Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 302

Chapter 302 The Little Finger Snake
Chapter 302: The Little Finger Snake
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Song Shuhang was rather interested in the Heavenly Islandafter all, even the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group wanted to know more about this mysterious island. Unfortunately, they weren't able to discover anything useful during their trip.

They said curiosity killed the cat. The more mysterious a place was, the more humans would want to uncover its secrets.

However, even if he were to discover the secrets of the Heavenly Island, what point there was to it? After leaving the island, his memories would be wiped, and he wouldn't remember anything!

I'm interested, but is there even a point in knowing? Song Shuhang wanted to reply like this.

But at this time, a figure appeared out of nowhere, stopping Song Shuhang from continuing with his speech.

On a huge tree in front of Song Shuhang, on a tree branch located at the height of ten meters, a figure wearing pink clothes and a red belt appeared.

Just by looking at his attire, one could easily realize that it was another cultivator from the Netherworld Realm.

However, he was different from those two vulgar pedo uncles from before. This figure had a bewitching smile on his face and pretty facial features like those of a noble.

"Heh it seems you killed my two worthless senior brothers!" the demonic young master said to Song Shuhang while leaning against the trunk of the tree.

Song Shuhang narrowed his eyes. The style of this cultivator of the Netherworld Realm was vastly different from the other two, and his strength was also higher. Shuhang could faintly feel the power of true qi emanating from the body of this demonic young master. It meant that this person had already reached the Second Stage True Master Realm.

Song Shuhang held on to the treasured saber Broken Tyrant tightly and used his other hand to grasp the talisman in his pocket. He had double-checked several times, and there were no mistakes this timeit was precisely his last sword talisman.

Behind Song Shuhang, after seeing this cultivator of the Netherworld Realm appear, Nine Lanterns secretly clenched her small fists You actually dared to interrupt my speech! Are you tired of living?

Seeing Song Shuhang's tense face, the demonic young master laughed, satisfied.

Next, while having an everything-is-under-my-control expression on his face, he said, "No need to be nervous. I'm different from my two worthless senior brothers. I'm a pacifist, and I think that it's better to use words to solve problems rather than fists. The ability to reason is what differentiates intelligent beings from wild beasts!"

His words immediately piqued the interest of Lady Onion, who was lying in Song Shuhang's pocket. I agree! Beating and killing people is wrong. If possible, it would be better to solve problems with words alone. Only a brute would use violence!

According to her, if Shuhang could have a good talk with her and release her, without having to threaten her every time, it would be truly wonderful.

"..." Song Shuhang.

He likes to use 'words' to solve problems...? So, there are really people in this world with the 'chatty' attribute as their primary one. Doesn't he know that those types of people are usually the first ones to die?

"Earlier, you killed my two senior brothers. So... how about this. Lend me the duo behind you for a whileif they can satisfy me, I'll let every one of you go. What do you think of my proposal?" the demonic young master said, full of confidence.

"..." Zhuge Yue.

"..." Zhuge Zhongyang.

He was worthily a cultivator of the Netherworld Realm; even if his style was vastly different from the other two, he was still a pervert in the end.

"After seeing your expression, it seems you have no intention of accepting my proposal, right?" the demonic young master said coldly as he narrowed his eyes. At the same time, he released a burst of threatening aura from his body, directing it at Song Shuhang, Zhuge Yue, and Zhuge Zhongyang.

Zhuge Yue and Zhuge Zhongyang were unable to resist and started to tremble subconsciously.

Song Shuhang didn't utter a word; he held Broken Tyrant tightly and operated the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk, dashing toward the big tree. If the height of the branch was only ten meters, he could reach it in one go with the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk.

In the next instant, he raised Broken Tyrant high, and saber light flashed in the surrounding area.

This attack was only a cover; the real attack would come from the talisman in Song Shuhang's hand.

Once the demonic young master was in the range of the sword talisman, Song Shuhang would let him have a taste of its power.

"Sigh, why do I always meet people like you that overestimate themselves? If you want to die, I'll give you a helping hand," the demonic young master said coldly. "It's a pity that those two humans with a special constitution didn't serve me on their own volition. If I force them into it, the effects would be much worse."

This was the reason for all that nonsense from before.

After saying this much, the demonic young master opened his palms, revealing ten blood-colored strings that were attached to his fingers. These strings were a special type of weapon, and if used together with true qi, they could be both soft and hard; their power was astonishing.

Next, he rushed forward and clawed at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang had a calm expression on his face. Just five more steps and the demonic young master would be in the range of the sword talisman!

But just as the demonic younger master took three steps forward, he felt something cold on his ankle.

In the next instant, he saw Song Shuhang's appearance change and became bigger!

In the blink of an eye, Song Shuhang turned into a ten-meter-tall colossus! But that wasn't all, his height was continuously increasing!

At last, Song Shuhang changed into a hundred-meter-tall giant that could shoulder the heaven with his arms. Broken Tyrant also turned into a huge saber that seemed capable of rending heaven and earth.

