Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Yn
Chapter 295: [Y/N]?
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Just as Song Shuhangs heart was racing really hard, Tubos voice could be heard from behind. "Song Shuhang, quick, take a look, some handwritten words appeared on the metal gate!"

Song Shuhang turned his head around and looked toward the gate. Then, he saw a layer of light appearing on top of the carved patterns on the metal door.

A string of strange writings appeared on top of the light.

The writings werent Chinese characters, nor were they English, German or Russian, etc. They did not belong to any of the main languages of the world. However, everyone actually strangely understood what those writings meant.

"Do you miss your home and its warmth? Do you want to go back to the place you think about day and night in an instant? Person who is roaming about the ends of the earth away from home, make your choice YES or NO?"

Make your choice, make your choice! Those three words resounded in the minds of everyone, like the work of a devil.

Every single person looked at each other in the eye before looking at Song Shuhang.

Ever since they saw Song Shuhang killing two eagles by himself, whenever the passengers faced a strange situation, the first person they thought of was Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang furrowed his brows and then speculated, "Could this be the method to open the door? Or could this be the method to leave this island?"

The option on the gate was most likely the one that would open it. However, from the tone of the string of words, it also seemed as though it had the intention to send one back to their hometown.

Tubo suggested, "Why dont we press YES and give it a shot? If the gate opens, we can enter the ancient city."

"Wait a minute, Tubo. What if it is the way to leave the island? After leaving the island, where will we end up at? And also, by what means do we leave? Will a passage suddenly appear below our feet, making us fall into it?" asked Gao Moumou worriedly as he hugged his girlfriend, Yayi.

Everyone stared at Song Shuhang once more.

Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders and said, "I dont know."

He was not an all-knowing prophet or a magic mirror like the one in Snow White.

At this time, the black uncle squeezed in to the front and laughed. "Regardless of whether the gate opens or I go home, I like both options! Let me tryYES, I want to go home, I want to go back!"

As he was speaking, the black uncle used all his might to press YES with his palm.

In the next moment, the black uncle suddenly felt warm from head to toe.

It was so warm, as though he had gone back to his moms embrace in his childhood.

"Ah so this is the warmth of home?" the black uncle said in a high aria 1 voice.

However, the rest of the passengers around were looking fearfully at the black uncle.

The black uncle lowered his head and looked at his body Oh, f*ck!

A layer of flame-like light appeared on his body. The warm sensation he experienced earlier was actually caused by the blazing light.

Additionally, the flame-like light looked very familiar wasnt it the same light that appeared on the passengers bodies on the plane? After the flame finished burning, the passengers all turned into tiny dots of light and vanishedit was not known if they were still alive or already dead.

So, this was the warmth of home? Warmth your mom, warmth your grandpa, warmth your familys ancestors!

Ultimately, the black uncle turned around and looked at Song Shuhang. Under the blazing light, his dark face somewhat had the divine feel. "Guys, am I gonna die?"

Song Shuhang went silent and replied gravely, "You should be leaving the island. If you think about it in detail, perhaps the people who disappeared on the plane did not die but simply got teleported out of the plane. Perhaps when you wake up, you might already be back at home!"

Even if he was really dying I should at least give him a peace of mind and some consolation.

If he harbored any resentment prior to death, he might become a resentful ghost...

As they were speaking, the speakers once again made a piercing sound.

Thereafter, the overbearing and deep voice was heard, "Evil creatures, scram!"

After that, the black uncles body turned into particles of light, akin to sand, and started dissipating.

It almost seemed as if the black uncle matched the timing with it!

"F*ck, youre the evil creature!" The black uncle pointed a middle finger in the direction of the wall as he used the last bit of his strength to shout.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Tubo was speechless too.

And so was Gao Moumou...

...and the rest of the passengers.

Speaking of which, the Chinese spoken by that black uncle was kinda awkward, but he actually understood evil creature, a rather harsh word used to insult others. Was learning Chinese a trend abroad recently?

Very soon, the black uncle disappeared.

Everyone went silent.

At this time, the small boy turned around and looked at Song Shuhang. "Big Brother Shuhang, did the black uncle really go home?"

The boys huge jet-black eyes looked so pure.

Song Shuhang lightly patted his head. "Big Brother is unable to confirm what happened earlier. Perhaps he went back, perhaps he simply disappeared."

"Thank you, Big Brother." The small boy flashed a wide grin and then abruptly went to the gate and used his small hand to hit YES.

"Goodbye everyone, Im going to look for daddy and mommy." The small boys body was enveloped by flame-like light; he waved goodbye to everyone.

