Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Fellow Daoist Wait A Moment
Chapter 318: Fellow Daoist, wait a moment!
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"As expected, as long as I'm serious about it, I can definitely find the mysterious island!" Venerable White said full of confidence.

After following the direction pointed out by the divination technique, Senior White arrived at a certain place in the East China Sea. After pondering for a moment, he stretched his hand out and pricked the void, trying to reach the coordinates of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique on Song Shuhang's arm.

Venerable White tried to grab at Song Shuhang's position.

However, Shuhang was in a strange state right now. It felt as though he wasn't in the real world but some illusory place instead.

"This feeling is it an illusory reality?" Venerable White muttered.

In other words, there was someone on the island that was a Seventh Stage Venerable, if not stronger. Through the coordinates of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique, Venerable White could faintly induce Song Shuhang's state. At this time, he seemed calm and uninjured.

"Now then, how can I reach Song Shuhang?" Venerable White thought a bit and immediately remembered the disposable flying swords that disappeared while chasing after Song Shuhang.

At that time, Doudou and the small monk were blocked by the barrier protecting the mysterious island, but the two disposable flying swords were able to bypass it and get on the other side.

Perhaps he could use a disposable flying sword to create a path that would lead him to Song Shuhang's side...

And given Venerable White's strength, he was indeed capable of following the flying sword and finding an opportunity to pass through the barrier together with it.

It wouldn't hurt to give it a try, right?

However, Senior White was in the middle of the sea right now. Where would he find a tree branch to manufacture a disposable flying sword?

Perhaps he could try to look for other materials and use those to manufacture the flying sword.

Venerable White looked all around, trying to look for something to use instead of the tree branch and it was exactly at this point that he saw a figure in a white suit with hands crossed behind their back and feet stepping on a tree branch, elegantly riding the wind and cleaving through waves.

My code name is Fox Ten.

I belong to a mysterious organization specialized in handling all kinds of troublesome matters. Killing, kidnapping, swindling, and so on are like our daily bread. However, I rarely kill since I'm in charge of another set of tasks inside the organization. For example, replacing a person and fulfilling their wife's wish, getting her pregnant. Or tricking little girls into bearing my children and so on. I'm very skilled at dealing with such matters.

Today, Wolf One gave me the task to trick a girl.

She's Chu Family's little talent, Chu Chu, and she's carrying the volume of an ancient sword technique with her.

I have to coordinate with Whale Eight and Shark Nine and play the role of the hero, rescuing Chu Chu from the hands of the duo. Afterward, I'll use my best techniques and trick her into giving me that ancient sword technique.

To complete my mission, I've come to the East China Sea.

Thereupon, I decided to enter the scene in the coolest way possible.

I wore my favorite white suit and decided to use a tree branch as a surfboard, riding the wind and cleaving through waves.

Unfortunately, I can't ride a flying sword yet. Otherwise, I would have been even cooler!

However, entering the scene while sailing the across the weaves is still quite cool!

I'm Fox Ten, do you want to bear my beautiful children? Please contact me, I'll be happy to bestow upon you my exquisite genes.

Eh? What's that thing in the front? Is that a whale? Above the whale are also a beautiful girl, a small monk, and a pekingese?

Is that beautiful girl looking at me?

Her eyes are beautiful, they are like an oasis for a thirsty traveler in the desert.

As expected, a handsome man like myself will draw attention wherever he goes.

"Fellow Daoist, wait a moment!" Oh, that beautiful girl called me. It seems she wants to have me as a guest?

Unfortunately, I can't keep you company today.

Better stroke my hair with my hand, I'll look even more handsome if I do that.

Goodbye, beautiful girl.

If I didn't have this mission to complete, I would have gladly accompanied you and let you bear my children. The best I can do is assume the most dashing pose possible and let you remember it forever.

Eh? Wait, how come I can't move anymore?

Eh? My body is being drawn toward that beautiful girl on its own?

Venerable White's luck was unrivaled.

'This guy riding a tree branch came just at the right time. Moreover, it's even my favorite type of tree branch, the branch of a willow tree.' After seeing the other party, Venerable White stretched his hand out and made a grabbing motion with his palm.

In the next moment, the man in a white suit and the tree branch below his feet were seized by an invisible force and brought over to Senior White's position.

Fox Ten opened his eyes widethe situation wasn't looking too good; he had met a powerful expert!

"Bang!" Fox Ten disorderly fell in front of Venerable White, rolling several times on the back of the huge whale. Fox Ten kept his eyes on Venerable White while maintaining a half-kneeling position and put a hand on his belthis belt was in truth a flexible sword coiled around his waist.

"Fellow Daoist, what is your name?" Venerable White asked with a faint smile.

Fox Ten swallowed a mouthful of saliva. At first, he was planning not to reply, but after seeing Senior White's smile, he fell in a confusional state and blurted out, "Fox Ten."

"You're surnamed Fox and named Ten? So unexpected, to think there are people named like this..." Venerable White said while holding his chin.

"..." Fox Ten.

The organization took him in when he was still a child. Therefore, he had no other name besides Fox Ten. However, he wasn't surnamed Fox and named Ten!

