Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 280

Chapter 280 Not Subdued By Force Do You Want Honor
Chapter 280: Not subdued by force, do you want honor?

Translator: Stardu5t Editor: Kurisu
Guoguo shivered and felt around his body before taking out his cell phone.

Thereafter, he wanted to cry but had no tears. He said, "Senior Doudou, my phone broke. The bolt of lightning earlier fried the phone."

With the phone fried, there was no way of calling Senior Brother Shuhang.

Doudou was speechless.

"Senior Doudou, whats exactly happening to us? Did we commit some heinous crime that offended the Heavens?" asked the anxious small monk, who was chanting scriptures at the same time in an attempt to lighten his feeling of guilt.

Doudou sighed deeply and said, "Im only worried about one thing... what if the person chasing us to bring us home isnt Song Shuhang, but Venerable White?"

"What will happen if Venerable White is the one chasing us?" the small monk asked carefully.

"Were dead men!" Doudou said affirmatively... Yeah, dead men, not dogs.

The small monk immediately got frightened and said, "Then, whats gonna happen to us?

"Dont panic. We still cant confirm that it is Venerable White chasing us. We should firstly look for a public phone to give Shuhang a call, and confirm if it is Venerable White chasing us," Doudou said calmly. "If it is indeed Venerable White chasing us"

"Do we surrender?" the small monk interrupted.

"No, we should immediately give Medicine Master a call and make a reservation for a bed there. Then, we will rush to his place at top speed, and get hospitalized with a peace of mind."

The small monk swallowed his saliva and said, "Make a reservation for a bed? Isnt it better if we just surrender?"

"Hmph, there is an ancient saying: one should not be corrupted by wealth or status or shaken by poverty or subdued by force. Only then one can become a man of character! No matter how great the threat or force is, we cannot succumb to it," Doudou said proudly.

Hence he insists on getting hospitalized at Medicine Masters place instead of surrendering? Does he really have to persist in running away from home to such an extent? The small monk was confused.

"We should take advantage of the fact that Zhou Li has not caught up with us and hurry to look for a place that allows us to make calls," said Doudou.

Thereafter, he continued flying and flying with the small monk and finally found a small shop with something that looked like a public phone.

"These days, looking for a place to make calls sure is difficult." Doudou immediately landed in a corner next to the shop and went inside together with the small monk.

"Go make the call, I will give you Song Shuhangs number via secret sound transmission! You still have some spare change with you, right?" asked Doudou.

"I do." The small monk nodded.

A person and a dog went to the shop. The small monk faced the aunty at the counter, put his palms together and said, "Female benefactor, I need to make a phone call."

"Oh wow, what a cute little master." The lady boss smiled. "Do you need me to help you dial the number?"

"Thank you, female benefactor, but the small monk knows how to use it," replied the small monk.

After he took the phone, he dialed the phone number that Doudou gave him via the secret sound transmitter and called Song Shuhangs phone.

Very soon, a cordial voice came from the phone, saying, "Sorry, the phone you are trying to reach is switched off."

The small monk stiffly turned his head around and looked at Doudou, saying, "Senior Brother Shuhang... his phone is switched off."

Doudou was speechless.

"Im sorry, female benefactor. The call did not go through." The small monk faced the lady boss, put his palms together and apologized.

The lady boss almost spurted blood from her nose after seeing how cute this small monk was.

Why is Shuhangs phone off? Doudou was suspicious. That was because Song Shuhang had already learned the battery charging technique, so even if his phone ran out of energy, he could just use it to charge it.

As he was thinking, his facial expression suddenly changed. He turned around and sniffed before getting startled.

Next, he immediately sent a sound transmission to the small monk, saying, "Guoguo, lets hurry and leave. I can sense Zhou Lis scent approaching. Zhou Lis state seems a little strange today... he could actually catch up with us so soon?"

The small monk quickly bade the lady boss goodbye and hurriedly escaped with Doudou.

Doudou carried the small monk on his back and flew high into the sky at a fast speed, continuing to fly in the direction of the capital.

"Senior Doudou do we have to make a call to Senior Medicine Master?" the small monk asked anxiously.

"Lets increase the distance between Zhou Li and us first, then discuss!" Doudou answered.

As they were talking, Doudou suddenly stopped.

In the next moment, Doudou charged straight ahead. Not only that, but he also took out a magical treasure that looked like four wind-fire wheels and placed it under his feet.

He flew upwards at lightning speed, and rose to more than a hundred meters in altitude in an instant!

"Senior Doudou?" the small monk asked out of curiosity.

"Dont talk, that fella Zhou Li has already caught up," answered Doudou. He and Zhou Li had been fighting for so many years because of his episodes of running away from home; hence both of them knew each others tactics very well.

Earlier on, Zhou Li had made his move!

Just as Doudou flew up, a snake-like chain with a hook curled up in his original position below.

If Doudou did not fly up high instantly, he would have been caught by the chain.

But Doudou was still able to dodge it in the end.

