Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Flaming Saber Simplified Edition
Chapter 293: Flaming Saber: Simplified Edition
Translator: Stardu5t Editor: Kurisu

The Flaming Saber was indeed a very ordinary saber technique in the cultivation world.

It was a Second Stage techniquethat is to say, a First Stage cultivator would be unable to use it as he or she pleased. Even if they learned how to activate it, upon execution, flames would not appear on their saber.

Only after the qi and blood energy within their bodies transformed to true qi would they be able to use the Flaming Saber technique, channeling their true qi to create flames.

The flames that burn on the saber would be able to increase its destructive power, just like when Song Shuhang used the Flaming Saber to create a crescent-shaped Flaming Saber qi earlier.

Its power was rather formidable for close combat, yet at the same time, it was capable of impressive long-range attacks as well. Amongst the staple cultivation saber techniques, it could be considered a rather decent technique.

...But inside Li Tiansus memories, Song Shuhang saw that the Flaming Saber had an extremely overbearing power when Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven executed it.

When he swung his saber, endless flames surged up violently on it; there was nothing they couldnt burn, and it seemed as if they would keep burning forever.

That was a saber that could burn to the skies, enveloping the entire world in flames.

Facing Daoist Priest Scarlet Heavens saber attack... even though Song Shuhang was just a spectator, he could feel his whole body burning up from head to toe and his entire mouthincluding his tonguedrying up; even his blood felt like it was evaporating because of the heat.

At this moment, the memory of Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven using a branch as a saber to execute the Flaming Saber suddenly appeared in Song Shuhangs mind again.

That memory was very clearSong Shuhang could even distinctly remember the way Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven flicked his wrist and every little movement.

But the actions done when executing the saber technique were not that important, the most important thing was Daoist Priest Scarlet Heavens saber intent when executing it; after all, that fire that burned to the skies was the embodiment of Daoist Priest Scarlet Heavens will.

At this moment, Song Shuhang seemed to have experienced Daoist Priest Scarlet Heavens saber intent once more himself.

In midair, he instinctively flicked his wrists, clumsily imitating Senior Scarlet Heavens saber intent.

In the next moment.

"Boom!" A layer of flame was ignited on top of the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

Except that these flames were a lot weaker compared to the ones ignited by the Flaming Saber attached to the bronze ring; it felt as though the flames would die out anytimeit was just a thin layer coating the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

Flaming Saber: Simplified Edition should do for a tentative name, right?

Regardless, Song Shuhang succeeded!

The Flaming Saber, a technique that could only be executed by Second Stage cultivators, was forcibly executed by him who was still in the First Stage Realm.

The qi and blood energy in the four apertures within his bodyHeart, Eye, Ear, and Nose Apertureswas channeled into the treasured saber Broken Tyrant. Even the energy the ghost spirit had accumulated was steadily channeled into the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

Song Shuhangs gaze was fixated on the eagle that was flying high up in the sky.

The eagle was frightened and had already flown higher and higher, whereas Song Shuhang kept descendingthe distance between the two of them became almost ten meters in the blink of the eye.

"Ha!" Song Shuhang waved his hand once again and dragged the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in reverse before swinging it upwards in a slanted manner.

A small, pitiful flame lightly floated towards the eagle.

Song Shuhangs cultivation was too weak; even with the help of the ghost spirit, when he used all his might to create the Flaming Saber qi, it was unable to create the crescent-shaped saber blade. He could only create a lightly floating flame that looked like it was gonna die out if the wind blew once.

The small flame no longer targeted the eagles neck; instead, it just floated towards its enormous body.

Even though the flame might be small and looked light and floaty, its speed was extremely fast! When Song Shuhang swung his saber, it had already struck the eagles enormous body a second later.

The eagle was unable to dodge it this timeits body was way too big, and no matter how it tried to dodge, it could not escape from the flame.

Additionally this time, its instinct did not kick init didnt sense any danger.

"Pow! "

The small, small flame struck the eagles body. Thereafter it dissipated.

It dissipated just like that. It did not seem to cause any harm to the eagle not even the slightest bit.

It was completely different from the overbearing Flaming Saber blade earlier.

However, Song Shuhang, who was descending, secretly heaved a sigh.

He lightly clenched his fist.

"Screech~" At this time, the eagle in the sky suddenly let out a long cry. It used all its strength to flap its wings violently. However, that couldnt stop it from descending to the ground.

At the same time blood suddenly spurted from its back, just as though a candlelight-sized flame had penetrated through its back.

As if the spurting blood was a cue, dozens of wounds on the eagles back exploded with small flames shooting out from them in the next moment.

Every one of these flames carried the powerful heaven burning saber intentearlier, when that ball of flame struck the eagles body, it did not dissipate but penetrated the eagles body instead. The Flaming Saber qi was released from the inside, thoroughly sending the eagle straight to its death.

The eagle struggled hard before its death, its talons unconsciously relaxing their grip.

Gao Moumou and the black uncle fell from the sky at the same time.

"Success," Song Shuhang muttered.

Next, I must catch Gao Moumou and the black uncle or else, if they fall from a height of almost forty meters, Gao Moumou and the black uncle will become minced meat.

