Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 292

Chapter 292 In The End Song Shuhang Was Really A Martial Arts Expert
Chapter 292: In the end, Song Shuhang was really a martial arts expert?!
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When he saw his teacher speeding ahead, Joseph found him extremely elegant. From the way he was walking, he seemed very slow, but in truth, his speed was incredibly fast. In the blink of an eye, his silhouette changed into a small black dot.

It was a special characteristic of the techniques of the Erudite Schoolthey were all very elegant!

The hair of every scholar of the Erudite School was like glued and wouldnt get messy no matter what.

Its a technique to increase ones speed! Joseph blinked a few times. He just thought of somethingsince he had finally discovered his teachers name and met him again with great difficulty, shouldnt he take advantage of the situation and stay in touch with him? The best thing would be to live close to him and learn other techniques from him.

A dozen or so breaths later.

Just as Song Shuhang hurried to the city gate, the two huge eagles pounced down!

After diving, they used their talons to successfully grab their targets.

One of the eagles grabbed Gao Moumou and the black uncle; the other one dived a little later and grabbed the female businesswoman and the chubby air hostess.

"Gao Moumou!" Yayi immediately called out and dashed forward, trying to reach out to him.

Luckily, Lu Feis elder sister grabbed her tightly, stopping her...

After seizing their targets, the two huge eagles flapped their wings and created a strong wind.

Then, their huge bodies rose into the sky again!

Gao Moumou, who was now trapped within the eagles talons, heaved a deep sighearlier, when the eagles dived toward them, he pushed aside his girlfriend Yayi and was caught instead.

At this time, he felt that he had been rather unlucky as of late ever since Zhuge Zhongyang returned from abroad to look for him, his luck dropped from a very good A level to a miserable E level.

Ten days ago, the cat he had raised for several years suddenly ran onto the road and died in a car accident. Gao Moumou was heartbroken.

Nine days ago, his mom was bored and gave too much food to his three goldfishes, they all died. Gao Moumou was heartbroken.

Eight days ago, the second account he had created last year to write webnovels got banned because he mentioned prohibited stuff such as boobs. Although he paid attention to his writing style, he still got discovered by the all-knowing Eye of Censorship. Gao Moumou was heartbroken.

Three days ago, just as he was planning to pass some time with his girlfriend Yayi, Zhuge Zhongyang suddenly appeared and ruined everything. Gao Moumou was once again heartbroken.

Today, their airplane crashed and they ended up in a mysterious place. And now, a huge eagle grabbed him...

And soon, he would be gulped down by this eagle and come out of its belly in the form of excrement.

Gao Moumous story was really heartbreaking.

As he was indulging in flights of fancy, a shadow was running at high speed on the ground. The speed of that shadow was extremely quickit could be compared to that of a car.

This shadow was precisely Song Shuhang!

After seeing his good roommate, Gao Moumou clenched his teeth and held back his tearshe didnt want to cry before his death because he wanted to leave the impression of a strong man on Yayi.

"Shuhang, take care of Yayi in my stead. I hope well be brothers in our next life too!" Gao Moumou bellowed heroically and waved his hand at Song Shuhang.

In the middle of that small space between the entrance of the city and the city gate, Yayi was crying copiously.

Song Shuhang secretly gritted his teeth, although he was a step late he wasnt too late eitherthere was still a chance to save them!

"You two come down!" Song Shuhang angrily howled.

His voice was thunderous and ear-splitting, and the eagles flying in the sky were scared by this sudden yell.

"Shuhang, dont do anything stupid!" Gao Moumou called out while in midair. At this time, those eagles had brought them high up in the sky, at the height of several meters.

The two eagles flapped their wings strongly; they wanted to rise high up in the sky and disappear into the clouds.

But right at this time, Song Shuhang suddenly jumped toward the city wall, starting to run on the wall as though he was running on flat ground!

The city wall was forty meters tall and was similar to a terraced field-like pyramid made of four layers. Each layer was ten meters tall, and there were no places to climb on on this vertical wall.

Even if an expert at climbing rocks were to come here, they would be helpless facing this wall unless they had very good equipment with them.

But at this time, Song Shuhang was running on the city wall as though he was running on flat ground. And just in this fashion, he ran along the wall, heading toward the top.

It seemed as if gravitational force didnt have any effect on him.

His current speed was extremely quick, and every ten meters there was a gap in the wall that Song Shuhang could use to propel himself and jump toward the higher section.

Song Shuhang was lucky that this city wall had the shape of a terrace field-like pyramid. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to reach the top in one go with the level of his Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk.

When those guys hiding beside the city gate saw this scene, they were dumbfounded. They just saw someone running on an almost perpendicular wall that was at least forty meters high!

Was this really something a human was capable of?

Everyone immediately recalled to mind Josephs enthusiastic expression when he called Song Shuhang teacher.

Was Song Shuhang really a martial arts expert?

