Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Prodigious Gorillas
Chapter 285: Prodigious gorillas

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At this time, in the space above the East China Sea.

"..." Venerable White slightly furrowed his brows.

Before him, the unconscious Doudou and small monk were floating, wrapped by his spiritual energy. However, the flying swords they had used to travel were nowhere to be seen.

Before boarding the plane, Song Shuhang gave Venerable White a call, saying that he would contact him again after reaching the resort island. Of course, Senior White hadnt forgotten this point.

Therefore, when he used the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique and sent Doudou and the small monk toward Song Shuhangs coordinates, he also closely followed behind.

Senior White was planning to let Doudou and the small monk approach Song Shuhangs plane. Afterward, he would control the speed of the flying swords and make them slowly follow the airplane, proceeding toward the resort island together.

With him following closely, he could easily make sure that the two disposable flying swords 004 edition wouldnt damage the airplane Song Shuhang had boarded.

However, a small accident happened when the two flying swords were on their way...

Just now, when the flying swords carrying Doudou and the small monk crossed the space above the East China Sea, they suddenly bumped into what seemed to be an invisible wall. This barrier had a strange power, and as soon as Doudou and the small monk came in contact with it, they fainted.

On the other hand, those two flying swords bypassed the barrier and changed into starlights, disappearing!

Luckily, Venerable White was following closely, and when he saw that Doudou and the small monk were falling toward the sea, he stretched his hand out and used his spiritual energy to catch them.

After gazing at the incorporeal and yet material barrier, Venerable White started to ponder.

Those flying swords disappeared without a trace is this the work of a space-related technique?

The disposable flying sword 004 edition was supposed to follow Song Shuhang since it entered the barrier ahead, it had to mean that the plane Song Shuhang boarded also entered the barrier, right?

However, what was on the other side of the barrier?

Venerable White stepped in the sky as if walking on flat ground and arrived in front of the invisible barrier.

Is the mysterious island on the other side? Senior White thought to himself.

Recently, a lot of strange things happened in the East China Sea airspace. Was this the same mysterious island where even his fellow daoists from the Nine Provinces Number One Group lost their memories?

After thinking a bit, Venerable White put out his hand and tried to touch the barrierin the past, he tried to look for the mysterious island. But no matter how much he tried, the island seemed to be playing hide-and-seek with him and wasnt willing to be found.

And now that he had finally found it, Venerable White didnt mind going there and explore it.

Then, just as Senior White was about to touch the barrier a strange crackling sound echoed throughout the surrounding area.

In the next instant, the invisible barrier literally shattered, disappearing without leaving any traces.

The East China Sea airspace was once again peaceful, and there were no abnormalities.

Venerable Whites face froze I was so close!

Just as I put out my hand, the barrier suddenly crumbled?

Are you trying to slap me in the face?

On the floating island.

A long time had passed since the flying sword sliced the plane.

Song Shuhang slowly regained consciousness the last thing he remembered was two disposable flying swords cutting off the nose of the airplane.

Afterward, he lost consciousness and fainted.

...Im still alive...?

Even today, I somehow managed to survive! Song Shuhang sighed with emotion.

Then, where am I now? Song Shuhang thought to himselfat this time, he felt as if his body was submerged in water, floating up and down.

I didnt fall into that crescent moon-like lake, right? There is a very high chance that there were monsters inside!

However, this lake felt warm and rather comfortable.

Is this crescent moon-like lake actually a hot spring...?

Just as he was pondering, Song Shuhang heard a faint and anxious cry echo in his ear.

This cry had a certain rhythm and seemed that many people were shouting in unison Is it possible that they are not screaming in fear, but are instead singing?

Song Shuhang took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

In the next instant, he was completely dumbfounded.

What crescent moon-like lake!

What hot spring!

At this time, he was inside a cauldron with blazing flames underneath! The water in the cauldron slowly starting to heat-up, and one could already see bubbles rising.

Moreover, Song Shuhang saw that many condiments and vegetables were floating in the water...

As if that wasnt enough, his body was also trussed up tightly.

This scene reminded him of those man-eating tribes in movies. But those scenes where they were cooking people alive were fake! Moreover, even real-life cannibals were unlikely to eat people like this!

What sorcery was this?

Just who was playing tricks on him?

Song Shuhang turned around and gazed at the people shouting and yelling beside the cauldron.

After seeing who these people were, he was stunned.

Because the guys surrounding the cauldron werent humanthey were black-colored gorillas. And there were more than twenty of them.

They were standing erect and surrounding the cauldron while screaming, cheering, and jumping around they looked exactly like those primitives tribes you see in documentaries.

These guys want to eat me! Song Shuhang didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Never would he have imagined that he would be treated as food one day.

If he hadnt timely woken up, in one or two hours, a dish named Boiled Song Shuhang would have been served and consumed on the dinner table of these gorillas.

