Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 279

Chapter 279 Quick Ask Shuhang Whos The Person Chasing Us
Chapter 279: Quick, ask Shuhang whos the person chasing us!

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After shaking hands, Ji Shuangxue did not blame Song Shuhang for teaching Joseph the peerless martial technique the Times are Calling. However, she would silently shoot a resentful gaze at him from time to time.

That kind of resentful gaze made Song Shuhang feel uneasy and nervous, as though there were brambles and thorns in his back. It was as a frightening way to kill people without even doing anything!

Thirty minutes later, Zhuge Zhongyang brought everyone to board the plane. Only then did the resentful gaze leave him temporarily. Song Shuhang could finally heave a sigh.

Before boarding the plane, Song Shuhang called Venerable White and told him that he was already on the plane. He also asked about Doudou and the small monks whereabouts, and if he had already found them.

Venerable White said that he could already sense Doudous aura and he would be able to catch Doudou and the small monk by this afternoon and bring them back. He also requested Song Shuhang to give him a call upon reaching the island resort. By then, he would use the flying sword to send Doudou and the small monk to his position.

Thereafter, Song Shuhang made another call to Soft Feather. However, the call did not go through. Song Shuhang then sent an SMS and also sent a second message to her on the instant messaging app.

When they were boarding the plane, Joseph ran over enthusiastically and insisted on helping Song Shuhang carry his bag, because there was a saying that a disciple should help their teacher when the teacher was busy.

But Song Shuhang was only carrying along a small backpack!

After boarding the plane, Song Shuhang discovered that Joseph and his daughter were not together with Zhuge Zhongyang.

Since it was summer vacation, he wanted to bring his daughter to travel abroad. It just so happened that he also ended up choosing the East China Seas island resort as his destination. His wife had already arrived at the island resort, waiting for Joseph and his daughter to come over.

Song Shuhang could only look at the sky dumbfounded. It was indeed so coincidental that even winning the lottery was easier.

On the plane, Song Shuhang sat in the window seat. Originally Zhuge Zhongyang arranged for Lu Fei to sit next to him.

But now, the enthusiastic Joseph managed to convince Lu Fei with much difficulty to swap places. Lu Fei went over to Ji Shuangxues, and Joseph, on the other hand, wore a face full of smiles as he sat down by Shuhang.

Song Shuhang didnt know whether to cry or laugh. Originally, he would have been sitting next to an adorable girl, but now, after much fuss, he was now sitting next to a foreign uncle.

After Joseph sat next to Song Shuhang, he asked excitedly, "Right, Teacher. With regards to cultivation, are there rankings and realms? I remember seeing in movies that there were also things called meridians or something of the sort."

Rankings and realms?

If it was the ranking and realm of the Times are Calling, it should be basic level? Proficient level? Physical education teacher level? And then gymnastics champion level?

But if he were to tell him all these rankings, Joseph might collapse, right?

Then, perhaps he should just randomly create his own rankings to dupe Joseph?

But he didnt feel too good about itfirstly, lying wasnt a good thing. Secondly, whenever Song Shuhang carefully glanced towards Lu Feis side, Ji Shuangxue kept giving him her resentful gaze from time to time.

Under such a resentful gaze, Song Shuhang could not bring himself to dupe Joseph.

"There are definitely rankings and realms but you havent even practiced your basics, its not good to be overly ambitious. When you have completed your basics, I will introduce and explain to you the related rankings in detail." Song Shuhang used the delaying tactic.

"I understand, Teacher. I will definitely work hard." Josephs morale was suddenly boosted.

After getting very excited, Joseph asked again in anticipation, "Teacher, may I be so bold as to ask you a favor?"

Recently, in order to complement the peerless martial technique he learned, Josephs command of Chinese was getting better and better. Occasionally, he could even throw in some ancient Chinese expressions.

"Yes?" Song Shuhang casually answered.

"Teacher, disciple felt that he realized many things from practicing this peerless martial technique recently, but there are also a lot of things disciple doesnt understand. Since I am finally able to meet you, Teacher, why dont you demonstrate it once in front of me to give me a pointer or two?" said Joseph, using half-ancient and half-modern Chinese.

What? Demonstrating it here?

Performing the Times are Calling on the airplane? That would be rather embarrassing! At the time, the killing intent in your daughters resentful gaze would also be a couple times stronger!

Hence, Shuhang coughed and said, "Ahem, you dont have to rush it. Also, our current location is not suitable for demonstrating martial arts."

Joseph looked around and laughed embarrassingly. "Sorry, Teacher. I was too impatient. Then, when we get off the plane... when we get an opportunity, please give your disciple a pointer or two!"

"Alright." Song Shuhang forced a laughhow could he even guide Joseph. In regards to the Times are Calling, Song Shuhang himself was also a newbie!

On the other hand, for the past month or so, Joseph practiced it thirty times every single day. In terms of gymnastics exercises, he was more than qualified to be Song Shuhangs teacher!

Joseph was full of joy and said, "Teacher, if you dont find me annoying, I have another favor to ask of you!"

"Go ahead." Song Shuhang forced a smile.

Joseph lowered his voice and said, "Teacher, could you give your disciple a demonstration of the explosive punch you used that time, the one that made explosive sounds? So that when your disciple practices, he would be much more motivated!"

