Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Im Not Crying Sand Just Got Into My Eyes
Chapter 323: Im not crying, sand just got into my eyes
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Whale Eight was intimidated by Song Shuhang, and all he could do was to stare blankly.

But after two breaths, he saw that apart from giving off red light, the tattoo of the Calabash Brother on Song Shuhang's fapping arm didn't do anything elsehe immediately understood what was happening.

"Bastard, making a fool out of me!" Whale Eight flew into a rage out of humiliation.

Whale Eight was someone who looked simple and honest, but as for his true nature, he was meticulous and treacherous.

When he dealt with Shark Nine earlier, Song Shuhang casually took out a sword talisman and defeated him, and later he also took out another talisman of the Third Stage. As if that wasn't enough, he also used a technique of the Second Stage, the Flaming Saber, while being a cultivator of the First Stage. Hence, when Song Shuhang used the fapping arm to scare Whale Eight, he really managed to scare him out of his wits.

Whale Eight was not to be blamed in this case. After seeing Song Shuhang's talismans and magical treasures, any cultivator who had a brain and not just muscles would be fearful of his so-called fapping arm.

The angry Whale Eight bellowed and spread his arms wide open, pouncing in Song Shuhang's direction. He wanted to squeeze this weakling with delicate skin as tight as he could, turning him into minced meat and not even leaving behind a single bone!

"Hehe." Song Shuhang's eyes glistened, without a tinge of fear.

He raised his arm and put Broken Tyrant back on his back. Then, he crossed the hands behind his back and stood in place or rather, he crossed the hands behind his back and bobbed up and down in the water, with more than half of his body submerged underwater. Unlike Whale Eight, he did not have the capability of stepping on water when he was stationary.

"You are still trying to be pretentious and put on airs!" Whale Eight laughed coldly and spread his arms wide open with the intent of giving Song Shuhang a warm hug.

But right at this time, Whale Eight felt as though someone had just kicked his back, making him feel a stabbing pain!

And along with this pain came the strength of a powerful impact. He felt as though his back was breaking.

Are these the effects of the fapping arm technique of this First Stage weakling? But if it was the fapping arm, how could it have gone around and attacked me from behind? Whale Eight was very puzzled.

As he was thinking to himself, his entire body was sent flying upon impact. "Aaaaaah~"

In midair, Whale Eight's painful cry echoed as his body flew over Song Shuhang's head in a parabola.

"Oops, I did not brake in time." At this time, a calm voice came from the position where Whale Eight was hit.

Thereafter, a figure with snow-white clothes lightly landed on the surface of the sea, like an immortal descending onto earth.

The figure in white clothes stepped on the surface of the water, but the sea water did not wet his shoes and beside him were a young monk and a pekingese, supported by two invisible hands and floating in the air.

It was indeed Venerable White, who was 300 meters away when Whale Eight pounced towards Song Shuhang.

"Senior White!" Song Shuhang wore a big smile on his face and gave a thumbs up. "The term 'did not brake in time' was perfectly used, I liked it!"

Venerable White was speechless.

What's up with the way Shuhang is speaking todayit is not only weird but also feels provocative. I keep feeling as though he was making fun of my 'Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique' not braking in time!

"Senior, you came just in time!" Song Shuhang laughed cheekily. "If you were a second late, I would have been squashed into minced meat by that huge bloke."

"Is it an enemy?" Venerable White raised his eyebrows, his gaze shifted to Whale Eight who got sent flying from his kick.

Whale Eight was afraid that his back was broken, but right now, he didn't have the time to think about his injury. He swallowed his saliva and looked fearfully at the figure dressed in white.

Especially when the figure in white looked at him, Whale Eight could feel the aura of death starting to seep out from his own body.

At that moment, Whale Eight suddenly realized he wasn't as fearless as he thought he wasafter all the awards he received in the organization, Whale Eight thought that he had stopped caring about life or death, but only now did he discover how wrong he was.

Whale Eight didn't waste time, he ignored the extreme pain in his back and dived back into the sea. He wanted to get away by relying on his excellent swimming ability.


Just as he was about to dive back into the sea, he felt as though his body hadn't slammed into water but a slab of metal instead.

Without him noticing, the sea water had condensed and turned into a solid wallit wasn't a wall made of ice but solidified water. Whale Eight was unable to get through it.

Whale Eight frightfully turned his head around and looked at the figure in white.

The figure was stepping on the water surface, and lightly pointed his forefinger at his positionindeed, the change in the sea water was done by him.

With a move of his finger, the sea water became hard like metalit said a lot about how scary his capabilities were.

At this time, Song Shuhang swam next to Venerable White, turned his head around and smiled at Whale Eight. "What do you think of the power of my fapping arm? Scary, isn't it?"

Scary your sister! Whale Eight roared in his heart. What fapping arm, since you couldn't defeat me, you just called a senior to deal with me! If you have the balls, come here and fight with daddy!

