Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 290

Chapter 290 The Shrinking Big Lizard
Chapter 290: The shrinking big lizard
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In the end, the old professor, the four women, and the three chubby clerks decided to form a separate team, while everyone else chose to follow Song Shuhang and go to the ancient city.

The old professor was very curious about this island; perhaps others were unaware of this, but he knew that the small plants they were stepping on and those towering trees far away were already extinct on Earth.

The vegetation he could see only in books appeared before his very eyes now.

Therefore, he decided to stay in this place and study these plants further, then bring a few samples back with him if possibleas he saw it, as long as he knew in which direction the ancient city was, he could catch up with the others in no time.

Scientists were usually quite reasonable, but whenever their interest got piqued, no one could stop them. At this time, the thirst for knowledge of the old professor was at the limit, and even though he had experienced the terror of those gorillas, he wasn't discouraged and still wanted to go on with his exploration.

As for those four women and the three chubby clerks, they also seemed to have some plans.

Song Shuhang had no intention of forcing them to follow him, but before leading his team away, he showed them the direction where the ancient city was once more.

"Ill give you a final reminder. This place is very dangerous other than that troop of gorillas, there are even bigger dangers lying in ambush. Take care of yourselves," Song Shuhang said.

He had done everything in his power and also reminded them of the dangers.

Now, whether they would follow his advice, and whether they would survive this ordeal, was all up to their abilities and luck.

Lu Fei and her sister, Joseph, the young boy, the black uncle, the chubby air hostess, and the other five female passengers followed Song Shuhang and left.

Later, Gao Moumou, Yayi, and Tubo also came out of their hiding place and joined Shuhangs group.

"Shuhang, what happened just now?" Gao Moumou was baffled and couldnt understand why those gorillas suddenly escaped as soon as Song Shuhang made his appearance. Shuhang wasnt a dangerous animal, and even if he were the king of the beasts, the lion, he could have only escaped in front of those powerful fifty-odd gorillas!

"Im also unsure as to what happened. I merely showed myself and then..." Song Shuhang forced a smile. He merely released his spiritual pressure; he didnt expect those gorillas to get so frightened either.

Then, he added, "Enough chit-chat, this island is full of dangers. Lets immediately go the ancient city as to avoid further troubles."

Gao Moumou silently nodded.

Next, the group headed toward the ancient city under Song Shuhangs lead.

I hope for the trip to be smooth and safe. Senior White, wish me good luck! Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Song Shuhang knew from the discussion in the group chat that even Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperors and Sixth Stage True Monarchs suffered a defeat on this island. Therefore, wouldnt a garbage cultivator of the First Stage like him just get the sh*t beaten out of him?

This time, he needed really a lot of luck.

Speaking of luck whom could he pray to aside from Senior White? According to Soft Feather, praying to Senior White had miraculous effects!

Along the way, Song Shuhang spread out his mental energy and activated his mental detection.

Thanks to this, his team managed to avoid several ferocious-looking wild beasts lying in ambush. However, these wild beasts werent really scary; what Shuhang was worried about were monster beasts.

If they were to meet a monster beast, Song Shuhang was sure that they would be discovered way before he could even detect the opposite party with his mental detection.

At the time, perhaps they would really turn into the delicious food of a big carnivorous monster beast.

Very soon, Song Shuhang and his team crossed the plain and arrived at the edge of the forest. From this position, they could already see the outline of the ancient city.

"There really is an ancient city!" the black uncle said excitedly. It seemed that he didnt really believe Song Shuhangs words at first, but seeing that everyone was following him, he also tagged along.

Lu Fei said softly, "It somewhat resembles an ancient Chinese city."

"This place is really mysterious." Lu Feis elder sister seemed very curious about this place.

Since they were all excited, their voices rose a bit.

Song Shuhang quickly stopped them. "Sssh quiet down. Were about to bypass the edge of the forest, dont make too much noise."

After recalling to mind those fearful and bizarre gorillas, the passengers immediately calmed down and didnt dare to utter a word.

After everyone had settled, Song Shuhang continued to lead them toward the city.

The content of Murphys law could be summarized as such: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

In other words, if you were afraid of something, that thing would happen.

Just as everybody was cautiously moving forward a huge green-colored creature suddenly came out of the forest. The distance between the two parties was around a hundred meters.

All the trees at the edge of the forest were around ten meters tall, but when this huge creature stood up, it was at least 50% higher than those trees!

Its powerful body was completely covered in scales, and its eyes were as cold as ice.

"A dinosaur?!" Gao Moumou opened his eyes wide, not daring to believe what he was seeing.

"It looks like a lizard to me just several hundred times bigger?" Tubo swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He seemed to have some knowledge in regards to reptiles.

"Hisss!" The huge creature, which was around fourteen meters long, stuck out its tongue, glaring at Song Shuhang and the others with its big eyes.

It was the scene of a predator eyeing its prey and in this case, Song Shuhang and the others were the prey.

Song Shuhang swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Against such a big creature, even if he were to use a full-powered Lightning Palm, it wouldnt have too much of an effect. A 14-meter-long creature was too much to handle for the current him.

Song Shuhang grasped his treasured saber Broken Tyrant tightly. Would his saber be able to break through the defense of this huge lizard?

But just as he was planning to put his life on the line and fight...

The body of the huge lizard started to shrink quickly; the process was so quick that it could be seen by the naked eye.

Its body that was more than 50% taller than the surrounding trees quickly shrunk till reaching the same height as theirs. Afterward, it kept shrinking and shrinking until it completely disappeared!

"???" A row of question marks appeared above Song Shuhangs head. Just what the hell happened?

"Was it an illusion?" Yayi said in a low voice.

Everyone nodded in agreement; it seemed this was the only possible explanation as to why that huge lizard had suddenly shrunk till disappearing.

"No matter what it was I think we should reach the ancient city as soon as possible," Song Shuhang said while swallowing a mouthful of saliva.


"We also feel the same." The scene just now had scared to death the passengers in the rear, and their legs, which were tired from the long journey, were now suddenly full of strength once more.

I dunno, I'll give you a somewhat subtle alternative at least:
Latent capacity was just like dcolletagesqueeze it with enough strength and it'll burst with power even when you think it's at its limit.

"It seems hes not that kind of foolish kind-hearted man that would do anything for others."

"Then, lets see the other sides of his personality in the ancient city."