Was it possible that those martial arts experts that appeared only in novels and movies existed in the real world too?

In the blink of an eye, Song Shuhang reached the summit of the forty meters tall city wall!

The two eagles flying in the sky also just happened to have reached the same heightat this moment, they were basically on the same level.

"Come here!" Song Shuhang said as he clenched his teeth. Then, he used the city wall as support and ruthlessly smashed his feet against it; his legs looked like springs as he made a jump of almost seven meters, reaching the first of the two eagles!

This was the eagle that had grabbed the chubby air hostess and the female businesswoman. The eagle didnt expect that a small creature would suddenly appear on top of the city wall and jump toward it. Therefore, it was caught off guard.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang ruthlessly trampled on the back of the huge eagle. The qi and blood in his Heart, Eye, Nose, and Ear Apertures exploded, and Song Shuhang concentrated all this power in his right leg before violently smashing it against the back of the eagle.

The eagle cried out in pain and couldnt help but fall downward.

Song Shuhang propelled himself with the strength of this kick and jumped up once more. He held the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in his hands and chopped toward the second eaglethis eagle was holding Gao Moumou and the black uncle; it was also his main objective.

Song Shuhang was neither a saint nor a buddhist monk that saw all living creatures as equal.

Although he was very worried about the safety of the other kidnapped passengers, the one he cared about the most was his roommate Gao Moumou.

Between the two eagles, Song Shuhang wanted to take care of the one that had seized Gao Moumou first.

He absolutely couldnt let this eagle get away. After all, this island was very big and filled with dangers. The chances of Gao Moumou surviving on his own were almost nil.

Therefore, he needed to use a lethal blow and not allow the eagle to escape.

"Flaming Saber!" Song Shuhang made his move. He didnt hesitate and immediately activated the ancient bronze ring on his finger.

He could use the Flaming Saber for a total of three times in a day. The current one was already the third and last attack he could use for the day. If he wanted to use the Flaming Saber engraved on the ancient bronze ring once more, he would have to wait twenty-four hours since the first usage.

Dazzling flames suddenly appeared in Song Shuhangs hands. The flames frantically burned, and the saber qi exploded.

Fear appeared in the eyes of the eagle. Its instinct was telling it that the flames burning in the hands of this small creature had the power to slay it.

It had to avoid those flames at all costs.

"Screech!" The eagle called out in alarm and frantically flapped its wings in the hope of getting away!

"Die!" Just as before, Song Shuhang tightly held onto the saber and slashed.

The Flaming Saber turned into a crescent-shaped saber qi and slashed toward the neck of the eagle...

I cant afford to fail! Song Shuhang gritted his teeth while midair.

"Riiip!" The flaming saber qi slashed toward the neck of the eagle.

At this time, the huge eagle was frantically flapping its wings and trying to get away as soon as possible.

One couldnt underestimate the will to live of living things no matter which creature it was, when they faced a life-or-death situation, they would erupt with all their strength and surpass their limits.

As expected, in the next instant, the eagle released all its latent strength.

In the blink of an eye, the edge of the Flaming Saber was already there, ready to cut its neck. But in that exact instant, the eagle flapped its wings fiercely and flung its head backward with all its might.

The saber qi of the Flaming Saber brushed past the eagles neck shaving off most of the plumage on its neck and chest.

Blood was dripping from its neck, but it had managed to survive.

"Its not over yet!" Song Shuhang opened his left hand, revealing a glittering talisman.

He had prepared for all eventualities. After all, he could use the Flaming Saber only by relying on the ancient ring, and he couldnt control it as he wished.

Luckily, he still had a sword talisman left. Although it was a bit of a waste to use something that had the attack power of a Third Stage cultivator to deal with this huge eagle, Song Shuhang didnt mind it if it was to save his good friend.

"Sword!" Song Shuhang shouted.

However no sword qi burst out.

How is this possible? Did the sword talisman lose its effectiveness? Song Shuhang looked at the talisman in his hands as his complexion turned white.

Because he wasnt grabbing a sword talisman it was an evil-warding talisman!

At this time, Song Shuhangs body lost its momentum and fell toward the ground.

The eagle grabbing Gao Moumou flapped its wings and quickly put some distance between them.

Whats happening? Why did the talisman in my hand change into an evil-warding one? And I have no time to exchange it either; all the other talismans are in my backpack!

Damn, I was too careless because of this mistake, I lost the last chance to save my friend!

If only he had hit the eagle with the first strike, if only he hadnt been so careless, if only he were a little stronger the outcome would have been different.

At this time, Shuhang was furious, furious that he was so weak and useless.

Right now, his heart was burning with anger.

But right at this time, he recalled a certain scene from the pasta scene where blazing flames filled the entire world.

In that scene, Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven used a tree branch as a saber and slashed lightly. Afterward, the flames spread from the branch and burned the heavens and the earth, and swallowed the entire universe!