Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Zhuge Zhongyangs Horrifying Nightmare
Chapter 300: Zhuge Zhongyangs horrifying nightmare!
Translator: Stardu5t Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide and, looking at the doll-sized Zhuge Yue, he asked, "What happened to you?"

"Song Shuhang!" When she saw Song Shuhang, she crawled up from beneath the tree and ran toward him on her short legs.

Song Shuhang bent down and hugged the terrified Zhuge Yue. At the same time, he shot a glance at Nine Lanterns. Although she was standing there, just beside him, it was as though Zhuge Yue couldn't see her at all.

"What happened?" Song Shuhang held Zhuge Yue like a kid and patted her back.

"Sob, sob it was very scary." Zhuge Yue choked with sobs as she started to explain. "This is what happened after the crash, when my older brother and I woke up, we discovered that we were in the middle of the forest with other two passengers. Then, the four of us decided to team up and get out of this place. Our hope was to find the wreckage of the plane and the other passengers.

But just when we were about to leave the forest, we met three weird freaks. As soon as those three freaks saw us, they attacked. Moreover, they could make themselves invisible! I'm not lying, as soon as they saw us, they disappeared into thin air. After that, we disorderly run away and the four of us got separated.

Later, something even stranger happened. When I was running away from that invisible fellow, rushing through the forest, I suddenly felt something cold on my ankle and then, the size of my body changed into that of the palm of a hand, even the clothes on my body were reduced in size accordingly.

Afterward, I kept running without stopping. Perhaps because my size had been reduced, that invisible freak was unable to find me. Next, I unknowingly ended up in this place. After quite a bit of time, my body finally started to recover. But even now, I'm only this big."

Although she was choking with sobs, Zhuge Yue still orderly explained to Song Shuhang everything that had happened.

She felt something cold on her ankle and the size of her body decreased? Did she unknowingly touch a weird formation? Moreover, who were those invisible freaks...?

Song Shuhang turned his head and looked at the nearby Nine Lanterns. "Miss Nine Lanterns, do you have any idea of what might have happened?"

"There might be many reasons for her body to have suddenly shrunk but if it happened inside the forest, it should be the work of that very rare spirit beast. I've heard that traces of its presence were found on the Heavenly Island, but I have yet to see it with my eyes. It's possible that your friend carelessly bumped into it and had the size of her body reduced. However, it seemed that the spirit beast was already full. Otherwise, your friend would have already become its meal." Nine Lanterns smiled and continued, "As for those invisible freaks, they might be cultivators that entered the Heavenly Island. This island is very mysterious after all, and it will inevitably attract many curious cultivators. As for why they wanted to attack your friends, I'm not sure. However, all types of cultivators can enter the Heavenly Island buddhists, daoists, scholars, demons, monsters, ghosts, and so on. Therefore, it's pretty normal that some of them might have an evil disposition."

Song Shuhang nodded calmlysince he knew that there were invisible enemies around, he activated two small tricks related to mental energy, 'vigilance' and 'mental detection'.

...Now that other cultivators were involved, things got more complicated.

Moreover, when Nine Lanterns mentioned that rare spirit beast, he suddenly recalled something...

At this time, Zhuge Yue gazed at Song Shuhang with a terrified expression on her face. "Shuhang who are you talking to?"

As expected, she can't see Nine Lanterns...

"Don't worry, it's a friend. She is hiding in the surroundings and has been secretly protecting me. It was only thanks to her that I was able to reach this place and find you." Song Shuhang tried to reassure her.

Zhuge Yue nodded silently.

"Come, let's try to find Zhuge Zhongyang and the other two passengers for now," Song Shuhang said.

But right at this time, Zhuge Yue screamed, "Shuhang, watch out!"

A shadow suddenly appeared behind Song Shuhang's body.

This shadow seemed to have appeared out of thin air because it was previously invisible. Yes, it was precisely one of those invisible freaks Zhuge Yue mentioned earlier.

The secret technique these guys were using to become invisible was very special, and Song Shuhang didn't notice the approaching figure even though he had used 'vigilance' and 'mental detection'.

After revealing itself, the figure used its thick metal rod to try to bash Song Shuhang's head in.

The metal rod was emanating a faint red light, which would appear only if one had imbued their weapon with qi and blood energy. The aggressor was planning to reduce Song Shuhang's head into a pulp.


Shuhang didn't have time to react and was hit by the rod, getting knocked down to the ground. The doll-sized Zhuge Yue also fell to a side, screaming in fear.

At this time, the invisible freak was finally visible. It was a man with a stubble beard wearing pink clothes and a red belt. No wonder Zhuge Yue labeled him as a freak after seeing his look. It was a real-life pedo uncle!

