Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 321

Chapter 321 Look A Flying Whale
Chapter 321: Look, a flying whale!
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

"I understand." Whale Eight giggled and hung up.

Then, he turned toward Shark Nine and said, "Old Nine, let's go! Wolf One said we absolutely can't let that girl escape. We can use violent methods too!"

"We have to use violent methods? I see." Shark Nine silently nodded.

What they used to communicate was a sound transmitting technique.

Each time the sound was transmitted, words would get slightly distorted, and after the message passed through three people, the original meaning had significantly changed.

Shark Nine who had just received the erroneous message to use violent methods made his move.

His speed increased as he dashed toward the girl in a black dress in front of him.

Chu Chu was very good at swimming, but her skills weren't worth mentioning in front of two experts specialized in this field such as Whale Eight and Shark Nine.

Since they were trying to force her into a hopeless situation and had no intention of killing her, the duo was just playing around earlier. But now that Shark Nine had received the command to kill, he used his real strength and quickly swam forward.

In the time it takes to blink twice, the distance between Shark Nine and Chu Chu had reduced to mere five meters.

A cold light flashed through Shark Nine's tiny eyes as he frantically pounded the water with his hands.

While hitting the water, he released his true qi, creating several razor-toothed sharks with bodies of water and true qi mixed in it. They almost seemed real as they wagged their heads and charged toward Chu Chu.

"Instant kill move! Hundred Sharks Palm!"

It was a move designed to kill the opponent directly.

Shark Nine was a respectable Second Stage Realm cultivator. Moreover, he was an established True Master with an abundant reserve of true qi.

Chu Chu, who was in the middle of her escape, felt a powerful killing intent coming from behind as well as a strong fluctuation of true qi. Under these circumstances, she had no choice but to stop. If she kept swimming, the attack would hit her back, and with the terrifying quantity of true qi imbued in this attack, even if she weren't to die, she would receive a severe wound!

Although she was considered a talent, she hadn't cultivated for a long time and had just recently reached the Second Stage True Master Realm. She hadn't reached a level where she could directly use her body to resist an all-out attack from another True Master.

After stopping, Chu Chu put her right hand inside her silk stocking, pulling out a short sword.

Next, she jumped, leaping out of the water.

The moment she came out of the water, she muttered an incantation in a voice only she could hear, "The sword of my life, appear."

As soon as she finished her chant, the short sword in her hand sent out a sword cry.

In the next instant, she turned around and stabbed with the sword toward the rear.

Behind her, thirteen lifelike sharks with rows of sharp teeth came out of the water, charging toward her.


The short sword in Chu Chu's hands moved quickly, and in the next moment, twenty-six sword lights shot out from her hand toward those sharks. On average, it took two sword attacks imbued with sword qi to destroy one shark, turning it back into water, which mixed with the ocean once more.

Chu Chu took advantage of the strength of the attack to put some distance between her and her pursuers, jumping into the water once more and trying to get away as fast as possible...

She knew that these two guys enjoyed home advantage in water and thus were much faster than her in the sea. Therefore, she had to find a way to get out of this place. Otherwise, her situation would get worse and worse.

When Chu Chu turned around, preparing to flee she bumped into a thick wall of meat.

"Hehe." Next, a powerful laughter resounded in her ears.

Two thick arms tightly hugged her body. The strength of these arms was incredible, and Chu Chu felt her bones cracking.

"I really enjoy hugging girls with soft bodies like you. Now, I'll hug you until you are reduced to a meat pulp." The man laughed.

This man was precisely Whale Eight. He had stealthily blocked Chu Chu's path of retreat, making her walk into a trap.

"Aaaaaah!" When she was hugged, Chu Chu felt as if her bones were about to break. "Bastard, die!"

She spun her wrist and used her short sword to stab Whale Eight.

"It's useless. Your short sword cannot penetrate the defense of my body." Whale Eight revealed a smiling face.


When the short sword bumped into his body, it felt as though she was stabbing a mass of elastic rubber. The sword sank into his body until the hilt, but no blood came out.

This thick and elastic rubbery layer was precisely the defense Whale Eight was boasting about. Unexpectedly, even a short sword was unable to pierce through his skin.

"As I said, it's useless." Whale Eight laughed strangely and increased the strength of his grip.

"Crack, crack, crack" Chu Chu felt her bones shatter. Moreover, two streams of tyrannical true qi entered her body from Whale Eight's arms and started to destroy her body from the inside.

"I really like seeing delicate girls like you die in my arms. It's such a sad and at the same time beautiful scene. Therefore, even if Wolf One hoped to get you alive, you must die," Whale Eight lowered his voice and said with a grin.

But Chu Chu couldn't hear these words anymore.

