Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Evil Creatures Scram
Chapter 294: Evil creatures, scram!
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"Youre wrong, this isnt an ordinary Flaming Saber Technique." A dignified male voice suddenly resounded. With a laugh, the owner of the voice said, "This saber technique made me think of a certain old friend I knew a long, long time ago."

"Using the ordinary Flaming Saber would be already considered a cheat... but if this isnt an ordinary Flaming Saber, wouldnt that make it even more of a cheat?"

"Hahaha, you have a point there." The dignified male voice erupted in laughter.

"Anyway, the annoying eagles are almost done being dealt with. Lets prepare to open the city gate."

The owner of the dignified male voice hurriedly said, "Wait for a while, these three eagles are only the first batch for today, there is still another large group of them flying over."

"Werent there only a few until now? Why are so many of them coming over today? This is pissing me off; Im going to kill them all!"

The man with the dignified voice panicked. " Dont do that, these are precious experimental products. Killing two or three would allow us to have a good feast, but killing all of them is such a waste. We can chase away the remaining ones."

"Alright, well chase them away then."

Meanwhile, the flame tongues on the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in Song Shuhangs hand ignited againit was the Flaming Sabers Simplified VersionFlame Tongue Saber!

Then, he swung his sword in the air and a small flame shot in the direction of the eagles beak.

Compared to the first attack, this one was much smoother and not as awkwardly executed.

The flame immediately landed on the eagles beak, sputtering as it transformed into dozens of candlelight-sized pieces of flaming saber qi, shooting towards the eagles head.

The eagle was completely unable to resist, and the flames that shot at its head created several holes in it, making it look like a sieve.

"Ha ha ha" Song Shuhang was panting and gasping for air; the qi and blood energy within his body was entirely consumed once again. But at the same time, the qi and blood energy from the pill hed taken earlier quickly replenished the qi and blood in his body.

The eagle was slashed and fell from the sky

"Aaaaah." The air hostess and businesswoman, who were being held by its claws, let out a screamat this moment, they were at the height of approximately twenty meters.

Song Shuhang sighed.

Next, he used all his strength to leap, pulling the rope wrapped around Gao Moumou and the black uncle before leaping towards the wall at the side.

"Aaaah" This time, it was the black uncle and Gao Moumous turn to scream.

They got pulled along by Song Shuhang and ultimately landed on top of the second section of the wall.

The landing wasnt easy and they rolled a few times upon impact, but they werent hurt in the end.

"You guys wait here." As soon as Song Shuhang finished his sentence, he jumped towards the falling eagle once again.

It might probably be because of the direct hit taken to its head, but after its death, the claws of the eagle were still tightly grabbing onto the air hostess and the businesswoman.

In order to save the air hostess and the businesswoman, he had to first chop off the eagles claws before freeing themthere was however absolutely no time for that.

If thats the case, then I should fully utilize the eagles enormous body. Song Shuhang had an idea.

Song Shuhang rushed underneath the eagles body and lightly shouted, "Basic Fist Number One!"

With the support of the Green Breeze Speed Boost, he firmly punched the eagles body, causing it to flip over.

The huge eagle flipped over in midair with its legs facing upward, maintaining that position while continuously falling to the ground.

At this moment, it was approximately ten meters away from the ground.

With the huge body of the eagle acting as a cushion, the two women should be safe and remain unscathed.

Unfortunately, the Green Breeze Speed Boost could only be used twice, or else he could have used it on that eagles body at this moment and slow down the landing, better ensuring safety for the two women that were clutched by its claws.

But right now, Song Shuhang had no time to do anything anymore.

He only had enough time to take the opportunity to turn himself over and stand on the eagles body, borrowing strength from it to perform the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk. Thereafter, he used his might to leap back to the first section of the wall.

He also had to take Gao Moumou and the black uncle down.

"Shuhang! Hurry! Hurry!" At this time, Gao Moumou who was on the wall suddenly started shouting frantically.

He pointed to the skya group of black dots could be seen from afar, heading in the direction of the wall.

Just by looking, the newcomersgiant eagles similar to the ones beforenumbered at least ten.

Song Shuhang suddenly felt his scalp go numb.

He immediately threw the rope up, allowing Gao Moumou and the black uncle to grab it.

Thereafter, he used the rope to get over to Gao Moumous side.

At this time, two enormous carcasses, one in front and one at the back, fell to the ground, creating a loud sound on impact.

"Lets go down." Song Shuhang used one hand to hold onto Gao Moumou and the other to grab the black uncle.

"How do we go down?" Gao Moumou asked out of curiosity.

Were at the altitude of twenty meters, we cant possibly be jumping down right?

"Were running down!" After Song Shuhang said that, he grabbed Gao Moumou and the black uncle tightly, then used his legs strength and executed the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk as he ran madly down the wall.

"Aaaaaaaah!" Gao Moumou screamed in a high-pitched voice; it wasnt because he was timid, but rather it was instinctiveakin to tearing up after getting your nose punched. He was being grabbed by someone, putting him in an upside down position before dashing straight down from a height of about twenty meters. Anyone else in his position would scream too.

Such an adrenaline rush was practically stronger than during bungee jumpingat least one would be tied to a rope when bungee jumping.

The black uncle next time him did not scream this time, he only shut his eyes tightly and firmly grabbed on to Song Shuhangs arm.

