Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Slice Slice Slice The Airplane
Chapter 284: Slice, slice, slice the airplane!

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A green dot of light radiating golden light?

Song Shuhang suddenly had a bad premonitionit couldnt be the mysterious island, right?

As he was thinking about it, Gao Moumous next sentence confirmed his guess.

"Its getting closer and closer, I indistinctly see a small island?" Gao Moumou opened his eyes widely and used his hands to rub his eyes as hard as he could before laughing bitterly, and said, "That small island... seems to be floating in the sky? As expected, I must be hallucinating, right?

Tubo forced a smile and said, "It indeed is a small island."

Yayi answered, "It indeed is floating in the sky."

Song Shuhang was speechless.

This was cheating... at first, he thought that if he really ended up chancing upon the mysterious island on this trip to the East China Sea, at most, he wouldnt enter it and everything would be fine!

As for the seniors in the groupSenior Three Reckless, Senior North River, and Senior Ancient Lake Temple, when they chanced upon the mysterious island, they decided on their own accord to enter it.

And Song Shuhang, who already knew that entering the mysterious island would cause memory loss, naturally would not choose to enter it.

But who knew the mysterious island was so shameless... it actually pulled the trap card!

If not for Gao Moumou and Tubo pointing out that there was an island floating in the sky, Song Shuhang, who was unaware of everything, might have ended up charging straight into the mysterious island!

Why is it that the seniors in the group had the choice whether or not they wanna enter the mysterious island, but I, on the other hand, feel like Im being forced to enter it? Song Shuhang pondered deeply for a moment, and silently touched his chest.

Even though he couldnt see it anymore, he knew that there was a karma thread on his body connecting himself to Lady Onion on the enlightenment stone, and there was yet another karma thread on Lady Onions body, connecting herself all the way to Nine Lanterns in the city in the sky.

If the island in the sky was the mysterious island, then could the karma thread be behind all these, insisting on getting him on the mysterious island?

Wasnt this an evil trap?!

Hehe, you want to get me on the island, but on the contrary, I simply will not be entering . Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Hence, he said to his roommates, "I feel that there is definitely something fishy about that island, we have to avoid it!"

"Agreed, thats what I think too." Whenever Gao Moumou looked at the island floating in the sky, it would give him the creeps.

On the other hand, Tubo was a very curious young lad with an exuberant desire for knowledge. "I think that perhaps we should go check it out?"

"Gao Moumou, what is the location of that small island? We will go around it." Song Shuhangs ears automatically ignored Tubos opinion.

"In that direction." Gao Moumous finger pointed at the location of the floating island in his eyes.

Song Shuhang nodded and changed the planes route, carefully avoiding the floating islands coordinates.

The plane continued flying for a very long time

"Have we avoided it?" Song Shuhang asked.

Right before his eyes was only pitch-black darkness, so he could not see the floating island and could only ask Gao Moumou.

"We have!" Gao Moumou nodded.

Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh.

Next the plane continued advancing.

As it was flying and flying, suddenly, extremely bright rays of light appeared right in front of the plane.

Gao Moumou, Tubo, and Yayi could not adapt to the sudden strong light in time; they instinctively squinted.

We have finally gotten out of the pitch-black zone? Song Shuhang rejoiced in his heart. Since he had already opened his Eye Aperture, his adaptability to bright light was very high.

Song Shuhang was able to adapt to the extremely bright light before his eyes in the blink of an eye.

He looked greedily at the scenery in front of him, in a bid to find out where he exactly ended up at.

When he opened his eyes Song Shuhang teared up immediately.

Appearing in front of him was a huge and vast forest. The forest was so tall that its big trees reached high up to the sky, touching the clouds. There were giving him a feeling of my drill will pierce the Heavens. Song Shuhang did not specialize in plants, hence he could not identify the species of the huge trees. But when he saw those trees, he somehow felt that they did not fit in the present era.

At the end of the forest was a vast grassland that stretched as far as the eyes could see. The grassland was so vast that when the wind blew over it, the grass rolled like waves in the sea.

Thereafter Song Shuhang saw a familiar landscape.

It was a huge, crescent moon-like lake. It was the exact same lake he saw within the city in the sky in his dream on the plane earlier.

When he saw the crescent moon-like lake, Song Shuhang felt his liver faintly hurting. If the dreamland he saw on the plane was real, hiding within the crescent moon-like lake would be a huge fish that was more than ten meters long. Additionally, that 10-meter part of its body that was revealed was only a small sectionGod knew how scarily long the hidden part of its body in the lake would be!

At the same time, he knew beyond doubt that the island below was the majestic city in the sky he saw in his dream. At the same time, he was at least 70% sure that the island in the sky was the mysterious island.

Dont tell me Im destined to lose my memories? Tears rolled down Song Shuhangs face.

Furthermore...Why did I end up entering it when I had already clearly avoided that island in the sky?

Can anyone tell me what is happening?

