and pounced toward the second Song Shuhang, launching another fierce and sudden attack.

This attack was also like a violent storm.

The second Song Shuhang didnt have the strength to fight back and was mercilessly slaughtered, following in the footsteps of the first Song Shuhang. Similarity, he had a hole on his forehead, a punctured throat, a caved-in chest, and a few holes in this abdomen.

The second Song Shuhang, who was now lying on the ground, opened his mouth and squeezed out the second sentence of his script with the last bit of his strength, "Hello... Senior... True Monarch... White"

The masked man coldly snorted. However, who is this Senior True Monarch White? ...Was he referring to a Sixth Stage True Monarch?

Then, he gazed at the corpse of the second Song Shuhang that was now lying on the bed. Afterward, he used his hand to chop the head of this one too.

No matter which one of the two was the real one, as long as he brought the heads back, it was fine.

Thereafter, the masked man picked the two heads and headed toward the window, preparing to leave.

But as he turned his body and took five or six steps, another sound transmitted from behind.

Then, a familiar voice echoed once more. "Hello, Senior. Im right beside you."

The masked man quickly turned his head and discovered that another Song Shuhang had appeared on the bed and was bitterly smiling. Next to him were the headless corpses of the other two Song Shuhangs.

"..." The masked man felt that there was something quite wrong with this situation.

"This must be an illusory technique! Thats the only possibility!" After thinking this much, the masked man pierced his thigh with his finger. Fresh blood spurted and he felt a stabbing pain.

Its not an illusion?

If this wasnt an illusion, what was exactly happening? If you were to see two identical people, you could assume that one was a double or that they were twins but how would you justify the existence of three identical people?

Just as he was thinking, the third Song Shuhang opened his mouth and said, "Hello, Senior True Monarch White."

"..." The masked man.

He put down the two heads he was carrying and stared at the third Song Shuhang. After pondering for a moment, he said, "Hello?"

At this time, the expression of the third Song Shuhang changed panic-stricken. "The brakes, quickly press the brake! ...Senior, this is not what I meant! There is a cliff ahead!"

"..." The masked man.

It was as though they were on two different channels and couldnt communicate in the least!

Was this bastard making fun of him?

The masked man got angry and pounced toward the third Song Shuhang, launching another sudden and fierce attack.

And then, the third Song Shuhang also ended up like the others...