Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Confucius Said If You Peel Off The Skin Only The Tender Meat Is Left
Chapter 325: Confucius said: If you peel off the skin, only the tender meat is left!
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"Is that so?" Song Shuhang held his chin and tried to guess, "So, after avoiding death by a hair's breadth and hearing that she needed only a few months to recover from such serious injuries, she wasn't happy but passed out instead? In this case, what kind of emergency was she facing? To the point that she would faint after hearing she need a few months to recover"

"Senior Brother Shuhang is so smart." The small monk clapped his hands with a serious expression on his face; he didn't forget to do some bootlicking while he was at it.

After Song Shuhang forgave him and didn't spank him until making him shit all over the place, the relationship between the two had unknowingly got much better.

Just when the two of them were discussing, Doudou returned, wobbling. "Senior White has yet to finish his meditation. Did you ask this girl about her background?"

"I was about to when she got over-excited and fainted again." Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders. "Should I use the healing spell and make her wake up? With that, we can ask her some questions."

"You can give it a try, and remember to tell her to write a will once you're done asking questions. Her injuries are very serious, and we have no idea when Medicine Master will come back. It would be a problem if he were to be late and she were to die in the meantime" Doudou said.

Although these words might sound unpleasant, Doudou had a point.

"Alright." Song Shuhang nodded.

Then, he took off his t-shirt and covered Chu Chu's legs.

While escaping from Wolf One, Bull Two, and Ape Four's pincer attack, Chu Chu tore off the lower part of her skirt to improve her mobility, fleeing toward the sea Song Shuhang used the t-shirt to cover her beautiful naked legs.

Afterward, he activated the healing spell on the ancient bronze ring and used it on Chu Chu.

Three breaths later, Chu Chu opened her eyes once more.

This time, she seemed much calmer.

She revealed a bitter smile and said, "Thank you for helping me, Fellow Daoist."

"This time, try to remain calm and don't faint," Song Shuhang said. He could use the healing spell only once more. Therefore, he couldn't carelessly waste it.

Chu Chu nodded her headbut even such a small movement made her feel a stabbing pain all over her body. The idiom ' one slight movement can affect the whole body 1 ' was really suited to this case. Luckily, she had met Song Shuhang and Venerable White. Otherwise, she would have died a long time ago.

Song Shuhang continued, "Don't move heedlessly. And since you're still conscious, do you mind telling me about your identity? Additionally, do you have any last words in case something unexpected were to happen?"

"..." Chu Chu.

After a short moment, she asked cautiously, "Earlier, didn't you say that I could be saved?"

Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh and said, "Well, it's better to prepare for the worst. I don't know for sure when that senior specialized in treating people will rush back. Given how serious your injuries are, if that senior doesn't come back in time, you might even die Cough. Therefore, do you have any last words, just in case?"

The nearby small monk advised, "Senior Brother Shuhang, you were too direct. You should try to be more tactful next time."

"..." Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang also knew that it was a delicate matter, but it was his first time telling someone to leave behind a testament! Therefore, he had no idea how to be tactful regarding such a matter maybe something like this: 'Hello, I'm here to tactfully remind you that you might want to write down a will, just in case, you know.'?

The nearby Chu Chu gently sighed and said, "It's alright. How can cultivators even cultivate if they aren't ready to face life and death situations?"

Next, she started to tell Song Shuhang and the others about her identity.

There was no need to lie about her identity. After all, she had a token of the Chu Family with her, and if the opposite party were to rummage through her things, they would easily discover who she was.

"My name is Chu Chu, and I'm a disciple of the Chu Family." Chu Chu took a deep breath and started to narrate her story.

The name 'Chu Family' rang a bell inside Song Shuhang's mind. "Who were those guys trying to kill you? Where do they come from?"

"They should be the members of one of those organizations willing to do all dirty jobs in exchange for money. As for why they were chasing me it should be due to the feud between the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School. Due to some contradictions we had lately, our two factions decided to fight on the Grievance Settling Platform. The Chu Family chose me as one of the participants, and the Illusory Sword School must have decided to use underhanded tricks and have me killed before I could reach the platform, obtaining an easy victory," Chu Chu replied.

