Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Time For My Fapping Arm To Enter Action 2 In 1
Chapter 322: Time for my fapping arm to enter action! (2 in 1)
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang's luck wasn't bad, and after opening the Mouth Aperture, he obtained a second innate skill!

After opening the Eye, Nose, Ear, and Mouth Apertures, each cultivator would at least obtain one innate skill, and those that were lucky would obtain two. If the skill obtained was decent, it could come in handy throughout one's whole life.

Just like innate skills related to the Eye Aperture, innate skills related to the Mouth Aperture could also be divided into several types. For example, some skills allowed you to make lotuses blossom with your mouth, use words as swords, attack with sound waves, or even launch light beams from your mouth.

The innate skill obtained by Song Shuhang was somewhat special and belonged to the sound wave-type, its name was: Illusory Sound.

Whenever the owner used the skill, all the people hearing the sound would see a certain illusion.

"Roar~" When Song Shuhang used the Roaring Lion's Technique, the innate skill 'Illusory Sound' was also activated.

The roar of a lion echoed throughout the surrounding area like a rolling thunder, and its sound carried illusory properties.

Below, Chu Chu, Whale Eight, and Shark Nine all suffered the effects of the Roaring Lion's Technique and the Illusory Sound.

Since she was already in a semi-unconscious state, Chu Chu saw the road to the netherworld appear before her eyes. Am I going to die?

Whale Eight and Shark Nine felt their brain spin and saw the blurry picture of a galloping-horse lantern 1 .

Song Shuhang had just opened his Mouth Aperture and acquired an innate skill. Therefore, he was still unable to control the 'Illusory Sound' properly and influence people with a strong will.

However, if used in conjunction with the Roaring Lion's Technique, the Illusory Sound could influence even cultivators of the Second Stage. There were many places where this innate skill could come in handy.

For example, if Song Shuhang were to use the Illusory Sound in conjunction with the Roaring Lion's Technique in a big battle, he might even be able to change the course of the war.

As soon as the lion's roar faded, the effects of the Illusory Sound also disappeared.

Chu Chu looked toward the sky absent-mindedly. "It wasn't an illusion a whale is really flying into the sky?"

Whale Eight and Shark Nine shook their heads and revolved the true qi inside their bodies, shaking off the lingering effects of the Illusory Sound. Afterward, they also looked toward the sky.

In the next moment, they felt their scalps go numb.

They saw a huge whale falling from the sky. Since they were both Second Stage True Masters and had exceptional eyesight, it took them only a glance to see the wooden sword below the belly of the whale.

This wooden sword seemed very simple, but both the sword qi and sword intent it was emanating were terrifying.

Was that a flying sword?

Did it mean that this huge whale was a monster whale that had learned how to ride a flying sword?

However, there wasn't too much time to think. The duo quickly rushed to a sideregardless of the status of the whale, it seemed like it wanted to submerge in the sea.

And since they were standing precisely in the spot it was going to land, wouldn't it be foolish to stay there and just wait to become minced meat?

Thanks to the whale's appearance, Whale Eight's grip on Chu Chu loosened a bit, giving her the chance to gasp for breath.

Shortly after.

Due to the acceleration effect of the disposable flying sword 004 edition, the whale fell into the sea slightly earlier than Song Shuhang.

"Whooo~ whooo~" The whale called out pitifully.

"Splash!" A huge amount of water sprayed in all directions.

If not for the disposable flying sword and the floating technique Venerable White had used on its body acting as a cushion, the whale would have died from the impact of colliding with the water.

Next, it was Song Shuhang's turn to fall in the water.

"Green Breeze Speed Boost!" Song Shuhang activated his pendant just as he was about to fall into the water.

A green-colored gentle breeze engulfed his body and slowed down the speed of his descent, allowing him to gently fall into the water.

Song Shuhang had already used the Green Breeze Speed Boost pendant three times on the Heavenly Island, completely depleting its energy. The reason he could activate it now was that twenty-four hours had already passed from the last usage.

Today, it was already July 15th, 2019. Monday.

'I landed safely! Even today, I somewhat managed to survive.' Song Shuhang came out of the water and wiped the seawater from his face, his eye sockets still slightly damp.