A few breaths later.

Song Shuhang safely brought the two of them onto the ground.

"Go hide in the gap of the city entrance," Song Shuhang said while approaching the eagles carcass.

The air hostess and businesswoman were still alive, they struggled for a bit and climbed out from under the eagles claws. There were a couple of scars made by the talons on the air hostess body.

The businesswoman was in a slightly worse conditionjust before the eagle died, it tightened its grip, squeezing her waist so tightly it almost burst. Fortunately, she was rather slimif it were someone fatter, his or her intestines would have been squeezed out.

Song Shuhang leapt onto the enormous eagles body, holding onto the businesswoman and the air hostess before leaping down once again with them.

"Go," said Song Shuhang.

There were still approximately ten eagles approaching in the sky the moment he thought of having to deal with ten eagles, Song Shuhangs scalp started to go numb.

He had already used up a lot of energy to kill two eagles; if it were ten of them attacking at the same time, he honestly had no confidence in guaranteeing the safety of so many passengers.

Furthermore Zhuge Yue and Zhuge Zhongyang were still out in the wilderness.

Within the gap of the city entrance, Yayi was crying in Gao Moumous arms, using her small fists to punch his chest hard. Gao Moumou had a face of bliss, using sweet nothings to console his girlfriend.

After the black uncle joined the rest of the passengers, his entire body was shivering. He was slightly more pitiful compared to the restthe moment the gorillas saw him, they tied him up, and the moment the eagles saw him, he got captured once again. Today was definitely not his lucky day.

After the businesswoman and the air hostess entered the gap of the city entrance, their faces wore an expression that clearly depicted that they had both received a new lease of life.

"Stay here and dont move. There are more enormous eagles approaching in the sky," said Song Shuhang in front of the city entrance.

The passengers faces stiffened and everyone hurriedly hid behind Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang held firmly on to his treasured saber Broken Tyrant, fixing his gaze on the group of eagles in the sky that was getting nearer and nearer.

Speaking of which, am I forgetting something? Song Shuhang thought to himself while standing in front of the city entrance. For some reason, he felt that something was missing from the city entrances gap.

I remember now, Joseph!

Joseph had not returned! He is still on his way back!

Please be safe!

"Speaking of which, can we say were playing Eagle and Chicks 1 ? With the eagles in the sky catching us, the chicks, and Song Shuhang as the hen, protecting us?" At this moment, Lu Fei blinked her eyes and suddenly broke the silence.

Song Shuhang stiffly turned his head around and laughed bitterly at Lu Fei.

This young lady was rather optimistic, she could still crack a joke in their current situation.

"Ahem, I shouldnt be a hen, I should be a rooster," Song Shuhang said with a sigh. "Im male."

"Hehe." Lu Fei laughed cheekily.

The passengers looked at the view of Song Shuhangs backSong Shuhang did not have a huge frame, neither was he stocky. But at this moment, in the eyes of everyone present, his figure was extremely huge, allowing people to feel reassured and at ease. After all, the two carcasses of the eagles next to the wall served as a contrast to show Song Shuhangs might.

The eagles in the sky drew closer and closer.

However, when they had reached a certain altitude, they did not charge at them like those eagles earlier their intelligence might be low, but when they saw three carcasses of their brethren, they became somewhat vigilant.

They were circling in the sky, testing waters.

Song Shuhang held his treasured saber Broken Tyrant tightly while keeping a qi and blood pill in his mouth, preparing to replenish his qi and blood energy once it got fully consumed once more.

But right at this time, a strange sound came from above the wall.

It sounded like a switch was activated, and then something got lifted. It wasnt loudonly Song Shuhang, who had opened his Ear Aperture, could hear it.

Are the ancient citys defense weapons being activated? Song Shuhang speculated.

"Beeep~ beeeep~"

At this time, a piercing sound came from above the ancient citys wall. The sound was similar to the sound made by some speaker system when it got powered on, it was extremely piercing and painful to the ears!

The passengers behind Song Shuhang immediately covered their ears.

"Evil creatures, scram!" At this moment, an extremely loud voice could be heard from the speakers.

The voice was overbearing and very deep.

However, apart from being loud, the voice had no other special ability.

Just as Song Shuhang was puzzled at it, the enormous eagles in the sky frantically flapped their wings and escaped as though they had heard something frightful.

In the blink of an eye, the ten eagles became nothing but small black dots in the sky and vanished.

Song Shuhang was speechless. He felt that this change was too dramatic.

Did the lord of the ancient city get rid of the group of eagles via the speakers?

From the looks of it, the lord of the ancient city seemed to have noticed our presence.

Song Shuhang pondered for a bit, then put away Broken Tyrant and turned his body toward the ancient city. Afterward, he cupped his hands and said, "Senior, thank you for helping us. Junior Song Shuhang is very grateful!"


A piercing high-pitched sound came from the speaker once more.


"Evil creatures, scram!" It was still the loud, overbearing, and deep voice from before.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

F*ck, dont tell me the evil creatures the lord of the ancient city was referring to werent the enormous eagles but us?

"Beeeep~" Song Shuhang remained deep in thought for a while more until he was interrupted as the high-pitched piercing sound came from the speaker for the third time.

"Evil creatures, scram!" It was still that loud, overbearing, and deep voice.

Dammit, so it was a replay of a sound recording that was on a loop!