Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 304

Chapter 304 The Heart Of A Pure And Innocent Girl
Chapter 304: The heart of a pure and innocent girl
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Lady Onion shrank into a small ball and let Nine Lanterns poke her, not daring to revoltin a difficult situation, she could do nothing but lower her head.

However, she kept repeating one line in her head. You keep bullying this small and lovely green onion, but one day, I'll master the ultimate technique and repay this humiliation hundredfold!

Her objective was to push the hateful Nine Lanterns on the ground and enjoy her!

Lady Onion was engrossed in her perverted thoughts and fantasizing about trampling Nine Lanterns under her feet, charmingly smiling like a queen while doing so.

In the end, her dreams prevailed over reality, and no matter how much Nine Lanterns poked her, Lady Onion didn't react.

After ruthlessly poking her for a while, Nine Lanterns took her notebook out and crossed out another wish.

1) Prepare a dish and see him eat it. (Crossed)

2) Accompany him on a trip to a not too dangerous place. (Crossed)

3) Save him one time. (Crossed)

4) Read many books together. (Just crossed)

5) ...

The contents of the fifth line were concealed through a magical technique, and when Nine Lanterns crossed out the fourth line, it started to become visible.

5) Dance for him amidst a sea of flowers surrounded by green mountains and beautiful flowing water.


Nine Lanterns' face immediately became pale. In her whole life, she had never taken dance lessons. Instead of dancing, couldn't she just display a few fist techniques?

Moreover, why the hell did it had to be amidst a sea of flowers surrounded by green mountains and beautiful flowing water?!

What was wrong with her back in those days when she had yet to become a buddhist nun?!

Preparing a dish and reading books were passable, but bringing him to a dangerous place and save him like a heroine saving a prince in distress what was the deal with these wishes?

With much difficulty, she prepared him a dish (meat soup), accompanied him to a not too dangerous place (deep in the forest to look for the Zhuges), and saved him like a heroine saving a prince in distress.

But after seeing the fifth wish, Nine Lanterns felt helpless!

She felt that dancing was really beyond her capabilities!

If she could return back in time, she would appear in front of her old self and tear apart this notebook called 'Nine Lanterns' wishes'. Nine Lanterns had written these wishes down before entering the Heavenly Dragon Temple and having her head shaved, becoming a buddhist nun. These were the pure and naive wishes of a young girl.

A young girl would always have an innocent heart and hold great expectations for her Prince Charming.

As for why the title of this notebook was 'Nine Lanterns' wishes', the reason was that her dharma name before officially becoming a buddhist nun was Nine Lanterns.

Before having her head shaved and entering the religious life, she was one of the layman disciples of the Heavenly Dragon Temple.

In hindsight I should have come up with this wish after getting out for a stroll during springtime and seeing a sea of flowers...

'If I have to dance, what kind of dance should I perform?' Nine Lanterns was very worried.

Soon after, she saw Lady Onion's sprout swaying left and right in the wind.

Oh now that I think of it, didn't this monster onion display a beautiful dance when I met her? That dance was capable of influencing the other party and make their heart skip a beat.

Shiet, I can't absolutely perform that dance; I would rather die!

Then, which dance should I perform?

Nine Lanterns started to impatiently knock on the notebook with her pen.

On the other hand, the nearby Song Shuhang had been mesmerized by the buddhist scripturesSong Shuhang really liked to read books, regardless of the type.

No matter how boring it was, as long as it wasn't something he had already read, he could read it for the whole day.

Time passed by and Song Shuhang had already returned to his original size while reading books.

Perhaps it was because he was used to squatting down while freeloading books in the library that Song Shuhang moved away from the pile of buddhist scriptures and went into a corner, where he squatted down and kept reading silently.

When she saw Song Shuhang stealthily squatting down in a corner, Nine Lanterns found the scene rather amusing.

In the blink of an eye, Song Shuhang had read more than twenty buddhist scriptures. Afterward, he put the book in his hands down and stretched himself; he seemed very happy right now.

"Song Shuhang." After seeing that he had stopped reading, Nine Lanterns asked, "Do you like watching dance performances?"

"Dance performances?" Song Shuhang looked at Nine Lanterns, somewhat confused. He was wondering why she would suddenly ask this question. However, he pondered for a moment and replied, "I'm not really an expert at judging dance performances. However, as long as it's a good dance, I'm sure I'll like it. In fact, I really like watching TV programs about dance at those yearly evening gatherings."

After hearing this reply, Nine Lanterns rubbed her aching head.

Song Shuhang's vague answer was very troublesome.

It was like asking someone: What do you want for breakfast?

And the reply of the other person was: Whatever you want.

Although the other person said that everything was fine, it would still give whoever was going to prepare the breakfast a headache.

What could you prepare? New Year's cakes? Noodles? Steamed stuffed buns? Dumplings? And if they were to make noodles, should they boil them or fry them? There was a lot of choices.

After heaving a sigh, Nine Lanterns revealed a smiling face. "Shuhang, aren't you tired after all this reading? Should we go out for a stroll?"