The pedo uncle looked at Zhuge Yue, who was lying on the ground, and licked his lips. Afterward, he laughed strangely and said, "Hehe, I didn't think you had a helper. But it's all useless. A cultivator with only a few apertures opened isn't my match. Moreover, you suddenly became so small that I almost lost sight of you anyway, your current appearance is also very cute, it would be even more satisfying to taste you."

As he was speaking, the pedo uncle winked at Zhuge Yue with his right eye.

At first, Zhuge Yue didn't understand what the weird uncle meant, but once she grasped the meaning of his words, she felt like puking. "Uncle, I'm not gay!"

"Hehehe little girl, do you really think you can fool me with such petty lies? Even if you're wearing men's clothes, you can't deceive the seasoned eyes of a pervert. Anyway, we cannot waste too much time. I have to obtain your blood before my two junior brothers catch up. After nourishing my body with the energy of a virgin with a special constitution such as yourself, I'll be able to jump through the dragon gate immediately, reaching the Second Stage True Master Realm." After saying this much, the pedo uncle started to take off his pink clothes.

"Darling, I'll make you feel really good." Then, he gave Zhuge Yue a charming look.

Zhuge Yue's face became deathly pale. She would rather die than giving her first time to this pedo uncle!

She quietly put her tongue between her teethshould she commit suicide? But was biting one's tongue enough to commit suicide? And how much did she need to bit off? Was biting the tip enough to die?

But right at this time, the body of the nearby Song Shuhang suddenly disappeared.

In the next instant, he appeared in front of the pedo uncle while in a half-squatting position and struck his palm against his chest.

"Lightning Palm!" Song Shuhang shouted.

A crackling sound echoed, and dazzling lightning burst out toward the chest of the pedo uncle.

"Blech" The pedo uncle spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as his chest was burnt. The power of the Lightning Palm penetrated inside his body and destroyed part of his internal organs.

"Impossible that's the Lightning Palm! Wait, how can you still be alive, you took my rod head on!" The weird uncle fell to the ground and pointed his shivering finger toward Song Shuhang. He didn't dare to believe what had just happened.

The attack he used earlier to bash Song Shuhang's head wasn't an average one. It was a heavy blow imbued with qi and blood energy, and there was no way a cultivator with only a few apertures opened could withstand it!

Song Shuhan's heart was also racing after what had happenedthe invisible mode of his opponent was really weird, and even with his mental detection activated, he was unable to discover anything. If the ghost spirit in his Heart Aperture hadn't used its small golden shield to protect him, the consequences would have been dreadful.

"Dammit I died in the hands of a little cultivator" The pedo uncle struggled a few times and closed his eyes unwillingly, passing away.

Even a peak First Stage cultivator that was about to jump through the dragon gate like him was unable to resist a direct hit with the Lightning Palm.

After all, not all First Stage cultivators were as lucky as Song Shuhang and possessed a ghost spirit with defensive abilities.

"Let's go. We should look for your brother," Song Shuhang said as he picked up the doll-sized Zhuge Yue.

At this time, she was staring at Shuhang absent-mindedly.

What happened just now? A ball of lightning suddenly appeared in Song Shuhang's palm and he used it to kill that invisible pedo uncle?

One could turn invisible, and the other could generate lightningwas that uncle a mutant? Was this a real-life X-Men?

Dammit, I lost my video camera. If I had recorded that scene, it would have ended up on the first page! Zhuge Yue's occupational disease suddenly flared up.

"Are you looking for her elder brother? I just smelled a scent very similar to hers. It should be the Zhuge Zhongyang you mentioned earlier," Nine Lanterns said.

During the whole process, Nine Lanterns didn't make any move.

However, if she was planning to lead him to Zhuge Zhongyang, it was already enough. Song Shuhang wasn't expecting to receive much help either.

"Anyway, we should make haste. The scent of another 'freak' is approaching this Zhuge Zhongyang very quickly," Nine Lanterns said with a smile.

Song Shuhang's complexion changed.

In the next moment, Nine Lanterns dashed forward, showing the way. Song Shuhang used the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk at full-power and followed behind her.

Very soon, they arrived at Zhuge Zhongyang's position.

At this time, Zhuge Zhongyang was also being chased by a pedo uncle with a stubble beard, pink clothes, and a red belt.

Except for his slightly different facial features, this pedo uncle was almost the same as the previous one. Whether it was their disposition or tone, it was identical. Therefore, we can conveniently name him Pedo Uncle No. 2.

"Darling, I've finally caught up with you. You ran so fast that I almost lost sight of you anyway, playing hide and seek also has its charm. It would be even more satisfying to taste you now." Pedo Uncle No. 2 licked the corner of his mouth and winked with his right eye at Zhuge Zhongyang who was now lying on the ground.