It feels good to be alive...

After falling into the sea, the whale didn't hesitate and immediately swung its tail, rushing toward the depths of the ocean. It felt the need to find a peaceful place to calm down moreover, its instinct was telling it that it was better not to resurface for a while.

After the whale disappeared, the wooden sword floated on the surface of the sea, drifting toward Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang casually picked it up and said, "Eh? Isn't this a disposable flying sword 004 edition?"

He was very familiar with this type of a flying sword.

Because it was Senior White's sword!

So... was it Senior White who sent the whale by his side?

Song Shuhang gently touched the wrist with the coordinates of the 'Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique'. It seemed that Senior White was headed toward his position and would be there soon.

After pondering for a moment, he picked the disposable flying sword up and hung it around his waist.

The waves created by the crashing whale finally subsided.

After the sea regained its calm, Song Shuhang saw that there were three forms not too far away from him.

One was a scary man with shark-like teeth.

One was a stocky man with an idiotic smile on his face.

And the last one was a woman in black dress, tightly hugged by the stocky man...

It was a rather weird combination.

From the looks of it, those two big men were in the middle of bullying a weak girl...

Soon after, Song Shuhang sensed fluctuations of 'true qi' coming from the trio. He had already opened his Mouth Aperture and reached the peak of the First Stage, being only a step away from jumping through the dragon gate. In his current state, he could already faintly induce the fluctuations of true qi coming from Second Stage True Masters.

The three people in front of him were all Second Stage True Masters.

And Song Shuhang was the 'weakest' person on the scene...

Now then were cultivators this common nowadays? He fell from the sky and casually met three cultivators?

Did it mean that he was specifically sent to this place after he was thrown down from the mysterious island?

Since he had no idea what these guys wanted to do, Song Shuhang cautiously grabbed the talisman inside his pocket; this was the last 'sword talisman' in his possession.

At the same time, he held Broken Tyrant tightly with his other hand. Aside from the sword talisman, the 'Flaming Saber Technique' on the ancient bronze ring was also capable of bringing harm to a cultivator of the Second Stage.

Song Shuhang wasn't the only one observing the situation and getting ready, the others were also observing him carefully.

Shark Nine shot a look at him and discovered his cultivation level. "It's a cultivator of the First Stage."

"Better to avoid potential problems," Whale Eight said slowly. Afterward, he added, "Kill him."

What the f*ck, what kind of logic is that? If you don't want problems to arise, shouldn't we peacefully resolve the issue with words and part ways?

Song Shuhang didn't even have time to ridicule them when Shark Nine grinned and pounced toward him, aiming at Shuhang's chest with his right palm.

At this time, Shark Nine had a cruel smile on his face and that row of sharp teeth looked very scaryGod knew how painful it would be to bitten by this dude.

Killing intent surged; this move aimed for an instant kill.

"You're quite the violent type, huh?" Song Shuhang sighed and took out the sword talisman, aiming at Shark Nine while placing his finger on the trigger of the sword formation.

Shark Nine's tiny pupils suddenly shrank.


Shark Nine smashed his hands against the surface of the water and used the strength of the impact to stop, quickly retreating.

After stopping, he gazed at Song Shuhang carefully. When he approached him earlier, he felt a dangerous aura coming from Shuhang's body.

At last, his gaze fell on the object in Song Shuhang's hand.

A talisman?!

That dangerous aura was coming from the talisman? Is that a talisman with the attack power of a Third Stage cultivator or above?

It's not going to be easy to deal with him if he can casually take out such a powerful talisman!

Shark Nine licked the corner of his mouth. As long as they could kill this guy, they would surely obtain some excellent loot. His tiny eyes stared at Song Shuhang stubbornly, waiting for an opportunity.

"Sword!" Song Shuhang narrowed his eyes and didn't hesitate to activate the sword talisman.

Although Shark Nine had retreated, he was still within the range of the talisman! That being the case, Shuhang wouldn't stand on ceremony.

When the sword talisman was activated, an illusory figure appeared behind Song Shuhang's body. That figure was standing proudly and looking down on Shark Nine and Whale Eight.