Immediately after, when he saw the figure in white, his entire being became spiritless again.

It seemed he was done for this time.

"A cultivator of the Second Stage realm..." Venerable White stared at Whale Eight and pinched his chin. Thereafter, he looked at Song Shuhang and asked, "Shuhang, how do you want to deal with him? Kill him?"

Upon hearing Venerable White's inquiry, Shuhang thought of something. Perhaps Senior White had other uses for this cultivator of the Second Stage? Hence, he replied, "Senior, it's up to you."

"In this case, let's send him to Medicine Master's place Medicine Master said he wanted to do some research on the memory seal and needed a few test subjects of the Second Stage or above." Venerable White nodded as he spoke.

"Sure!" As Song Shuhang spoke, he forced a smile and said, "Senior White, another thing. I suspect that I ended up on the mysterious island earlier, a part of my memories is missing."

"Yeah, you went to the mysterious island," Venerable White replied confidently.

"Senior White, you knew?" Song Shuhang asked doubtfully.

"Yeah, I initially intended to take you out of the mysterious island, but that mysterious island was stranger than what I thought and my attempt failed. But you were sent out immediately after, so I used the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique to rush over here." As Venerable White spoke, he reached out his hand and grabbed Whale Eight.

Whale Eight's body forcefully flew towards Venerable White.

Medicine Master's research needed a lot of Second Stage and Third Stage cultivators. If there were suitable test subjects, they shouldn't waste them by killing them off.

"Dammit! I am the multi-awarded Whale Eight, I will never allow you to use me as a test subject!" Whale Eight bellowed while in midairupon hearing the term 'test subject', one would know it was something worse than death.

Compared to passing the rest of his life as a test subject, Whale Eight would rather die. He clenched his teeth as hard as he could and tried to break a fake tooth that contained the deadly poison.

It was a poison that could kill even a Second Stage cultivator. For people like them who were in this line of work, they had to prepare various tricks that allowed them to die a lot faster in order to reduce their suffering.

But right after Whale Eight broke his fake tooth, he saw the figure in white slightly moving his finger againand just like this, the poisonous substance in his mouth was drawn out.

"I can't let you die, I need to deliver you alive to Medicine Master; you are precious to him," Venerable White said. At the same time, his right hand made a gesture, and a ball of flame appeared out of nowhere and wiped out the poisonous substance.

The corner of Song Shuhang's mouth rose and he said, "Hehehe, weaklings don't have the right to choose this was what you yourself said. Those words are returned to you, one by one. Big bloke."

Whale Eight silently closed his eyes, his face depressed.

After capturing Whale Eight alive, Song Shuhang remembered the girl in a black dress that was hugged to death by this guy. "Right, Senior White. Previously, there was a girl in a black dress that was heavily injured by that big bloke and fell into the sea. This big bloke had another companion, who ate my 'sword talisman' and sank into the sea as well. I wonder if they are still alive?"

Song Shuhang was not strong enough, so he could only watch her get squashed and heavily injured by the big bloke before being tossed into the sea. Since Venerable White had already rushed here, at least he could see if there was anything he could do to save her life.

"At the bottom of the sea?" Venerable White silently nodded.

Thereafter, he snapped his fingers.

After his fingers snapped, the sound seemed to have traveled very far, even to the bottom of the sea.

Approximately fifteen breaths later, the surface of the sea churned.

"Whooo~" A huge whale floated from beneath the sea with two deathly pale figures on its back.

One of them was Shark Nine, who had a huge sword wound on his body.

The other was a girl in a black dress, but her current state was very bad. To put it simply, her initially S-shaped figure was now rendered entirely flat, even flatter than a tablet.

The big bloke really used a heavy hand. His deadly hug was vicious to the extreme.

Song Shuhang asked, "Can this girl still be saved?"

Venerable White looked at the girl in a black dress and nodded. "She is still breathing, I can still save her. But we have to look for a place to settle down before administering treatment. Hmm you can cast on her a healing spell to keep her alive!"

"Roger that!" Song Shuhang hurriedly swam next to the huge whale and lightly stepped on its back, Thereafter, he activated the spell on his ancient bronze ring and cast it on the girl in the black dress.

After he activated the healing spell, the wounds on the girl's body recovered slightly, but her entire body was almost squashed into minced meather injuries were not ones that could heal solely with a basic healing spell.

It could only barely keep her alive.

As for Shark Nine, Song Shuhang did not want to waste the healing spell on him.

He was a guy that wanted to kill him... and Song Shuhang wasn't like Mother Mary who loved everyone. Hence, he decided to leave him on his own. If he could survive, then he would be sent over to Senior Medicine Master's together with Whale Eight. If he did not survive, then he could just become food for the whales.

Speaking of which, this whale seemed rather familiar... wasn't it the same whale that fell from the sky with him?

"Whooo~" The huge whale's face was filled with tears I'm not crying, sand just got into my eyes!

It was not really crying was it?