Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Monster Hunters
Chapter 275: Monster hunters

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
By a small stream amidst the mountains.

The small monk had a serious face as he bared his butt, starting to wash his trousers on the bank of the stream. He was very skilledit seemed it wasnt his first time washing his trousers.

Doudou was soaking upstream of him, letting the water wash his fur. However, he felt as though his body still smelled of poop even after soaking in the mountain stream for a long time. Was it a misconception?

Around three minutes later.

"Senior Doudou, Im done washing." The small monk quickly came over and showed his clean trousers to Doudou.

"Alright. Im also done soaking." Doudou came out of the small stream.

Then, he violently shook his body and got rid of the water. Next, the monster energy inside his body exploded, quickly drying his fur.

After seeing this scene, the small monk was awed. "Senior Doudou, can you help me too?"

"..." Little Doudou.

He wondered whether this small monk was his natural enemy or something.

However, he still stretched out his paw and grabbed the trousers. Afterward, he used his monster energy to dry them.

"Senior Doudou, youre incredible." The small monk put his trousers on and happily swayed his butt. Then, he made a pirouette and concluded his performance with a cool pose. "Ta-da!"

"..." Little Doudou.

"Senior Doudou, where are we headed now?" The small monk cheerfully ran to Doudous side. It didnt matter where they were headed, the small monk was extremely excited. He was acting like a kid that had gotten out of home after being grounded for a long time.

"Lets go toward Beijing. I have a monster cat friend there. Lets go to her house to have fun," Doudou replied. This monster cat friend was precisely the monster cat he wanted to introduce to Shuhang.

After all, he couldnt harm his kind; hed better harm some monster cat!

"Meow~" Just as Doudou mentioned the words monster and cat, a low cry echoed beside his ear.

When he turned his head, he saw a tiger-striped cat closely watching him, baring its fangs and claws at him.

We are in the middle of mountains, is this a stray cat?

Cats and dogs were natural enemies.

And Doudou had the appearance of a normal pekingese at this time. Therefore, when the cat saw him, all the fur on its body stood on end, and its tail was so inflated that it seemed a corn.

The wildcat showed Doudou its sharp teeth and revealed its claws. It seemed as though it was trying to show Doudou its strength and scare him...

"Hehe, are you making your fur stand on end in front of this dog god?" Doudou spat out his tongue. Then, he moved his four small legs and dashed toward the wildcat.

When the small wildcat saw Doudou ignore its awe-inspiring pose and dash toward it regardless, it panicked and decided to fall back.

But how could its speed compare to Doudou?

Doudou pounced toward the cat like a hungry dog and pressed it down his body.

"Meow" the small wildcat bitterly cried out.

"Woof, woof~ why dont you act arrogantly now? Why arent you making your fur stand on end?! Woof, woof!" Doudou used his head to rub the small wildcat.

"Meow~ meow~" The small wildcat struggled with all its might and tried to scratch Doudus body with its claws.

However not even the young man in green clothes in Senior White illusory reality could damage Doudous dog fur, let alone this small wildcat with its weak claws.

The more it was hitting him, the more Doudou was cheerfully rubbing it with his head.

"Meow~ meow~" the small wildcat cried out again. At first, it had a very domineering voice, but it was getting weaker as time passed by. At last, it could only send pitiful cries, as though it was sobbing.

"Woof, woof~ why dont you act arrogantly now? Why arent you making your fur stand on end?!" Doudou said self-satisfiedthis scene reminded him of the first time he met the monster cat Chuchu.

At the time, Chuchu had just turned into a monster cat and also aggressively made her fur stand on end, trying to scare Doudou.

But Doudou pounced toward her like a hungry dog and immobilized her on the ground, starting to rub her with his dog head.

At the time, the monster cat Chuchu also struggled with all her might like this striped cat just now. Too bad that her cultivation was no match for Doudou and she couldnt escape.

After being rubbed for a long time, the monster cat Chuchu lost all her domineering air.

Nowadays, if she encountered Doudou, she always kept a distance of a meter between them.

But, the saying compromising will make a conflict much easier to solve didnt apply to Doudou.

The more she was trying to avoid Doudou, the more Doudou was looking for her to rub her with his head.

Even now that he had run away from home, he was thinking of looking for the monster cat Chuchu and torturing her a bit.

Just as Doudou was cheerfully rubbing the striped cat with his head, the sound of footsteps echoed from a faraway place.

"Tiger-striped, tiger-striped, where are you?" The sweet and child-like voice of a girl echoed along the footsteps.

Very soon, the owner of the voice appeared in from of them.

It was a 15-16 years old girl wearing an apricot yellow daoist robe. Moreover, she had ten long talisman papers hanging on each shoulder. These talisman papers were covered with numerous incantations.

Furthermore, her uncovered arms were also full of rune-like tattoos.

Doudou immediately identified the girl by her attire. "A monster hunter?"

