Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Excuse Me Can Anyone Fly A Plane
Chapter 282: Excuse me, can anyone fly a plane?

Translator: Stardu5t Editor: Kurisu
The dreamland this time was not affected by Lady Onion or by the pink string of karma.

It was just Song Shuhang seeing the majestic city in the sky once again in his semi-conscious mode.

Why would I see that city in the sky for no apparent reason? Could it be because I am nearing the East China Sea? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Song Shuhang, who was in the midst of dreaming, looked all around and saw that there were mountains, lakes, forests, and grasslands on the huge island.

There was also an ancient city, as well as tall city walls to fully protect it.

In the dream, Song Shuhang saw everything from birds-eye view, overlooking the majestic island in the sky from above. He could clearly see the layout of the ancient city. Especially in the center of the ancient city, where stood an eye-catching tall tower.

However, in this ancient city, not a single human figure could be seenthere was not a single soul in sight.

Is this the mysterious island? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

The last time, via Lady Onions dreamland, he could feel the presence of the buddhist monk named Nine Lanterns (or perhaps he should say buddhist nun Nine Lanterns?) within the city in the sky. However, he did not see any traces of Sister Nine Lanterns in his current dream. He did not see a single person.

After surveying the entire ancient city once, Song Shuhangs gaze shifted to the outside worldto be exact, to the huge forest.

Next, his gaze fell upon that enormous crescent moon-like lake.

This crescent moon-like lake was extremely beautiful.

It was the same as those lakes that constantly appeared in fantasy moviestranquil, reflecting the moonlight, and causing one to be charmed by it. If one were to use their phone to capture an image of it, it would not even require any filtersit could be used directly as a computer or phone wallpaper.

Just as Song Shuhangs gaze was about to get closer to the lake suddenly, something within the lake sensed his gaze.

"Splash!" A huge and long blue fish jumped out of the crescent moon-like lake, directly charging towards the sky.

It was really hugejust by observing its body, the part of its body that was out of the water was at least ten meters long. Its figure was like that of a snake, but it had no fish scalesits skin was akin to a dried-up tree bark.

The huge blue fish faced the sky, revealing its ferocious teeth; its tongue was akin to a small, strange green fish, and it also had a pair of sharp claws that were gesturing threateningly at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang got shocked by the strange fish that suddenly appearedit was practically like watching a warm, comforting movie and having a scary ghost suddenly appear in the scene, coupled with a ghostly cry.

Regardless of who it was, they would have been subconsciously scared out of their wits.

After getting a huge scare, Song Shuhang woke up.

"Was it a nightmare?" Song Shuhang muttered as he slowly opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, everything outside the window was pitch blackthe kind where you wouldnt be able to see all five of your fingers.

"Eh? Whats happening, is it already nighttime?" Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity.

It shouldnt be the casewhen they headed out it was still morning, it shouldnt take more than a couple of hours to get to the East China Sea, should it? How could it be night already?

Additionally, why were the passengers around them wearing a panicked look on their face?

"What happened?" Song Shuhang immediately asked Joseph, who was sitting next to him.

Joseph smiled bitterly and said, "Teacher, something really bad happened."

Just as Joseph was about to explain to him, the air hostess shocked voice was heard in the plane.

"Dear dear passengers I need to inquire, are there any passengers amongst us who can fly a plane? This matter is extremely urgent." The air hostess voice was trembling,

After that, the air hostess repeated what she said earlier in English.

The passengers were in a state of panic; chaos and disorder ensued.

"Whats happening? Why are they asking if anyone knows how to fly a plane?" Song Shuhang was extremely curious.

"Just earlier, three minutes ago at most, everything suddenly went black mid-flight, and nothing can be seen since then," Joseph explained, trying his best to maintain his calmness.

"After that, we suddenly realized that a lot of people disappeared, including my daughter and several other passengers. They just suddenly disappeared, as though they had never boarded the plane at all." Joseph clenched his teeth; he was very worried about what happened to his daughter.

"What is even worse is that the pilots have both disappeared; the flight crew members at the front of the plane, too they have all suddenly disappeared."

Song Shuhang was dumbstruck.

The pilots have disappeared? Some of the flight crew members who somewhat knew how to operate a plane have all disappeared?

What kind of joke is this! Then whos piloting the plane right now?

"Could it be that I havent woken up from my dream?" Song Shuhang muttered.

It felt like one of those consecutive nightmares that people had sometimesafter one nightmare ended, another scary nightmare would begin.

Such consecutive nightmares were said to usually occur when a person was down with a cold, or if they were generally not feeling well.

"Its not a dream, Teacher. Our current situation is really bad right now, the airplane is on autopilot, and we should be fine for a short period of time at least. But, if nobody who knows how to operate the plane takes over, sooner or later, the plane will crash." Joseph smiled bitterly; there was a purple bruise on his armit was caused by him pinching himself.

