Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Forgetting Past Enmity
Chapter 298: Forgetting past enmity?
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The bald lady before his eyes joined her palms together and looked gratifyingly at the scene of Song Shuhang spitting out his meat soup.

"Sister, wait! I think you recognized the wrong person!" Song Shuhang hurriedly said.

He looked at the bald lady before his eyesshe had slanted eyebrows and starry eyes, yet her air of elegance was hard to conceal. It was indeed that Nine Lanterns 'monk' from Lady Onion's memories.

Speaking of which, only a strange monster like Lady Onion would mistake this bald woman for a monk when she obviously was a nun!

...Earlier, Song Shuhang did attempt to guess the identity of the NPC's elderly man.

However, when the elderly man suddenly became a bald woman, Song Shuhang wasn't mentally prepared for such a sudden plot twist! At this time, his mind was in turmoil.

Even though he already knew that Nine Lanterns was most probably on the mysterious island, he completely did not expect her to make her appearance in such a way.

Wait a moment! It is not the right time to think about such things.

The problem right now was that Nine Lanterns mistook him for the same Lady Onion she enjoyed 300 years ago.

She must be mistaken, right?

Lady Onion was now stuck on the enlightenment stone, and they had stayed together for a whiledid Nine Lanterns mistake their identities for this reason?

Or perhaps was it because he ate Lady Onion before? Bits of her aura might be still lingering on his body. Therefore, Nine Lanterns confused him for Lady Onion or assumed that he was her reincarnation?

Regardless, he had to explain himself fully to Nine Lanternsit was a matter that concerned his honor and virtue!

Nine Lanterns joined her palms together and silently looked at Song Shuhang, smiling without saying a word. With her smiling at him like that, Song Shuhang felt even more stressed.

"Sister, you definitely misunderstood, I am not Lady Onion!" Song Shuhang said sternly.

Lady Nine Lanterns smiled brightly and said, "Benefactor Song, you're mistaken."

"It's true, I am not Lady Onion. Take a look for yourself, Lady Onion is here!" Song Shuhang immediately reached his hand into his pocket to take out the enlightenment stone.

But when he reached his hand into his pocket, he suddenly felt something bite his finger ruthlessly.

Song Shuhang felt a stabbing pain transmit from his finger! Needless to say, it was definitely Lady Onion who bit him but didn't Lady Onion only grew a small shoot? When she came to the Heavenly Island, she couldn't even speak a single word.

When did she grow a mouth?

At this time, the bald Nine Lanterns suddenly smiled with her eyes squinting. "Benefactor Song I never once said that you're Lady Onion. I can see clearly that Lady Onion is Lady Onion, and Benefactor Song is Benefactor Song. Both of you are two different entities."

Song Shuhang's entire body stiffenedhe even forgot the pain in the finger that was bitten by Lady Onion in his pocket.

Since she knew that I am not Lady Onion, then what's the deal with enjoying her 300 years ago?

Could it be that I traveled through time? My future self traveled through time to 300 years ago and then enjoyed Nine Lanterns?

Ever since he got exposed to the 'world of cultivation', Song Shuhang felt that everything was possible. Time or space travel were not things that were hard to accept and acknowledge.

Just when Song Shuhang was letting his imagination run wild, Nine Lanterns started explaining.

"Four days ago I was in secluded meditation when I suddenly had a strange feeling. Afterward, a 300-year-old memory resurfaced in my mind. It was really a very interesting memory." As she was speaking, Nine Lanterns slightly lowered her eyes, causing others to be unable to read her emotions. "After that, something even more interesting happened. When I recalled that memory, I discovered that an additional thing had appeared within it. It was as though it was a sharp blade that forcefully and unreasonably inserted itself into my memories."

Four days ago? Song Shuhang instinctively swallowed his saliva wasn't that when he ate Lady Onion, causing his karma to be intertwined with hers, leading to the dream about her entire life experience?

The 'additional thing' that Lady Nine Lanterns was referring to couldn't be him, right?

"As for what the additional thing that appeared in that memory was do I have to remind you? Fellow... Daoist... Song... Shu... hang?" The smile Nine Lanterns had on her face was similar to the first spring breeze of the new year even though it looked like that she was smiling with happiness, upon carefully looking at it, he felt bone-chilling wintry cold.

Indeed, she was referring to him! However, this whole matter about Lady Onion's memories wasn't his fault. He too wanted to stop the scene and get out of there, but he still ended up experiencing that cringey lesbian scene firsthand...

If God were to see this scene, he too would feel pity. At the time, although he loudly shouted many times 'stop, stop', the lesbian scene just wouldn't stop.

"Gulp." Song Shuhang swallowed his saliva and answered, "In that case, am I not a victim too?"

"A victim?" Nine Lanterns seemed to be distracted and stared blankly for a moment.

A moment later, she suddenly gave Song Shuhang a thumbs up and said, "Victim, huh? This term is really wonderful!"

Upon looking at Nine Lantern's expression, Song Shuhang felt confused. Did I say something wrong?

"Since you used such a wonderful term, I can only forgive you!" Nine Lanterns suddenly laughed towards the skies.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Nine Lanterns' train of thoughts was too out of the ordinary. Song Shuhang realized that even though he was somewhat used to the train of thoughts of the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, he still could not keep up with Nine Lanterns'.

Additionally, what was so wonderful about the term 'victim'? To the extent that it actually amused Nine Lanterns for no obvious reason?

"Don't make that strange face, let this matter go! Whatever happened before, just let it disappear from your memories!" Nine Lanterns patted Song Shuhang's shoulders and smiled.

In a mere instant, she switched from being sinister to being lighthearted and happy. Song Shuhang really could not adapt to these changes.

"I understand, Sister. This incident never happened before. I never knew about it." Song Shuhang nodded.

"You don't have to be that extreme, you don't have to erase it from your memories forcefully. Truth to be told, I did not think of getting you to forget about it. Or else, I would have easily used a memory erasing spell to settle this matter. Additionally, I am the practitioner of a buddhist school, it's my forte to obliterate all enmity with a smile," Nine Lanterns continued with laughter.

Although he wasn't completely clear about the meaning of those words, Song Shuhang still nodded his head.

"Alright, things have been settled. Go to the Starry House and make a transaction, then you can leave the Heavenly Island," Nine Lanterns said with a careless smile.

"That's it?" Song Shuhang asked puzzledly.

"Yeah, that's it! I am a straightforward and blunt person. I'm never sloppy, and I don't beat around the bush when I deal with things." Nine Lanterns patted her own chest, and the two large pectoral muscles (in the eyes of Lady Onion) shook.

"So can I really leave?" Song Shuhang asked cautiously.

"Go ahead, goodbye." Nine Lanterns waved her hand.

Song Shuhang scratched his head.

After a long pause

"I can't leave yet." Song Shuhang forced a smile.