Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Venerable White Ill Personally Look For Doudou
Chapter 273: Venerable White: Ill personally look for Doudou!

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Song Shuhang laughed. "Ahahaha, indeed. Mother, Song Bai is a very interesting fellow. Yesterday, he was still tired and couldnt properly display his unique sense of humor!"

That wasnt a lie. After all, Senior White was indeed an interesting person he would casually disassemble electric equipment, suddenly stumble on flat ground, and he could even fly to space! Being with him was so exciting and interesting that one would be moved to tears!

"You two go sit in the dining room. Ill prepare dumplings," Mama Song said with a smile.

"Fine!" Song Shuhang said as he pulled the baffled Senior White toward the dining room.

After eating breakfast, Song Shuhang said to his mother that he was planning to go on Mountain Yuyu to have some fun.

Then, he and Senior White went downstairs.

Mountain Yuyu wasnt very far from Song Shuhangs house. It was at most six bus stops from there.

But, since the last time he took a bus with Senior White, Song Shuhang decided not to use public transport anymore while accompanying Venerable White.

He didnt dare to bring Senior White there with the electric scooter either. He was afraid that Senior White would paste his A4 papers on it, making it shoot forward at insane speed. At the time, the police officers wouldnt be able to catch up even if they were to go at full speed. Those poor guys would only get depressed.

"I absolutely cant let Senior White see that electric scooter. Well take the taxi!" Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

Then, the two of them went downstairs.

Do you know what super bad luck is? Its when you meet the worst person at the worst moment in the worst place. Afterward, this person does the worst thing possible too!

If all the above mentioned conditions come true... you have super bad luck.

When Song Shuhang and Venerable White went downstairs, next doors Auntie Li was bringing Mama Songs electric scooter toward their place.

"Oh, Shuhang! Youve come just in time. This is your mothers electric scooter. I borrowed it to go to the market, and I was bringing it back. Since youre here, Ill leave it to you," Auntie Li said with a radiant smile.

The electric scooter was usually parked in the garage on the ground floor, and Auntie Li was just about to call Mama Song to tell her that she was coming over to return it. Luckily, she happened to meet Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang was dumbfounded Auntie Li, did you really have to come at this time?

The things you feared the most would come true.

Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh. "Ahahaha! Sure, Auntie Li. You can leave the electric scooter to me!"

At the same time, he cautiously turned his head and looked at Venerable White.

As expected, Venerable White was greedily eyeing the electric scooter. That look could mean only one thing I must ride it!

Venerable White had seen electric scooters several times in the Jiangnan area, and he had always wanted to try these small vehicles that resembled a bike.

However, he wasnt able to try one and later, he had been occupied with that batch of new cars.

But now that he could finally get his hands on one, given his disposition, he would definitely want to try it.

"Ill leave it to you then." Auntie Li took the groceries placed on the scooter and waved at Song Shuhang, taking her leave.

After Auntie Li left, Song Shuhang turned his head and looked at Venerable White, asking, "Senior White, do you want to try it?"

"Sure!" Senior White noddedhe was just waiting for Song Shuhang to say these words!

Senior White gracefully mounted the electric scooter, swinging his long hair!

Song Shuhang bitterly smiled and gave Senior White the safety helmet. Afterward, he sat on the back.

"Where is the place we have to go?" Venerable White asked.

"Lets just ride on the main road for now; Ill tell you when you have to turn a corner," Song Shuhang said with a smile. At the same time, he was a bit worried and asked, "Senior White, do you know how to ride this gadget?"

"Of course, dont worry! When studying how to drive cars, I also studied how to ride electric scooters!" After finishing his sentence, Senior White turned the key and pressed the accelerator.

Swish~ the electric scooter quickly dashed forward!

This time, something astonishing happened. From start to end, Senior White didnt paste those A4 papers with formations engraved on them on the scooter.

As a result, the speed of the electric scooter was quite slow Is it possible that Senior White is in a good mood today and he doesnt want to drive at high speed?

Song Shuhang was confused.

However, he still diligently fulfilled his duty and told Senior White when to turn left, right, or go straight.

Very soon, Song Shuhang and Senior White arrived at Mountain Yuyu, the place where bayberries were supposed to be.

"Senior, weve arrived at the destination; you can stop." Song Shuhang said.

As soon as he finished speakingscreeech! Senior White slammed on the brakes and immediately stopped the electric scooter.

Afterward, he put his foot on the ground, stopping in place.

Was he in such a hurry to brake? Song Shuhang looked at Senior White, somewhat confused.

After stopping the vehicle, Senior White didnt move and kept his robotic pose.

"Senior White?" Song Shuhang asked.

However, Venerable White was as still as before...

"There is something wrong!" Song Shuhang cautiously got off the scooter and went in Senior Whites front. Then, he got a huge scare.

Venerable White was staring blankly and both his eyes lacked focushe was distracted!

Senior Whites ability to get distracted had reached a new level! Even while distracted, he could still understand things like turn left, right, and go straight!

Song Shuhang secretly rejoiced in his heart. He was incredibly lucky to have arrived at the destination still alive.