Monster hunters were a branch of cultivators. But they were different from those that cultivated to reach immortality.

Rather than becoming immortals, monster hunters prefered to vanquish demons and monsters.

Moreover they were one of the most annoying branches amongst cultivators. According to their logic, a monster should be subdued no matter if it was good or bad. Those that were bad were directly put to death, and those that were good were sealed up.

In short, they wanted to free this world from the creatures known as monsters...

There was a time when monster hunters and monsters were furiously fighting each other till their last breath, but at a certain point, monster hunters hid themselves and disappeared from the world. From that moment, they rarely appeared in front of others.

There were many rumors and conjectures about what might have happened. But, in the end, aside from the monster hunters themselves, no one knew what the real reason for their disappearance was.

When I got out this morning, I was shat on. And just as I found a good place to wash the poop away... I actually encountered those monster hunters that no one has seen in the past several hundred years? Whats wrong with my luck today? Doudou was depressed.

"A monster!" After seeing Doudou, the eyes of the girl with a child-like voice immediately lit up.

Then, without waiting for Doudou to speak, she stretched her hands and tore down a talisman paper from each shoulder.

"Wicked monster, die!" The young girl threw the talisman papers, which changed into golden flames, shooting toward Doudou.

"..." Doudou.

As expected of a monster hunter even after so many years, they were still mental, and as stubborn as a mule. As soon as they saw a monster, they would act like madmen and pounce toward them without even considering the disparity in their strength.

Anyway, it seemed that there was an inviolable rule in their mindsif you were to see a monster, you couldnt be gentle with it; you had to beat it to death!

"Bang, bang!"

The two pillars exploded after hitting Doudous body, but their strength wasnt even enough to damage his fur.

The nearby small monk also finally reacted and quickly rushed forward with a serious face, angrily reprimanding the girl, "Absurd! Female benefactor, why did you suddenly attack Senior Doudou?!"

"Hes a monster! Get out of the way, I must kill him!" the young girl said in a child-like voice.

"Female benefactor, youre going overboard!" The small monk angrily said, "And even if Senior Doudou is a monster, he is a good monster! Anyway, whats wrong with being a monster? They are also living creatures. Moreover, how can you not distinguish between right and wrong and casually kill him?"

"..." Doudou.

Why is this small monk speaking as though Im about to die?

"Little monk, make way. Im tired of you guys preaching about the equality of all lives! Get of out of my way; otherwise, dont blame me for injuring you in the process!" the young girl said as she tore down another set of talisman papers.

"..." Doudou.

F*ck, are you taking me for a little pekingese or something?!

As soon as I show my true body, this dog god will make that small monster hunter sh*t herself from fright!

Then, Doudou took a step forward and changed into a five meters long pekingese.

"Roar!" The howl of the dog echoed throughout the entire forest, and the leaves on the nearby trees fell one after another.

The effect was pretty good. After seeing Doudou huge body, the monster hunter girl swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and her morale dropped quite a bit.

Doudou smiled self-satisfied.

Just as he was planning to pounce toward the monster hunter girl and subdue her like the cat, rubbing her to death, the sound of footsteps echoed from a distant place.

That wasnt all, Doudou also smelled Zhou Lis scent.

"F*ck, how did Zhou Li discover me so quickly?" Doudou muttered to himselfusually, he would take at least a week to find his traces. What kind of incredible technology did he use this time?

He didnt want Zhou Li to catch him just yet. He still wanted to go to Beijing and have some fun with the monster cat Chuchu!

"Guoguo, lets leave. Our pursuer just caught up. We cant return home just yet," Doudou said.

The small monk nodded and quickly climbed on Doudous body.

"Sit tight!" Doudou shouted. Then, he lightly jumped, and demonic wind started to coil around him; he was ready to get away.

"Dont think about escaping!" the monster hunter girl shouted. Next, she stretched her hand and threw a golden chain toward them...

The golden chain flew high in the sky and finally coiled around the small monks neck...

"?" The small monk Guoguo.

Just at this time, Doudou rose into the sky with the small monk still on his back.

The monster hunter girl, who was firmly grabbing the other end of the chain, said while being dragged into the sky by Doudou, "Monster, you cant escape me! Ive already caught you!"

"Female benefactor, let go quickly let go Im ugh" The small monk grabbed with both hands the chain coiling around his neck. This is bad I cant breathe! Let go, quickly, Im dying!

"Doudou!" Zhou Li angrily howled from below.

"Doudou, dont even think about escaping!" Zhou Li stretched his hand, throwing a long chain toward them!

The chain flew in the sky and tightly latched onto the left leg of the monster hunter girl.

Afterward, Zhou Li, who was tightly grabbing the other end of the chain, was also dragged into the sky.

Guoguo squeezed out, "Im dying Im dying Sob, sob~ Ill never run away from home again!"