"Hehehe, Zhou Li, this isnt enough. So many years have passed, and youre still using the same tactic. Your Heaven Shrouding Hook might be concealed, but I discovered its pattern a long time ago. As long as I detect a tiny trace, I can dodge it. Youre really too naive, Zhou Li. Cant you change your tactics a little?" Doudou said complacently.

"Hehehehe, naive?" Suddenly, Zhou Lis voice could be heard from somewhere above Doudou.

Following his voice was a chain that landed from the sky abovethe long chain transformed into a large net, engulfing Doudou and the small monk.

Below, Zhou Lis Heaven Shrouding Hook also curled up and transformed into a net and came at Doudou from below.

It was indeed an inescapable net!

"F*ck, two Heaven Shrouding Hooks!" Doudou screamed, and the four wind-fire wheels on his feet spun at lightning speed, launching his body forward at full speed.

But just as Doudou was charging forward at such a fast speed, there suddenly appeared a strong draft in the opposite direction that started to affect him.

Even though the strong draft didnt have a huge impact on Doudous speed, sometimes, that little bit of extra speed one lost was enough to change the situation.

The inescapable net that the Heaven Shrouding Hooks had transformed into trapped Doudou tightly.

After being captured, the two Heaven Shrouding Hooks tied Doudous four legs firmly. In the blink of an eye, Doudou was tied up like a rice dumpling.

The small monk on his back was also tightly bound.

"Dammit, I refuse to surrender!" Doudou bellowed. If not for that sudden strong draft, he definitely would not have been caught by the Heaven Shrouding Hooks.

Additionally, why are there two Heaven Shrouding Hooks? That fella Zhou Li had always been using just one!

"Hehe, you wont surrender?" Zhou Li, who was stepping on the sword light, steadily landed in front of Doudou. "There have always been two Heaven Shrouding Hooks just that my skill was not good enough previously, and I could only use one of them. As for the second one, I only started to master the technique to use it not long ago. Just in timeI got to test it out on you!"

Next to Zhou Li, the monster hunter girl stared at Doudou like a tiger eyeing its prey.

"I refuse to accept defeat. If not for that strong draft earlier, you think youd be able to catch me? Dont talk about two Heaven Shrouding Hooks, even four of them would not make it easy for you to catch me!" Doudou clenched his teeth.

"Hehe, no matter what you say right now, youre in the palm of my hand!" Zhou Li took out a pipe from his body and lit it up before taking a long drag.

Doudou bitterly clenched his teeth.

Zhou Li took a long drag from the pipe once again and exhaled two long streams of smoke from his nostrils.

After being cheated by Doudou yesterday, Zhou Lis eyes became very red, and he kept saying how he wanted to fight it out with Doudou. But today, his condition was entirely differenteven weirder than yesterday.

The current Zhou Li was too calmDoudou originally expected Zhou Li to seethe in anger and beat him up badly.

But Zhou Li right now had not shown a single bit of angerhe was only silently smoking his pipe. Such a feeling ended up making Doudou panic instead.

It was practically the calm before the stormthe prelude to a volcanos eruption!

After a long time.

Zhou Li exhaled two puffs of smoke from his nostrils and finally said, "Doudou yesterdays incident, just forget about it."

??? Doudous mind was instantly filled with a row of question marks.

"Yesterdays incident, just take it as if it never happened." Zhou Li used an extremely depressed tone and said, "Yesterday, you never told me that you were my sweetheart, and I dont know anything about this matter either. Absolutely nothing happened yesterday!"

"???" Doudou got even more puzzled. Forgive this poor dogsometimes, I just cant understand the way human beings think.

Zhou Li took a long drag from his pipe, and after the smoke was exhaled through both his nostrils and mouth, he said, "Later, Ill keep chatting with my sweetheart on the Internet. You dont have to care, just continue to act your role as my sweetheart well."

Zhou Ls tone was so miserable it almost made others cry.

"Uncle, dont cry." The young female monster hunter lightly patted Zhou Lis back, using a baby voice to console him.

Her consolation made Zhou Li want to cry even more.

Doudou was speechless.

He finally understood that Zhou Li had lost his mind.

But the words he said earlier were the scarier thing!

Did Zhou Li mean that he set his mind on having an online love affair with Doudou the male dog? Apart from their species, did the sex also not pose a problem?

If so, this was a very critical situation! Doudou felt that his chastity was at stake here!

If he could turn time back, Doudou would guarantee that he would never have played that joke on Zhou Li yesterday.

This wouldnt do, he needed to make up for this mistake.

Zhou Lis worldview that just got shattered needed to be restored once more by him!

"Zhou Li. You misunderstood!" Doudou said gravely. "Yesterday, I was actually just playing a joke on you!"

"A joke?" Zhou Li turned his head around. Smoke was coming out of his nostrils and mouth, causing his face to be engulfed by white smoke; he was giving off a terrifying feeling.

"Yes, I admit, that was a nasty joke. But your sweetheart is indeed a real person. I only secretly misappropriated her account. Trust me!" Doudou felt that he had never sounded as earnest as he just did in his entire life.