Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 319

Chapter 319 What Kind Of Monstrous Human Is This
Chapter 319: What kind of monstrous human is this?
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"Do your thing!" Venerable White activated the sword technique and launched the disposable flying sword. Now, he could only wait and see whether the sword could create a passage and lead him to Song Shuhang. If it could create a passage, he would immediately seize the opportunity and follow behind it closely.

The instant the disposable flying sword was launched, perhaps due to the surging sword qi, the huge whale got a bit agitated.

It cried out and dived, making a beautiful jump into the air!

At the same time, Doudou and the small monk were thrown off the whale's body.

This development had been rather unexpected. The corner of Venerable White's mouth twitched as he dashed forward, grabbing the falling Doudou and small monk.

Next something even more unexpected happened.

While leaping, the huge whale came in contact with the disposable flying sword 004 edition.

Afterward, the huge whale disappeared with a whizz, heading toward Song Shuhang's coordinates.

Along the way, one could still hear the whale's pitiful cry. "Whooo~ whooo~"

If the whale had human-like intelligence, its current thoughts would certainly be: "You might think that I'm very happy, but these tears are not tears of joy..."

Senior White blinked a few times. Afterward, he unconsciously stretched his hand out and bid farewell to the whale.

"Eh? Why I'm waving at the whale, I should follow it!" Venerable White muttered.

He grabbed the small monk and Doudou and closely followed behind the disposable flying sword.

At this time, in the ancient bronze palace in the Heavenly Island.

"Because rabbits are very cute and I like them." The powerful senior's reply was still echoing inside Song Shuhang's ears.

Song Shuhang held the rabbit-shaped purse and deeply pondered for a while.

At last, he mustered his courage and asked, "Senior, is it possible to change its shape?"

As soon as he said those words, the rabbit sitting on the powerful senior's leg opened its red eyes and stared at Song Shuhang, its expression very disgruntled.

"Eh? You don't like that rabbit-shaped purse?" The powerful senior was temporarily at a loss. Afterward, he unexpectedly agreed, "Sure, changing its shape isn't a problem. Which shape do you like? However, aside from rabbits, I'm not too familiar with other animals."

He isn't too familiar with other animals?

Song Shuhang thought for a moment and said, "Senior, do you think a crocodile is feasible?"

"Pfff Junior, you think I didn't see a crocodile before? Although I haven't left the Heavenly Island for the past thousand years, I traveled all around the world before settling in this place." The powerful senior laughed. Then, he stretched his hand out and started to draw into the air.

Very soon, the picture of a crocodile appeared midair.

As soon as he saw this 'crocodile', Song Shuhang was sure that he would have never guessed the species of this thing if he didn't already know that it was a crocodile.

If a crocodile were to grow into something with such an appearance, would its parents even recognize it?

Thereupon, Song Shuhang held the rabbit-shaped purse tightly and said with a radiant smile, "Senior, on second thought, I too think that white rabbits are quite cute. Not only they have snow-white fur, but they also have those cute ears pointing upward. Moreover, they're even cuter when roasted"

After he said this much, Song Shuhang felt a murderous intent come from the red-eyed white rabbit sitting on the senior's knee.

F*ck, I sang the wrong praise.

"If you like it, all the better. That being the case, time to send you home." The powerful senior nodded his head in agreement.

"I'll trouble Senior then," Song Shuhang said as he activated the magical techniqueit was precisely that technique to seal one's memories.

When he operated the sealing technique, the runes inside his mind also activated, using the qi and blood energy inside his apertures as a source of power to start sealing the memories pertaining to the Heavenly Island and those slightly earlier.

No matter what, the things happening in the Heavenly Island couldn't be divulged in the outside world.

If the current Wielder of the Will were to discover something amiss and find clues about the Heavenly Island, they would erase this entire place.

Therefore, it was best for everyone to forget everything that had happened if they were to leave the island.

Although he didn't stay on the Heavenly Island for too long, many interesting things happened to Song Shuhang here. Thanks to a stroke of luck, he almost opened his Mouth Aperture. Now, he was only one step away from being able to jump through the dragon gate.

Unknowingly, he was only one step away from the last small realm of the First Stage, and after jumping through the dragon gate, he would finally reach the Second Stage.

Additionally, he also obtained the skeletal dragon's withered vine and a purse made from the shed skin of the Little Finger Snake. He had gained a lot of things from this trip. Of course, Nine Lanterns as well...

Anyway, he would soon forget everything these matters pertaining to the Heavenly Island.

Unfortunately, his time was limited. Otherwise, he would have really wanted to catch one of those gorillas and gift it to Senior White. Song Shuhang was sure that Senior White would have been very interested in these gorillas with high-learning skills.

But his time here was over.

The seal started to take effect, and Song Shuhang started to forget about these matters bit by bit.

The seal started to seal his memories, starting since the time he boarded the plane

In the sky above the ancient bronze palace, Nine Lanterns was standing on two golden lotuses and fiddling with her prayer beads.