Shuhang glanced sideways at the wall next to him and started to estimate where they might land.

Next, he lightly tapped on the pendant on his neck.

The Green Breeze Speed Boost pendant could only be used twice a day, and this was his second time today.

After activating the pendants spell, a layer of green breeze enveloped Song Shuhang.

His body became light and graceful, but most importantly, the green breeze that was enveloping him allowed Song Shuhang to slow down his landing to a large extent.

Song Shuhangs body was akin to a willow leaf, lightly floating down in the sky.

At the same time, he reached his hand into his backpack, searching for something

At this time, Lu Fei and her sister, Yayi, Tubo, as well as well as the other passengers at the citys entrance were stupefied, their mouths agape.

What Song Shuhang did earlier was completely out of their expectations. Perpendicularly running up the wall for about forty meters was one thing, but the Flaming Saber qi used to strike the eagles body was even more shocking.

Lastly, Song Shuhang even killed an enormous eagle with a wingspan of almost ten meters. Was it really something a human being was able to do?

Was he a martial arts expert?

Next, even if Song Shuhang were to suddenly stretch out his palm and materialize eighteen golden dragons while shouting Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms, they wouldnt be surprised anymore!

Naturally, the people who were more shocked than the passengers were Gao Moumou and the black uncle who were falling from the sky at the moment.

Gao Moumou had thought that he was done for.

When he was captured by the eagle and flew up into the sky, he was worried about his adorable girlfriend Yayi and what would happen to her; in the future, would she look for a new boyfriend and eventually forget about him? Thinking about that, Gao Moumou felt extremely depressed.

However, he didnt expect his roommate to suddenly transform into a superhero that could actually leap onto roofs and vault over walls, step on the eagles back, and even generate Flaming Saber qi with nothing.

Within a few minutes, an eagle with a wingspan of almost ten meters got sent straight to his death!

So bold and powerful, is this really Song Shuhang? The Song Shuhang I know isnt like that for sure though! He couldnt have been captured and switched by aliens, right?

Gao Moumous emotions at this moment were practically like a huge tsunami. The first wave had not subsided, and a new wave was already rising.

As compared to Gao Moumous tsunami-like emotions, the black uncles thoughts were a lot more simple. "Help, help me! Save me, I dont wanna fall to the ground, aaaaaah"

There was only one thought in the black uncles mindhe didnt wanna die, he wanted to survive the fall, and be safe!

Within the sky, Gao Moumou and the black uncle, together with the eagles carcass, were falling at an extremely fast speed. Song Shuhang had the Green Breeze Speed Boost, hence he was falling slowly.

The distance between both parties quickly became closerfrom more than ten meters to approximately three.

Nows the time. Song Shuhang took out a bundle of extremely long ropehe casually put it into his backpack after helping Gao Moumou and the rest undo the ropes that tied them up not too long ago.

Hed felt that objects such as ropes would come in handy in a place like the mysterious island eventually, and it so happened that he needed to use them now.

The gorillas used only one long rope to tie Gao Moumou and the rest up like rice dumplings at that timethis rope was rather long, and Song Shuhang only took one section of itthe entire rope would make one huge bundle that would not be able to fit into his bag!

Next, Song Shuhang used the remaining qi and blood energy in his body and channeled them into his arms before throwing the rope in Gao Moumous direction with all his strength.


Under the influence of qi and blood energy, the rope fell straight in the direction of Gao Moumou. Thereafter, Song Shuhang shook his wrist. The rope was dexterously wrapped around Gao Moumou.

After the rope was coiled around Gao Moumou, Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He grabbed the other end of the rope and did the same thing once again, wrapping the black uncle up too.

"Hold on to the rope tight, or dont blame me when you fall down," Song Shuhang called out.

Gao Moumou and the black uncle hurriedly grabbed onto the rope firmly and tightly.

Song Shuhang slightly squinted his eyes and chewed a qi and blood pill before swallowing it. A large amount of qi and blood energy entered Song Shuhangs body, replenishing the qi and blood energy consumed by the earlier Flaming Saber.

Below, the eagle that was stepped on by Song Shuhang, the one that had grabbed the slightly plump air hostess as well as the businesswoman earlier, was violently flapping its wings to regain altitude.

As Song Shuhang was descending, he continuously adjusted his angle, attempting to land on the eagles body.

At this moment, the eagle had already climbed to the height of nearly twenty-five meters once again.

With one hand grabbing on to the rope and with the help of the Green Breeze Speed Boost, Song Shuhang landed onto the body of the eagle.

"Youre going down!" Song Shuhang shouted, focusing his qi and blood energy within his four apertures in his legs before stepping on the back of the eagle as hard as he could.

The eagle was once again being used as a stepping stone; it let out a painful cry before descending once again.

It violently flapped its wings in a bid to regain its altitude.

At the same time, it turned its head and used its sharp beak to peck at Song Shuhang and the rest.

Song Shuhangs left hand grabbed the rope tightly and his right wrist lightly flicked. He wanted to imitate Daoist Priest Scarlet Heavens saber intent once more and kill the eagle.

"Now, is it really fine to brazenly cheat like this? The Flaming Saber is a Second Stage saber technique, and this guy is only in the First Stage Realm!"