Unless... what Gao Moumou and the rest saw was a mirage, the reflection of the floating island. Instead, the actual floating island was just in front of the new flight route, waiting for them to walk right into the trap?

That was too despicable.

"So pretty!" After Yayis eyes adapted to the bright rays, she snuggled up to Gao Moumou.

Likewise, Tubo gasped in surpriseit was such a beautiful place.

In the passenger compartment of the plane, there were about 20-odd passengers who had not vanished all the passengers sensed a change outside the plane, and they all ran to the windows to take a look outside.

"Oh, so beautiful!" Song Shuhangs disciple in name, Joseph, exclaimed loudly in English. Joseph was a person who loved to travel; he frequently brought his family to travel all around the world.

However, even after going through all the mental images of the beautiful landscapes he had ever seen before, there was not a single place that could hold a candle to the fairyland right before his eyes.

Yes, fairyland. The kind of image youd see in fairy tales, novels, or movies; even the legendary paradise wouldnt compare to that, right?

"Are we saved? We have already passed the damned pitch-black zone, right?" the slightly chubby air hostess cheered loudly.

"Nobody else on the plane got ignited into particles of light, and no one else disappeared! Are we all safe now?!" another white-collar worker said agitatedly, his voice filled with the extreme joy one experienced after surviving a calamity.

Lu Feis elder sister also went to the window and asked, "But, where exactly is this place?"

"I dont know, my phone has no reception either. Could it be an island in the East China Sea?" Lu Fei took out her phone and looked.

"Perhaps its because were within the airplane, hence the signal would be interrupted. After we land, we can check it again," said Zhuge Yue. At the same time, she (he) took out a camera and started shooting photos of the scenery outside the window.

Zhuge Yue was a member of the schools news department; recording and filming everything odd, interesting or unique that she saw became an instinct for her.

Zhuge Zhongyang secretly heaved a sighluckily, all of them were safe and sound. If anything happened to the people he invited on this trip, Zhuge Zhongyang would definitely blame himself for the rest of his life.

Within the control cabin.

"Shuhang, do you wanna look for a place to land?" Gao Moumou asked out of curiosity.

"Let me give it a try," Song Shuhang answered.

Of course, Song Shuhang wasnt planning to descend, he wanted to see if he could directly break through the mysterious island barrier and return to the real world!

However, when he was to increase the planes altitude and speed, his facial expression changed.

No matter how hard Song Shuhang tried to accelerate, the plane seemed to have lost its power and steadily descended.

What was happening?

Song Shuhangs brain started spinning very fast.

Very soon, he recalled some of the things that the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group said in regards to the mysterious island.

For example, at the entrance of the mysterious island, there was a flight restricting formation. Even for a Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperor, upon entering the mysterious island, he could only descend and land since he would be unable to use the flying sword.

Even a Golden Core Spiritual Emperor would be forced to landone could forget about flying a mere plane there.

Song Shuhang secretly sighed. He could only try his best to glide the plane over the grassland, at least it wouldnt land in the forest and get pierced by the tall trees this way.

Just as Song Shuhang used all his might to glide the plane, two rays of light flashed within the sky.

They seemed to be two sword lights?

The two sword light first whizzed and charged in front of the plane thereafter, they abruptly halted.

Then, the two sword lights changed their direction, turned around and charged towards Song Shuhang!

If my eyes did not fail me, they should be Senior Whites disposable flying sword 004 edition, right? Song Shuhangs gaze was fixated on the two sword lights.

At the same time, he experienced a sudden feeling of uneasiness.

F*ck, these two disposable swords... they couldnt be rushing toward me, right?!

Just as that thought struck Song Shuhang, the two disposable swords arrived right above the airplane

Senior White, what are you doing?!

Song Shuhang wanted to cry but couldnt shed any tears. He remembered giving Venerable White a call when he was boarding the plane and telling Senior White that he was on the plane and his cell phone needed to be switched off.

If Venerable White wanted to send Doudou and the small monk back via the disposable sword 004 edition, he needed to at least wait till they got to their destination first.

Then why were there two disposable flying swords being shot over?

Venerable White shouldnt be making such a rookie mistake!

Also, the swords have already been shot here, but what about Doudou and the small monk? Why are they not on the flying swords?

At this time, it would be a good thing as well if Doudou were here, because Doudou is after all a Fourth Stage monster dog who can fly!

Oh, I forgot there is a flight restriction in this place. Even if Doudou were here, it would be of no use

Wait, at the very least, Doudou has already mastered a couple of techniques and spells. If he were here, the risk of crashing the plane would be slimmer.

And Doudou is after all quite strongon the strange mysterious island, he would be able to fulfill the role of a bodyguard well!

Just as Song Shuhang was letting his thoughts run wild, the two disposable swords struck the plane, slicing the front of the airplane, just like slicing tofu

Senior White, do you know how to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?

Sorry, Shuhang, your senior only knows how to Slice Slice the Little Plane...