"What technique is this? Which race does he belong to?!" the demonic young master cried out in shock.

Even if we took into consideration the ancient titan race, it was rare to have someone reach the height of hundred meters.

Moreover, titans had already disappeared from this world, and even if they had left descendants behind, it was unlikely for them to be able to change the size of their body to that of a normal person.

"In this case it should be an illusion, right?" the demonic young master muttered.

Yeah, there is no other explanation; it must be an illusion!

Not only that giant, this huge snake coiling around my body must also be an illusion too!

"Stupid illusion, break!" the demonic young master bellowed as he released the true qi in his body. Afterward, he made a hand seal and shouted, "Illusion Breaking Seal!"

Powerful true qi covered his entire body.

At this time, the huge snake coiling around his body became fidgety and opened its big mouth, gulping the demonic young master down.

"Break, break, break!" the demonic young master continuously roared while being swallowed down. In the next instant, the upper half of his body was swallowed, and only his legs were left, sticking out from the mouth of the snake and thrashing around.

Afterward, well there was no afterward.

Song Shuhang swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at the finger-sized little snake on the tree trunk.

"The Little Finger Snake!" Song Shuhang immediately recalled that mysterious spirit beast Soft Feather had told him about.

Her magical purse that could reduce the size of objects was manufactured exactly from the shed skin of the Little Finger Snake.

The Little Finger Snake had the innate ability to reduce the size of everything that came into contact with its skin. Although it was only as big as the pinky of a human, it could reduce the size of an elephant to that of a fingernail after coming in contact with it, swallowing it down with ease.

Now it was all clear no wonder Song Shuhang found the 'spirit beast' that Nine Lanterns had introduced so familiar. Originally, it was the Little Finger Snake!

So, that huge lizard I encountered while I was leading the passengers toward the ancient city... also shrank and disappeared due to the Little Finger Snake?

And Zhuge Yue must have ended up in this state because she casually bumped into the Little Finger Snake earlier...

According to Nine Lanterns, the Little Finger Snake didn't eat Zhuge Yue because it was already full. Therefore, it didn't bother opening its mouth and swallowing down the infant-like Zhuge Yue.

After eating its fill, it probably decided to take a nap and digest the food.

However, the place it chose to rest wasn't good enough, and Zhuge Yue unknowingly ruined its sleep. At this point, the snake was forced to change the location and decided to climb up on a ten-meter-tall tree to rest.

But never would it have expected that someone would disturb its sleep even after it had climbed so high.

If I don't show my strength these guys might mistake me for a goddam worm!

Thereafter, the Little Finger Snake didn't hesitate and coiled around the ankle of the demonic young master, reducing his size and swallowing him down. Although it wasn't hungry, it still decided to eat him in a fit of rage.

After swallowing the demonic young master, the Little Finger Snake raised its head and shot a cold look at Song Shuhang.

The demonic young master wasn't the only one that disturbed its sleep; there was also Song Shuhang!

"Forgive me for disturbing you. I'm just an unimportant person that was passing by, can you kindly ignore me?" Song Shuhang said with a radiant smile.

He was planning to turn around jump down from the big tree.

But the Little Finger Snake had no intention of letting him off.

Although it was small, its speed was incredibly fast. The small snake shot toward Song Shuhang as fast as lightning.


The snake attached itself to Song Shuhang's body.

In the next instant, Song Shuhang started to quickly shrink while still in midair. In the blink of an eye, he had shrunk till reaching the size of a palm.

Song Shuhang had no intention of being reduced to the size of a fingernail and being swallowed down by the Little Finger Snake.

"Miss Nine Lanterns, save me!" Song Shuhang screamed and asked helpfor some unknown reason, he felt that he was very skilled at asking for help.

Was it possible that he became this skilled because he would often shout sentences such as 'Senior XXX, help me!'?

"Oooh? It seems you need my help!" Nine Lanterns narrowed her yes; she seemed in a very good mood.

After finishing her sentence, she flickered her fingers and threw a set of golden prayer beads toward the Little Finger Snake.

The Little Finger Snake that was still in midair sensed the danger and raised its head, looking at the quickly approaching prayer beads.

Soon after, the Little Finger Snake regretfully spat out its tongue and released Song Shuhang, shooting toward the big tree once more.

However, those golden prayer beads were following the snake like the shadow that followed one's body.


The prayers beads stuck on its body, and the chant of sutras intermittently echoed from them. That sound was like a bolt of lightning, and it made the body of the snake intermittently tremble.

"Hissss!" The Little Finger Snake was incredibly annoyed and spat out its tongue once more. Afterward, its body cracked, and a brand-new Little Finger Snake shot out of the 'shell', quickly disappearing into the wilderness.

Only some of its skin was left behind.

"Eh? Was it about to shed its skin and managed to escape because of it?" Nine Lanterns said regretfully.

Then, she took out a small notebook and wrote something on it.

If one were to look carefully, they would discover that the notebook was full of writings.

The headline was: [Nine Lanterns' wishes.]