Three minutes ago, he also thought it was a nightmare. But even though he pinched himself till his arm turned purple and was in extreme pain, he still did not wake up from the dream.

This wasnt a dream it was the cruel reality.

And at this time, the air hostess panicky voice was heard, "Sob please do not crowd around and blame me, blaming me is of no use sob, I dont know how to fly a plane. If there is anyone amongst you who can fly a plane, please hurry go to the control cabin. Even the autopilot mode is malfunctioning now."

The remaining several flight attendants were surrounded by the agitated passengers; they absolutely had no idea what to do; after all, none of them could operate the plane.

The passengers were all in despair.

What kind of joke was this, where could you find a person who could operate a plane seated amongst the passengers? This wasnt a 007 special agent or a sci-fi movie where a male lead, who could even operate a space shuttle, would suddenly appear!

At this time, Zhuge Zhongyangs regretful voice came from behind Song Shuhang. "Im sorry, I am so sorry, everyone, it was my fault for suddenly choosing to go to the East China Seas island resort. I have implicated all of you."

Next to him was Gao Moumou, hugging his girlfriend Yayi with a forced smile on his face.

Tubo was rather depressed. He raised his head and rested it against his seat. He only accepted an invitation to go on a trip, but instead, he was about to face deathof course, he would be depressed.

"Dont waste your time, write your farewell letter. If youre lucky enough, your farewell letter might be found. Use your cell phone to type it; perhaps when theres a chance to get some signal, you can still send it out before you die." Zhuge Yue unlocked her phone with her finger and started to quickly tap on the keyboard.

Joseph sighed and silently took out his phone, switched it on, and prepared to write his farewell letter. "Teacher, are you also going to write a letter? What a pity, it was very hard for me to meet a person like you with authentic Chinese martial arts techniques, but Ive only barely learned a few days, and now Im about to go to heaven."

Song Shuhang was speechless.

When it came to flying a plane, Song Shuhang did know a thing or two. However, he learned how to operate a private jet, which was very different from a commercial aircraft like that. Additionally, the one he actually physically operated before was merely a private helicopter.

Butdesperate times calls for desperate measures.

Song Shuhang stood up, lifted his backpack and walked towards the control cabin.

Over there, there was a slightly chubby air hostess who kept repeating and repeating her earlier words. Both her legs were trembling, she was completely scared to death.

Next to her, a bunch of angry passengers was raging loudly, using all kinds of languages to cuss. Since they were in the face of death, they had to be given some sort of an outlet to vent.

Joseph looked at Song Shuhang feeling very puzzled, unsure what his master was doing.

Likewise, Gao Moumou looked at Song Shuhang in a baffled way. After thinking for a bit, he lightly patted Yayi in his arms, making her stay in her original position.

Thereafter, he tapped Tubo, expressing that he wanted Tubo to go with him to check on Song Shuhang and find out what he was up to.

In the face of death, you couldnt count on others to have a good temper.

"Sorry, could you let me pass through." At this time, Song Shuhang was squeezing his body through the crowd. When he stuck out his chest, he managed to force the people in front who were blocking him aside.

Very soon, he arrived right in front of the chubby air hostess.

"Hello Miss, if youre looking for someone to fly the plane, why dont you let me try it." Song Shuhang felt around his pocket and took out a private pilot license (PPL) from his pocket and passed it to the air hostess. "Even though it is just a license for private jets, which is slightly different from commercial planes, if there is no one else who can fly a plane, why dont I give it a shot. At least I have some experience flying an aircraft."

Song Shuhangs voice wasnt loud, but all the passengers who were crowding in front heard it.

Immediately, everyone quietened down. Everyone looked at Song Shuhang in anticipation. At this point, Song Shuhang was akin to their last ray of hope.

Song Shuhang looked somewhat young, and in the eyes of the majority of the people, being young equated lack of experience and hence lack of reliability. However, at this moment, nobody would actually mind Song Shuhangs age.

What they only cared about was the private pilot license (PPL) that Song Shuhang took outthey wanted to know if that was real or fake!

"When did Shuhang learn how to fly a plane?" Gao Moumou lowered his voice and said next to Tubos ear with his eyes wide open.

"How would I know?" Tubo laughed bitterly. He clearly just went to get a drivers license with Song Shuhang not long ago, and now, Song Shuhang magically produced a private pilot license?

Gao Moumou moved closer to Tubos ear and asked in a small voice, "It couldnt be fake, right?"

Because Song Shuhang absolutely did not have the time to learn how to fly an airplane or attend the pilot license exams!

They were after all Song Shuhangs roommatesthey roughly knew about Song Shuhangs schedule for the semester. Going to flying classes was a rather time-consuming activity; Song Shuhang definitely had no way of hiding it from them.

After hearing that, Tubos face immediately turned white.

But at this time, the flight attendant in front happily passed the private pilot license back to Song Shuhang and said, "Mr. Song, please give it a try! In our current situation, we can only depend on you!"