Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Im Dashingly Sinking Toward The Bottom Of The Sea
Chapter 320: Im dashingly sinking toward the bottom of the sea
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Maybe I should try to enter the mysterious island forcefully. There seems to be no other way Venerable White thought to himself.

Just as he was in deep thoughts, Venerable White exclaimed in surprise, "Eh?"

The coordinates that he had locked onto suddenly disappeared!

And around three seconds later, he could feel Song Shuhang's aura once more. This time, he was somewhere in the East China Sea.

"Did little friend Shuhang come out of the mysterious island?" Venerable White immediately understood what had happened.

In the next instant, he unsheathed Meteor Sword.

Immediately after, he brought the small monk and Doudou along and stepped on the flying sword, heading toward the coordinates of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique.

In the middle of the boundless East China Sea.

The girl named Chu Chu was swimming in the water with all her strength. Behind her were two detestable fellows, closely following her. The duo was intentionally forcing her toward a certain route.

"We agreed on this place, right? Fox Ten isn't here yet?" a man with sharp teeth said in a grave tone.

"It's indeed strange. I don't see Fox Ten around; I'll ask Wolf One about it," the other man, who had a stocky build but nevertheless was extremely fast, replied.

Then, he contacted Wolf One through the communication device.

Fox Ten was a special existence in their organization, and except Wolf One, the other members were unable to contact him directly. Therefore, they had to contact Wolf One first, who'd contact Fox Ten later.

After the call connected, Whale Eight immediately asked, "Wolf One, is Fox Ten already at the scene?"

"What? Fox Ten isn't there yet? Dammit, I told him to get there earlier and wait for you guys! Wait a moment, I'll try to contact him." After saying this much, Wolf One hung up and called Fox Ten.

Very soon, Fox Ten picked up.

But as soon as he picked up, a strange sound came from his end. "Brrr~ brrr~"

Wolf One furrowed his brows and asked, "Fox Ten, where are you?"

"Brrr~ brrr~ ...I don't know? My current speed is simply too fast, I can't clearly see the surrounding scenery however, I feel really cold," Fox Ten said while shivering.

"You feel cold? Idiot, where the hell did you run to? Immediately come back! Whale Eight and Shark Nine put so much effort to drive that girl from the Chu Family into a hopeless situation, and now it's your time to enter the scene!" Wolf One said in a grave tone.

"Brrr, brrr Wolf One, I fear... I won't be able to come back in a short amount of time sniff..." Fox Ten said while half-weeping.

Right now, Fox Ten was still riding that swordfish, and his speed was getting faster and faster. On top of it, he couldn't stop because there were no brakes.

Under the power of inertia, the speed of the swordfish had surpassed 100 km/h, and if we add the effects of the constantly active speed increasing formation, it had already reached 1000 km/h. You could say that it was deadly fast.

The fearful thing was that there was no way to decrease the speed since Venerable White didn't install the brakes.

However, this wasn't the most fearful thing, because even if there were no brakes, a Second Stage True Master Realm cultivator such as Fox Ten could just jump down from the swordfish.

Instead, the most fearful thing was that 'water barrier formation'that formation protected Fox Ten from the splashing water and the fish from the strong wind. However, maybe because the speed was too fast, the formation 'warped', firmly locking Fox Ten on the swordfish and not allowing him to move.

At this time, Fox Ten was stuck on the back of the fish and was unable to get away from it.

He could still use the mind controlling formation to control the direction of the fish, but unfortunately for him, it had no option to stop. As if that wasn't enough, the swordfish wasn't exhausted at all and was full of energy thanks to the spirit gathering formation.

Finally, there was another major problemFox Ten had no idea what his current position was.

Although he could tell the swordfish to turn left or right, the speed was so fast that he had unknowingly lost his way and didn't know where he was right now.

The only thing he knew was that this damned place was incredibly cold; it was so cold that even a cultivator of the Second Stage such as himself was trembling. One had to know that only the North and South Poles were cold enough to make a cultivator of the Second Stage feel this cold!

At this time, he had two options.

1) Wait for the formations engraved on the swordfish to lose their strength... but he would have to wait a month for that!

2) Wait to meet a good man that would help him kill this goddamn swordfish Ah, wait a moment...

"F*ck, I can kill this stupid swordfish myself!" Fox Ten said, somewhat depressed.

Since he couldn't get off the fish, couldn't he just kill it and stop it?

"Wolf One, there was an unexpected accident, and I can't return right now. I'll contact you in a while and update you on the situation!" After saying this much, Fox Ten closed the communication channel.

Soon after, he grabbed that flexible sword coiled around his waist and injected true qi into it.

The flexible sword immediately straightened, becoming a lethal weapon that could cut through steel as though it was butter.

Fox Ten held the sword and slashed toward the head of the swordfish.

Although it had four formations engraved on its body, this swordfish was only an ordinary fish at the end of the day, and the strength of its body wasn't enhanced. Therefore, the attack directly pierced its head and fresh blood flowed out.

And just in this fashion, the first swordfish in history to reach the speed of 1000 km/h passed away...

After its death, the speed of the swordfish sharply fell. Even if the speed increasing formation was very powerful, it couldn't magically change a base speed of 0 km/h into 100 km/h.

Fox Ten heaved a sigh of relief and called Wolf One once more to update him on the situation.

But right at this time, the corpse of the swordfish sank into the water, heading toward the bottom of the sea as if that wasn't enough, the water barrier formation was still active.

Fox Ten didn't even have time to enjoy his freedom when he was dragged toward the seafloor...

In the meantime, Wolf One had just turned his communication device off.

Damned Fox Ten, he actually screwed up at such critical moment!

F*ck, once this mission is over, I'll tie him to a boulder and throw him to the bottom of the sea!

As a long-time member of the organization, he had a poor opinion of this stylish foolwasn't he just a little more handsome than the others? On what basis did he and the other powerful seniors have to do all those dirty and tiring jobs while this fool had duties such as impregnating young wives, cute girls, and mature women?

This stupid world where only your looks mattered was really annoying.

Just as Wolf One was cursing him in his heart, Fox Ten contacted him through the communication device once more.

Wolf One furrowed his brows but still answered the call.

"Wolf One, I'm in a bad situation. Gurgle~ gurgle~" Fox Ten's frightened voice came from the other end. "I'm sinking toward the bottom of the sea, Gurgle~ gurgle~ I'll contact you again in a while, gurgle~"

"..." Wolf One.

Bastard, sink and die!

After hanging up, Wolf One contacted Whale Eight and said in a grave tone, "Old Eight, Fox Ten had an accident. The plan has changed, it's up to you and Shark Nine to catch that Chu Chu now. You absolutely can't let her run if there is a need to, you can use violent methods!"