While narrating her story, she intentionally left out the reason why the two factions were fightingthe sword technique. Although one had no intention of harming others, they would still need to be on alert if others wanted to do so. Since it was unnecessary to mention the sword technique, she would keep her mouth shut, avoiding eventual future troubles.

"So, there is a grudge between your family and this Illusory Sword School, huh?" Song Shuhang tapped on his head with his finger and suddenly recalled what Soft Feather told him a few days ago. Therefore, he asked, "Wait a moment, is your Chu Family being bothered by a nearby small school due to some disagreements over a 'sword technique', creating the grudge between the two factions?"

"..." Chu Chu opened her eyes wide.

How can this man know about these matters related to the Chu Family and the Illusory Sword School if I didn't even mention them?! Moreover, the Illusory Sword School is now a 'small school'? It is precisely this small school that caused us so much trouble, pushing us into a corner!

"Judging from your expression, my guess should be correct. It seems there is fate between me and your Chu Family," Song Shuhang said with a smile. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Song Shuhang, and I'm a loose cultivator. I have a friend named Soft Feather who happens to be friends with a member of your family."

Chu Chu gazed at Song Shuhang, her expression calmcould there really be such a coincidence in this world?

At this time, the nearby small monk joined his palms together and also introduced himself, "My name is Guoguo, and I'm a disciple of the Faraway Wandering Temple."

"The Faraway Wandering Temple?" Chu Chu blinked a few times. Then, she opened eyes wide. "Are you talking about that Faraway Wandering Temple?"

According to legends, half of the temple was situated in the real world, and the other half in a different dimension. For this reason, it didn't have a fixed position and could appear anywhere in the world. It was one of strongest buddhist schools in the world of cultivators, an existence that their small family could only hold in reverence.

"As far as I know, the Faraway Wandering Temple doesn't have any branches and there is only one temple. So that must be it." The small monk joined his palms together and smiled faintly. He was very proud of his school.

After the small monk was done introducing himself, Doudou couldn't wait anymore and squeezed through them, arriving in front of Chu Chu and starting his own introduction.

"I'm the monster dog Doudou, and it's fine if you call me Big Brother Doudou. Girl, your foundation doesn't seem to be too bad, as long as you're willing to become my adoptive little sister, I'll give you helping hand! Should I completely destroy that puny Illusory Sword School for you?" Doudou raised his head and said proudly.

"Doudou, stop causing trouble." Song Shuhang gently patted Doudou's head. If Doudou were to help, he would end up causing even more trouble. Song Shuhang knew it from experiencefor example, when he told Doudou to look after the small monk, he helped the small monk run away from home instead...

Chu Chu forced a smile.

"Cough, we're getting sidetracked. Anyway, Miss Chu Chu, do you have any last words?"

Chu Chu heaved a sigh and said, "If something unexpected were to happen, I hope fellow daoist Shuhang would bring my remains back to the Chu Family."

"Sure, no problem." Song Shuhang nodded. "Miss Chu Chu, you should rest for the time being."

Chu Chu faintly nodded and closed her eyes, trying to get some rest.

Song Shuhang held his chin and pondered Now then, what is this Grievance Settling Platform? Is it an open competition where people fight each other using martial arts?

Around five minutes later, Chu Chu entered a deep slumber again, her injuries were simply too heavy.

Doudou lay on the ground lazily and basked in the sun. His body was still weak, and even if he wanted to, he couldn't move around.

The small monk sat on top of a large stone and started to chant buddhist scriptures. Even if he was away from the temple, he was still diligently contemplating scriptures every day.

Song Shuhang, whose upper body was now naked, found a shady and cool place and started to organize the items in his possession.

He currently had with him his treasured saber Broken Tyrant, a disposable flying sword 004 edition, and a backpack.

Inside the backpack were soul beads, medicine pills, the shapeshifting brooch, talismans and a small case.

Eh? Where does this case come from? And what's inside?

Song Shuhang curiously opened the case and found sixteen plants as fine as hair inside. These plants were shaped like lifelike dragons.

However, he didn't remember anything about these plants. Did he find them on the mysterious island?

Right at this time, he found a note at the bottom of the case. It was precisely that paper on which Song Shuhang had written the words 'skeletal dragon's withered vine' with a brush.

"The skeletal dragon's withered vine?! Isn't this the same natural treasure that Sixteen needed for her recovery?!" Song Shuhang carefully put the case away; he was extremely excited right now.