Whale Eight and Shark Nine immediately felt a terrifying pressure. They felt like small frogs that were being stared at by a snake, not even daring to breathe.

"Shark Nine, run!" Whale Eight bellowed.

But it was too late...

The figure behind Song Shuhang used its finger as a sword and followed Song Shuhang's will, slashing toward Shark Nine.

Dazzling sword light exploded and locked onto Shark Nine's position.

Except for the sword, everything disappeared in Shark Nine's line of sight.

After sensing the fearful sword qi emanating from the sword, Shark Nine already knew that he would end up either dead or critically injured after taking the attack.

Therefore, he didn't hesitate and drilled underwater. At the same time, he frantically struck against the water with his palms, creating around thirty sharks made of water that charged toward the sword light.

But the sword light completely ignored them and just flashed past them. The water sharks charged toward the empty space till they lost the true qi powering them, changing into water once more.

The sword light passed through the thick mass of water in the blink of an eye, slashing at Nine Shark's body.

"Aaaah!" Shark Nine screamed in pain. Bubbles came out of his mouth, and the entire surface of the sea was dyed red with his blood.

After struggling for a bit, he sank toward the bottom of the sea. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

"A talisman." Whale Eight stared at Song Shuhang gloomily.

When cultivators were fighting amongst themselves, their actual strength wasn't the only determining factor, their equipment was also very important. A First Stage cultivator with a powerful talisman in their hands could potentially kill a Second Stage cultivator.

And it wasn't limited to a Second Stage cultivator. In the past, Song Shuhang even killed a Fourth Stage cultivator by relying on the weapon Senior White manufactured for him.

"Hehe." Song Shuhang smiled radiantly and took out another talisman from his pocket, pointing it at Whale Eight. "Your guess is correct, it is indeed a talisman. Hm? Do you have something to say?"

At this time, Song Shuhang had the smile of a nouveau riche plastered all over his face, and this other talisman also had an aura comparable to that of the Third Stage If you have something to say, come here and say it to my face!

Whale Eight's face darkened as he kept staring that Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang narrowed his eyes and dangled the talisman in front of Whale Eight. "Let that girl go. Otherwise, I'll let you have a taste of my talisman. In case you didn't know, I have several of these toys with me!"

He indeed had several of them but they were evil-warding talismans!

Song Shuhang's objective was to free the girl in a black dress.

That girl was also a Second Stage cultivator, and if Whale Eight were to let her go, Song Shuhang could use the healing spell on the ancient bronze ring to let her recover her strength. At that time, if they were to join forces, they might be able to fight against this Whale Eight evenly.

This was Song Shuhang's plan.

Unfortunately, in most cases things wouldn't go the way you wished.

Whale Eight clenched his teeth and didn't let Chu Chu go. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her even tighter, trying to crush her.

"Crack, crack, crack" A grating sound suddenly transmitted from her body.

"Blerch" Chu Chu spat out a mouthful of blood. Many of her ribs were broken, and her internal injuries were even worse. Whale Eight's true qi rampaged inside her body, destroying her meridians and damaging her internal organs.

Chu Chu felt the world fade into black and fainted. The difference in strength between the two of them was too big.

"You're courting death!" Song Shuhang bellowed.

"Hehe what's so scary about death?" Whale Eight grinned. "Who do you think I am?! Inside the organization, I'm the multi-awarded Whale Eight, and even if I have to die, I'll complete my mission. The mission is way more important than my life!"

"Crack, crack, crack" Whale Eight's deathly hug almost flattened Chu Chu's body.

Her fresh blood dyed Whale Eight in red.

"Ahahaha!" Whale Eight laughed hysterically. He really enjoyed this feeling, the feeling of crushing delicate girls amidst his powerful arms. He liked this feeling so much that he was addicted to it.

Three breaths later, when Chu Chu's aura disappeared, Whale Eight threw her in the sea like a piece of garbage.

Her blood dyed the surface of the sea red, and her body sank into the waterjust like Shark Nine, it was unknown whether or not she was still alive.