"Alright, Fellow Daoist. There was something I wanted to ask you." Venerable White made a grabbing motion with his left hand, pulling the tree branch beside his body and grabbing it. "I wanted to know if you could lend me your tree branch."

Fox Ten's heart was in turmoilhe was picked from the sea and brought here due to this tree branch?

This senior brought him over here with just the movement of their hand. He was like an infant in front of this person and had no way to revolt.

If the opposite party wanted something as irrelevant as his tree branch, he certainly didn't dare to refuse.

He wasn't so stupid to anger this powerful cultivator over a simple tree branch.

Fox Ten made a hollow laugh and said, "Senior, if you need this tree branch, you can take it. After all, it's only a very ordinary tree branch."

Venerable White's eyes immediately lit up. "Fellow Daoist, I like our straightforwardness; I won't forget this favor. However, without the tree branch, you lost your means of transportation I should give you something in return!"

"Senior, you're too polite," Although Fox Ten said this, he was rather excited. What kind of precious means of transportation was this senior going to give him in return?

Just as he was in deep thoughts, he saw Venerable White stretch his hand out and make a grabbing motion toward the sea.

Soon after, a two-meter-long huge fish with a spear-like mouth was grabbed and brought of out the water.

After being seized, the big fish struggled incessantly.

This fish seemed to be a... 'swordfish'?

What was Senior White planning to do with the fish?

Fox Ten saw the beautiful senior stretch out their hand and pat the fish, making the fish lose consciousness.

Afterward, a shocking scene took place.

He saw the senior stretch out his finger and use it as a brush, starting to draw on the fish. Spirit energy surged, and a formation magically appeared on the body of the fish.

Just what kind of strength one had to possess to draw a formation like that?

Fox Ten got a huge scare.

"Good, it's finished." Venerable White clapped his hands and said, "I engraved the following formations on the body of this fish: speed increasing, mind controlling, water barrier, and spirit gathering. The effects will last for a month.

Fellow Daoist Fox Ten, when you step on the fish to ride it, you'll be able to control it through your thoughts. And thanks to the water barrier formation, you won't have to worry about the sea water dirtying your clothes or the swordfish dying of dehydration due to the strong wind. Additionally, the spirit gathering formation will keep filling the fish with energy and vigor."

After saying this much, Venerable White smiled proudly and added, "At last, there is the speed increasing formation that I'm so proud of. This formation will increase your speed by ten times. It's much cooler than the tree branch you were riding before, right?! How about it? Do you like this new means of transportation?"

Venerable White was very skilled in formations pertaining to speed. Unfortunately, the innate talent of this fish was too low. Otherwise, it might have even developed intellect after having all those formations plastered on its body.

Fox Ten forced a smile and nodded.

"Anyway, I have still some matters to attend to. Therefore, we should part ways here, Fellow Daoist!" Venerable White said to Fox Ten.

Then, he didn't wait for Fox Ten to reply and pushed forward with his hands lightly.

In the next moment, Fox Ten and the swordfish were thrown into the sea once more.

The swordfish regained consciousness and wagged its head in complacency; it seemed very lively. Fox Ten stood on its body and was now capable of telling the fish in which direction to go through the mind controlling formation.

And just in this fashion, Fox Ten stepped on the swordfish and kept riding the wind and cleaving through waves...

Fox Ten looked as handsome as before. But after exchanging the tree branch with a swordfish even if he were more handsome, he wouldn't look as cool as before.

It was like seeing a prince riding a husky instead of a white horsethe prince would inevitably lose some of his charm even if he was handsome.

However, Fox Ten felt this swordfish had a very strong point.

Its speed was extremely quick.

Thanks to the speed increasing formation engraved on its body, the swordfish reached a speed of 100 km/h in a very short amount of time! And with the spirit gathering formation, it wouldn't get tired either! It could continuously shuttle back and forth in the sea at a speed of 100 km/h.

But the most important thing was that there were no brakes. Indeed, there were no brakes to reduce the speed!

And just like this, the swordfish dashed forward with a whizz, unable to stop even if it wanted to.

"Aaaaaaah~" Fox Ten's scream of 'joy' echoed in the East China Sea.

Senior~ you forgot to install the brakes!

After seeing off fellow daoist Fox Ten, Venerable White stretched his hand out and started to fiddle with the tree branch, quickly creating a disposable flying sword 004 edition.

"And now let's unleash the illusory reality!" Venerable White opened his hand, creating a huge illusory desert.

Doudou and the small monk opened their eyes and could only watch helplessly as they were being drawn into the illusion.

Likewise, the poor whale beneath Venerable White's feet was also drawn into the illusory desert.

After suddenly finding itself in the middle of the desert, the whale was stunned and started to struggle up.

"Ah! Forgive me for bringing you here. Don't worry, we'll leave this place soon," Venerable White comforted the whale and patted its body with his hand, applying the effects of the 'floating technique' to it. With this technique, the whale would be able to 'swim' through the air as though it was water, allowing it to ignore the gravitational force crushing its body.

Immediately after, he poured a large quantity of spiritual energy inside the disposable flying sword.

"Go!" Venerable White activated a sword technique and locked onto the coordinates of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique on Song Shuhang's body.