The punch that made explosive sounds?

Pertaining to this request, it was hard for him to reject. Because right now, Song Shuhang had already opened four apertureshence, he was currently ten or so times stronger than before.

At that time he needed to practice the Basic Fist Technique till he filled his qi and blood before he could throw fists that made crisp sounds when hitting the air.

"Only for this one time," said Song Shuhang.

He directed his mental energy externally and sensed his surroundings. He realized that nobody was paying attention to himeven Josephs daughter was chatting away with Lu Fei.

Then, Song Shuhang reached out his right palm and lightly pushed.

It looked as though he was just ordinarily gesturing with his hand.

However, this attack was infused with the qi and blood power within his Heart Aperture.


A clear and crisp explosion sound was heardit wasnt loud, but it made Josephs eyes lit up.

He lowered his voice and said, "Congratulations, Teacher, for bringing the technique to the next level!"

Even though he was just purely a bystander, he was still able to sense the huge jump in Song Shuhangs strength. Because, at that time, when he saw Song Shuhang moving about within the abandoned classroom, he had to use all the strength in his body to throw a punch with explosive sounds. It was far from Song Shuhangs current stateit only required him to lightly fling his hand effortlessly to create the explosive sound.

"Hehe." Song Shuhang laughed softly without saying a word.

Next, he would have to wait and see how fated they were, both him and Joseph.

In the future, when Song Shuhang became strong and powerful, he would bring his family members to leave the secular world and look for a hidden place to settle down and introduce his family to the world of cultivation. By then, if Joseph and he were fated to be master and disciple, he might as well teach him a few good things.

Of course, that would be a long time from now. The current Song Shuhang had no skills or abilities. He wasnt qualified to teach anything.

After seeing Song Shuhangs casually flung that punch, Joseph was perfectly satisfied. Next, he started to copy Song Shuhang, closing his eyes, meditating.

Song Shuhang did not teach him the meditation technique. But at that time, Joseph saw that Song Shuhang would sit cross-legged with his eyes closed to meditate after practicing.

Since teacher did it like that, then closing your eyes to meditate is surely effective.

Hence, after every thirty sessions of the Times are Calling, Joseph would sit cross-legged and meditate with his eyes closed and empty his thoughtsnot thinking anything at all silently in a daze!

Song Shuhang looked out of the window and mumbled to himself softly, "The East China Sea and the mysterious island."

Actually, when Gao Moumou told him about this trip to the East China Sea island resort, Song Shuhang subconsciously thought of the mysterious island that the seniors in the group introduced.

In any case, whenever words such as East China Sea or island were mentioned, he couldnt avoid thinking about the mysterious island.

Would I be able to chance upon the mysterious island in the sky? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

However he wasnt worried whether he could find it or not. Because even if he were to be beaten to death, he wouldnt enter that place. He definitely did not want to lose his memories.

Actually, he really wanted to go on a trip to the East China Sea together with Venerable Whitebecause according to what Senior White had said before, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find the mysterious island.

It seemed as though the mysterious Island was subtly hiding itself from Senior White? Or could it be that Senior Whites luck was stopping him from going near the mysterious island?

But no matter what, as long as he followed Senior White closely, he would not chance upon the mysterious island. He just did not expect Senior White to suddenly head out to look for Doudou and the small monk. And even now, he had yet to return.

The plane flew steadily

I hope that the journey would go smoothly.

Out of boredom, Song Shuhang started to close his eyes and meditatetime was precious, he had to make full use of every opportunity he had to practice hard in order to progress further in his cultivation.

Meanwhile, on Venerable Whites side.

At this moment, Senior White had already located Doudou and the small monks position and was slowly approaching them. Song Shuhang had already gotten on the plane; after he was done, he could just go directly to the island resort to meet up with him and the rest, so Venerable White was not anxious at all.

And at the same time, at Doudou and the small monks position.

The small monk said in a weak voice, "Senior Doudou, Im dying"

At this time, the small monk was charred black, and black smoke was coming out of his mouth.

"Try to hold on for a little longer. I feel that there is something very wrong with our current situation," muttered Doudou.

The small monk said in a weak voice once again, "Its not that there is something wrong, someone must have put a curse on us, right? Sob, sob Im scared."

Yesterday, Doudou, together with the small monk, successfully escaped Zhou Li and they continued to fly in the direction of the capital.

But on their way various kinds of strange things happened to them.

For example, when the two of them were flying, suddenly, an artillery shell came shooting from below it was said the military was testing a new anti-aircraft cannon!

With much difficulty, Doudou managed to dodge it thanks to his keen senses. As they continued flying, suddenly a bolt of lightning appeared within the clear sky. This time, Doudou could not dodge it and got blasted head-on. If Doudou did not activate his defense in time, the small monk on his back would have been severely injured.

Then, after flying and flying suddenly, a supersonic aircraft directly came crashing straight in their direction! If not for Doudous fast reaction, a disaster would have happened.

What was going on today?

Doudou seemed to have thought of a scary possibility and said, "Wait a moment, Guoguo. Call Shuhang immediately and ask him if hes the one chasing us. If he isnt personally chasing us, then ask him if there is someone else chasing after us!"