Whale Eight licked the bloodstains on his face and grinned, saying to Song Shuhang, "Hehe what now, kid? Why didn't you take advantage of the situation and killed me with your talisman?"

Song Shuhang didn't reply and grasped his treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

"Perhaps the talisman in your hand isn't an attack-type talisman?" Whale Eight laughed loudly. "Then, what type of talisman is that? Let me have a look!"

As soon as he finished speaking, his stocky body moved, leaping toward the surface of the water.

In the next instant, he used a technique to increase his speed and directly stepped on the water, dashing toward Song Shuhang at high speed.

"Boom, boom, boom" He looked like a bulldozer when he was rushing forward on the surface of the water.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh and put the evil-warding talisman away. After all, Whale Eight wasn't a ghost cultivator, the evil-warding talisman was useless against him.

Soon after, Shuhang also leapt forward, stepping on the water. The effects of the Green Breeze Speed Boost were still active, and with the help of the Virtuous Man's Ten Thousand Mile Walk, he could also run on the surface of the water.

Song Shuhang didn't retreat and decided to face Whale Eight head-on. He spun his wrist and activated the 'Flaming Saber Technique' on the ancient bronze ring.

"Swoosh~" Raging flames started to burn on the blade.

Even if he didn't have sword and armor talismans, Song Shuhang wasn't a small cultivator that would let the enemy toy with him.

Moreover, he was wielding the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, a one-meter long saber forged from heavy metals inside a thunder pond; it was an extremely solid and sharp blade that could cut even the body of a Fourth Stage cultivator.

As long as he could land one hit, even the big fellow in front of him would be injured.

"An ordinary technique such as the Flaming Saber cannot harm me!" Whale Eight grinned; he wasn't scared by the flames burning on Song Shuhang's blade. Afterward, he put a knuckle duster made of tempered steel that had precious stones engraved on it on his right hand. This gadget wasn't an ordinary knuckle duster; it was a magical treasure.

"Spray of the great whale!" Whale Eight waved his first frantically. True qi exploded, and the picture of a whale appeared above his fist.

Next, he bent down and used his fist to punch at the blazing saberhe was so tall that he had to bend down to hit Song Shuhang, what a pain.


The Flaming Saber clashed against Whale Eight's fist, and Song Shuhang felt a powerful burst of energy transmit from the saber to his body.

The flames on the saber immediately scattered and the area between his thumb and index finger was torn, fresh blood gushed out and he almost let Broken Tyrant slip through his fingers.

However, this was only the initial impact.

Soon after, the huge illusory whale that had appeared above Whale Eight's fist also came forth, charging toward Song Shuhang's chest after breaking the qi of the Flaming Saber. This illusory whale was the physical manifestation of true qi.


Song Shuhang was sent flying by the power of the illusory whale, falling into a distant place amidst the sea.

"Ouch!" When the seawater came in contact with his wounds, Song Shuhang cried out in pain.

At this time, a small golden shield had appeared in front of his chest.

He had managed to defend against that illusory whale thanks to the innate ability of his ghost spirit this small golden shield had saved Shuhang's life a lot of times now that he had used up his armor talismans.

"A Second Stage True Master in perfect conditions is actually so strong" Song Shuhang muttered to himself. In hindsight, he felt fortunate for defeating the weakened Altar Master at the time.

The difference in strength between him and a Second Stage cultivator was too high, and the difference between 'qi and blood' and 'true qi' was similar to that of water and ice. 'Qi and blood' was simply unable to ward off the 'true qi' because when the two came in contact, the water-like 'qi and blood' had simply no hopes of blocking the icicle-like 'true qi', getting pierced easily.

"Weak, simply too weak." Whale Eight chuckled. "Now then, let me give you a warm hug before sending you your way. I'm sure I will love that 'crack crack' sound as you get crushed within my arms."

"Disgusting, I have no intention of dying in the arms of a big man. I would rather prefer a cute girl!" Song Shuhang raised his head and laughed.

Song Shuhang was very calm, and there was no fear in his eyes.