His mom and dad both became tiny dots of light and disappeared while still on the plane.

This little fella kept following everyone but did not cry or throw tantrums. He was a sensible child, entirely different from the small monk Song Shuhang was taking care of who only looked serious and sensible on the outside but was a little devil on the inside. Song Shuhang really liked obedient children; the type you wished you could take them home and hug repeatedly.

The small boy also transformed into dots of light and vanished.

Apart from the black uncle and the small boy, no one else pressed the YES option. The rest of the people stayed in their original positions; nobody stepped forward to press either one of the scary buttons.

After all, it could not be confirmed if pressing YES would allow them to leave the island for real or simply transformed them into dots of light instead, leading to their demise. Hence, the people at the scene did not recklessly make a choice.

You only live once, and it isnt a game where youre given an opportunity to respawn after dying.

"Since the YES option will cause one to disappear, then perhaps NO might open the door," said Song Shuhang

Thereafter, he took a step forward, preparing to hit the NO option.

"Wait a minute, Shuhang." At this time, Tubo pulled Song Shuhang back and said, "Let me do it if you press the NO option and transform into dots of light before vanishing, nobody would be able to fight off the group of enormous eagles in the event they launch another attack."

"No, let me do it," Song Shuhang said softly. "If Im the one who does it, at least I still have some tricks up my sleeve, and even if I really get turned into dots of light, at least I still have some means of dealing with it"

As they were speaking, a panting figure came running from outside of the citys entrance. It was Song Shuhangs disciple in name, Joseph.

"Teacher, Im here! When teacher is in a fix, your disciple will toil for you!" Joseph raised his hand as he said loudly.

Thereafter, he ran as fast as he could in the direction of the gate and hit the NO option.

Josephs daughter had already vanished on the plane if he transformed into dots of light, he wouldnt mind it. Perhaps he could look for his daughter like that.

If he did not get transformed into dots of light, then he would be with Song Shuhang for a little longer, which was not bad for him.

"Teacher!" After Joseph hit the NO option, he said, "If we leave this place alive, will you agree to be neighbors with me when I move to somewhere near your house?"

Joseph took the opportunity to bring up his request.

Previously, when he saw Song Shuhang punching the air, creating explosive sounds, he got very excited. He felt that if he could reach Song Shuhangs level in this lifetime, he would die with no regrets.

But today, when he saw flames that swung from the saber into the sky, eliminating the eagles, he got fired up. Chinese martial arts could actually reach such a level! That wasnt as simple as martial arts anymoreit was practically at the level of superheroes.

I must grasp the opportunity even if I need to be shameless; I need to think of a way to live near teachers place, Joseph thought to himself.

He had already decided... regardless of whether Song Shuhang agreed or not, once they left the small island, he would buy a house near Song Shuhangs place.

"Alright," replied Song Shuhang without any hesitation.

Having another neighbor wasnt a big deal. Moreover, after he had succeeded in his cultivation practice in the future, he was planning to take his family along with him and leave the mortal world. At the time, if he and Joseph still had a master and disciple relationship, he would bring him along with them.

Since that was the case, if Joseph wanted to be neighbors with him, Song Shuhang naturally wouldnt mind.

Joseph looked very satisfied.

A moment later

"Eh? Why is there no response?" Joseph asked out of curiosity. He had hit the NO option many times for a while now, why wasnt there any response?

Joseph was in disbelief and used all his might to hit the NO option several times.

Still no response?

Hit again!

"Bam bam bam" Joseph hit it more than ten times consecutively.

This time there was finally a response!

On the gate, a row of words appeared above the light: [Stop hitting so many times, or do you wish to get reincarnated ahead of time?! Dont you see how heavy the gate is and how much power is needed to open it?]

Joseph was speechless.

Song Shuhang was speechless too.

And so were Gao Moumou, Tubo, Yayi, Lu Fei and her sister, as well as the rest of the passengers.

"However, if NO opens the door, then could it be that the YES option really sends people home?" Gao Moumou pinched his nose bridge.

After the appearance of the enormous eagles, the logical worldview they had lived with for tens of years collapsed almost immediately. Perhaps transforming people into dots of light was a means of teleportation to send people home?

Things such as worldview were difficult to establish but destroying them was easy. This was what was meant by destroying is easier than constructing.

After hearing this much, the eyes of the chubby air hostess lit up. She hurriedly went forward and used all her strength to hit the YES option while the door had not been fully opened and the words on the gate were still lit up.