She looked at the palace, and her vision pierced the thick fog, gazing at Song Shuhang who was now having his memories sealed.

Nine Lanterns sweetly smiled and stepped into the air, leaving the 'Heaven' and returning to the Heavenly Island below.

The knot of karma had been solved, and everything was settled now. It was time for her to advance to the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm!

Still on the Heavenly Island, on the other shore of that deathly still black sea.

The Lightning Pig turned its body and half-opened its eyes, piercing through space and looking at the underground tomb.

Inside the chamber tomb, the small white dragon was still lying inside the crystal coffin, motionless.

In the groove beside the crystal coffin, Song Shuhang's blood was still flowing. Although it didn't react with the crystal coffin it wasn't rejected either!

'It wasn't a success, but it wasn't a failure either.' This is what the sentient puppet Dragon Bone said at the time.

"Just what's the meaning of this? There was no reaction, but also no rejection dammit, you could have reacted a little, you know?!" The Lightning Pig heaved a sigh. The wound on its body was as bad as before, it didn't seem it was going to heal anytime soon.

"By the way, just how long have I been a pig already...?" The Lightning Pig closed its eyes, falling into a deep slumber.

In the forest on the Heavenly Island.

A bloody massacre took place in the forest, and even the nearby branches and tree leaves were covered in blood.

The group led by the old professor was completely 'killed' by the huge earthworm-like monster. However, just before dying, the passengers were sent home and given a powerful healing spell as well as a free-of-charge memory wiping effect.

The huge monster chewed again and again in confusion.

It had just swallowed eight snacks, but why was it still feeling hungry? It felt as though it had eaten nothing but empty air...

The strange monster was wondering whether its appetite had increased lately

Song Shuhang memory-sealing process was proceeding smoothly.

But right at this time, the coordinates of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique on his arm faintly lit up.

"Eh?" The powerful senior looked at Song Shuhang, somewhat confused. Given his strength, it was easy for him to induce if someone was trying to lock onto Shuhang's coordinates.

Therefore, he shot a look at the coordinates on Song Shuhang's arm.

"Are those the coordinates of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique? But the Heavenly Island is in a separate space, and there is even my 'illusory reality' acting as protection... how did this person lock onto the coordinates of this kid?" The powerful senior was stunned.

After all, the Heavenly Island was established using a fragment of the Heavenly City as a base and was usually in a completely undetectable status. Even the current Wielder of the Will was unable to locate its position.

But now, someone had locked onto Song Shuhang position using the coordinates of an ordinary Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique?

This matter was both terrifying and absurd.

It was as scary as using a walkie-talkie with a hundred-meter range to communicate with someone on the other side of the galaxy.

"Although I would like to meet this mysterious fellow daoist face to face, it's not the right time I can't let you step into the Heavenly Island," the powerful senior said with a smile.

Since the objective of the opposite party was Song Shuhang, he just had to send him back. Moreover, the memory-sealing process was almost complete.

The powerful senior flicked his hand, and a blazing light appeared on Song Shuhang's body.

In the next instant, a 'space gate' visible only to the powerful senior appeared beside Song Shuhang's body. It was a space-related technique that only a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender could use.

The space gate enveloped Song Shuhang's body, turning him into particles of light that started to dissipate slowly.

"Goodbye, kid. Perhaps you'll have become a powerhouse of your own the next time we meet." The powerful senior offered Song Shuhang his best wishes.

His voice had yet to fade when a wooden sword appeared out of thin air beside Song Shuhang, as though it had passed through space itself.

But that wasn't all, a huge whale was riding the wooden sword.

The huge whale cried out pitifully, it was very scared at this moment.

"A space-related ability?" The powerful senior opened his eyes wide.

His guess was correct. The wooden sword and the whale riding it came here by passing through space. However, the power of space was supposed to belong only to Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders!!! No, something was off. This wasn't a magical technique... because the way the sword and the whale traversed space was different than a 'space gate'. It looked more like an innate skill...

Moreover, it seemed as though the owner of this skill wasn't very adept at using it?

"..." Even the powerful senior was speechless after witnessing this scene.

What kind of monstrous human was this? A human with a space-related innate skill...

After making their appearance, the huge whale and the wooden sword bumped into Song Shuhang lightly.

In the next instant, flame-like radiance appeared both on the whale and the wooden sword. They too changed into particles of light and started to dissipate like Song Shuhang.

"Whooo~ whooo~" Before disappearing, the whale cried pitifully once more. The poor thing was extremely scared.

In the East China Sea.

Venerable White had a confused look on his face as he withdrew his illusory reality.

After he launched the disposable flying sword toward Song Shuhang's coordinates, the sword flew and flew before bumping into something and disappearing with the huge whale.

Since the flying sword disappeared without any warning, he lost the possibility to open a passage between him, Song Shuhang, and the mysterious island.

"Did I fail? This mysterious island really is a tricky place!" Venerable White muttered.