Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 286

Chapter 286 Gymnastics Gorillas
Chapter 286: Gymnastics gorillas!

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Even though it did not have any substance, contrary to its appearance, the stocky gorilla still had an intimidating physique and strengththe power its punch packed was rather significant.

Song Shuhang decided to avoid meeting the attack head on. He slightly moved his body and performed the footwork of the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk. After which, he confidently and effortlessly took a few steps, and leisurely walked behind the gorilla.

Next, Song Shuhang slapped his palm on the gorillas back hard. This palm contained the qi and blood power of the Heart and Eye Apertures. It was extremely strong and powerful!


The gorilla could not dodge in time and took the hit head-on. The impact went through its thick and sturdy skin, then to its muscles, injuring its inner organs.

"Rawr," the gorilla cried out in pain and its saliva splattered everywhere. At the same time, upon impact, its body bumped towards the boiling cauldron, turning it over before falling onto the burning flames.

The gorillas fur immediately caught fire, and its continuous cries echoed however, very soon, it ingeniously rolled around on the floor and quickly put out the fire on its body.

From the looks of it, they seemed to be very experienced when it came to putting out the fire on their bodies. Probably, in their everyday lives, it was not unusual for them to set their fur on fire.

The corner of Song Shuhangs mouth twitchedspeaking of which, were these indeed just ordinary gorillas and not some gorilla spirits?

After the stocky gorilla started rolling all over the floor, it weakly collapsed, not moving a single bit. This time, it was badly woundedthere was no way it could get up within a short period of time!

Song Shuhang turned around and stared at the troop of gorillas.

"Roar, roar," the troop of gorillas bellowed and came charging at Song Shuhang.

Next, another enormous gorilla took the lead and charged straight at Song Shuhang.

Oh? There is actually a code of chivalry within this troop of gorillas; instead of attacking me as a group, they actually want a one-on-one challenge?

Then, while that enormous gorilla was charging halfway, it casually picked up a large rock and smashed it towards Song Shuhang. F*ck, throwing a rock before the start of a fight... so it wasnt that stocky gorillas unique skill, but an innate skill of the entire gorilla species?

"Smashing rocks at me is of no use!" Song Shuhang reached out with his hand and slapped, smacking the large rock out of the way.

However, something that made him shocked happened.

When that huge gorilla was approaching him, its two short legs employed a footworkit was the same Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk executed by Song Shuhang earlier!

Thereafter, when that enormous gorilla got to Song Shuhangs back, it used all its strength and slapped Song Shuhangs back.

That set of moves was indeed the technique used by Song Shuhang to hit the stocky gorilla earlier.

What an awesome imitation skill!

Even though the few steps of the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk were not as impressive as it looked, the learning ability of this troop of gorillas was indeed heaven-defying!

Should I consider bringing one back for Senior White to play with? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Thereafter, to deal with the enormous gorilla attacking his from behind, Song Shuhang lifted his leg, like a horse lifting its hind legs, and kicked at the enormous gorilla.

This strong final blow from his kick directly sent the enormous gorilla flying.

The physique of the enormous gorilla was clearly weaker than that of the earlier stocky gorillaafter being kicked by Song Shuhang in its chest really hard, it fainted as soon as it collapsed onto the floor and could not get up again.

Song Shuhang surveyed the remaining nineteen gorillasif it was going to be a one-on-one challenge, taking down this troop of gorillas wouldnt be hard!

However, would this troop of gorillas continue to engage in one-on-one challenges?

The answer was no.

After the two strongest gorillas of the troop were defeated by Song Shuhang, the remaining nineteen gorillas bellowed in rage and charged towards Song Shuhang at the same time.

And what was even worse was that when they were charging halfway, they all bent down to pick up a large rock each in sync, and ferociously threw them at Song Shuhang.

It was indeed an innate skill of their species!

With so many rocks coming all at once, change in quantity led to a change in quality; their destructive power and menace increased multifold!

Song Shuhang looked at the sea of huge rocks being thrown at him and felt his liver indistinctly hurting again.

On the other side.

On the grassland not far from the troop of gorillas

The wreckage of the plane was scattered all over the grassland, its front nowhere to be found.

The passengers in the fuselage of the plane were a bit more fortunate, they did not receive the full force of the impact from the disposable flying swords like Song Shuhang and company who were in the control cabin.

Besides, when the accident occurred, the plane was already under the influence of the flight restriction formation and slowly descending.

The flight restriction formation did not directly pull the items in the sky down to the ground, but forcefully nullified their ability to fly instead; there was also another force that supported the items in the sky, making them slowly land

After the plane landed on the grassland, even though many passengers were injured, they were all alive.

However, right now the over twenty passengers that just escaped from calamity had to face another, bigger danger.

A total of fifty-odd black gorillas rushed over the moment the plane landed; without even waiting for the passengers to react, all the gorillas dispersed, surrounding all the twenty-odd remaining passengers in a circle.

After these black gorillas surrounded the passengers, they actually took out ropes. From the looks of it, they wanted to tie these passengers up one by one.