Moreover these guys were clearly gorillas, but why were they using something like a cauldron to cook things? Where the hell did they find this cauldron in the first place?!

Alright, I should stop thinking about this trivial stuff.

Song Shuhang used a little bit of his physical strength and broke free of the bindings; he didnt need to use the power of qi and blood.

Next, he stood up while still inside the cauldron, looking all around. It was at this point that he saw that, not too far away from the gorillas, Tubo, Gao Moumou, and his girlfriend Yayi were also trussed up, while Song Shuhangs backpack and the still invisible treasured saber Broken Tyrant were casually thrown on a side.

Luckily, they threw him into the cauldron first. If they had decided to throw in there Tubo and the others first, they might be already thoroughly boiled...

Anyway, where were the other passengers?

Tubo and the others were with him in the control cabin when they disappeared. But what about the passengers in the rear and the other people he knew?

When Song Shuhang stood up, all the gorillas were surprised.



They confusedly looked at the food that had suddenly stood up in the cauldron.

Soon after, a particularly strong-looking gorilla took the lead and loudly roared at Song Shuhang, starting to hammer its chest.

Does it want to fight?

Song Shuhang came out of the cauldron and clenched his fist.

"ROAAAR!!" That stocky gorilla madly dashed toward Song Shuhang on its four limbs. On the way, it picked up a huge stone and tried to smash Song Shuhang with it.

Have all these gorillas developed intellect?

Song Shuhang spun his wrist and welcomed the huge stone with a light attack of the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique. Thanks to the wondrous power of the fist technique, the rock was sent flying.

"Roar!" The stocky gorilla jumped up and used its thick arms to try to get a hold of Song Shuhang.

"Hehe." Song Shuhang smiled. "Basic Fist Number Five!"

The Basic Fist Number Five was an explosive and overbearing attack, perfectly suitable to deal with this huge gorilla.

The stocky gorilla saw the food before its eyes quickly move, disappearing from its sight.

In the next instant, it felt a severe pain in its chest as though a huge rock had suddenly hit it.

Song Shuhang needed only one punch to send the stocky gorilla flying. After falling to the ground, the gorilla struggled for a while but was unable to get up.

Song Shuhang had used the strength of this attack to probe the overall battle prowess of this pack of gorillas.

The strength of their physical body surpassed that of their brethren from Earth of at least twofold. Just by relying on the strength of their bodies, these gorillas were comparable to a cultivator that had opened their third aperture, the Nose Aperture.

Of course, if a cultivator that had opened three apertures were to use the power qi and blood, they could easily defeat these gorillas.

Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh.

Although he had easily knocked down this stocky gorilla, he had also used the qi and blood in his Heart Aperture to do so. Nevertheless, the gorilla wasnt seriously wounded by this hit.

It seemed that these gorillas had a high resistance toward physical attacks.

Although it was now lying on the ground and couldnt get up, that stocky gorilla wouldnt need too much time to recover. Afterward, it would bravely charge toward him once more.

But what gave Song Shuhang a headache was the fact that there were twenty plus gorillas in front of him!

When they saw the stocky gorilla knocked down, all the nearby gorillas were stunned. They roared at Song Shuhang in a low voice; however, they didnt charge toward him.

I should take the initiative and gain the upper hand; otherwise, it would be troublesome if they were to surround me, Song Shuhang thought to himself. Then, he shot a glance at his backpack and the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

He was planning to retrieve Broken Tyrant first. With the saber in his hands, dealing with these gorillas would be easy.

Song Shuhang took a deep breath and operated the supplementary technique Immovable Body of the Buddha. At the same time, the blood and qi in his Heart, Eye, Nose, and Ear Apertures started to churn, optimizing the condition of his body.

"ROAR!" At this time, the knocked down stocky gorilla was finally able to get back on its feet.

Then, it approached Song Shuhang on its four limbs.

The other gorillas made way and allowed it to confront Song Shuhang once more.

"Roar!" The stocky gorilla got up on its two feet and patted its chest again, sending out a thump-thump sound.

In the next instant, it charged against Song Shuhang once again.

Just as before, it picked up a huge stone along the way and threw it toward Song Shuhang.

And also just as before, Song Shuhang used his fists to easily send the stone flying. Soon after, he made a fist with his right hand and prepared to use the Basic Fist Number One to get rid of this gorilla.

But right at this time, Song Shuhang saw the stocky gorilla bend its body and lift his shoulders, assuming an awe-inspiring pose.

This pose was similar to Song Shuhangs when he used the Basic Fist Number Five earlier.

Although it was only an imitation it was still able to perfectly copy his posture after seeing it only once. Was this thing really a gorilla?

Such high-level comprehension skills belonged only to a prodigy!

At this time, the stocky gorilla dashed forward like a bulldozer and closed in on Song Shuhang.