Am I dying?

Her eyes had started to lose focus and her body was becoming lighter and lighter; she felt as though her soul was about to leave her body.

Perhaps it was because she was about to die, but a strange picture appeared before her eyes.

She unexpectedly saw a huge whale flying into the sky...

"Aaaaaaah~" Song Shuhang's pitiful scream echoed in the sky.

At this time, his mind was in a complete mess.

He faintly remembered that he met Tubo, Gao Moumou, Zhuge Yue, and Zhuge Zhongyang at the airport. Afterward, he also met his disciple in name, Joseph, and his daughter, Shuangxue, who was continuously staring at him resentfully.

Next I should have boarded the plane, right?

I can't seem to clearly remember what'd happened afterward did I fall asleep?

Anyway, after sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Song Shuhang discovered that he was in midair, quickly falling toward the ground.

What happened? Was there an airplane accident? What about the plane and the other passengers?

Many thoughts flashed through Song Shuhang's mind.

And in the next instant, they all merged together, turning into a pitiful yell. But his scream didn't last for long and was soon broken by another scream.

"Whooo~ whooo~" A loud cry transmitted from above his head.

It was the cry of a huge whale and just like Shuhang, the whale was also confused.

This whale had already experienced many incredible things that other whales wouldn't experience in a lifetimeit had traveled to the desert, rode a flying sword, passed through space itself and, right now, it was doing ropeless bungee jumping!

These experiences where one was more incredible than the other! If whales also had the ability to communicate like humans, who knew how many female whales it could conquer by relying on these incredible experiences?

When he heard the pitiful cry of the huge whale, Song Shuhang was stunned.

What the f*ck I might be falling from the sky because my plane crashed, but what's the deal with this huge whale? Was this whale also hiding on our plane?

Impossible! Where was it hiding anyway? Inside a Pok Ball?!

Song Shuhang felt that there was something wrong with his memory and that he had forgotten a few things.

He frowned and tried to recall the previous events.

Just as he was pondering, a piece of memory suddenly flashed through his mind.

"Papa, Papa. Why do you look so unhappy?" In the memory, a cute little loli ran toward him and said after raising her head, "If you're unhappy, let Little Miao smile at you. Afterward, you should become happy, right?"

This smile was like that of a goddess! Just a glance was enough to heal one's heart and dissipate all worries.

It was Song Miao his daughter!

This weird memory had suddenly flashed through his mind.

F~~~~~~ck! What kind of joke is this?! My daughter? And who is the mother? I haven't even reached the legal age to get married!

Just as he was thinking this, another piece of memory flashed through his mind.

In this memory, he was standing with a woman with a blurry face while watching his son, Song Ren, getting married. In the front was a big-bellied woman in a wedding dress; that was his daughter-in-law.

In the next instant, he was leading by the hand his grown-up daughter, Song Miao. This time, she was the one getting married...

F~~~~~~~~ck! What's wrong with these memories?

Was it something I dreamt of in the plane?

No that's not it.

All of it felt very real, as though I had experienced it firsthand did I lose my memories after I boarded the plane?

Wait, a loss of memory?

The East China Sea the mysterious island!!!

Song Shuhang immediately remembered the mysterious island. Was it possible that he carelessly entered the island? However, he had decided not to enter the island even if he was given the opportunity. How did he exactly end up there?

Anyway, it seemed he had left the island after losing his memories.

"Whooo~ whooo~" The cry of the nearby whale made Song Shuhang return to his senses.

Ugh I almost forgot that I am still in the middle of the sky and falling down!

What should I do now?

"Aaaaaah! Save me!" Song Shuhang screamed loudlyhe had no idea what to do in such a situation. Therefore, he instinctively screamed.

Just as he was screaming, another scene flashed through his mind.

In this scene, a woman with blurred facial features was teaching him a cultivation technique. It seemed to be a pretty powerful technique.

In the next instant, Song Shuhang unconsciously used the technique.

"ROAR~" A thunderous and deafening roar echoed throughout the sky of the East China Sea.

It was a special-type technique, the Roaring Lion's Technique. When the technique was used, a powerful roar exploded in the surrounding area like a muffled thunder. It was a technique capable of frightening the enemies out of their wits and intimidate them.

After roaring, Song Shuhang noticed that his throat had become much clearer, just as though he had eaten one of those refreshing throat lozenges.

Thereupon, he decided to roar once more. "Roar~"

Wait a moment, am I not a bit too relaxed? Although there is water beneath, I'm technically falling from the sky!

Just as he was thinking this, Song Shuhang felt the qi and blood in his Mouth Aperture seethe with excitement; it was filled to the brim!

At last, Song Shuhang's Mouth Aperture was finally open!