"Hehehe weaklings don't have the right to choose." Whale Eight approached Song Shuhang with a grin on his facehowever, he was extremely vigilant in his heart. This small cultivator seemed very calm. Perhaps he had another trick up his sleeve. So, it was better to stay prepared.

"What you said is reasonable, weaklings don't have the right to choose. Thenlet me give you a taste of my true power." Song Shuhang rolled up his sleeve, revealing a strange pattern on his arm. "Time for my fapping arm to enter in action!"

"Fapping arm?" Whale Eight looked at Song Shuhang's arm.

His arm was thin and whiter than a girl's, and on this arm was the tattoo of a Calabash Brother?

The Calabash Brothers this tattoo reminded Whale Eight of those happy memories from twenty years ago.

However, what was the connection between the tattoo and the fapping arm? Wasn't a fapping arm supposed to be strong and powerful?

Just as Whale Eight was in deep thought, he saw the Calabash Brother tattoo on Song Shuhang's arm emit a faint red light.

"Now, I'll show you what despair is!" Song Shuhang said in a grave tone, his face enigmatic. "I suggest you to properly enjoy your last moments in this world because you might have to leave it very soon."

F*cking hell buying time isn't easy! Luckily, we're almost there.

The secret skill he wanted to display was Ding~ Your friend Venerable White is now online.

In the meantime.

Venerable White grabbed Doudou and the small monk with his hands. Right at this time, the light of the 'Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique' was covering his body. According to the coordinates, Song Shuhang was somewhere in the East China Sea.

Since he knew that Shuhang had already returned from the mysterious island, Venerable White didn't waste time and activated the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique, heading in his direction.

Venerable White kept flying and flying till he got somewhat bored.

"Should I meditate a bit?" Venerable White thought to himself.

But then, he saw that he was still holding Doudou and the small monk in his hands. If he were to close up, he wouldn't be able to keep an eye on these two.

Thereupon, Venerable White got an idea and another six hands suddenly came out of his back. It was a technique he had learned after becoming a Venerable, the Eight Arms of the Buddha.

Now that he had these additional six arms, he used two take the phone out of his pocket and unlock it.

But there seemed to be no signal in this place.

Venerable White was unfazed. He stretched out his hand and pulled something resembling an antenna out of the smartphone.

In the next instant, the phone suddenly had signal again.

Venerable White had been secretly performing experiments, and after seventy attempts, he had finally managed to create this magically enhanced mobile phone. Although it seemed no different than a normal smartphone, it had a big set of extra features.

Venerable White opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group and started to scroll through the chat logs.

Today, Medicine Master had sent several messages: " @Su Clan's Seven , Fellow Daoist Seven, are you still hunting down the Limitless Demon Sect? How many of their branches have you destroyed?"

Su Clan's Seven: "A few days ago, I got my hands on a Branch Leader of the sect thanks to little friend Song Shuhang. Although it took a while, I finally managed to obtain useful information from him. Just now, I was planning to go and destroy another branch."

Medicine Master: "That's good news. If you have time, can you capture several tens of their disciples and bring them to my place? I need cultivators of the Second or Third Stage to perform experiments on. I want to see if I can find a way to break the seal blocking the memories of Thrice Reckless and the others. PS: It is Riverly Purple Mist typing." Purple Mist was mischievous as always.

Su Clan's Seven: "Brother Medicine Master, please stop joking. If there are ten disciples of the Second and Third Stage inside a branch, it's already a miracle. Moreover, it's not easy to capture them alive."

Medicine Master: "Dammit. In this case, just send over the ones you manage to capture. Moreover, if everyone else chances upon hostile cultivators of the Second and Third Stage, don't kill them. Send them to my place instead. "

Great Master Profound Principle sent a praying emoji and an ok emoji afterward.

Medicine Master: "Indeed, buddhist monks are merciful after all. This just happens to let you avoid committing unnecessary killings."

Great Master Profound Principle: ""

Venerable White: "Understood, if I meet anyone that fits the description, I'll try to capture them. Fellow Daoist Seven, I found some clues about the Limitless Demon Sect's whereabouts. If possible, I would like to collaborate with your Spirit River Su Clan."

After sending the message, Venerable White put away his phone.

He was about to arrive at the destination.