Now that he had these vines, he could help Sixteen hasten her recovery.

After putting the case away, Song Shuhang noticed another unfamiliar object inside the backpackit was a cute rabbit-shaped purse.

As soon as he saw the purse, Song Shuhang felt a huge sense of shame well up in his heart. What was this thing doing inside his backpack?

Was it something he casually picked up on the mysterious island?

If it was something he had casually picked up, it was better to return it to the rightful owner.

But he had lost all memories concerning the mysterious island how was he supposed to find the owner of the purse?

Should I throw it away? Or perhaps I can gift it to a girl?

After all, this purse was too cute-looking and wasn't suited for a big man like him.

While still in deep thoughts, Song Shuhang opened the purse to see what was inside.

He saw a very small note inside the purse.

Song Shuhang curiously grabbed the note and took it out.

As he took the note out of the purse, it suddenly changed from the size of a little finger to that of a table.

It became bigger?

The following line was written on the huge white paper with forceful brushstrokes: Little Finger Snake's Purse.

Below were other words written in a smaller font: Hold the left ear of the rabbit and pour your qi and blood, true qi, spiritual energy, and so on, inside to reduce all the objects the purse comes in contact with.

Then, right next to these small words, there was another set of even smaller words: Hopefully, you won't throw this cute purse away.

"..." Song Shuhang.

That was dangerous! Earlier, he was really thinking about throwing it away!

I unexpectedly gained so many interesting things on the mysterious island? I even got my hands on a purse made from the skin of the Little Finger Snake!

Just as he was thinking, he held the left ear of the rabbit and poured his qi and blood energy inside. Afterward, he used the purse to bump his backpack.

In the next instant, the backpack was reduced to the size of a fingernail and placed inside the rabbit-shaped purse by Shuhang.

"It's really cool," Song Shuhang muttered. With this gadget, he could easily carry things with him whenever he was out!

After carefully putting the purse away, Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone.

Unfortunately, there was no signal on the island.

He wanted to go in the Nine Provinces Number One Group and contact Su Clan's Seven to tell him he had those skeletal dragon's withered vines that Sixteen needed. It seemed he would have to wait to reach a place with signal to send the message.

And precisely because there was no signal, he hadn't received Soft Feather's magnificent gift either.

In the neighboring Pacific Ocean, also on a small island.

Several huge balls of fire appeared in the space above the peaceful island.

When the first ball of fire descended to the ground, the forms of several people could be seen inside it.

Amongst these people were two men wearing the clothes of aircraft commanders, as well as several flight attendants and other men and women. The daughter of Song Shuhang's nominal disciple Joseph, Ji Shuangxue, was also amongst them. This batch of people fell on the sandy beach in a disordered manner, all of them unconscious.

The second ball of flames followed soon after. This ball was very small, and there were only two figures insideone was that black uncle that was very good at breakdancing, the other was that boy searching for his parents. These two had pressed the YES button in front of the city gate when given the possibility.

Inside the third ball were Gao Moumou, Joseph, Tubo, Zhuge Yue, Zhuge Zhongyang, Lu Fei, her elder sister, and all those that had left the Heavenly Island after completing the transaction.

Inside the fourth ball were eight forms covered in blood. Their clothes were ripped apart and blood was dripping from their bodies, but strangely enough, they didn't seem to be injured.

All the passengers on the plane were again reunited.

After the four balls of flames descended to the ground, the fire quickly died out.

With the exception of Song Shuhang, all the passengers were now scattered on the beach, unconscious.

Around ten minutes later.

A group of people wearing animal skins and holding primitive weapons rushed over from the depths of the island. There were headed toward the sandy beach. After seeing those fireballs fall from the sky, their interest got piqued and they rushed over here.

"People, many of them!" A woman pointed at the passengers scattered on the beach and said in awkward Mandarin.

"Confucius said: 'Is it not a joy to have friends come from afar? What a pleasure, what a delight!' These people, friend! We, happy!" The man that seemed to be the leader said with a serious expression on his face.

The voice of the leader had yet to fade when a chubby man's eyes lit up. "Confucius said: 'If you peel off the skin, only the tender meat is left!' These people, food! I, long time no eat meat!"

"Slap!" The leader ruthlessly slapped the chubby man Thinking about meat? Crazy!