Immediately, girls screams could be heard, coupled with childrens cries

"God, what is happening?" a black uncle cried out in English; his voice was naturally loudit momentarily masked all the other screams and cries of the girls and children.

Based on the black uncles knowledge, a troop of gorillas usually consisted of thirty of them at most, so how did more than fifty gorillas gather in front of him?

Additionally, the gorillas even knew how to tie people up with ropes! Where did these gorillas even come from?

The black uncles cry was too loud and crispit attracted the attention of the troop of gorillas.

Thereafter, a strong gorilla walked out from the group and went in the direction of the black uncle, charging and bellowing at him at the same time.

It seemed as though the loud and clear cry of the black uncle earlier was mistaken as a provocation by the troop of gorillas?

Next, the strong gorilla hit its chest and charged towards the black uncle like a tank.

The black uncles legs went weak immediately.

The strong gorilla charged in front of him and punched the living daylights out of the black uncle, leaving him unconscious on the ground.

"Huhuhu!" The strong gorillas facial expression clearly showed disdain. After that, it retrieved a rope and skillfully tied the black uncle up.

This was indeed a sorrowful scene.

But for some reason, when the black gorilla skillfully tied the black uncle up, it felt as though it was stitching something with a needle, making the the people on the scene smile for unknown reason.

After he was done tying up the black uncle, the strong gorilla bellowed at the passengers. "Roar, roar, roar!"

Thereafter, it used both hands to hit its chest, displaying the gorillas signature gesture.

The remaining passengers were frightened to death.

Some people frantically took out their phones, making futile attempts to dial numbers; some of them screamed out loud with tears streaming down their faces continuously; some of them even curled themselves up, trembling in fear

Amongst the remaining twenty passengers, twelve of them were gentle and feeble women.

Among the nine men, five of them were slightly plump liberal arts staff.

Amongst the remaining four, one of them was the black uncle that was tied up by the strong gorilla.

The other one was an adorable little boy.

The third one was an old professor with a head full of white hair.

The last one was Song Shuhangs disciple in name, Joseph.

Apart from Joseph and the black uncle that was already tied up like a rice dumpling, who looked like they had at least a bit of fighting strength, the rest of them practically had no fighting capacity.

Unfortunately, the young and healthy men on the plane earlier got transformed into particles of light that disappeared within the flame.

That was indeed the kind of scene that caused people to give up all hope!

Lu Fei, who was hiding in the crowd, asked in a small voice, "Elder sister, what are we gonna do?"

Lu Feis elder sister furrowed her brows and secretly sighed. "Were in trouble. We got surrounded, and based on our current state, we have no way of escaping from the clutches of this troop of gorillas."

Next to her, Joseph clenched his teeth, silently protecting the two ladies. His daughter had already disappeared from the plane, and now, he would definitely not allow these two ladies to be harmed in any way!

When Joseph looked at the troop of at least fifty monstrous gorillas, he knew he already was in desperate straits. At such a time if they didnt fight back, death would be the only option.

But if they fought back, pitting 20-odd weaklings versus fifty strong and formidable gorillas... no matter how you see it, there was absolutely no chance of winning.

Perhaps now is the time for me to use the peerless martial technique that master taught me! Joseph clenched his fists with all his strength.

Joseph had complete faith in his master, Shuhanghe believed in the peerless martial technique that his master, who only lightly pushed his palm to create the exploding sound in the air, taught him.

Even though he had only practiced for slightly over a month, Joseph could really feel that he got a lot stronger.

"Roar, roar, roar!" At this time, that gorilla bellowed at the passengers once again and hit its chest with strength.

Behind him, the other black gorillas also bellowed, each holding a rope, slowly approaching the passengers.

Their movements were in sync they practically looked like a group of people moving around.

The strong gorillas face looked very pleased.

Thereafter, he took out another rope once again, and reached out his hands in a bid to grab the nearest air hostess.

At this time, Joseph finally stepped up and shouted in anger, "Stop what youre doing!"

The strong gorilla turned around in curiosity and stared at Joseph.

Josephs eyes looked fierce, and he had a grave expression on his face.

Next, he started performing the first set of the Times are Calling, the preparation stage.

He maintained an upright position and raised his left arm while facing the left hand.

The next step... bend the right leg forward, and at the same time, his left arm was lifted towards the inside, facing the right hand!

Thereafter, his right leg went back to its original position, and at the same time, he lifted both arms (palms facing outside) and slightly raised his head.

Joseph stared provocatively at the strong gorilla.

The strong gorilla initially stared blankly.

Then it looked like it was deep in thought. Thereafter, it did a disdainful expressionits facial expression was too vivid, just like that of a human.

Then, the strong gorilla stood upright!

It raised its left arm while looking at its left hand!

Its right leg bent forward, and at the same time, its right arm was lifted towards the inside, facing the right hand!

Lastly, its right leg went back to its original position, and at the same time, it lifted both arms (palms facing outside) and slightly raised his head.

This imitation was too perfect, perfectly smooth and fluid, it didnt seem like it was its first time performing it at all! It looked very nice!

After finishing the first set of the Times are Calling, the strong gorilla turned its head around and stared provocatively at Joseph!