"Senior White, Senior White, weve arrived. Wake up!" Song Shuhang called out.

After a while...

Senior White finally returned to his senses and said, "Eh? Weve arrived already?"

Song Shuhang felt like crying, "Yes! Senior White, were already at Mountain Yuyu."

Moreover, you were the one driving, Senior White!

"Ahahaha! When I started to ride the electric scooter, I suddenly thought of a new and original way to modify the tractor let me explain. I was thinking of installing a device on the tractor to let it run on water. Then, when we hold a tournament of modified tractors, a section of the road will be on the surface of the sea. What do you think of this idea?" Venerable White said excitedly.

"What?" Song Shuhang was stupefied and couldnt regain his composure for a while.

He discovered that even if he were way smarter, he wouldnt have any hope of guessing what the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were thinkingSong Shuhang thought that even if fairy maidens, Daoist priests, and great masters were driving modified hand-guided tractors, they would be dashing about wildly on the main road and that would be all. And if they wanted to add a little bit of difficulty, they could have chosen a mountain road.

But never would he have expected that Venerable White wanted that army of hand-guided tractors to ride on the surface of the sea...

Then, a scene appeared in his mind 20-30 hand-guided tractors dashing about wildly on the surface of the sea as though they were riding on flat ground. Then, a tsunami suddenly approached, and fairy maidens, Daoist priests, and great masters started to shout excitedly as they operated their hand-guided tractors, riding the wind and cleaving through waves.

He felt that his scene was rather cool.

F*ck, why would I consider this cool?

"So, what do you think? Do you find it cool?" Venerable White laughed.

"It sounds very cool," Song Shuhang honestly repliedearlier, he felt that operating a hand-guided tractor and rushing into sea waves and splitting tsunamis amidst a tempest seemed indeed very cool!

"As expected, driving on the surface of the sea seems cooler than driving on land. Its settled then!" Venerable White made up his mind.

"But enough chit-chat now. Lets go pick those bayberries." After recalling to mind those bayberries, Venerable White happily squinted.

Afterward, only one sound echoed on Mountain YuyuVenerable Whites "Pew, pew, pew~"

After staying on Mountain Yuyu for a whole afternoon, Venerable White was finally satisfied and left.

Before leaving, Song Shuhang secretly left 800 RMB to the person in chargeoriginally, after paying 40-50 RMB, a person could eat as much as they wanted.

However, this was true only for a normal person, because after eating for a while, their teeth would start hurting. But Senior White was a living BUG! Who knew how many bayberries he ate during the time they stayed there.

If it werent for the fact that he brought only 800 RMB with him, Song Shuhang would have left even more money to the person in charge.

After leaving Mountain Yuyu, Venerable White happily rode the electric scooter.

On the way here, he had been in a daze and couldnt really enjoy the ride. Therefore, he was planning to have fun to his hearts content on the way back.

But right at this time, Song Shuhangs phone rang.

Song Shuhang shot a look at the screen and saw that it was his poor Senior Brother Zhou Li.

"Fellow Daoist Shuhang? I already sent someone to the location you mentioned to clean everything up. The scraps of the tractor were disposed of, and the guardrail was also fixed. There are no traces of the accident left. You dont need to worry about a thing." Senior Brother Zhou Lis voice echoed from the other end.

"Thank you, Senior Brother Zhou Li moreover, is there any update on Doudou and the small monk Doudou?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Hehe unfortunately, I couldnt find anything. Doudou knows me too well and is aware of most of the tricks at my disposal. In the past few years, he has become an expert at hiding his traces. I can only rely on luck to find him." Senior Brother Zhou Li heaved a deep sigh.

Song Shuhang felt sad after hearing these words.

"Ah, yes. Senior Brother Zhou Li, Doudou and the small monk Guoguo sent a message in the Nine Provinces Number One Group this morning. Maybe they bought a mobile phone or a tablet. Is this information of any use to you?" Song Shuhang said.

"Thanks for the reminder. It might be of help." Zhou Li sighed with emotion.

"Senior Brother, dont give up. Once you bring Doudou back, Ill bring him to the East China Sea, and well stay there for one or two weeks. You should take advantage of this opportunity to rest and maybe go on a date with that fairy maiden. What do you think?" Song Shuhang said.

"Thank you, thank you." Senior Brother Zhou Li was moved to tears.

Song Shuhang quietly hung up Its rather easy to make Senior Brother Zhou Li happy!

After Shuhang hung up the phone, Venerable White turned his head and asked, somewhat worried, "Shuhang, I have a question. If Doudou and the small monk Guoguo cant be found in time, will we have to delay or cancel our plan to go to the East China Sea?"

"Senior Brother Zhou Li should be able to find Doudou by tomorrow, right...?" Song Shuhang bitterly smiledat first, he had a lot of confidence in Senior Brother Zhou Li. But now, only a fool would believe that he could find them by tomorrow.

"..." Venerable White.

"Let us go back for now." Venerable White said with a serious face, "It seems Ill have to personally look for Doudou and the small monk!"