"Sure." Song Shuhang rubbed his eyes out of habit.

After he opened his Eye Aperture, the power of qi and blood was continuously circulating within his eyes. Therefore, they would rarely get tired.

Nine Lanterns put the enlightenment stone on the table and engraved several simple formations on it, wrapping it completely. She didn't want Lady Onion to escape while they were away.

...She was going out to dance, and she absolutely didn't want Lady Onion to see that scene.

Too bad that Lady Onion couldn't leave the enlightenment stone in the first place. She had even lost the ability to turn human. At this time, she was only a green onion with intellect and a mouth.

Nine Lanterns left the temple with Song Shuhang. The scenery outside was really beautiful; there were green mountains and beautiful flowing water. The only thing missing was the sea of flowers.

However, creating something like a sea of flowers was an easy matter for a powerful cultivator.

Nine Lanterns gently raised her finger and summoned a faraway butterfly-type spirit beast. The butterfly spirit came over and started to dance beside Nine Lanterns. They seemed very familiar with each other.

"Song Shuhang, would you like to see a sea of flowers?" Nine Lanterns suddenly asked.

"A sea of flowers?" Although he didn't know why Nine Lanterns would suddenly bring up a sea of flowers, Song Shuhang nodded.

Nine Lanterns slightly raised her finger and poured some spiritual energy inside the spirit butterfly.

After receiving a large quantity of spiritual energy, the spirit butterfly started to dance in the grass in front of Song Shuhang and Nine Lanterns.

It was a type of dance that spirit butterflies were specialized in, and since the butterfly was flying at an extremely high speed, it left behind several afterimages. But that wasn't allas the powder on its wings dispersed, it created several illusory clones of the spirit butterfly.

In the next instant, the beautiful scene of thousands of dancing butterflies appeared in front of Song Shuhang. This scene made one feel as though they were in the middle of a sea of butterflies.

If one were to take a picture of this scene with their mobile phone, they wouldn't even need to beautify it with Photoshop to turn it into a gorgeous wallpaper.

After ten breaths, the clones disappeared and the spirit butterfly flapped its wings, returning to Nine Lanterns' side.

Nine Lanterns stretched her finger out, and the spirit butterfly rested on it.

"Huff!" Afterward, she blew on the spirit butterfly; this breath seemed like spring breeze.

In the next instant, many small plants started to germinate in the vast expanse of grass ahead; these were the rhizomes of flowers. Earlier, the spirit butterfly had sprinkled the seeds all around, and now, they were growing at accelerated speed thanks to the spiritual energy.

Several breaths later, that vast expanse of grass turned into a beautiful sea of flowers. Hundreds of thousands of multicolored flowers were blooming, very dazzling to the eye.

"Beautiful." Song Shuhang sighed with emotion. There were many flowers, and they all seemed of different types. Song Shuhang hadn't seen most of these species before.

Just as Song Shuhang was entranced by the beautiful sea of flowers, the nearby Nine Lanterns took a deep breath.

Then, she stiffly stepped into the sea of flowers.

"???" A confused Song Shuhang gazed at the stiff Nine Lanterns.

In the sea of flowers, the gray-robed Nine Lanterns' bare head was reflecting light in all directions.

Afterward, she raised her middle and index fingers above her head, starting to sway left and right in the sea of flowers. It seemed she was trying to imitate a rabbit...

"??????" Song Shuhang's confusion intensified.

Ever since he had met Nine Lanterns, he was having a hard time following her train of thought. No matter how much he tried to understand the meaning behind her actions, he just couldn't.

What is she doing right now? Is she trying to imitate a rabbit by jumping around like that? But why is she imitating a rabbit in front of me? Is there any profound meaning behind it?

Maybe that's a hobby of hers?

Should I also coordinate and clap my hands?

Anyway, is it just a misconception or does she look rather cute while trying to act like a bunny?

Just when he was in deep thoughts, Nine Lanterns started to chaotically dance in the sea of flowers as though she was convulsing. Due to her great strength, all the flowers in the surroundings were flying away as she was swaying her hands, and petals kept revolving around as she was chaotically moving.

For a moment, Nine Lanterns resembled a flowery fairy maidena convulsing flowery fairy maiden.

After dancing for a while, Nine Lanterns thought it was enough and finally stopped.

At this time, the once beautiful sea of flowers was a mess, with patches missing here and there.

After she returned to his side, Song Shuhang applauded against his will.

"It wasn't bad, right?" Nine Lanterns said with a smile.

"It was very bagood!" Song Shuhang said while mustering all his strength.

"It's all good as long as you liked it." Nine Lanterns secretly heaved a sigh of reliefearlier, she discarded all her sense of shame and emptied her mind.

In the end, she too was unaware of what she had done!

Luckily, Song Shuhang said that it was 'very good'.

It didn't matter if he truly liked the dance or not, because after getting this reply, the fifth wish was finally fulfilled.

"We have rested enough, let's go back." Nine Lanterns headed toward the temple, wobbling.