Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 338

Chapter 338 An Upgraded Version Of The Disposable Flying Sword 005 Edition
Chapter 338: An upgraded version of the disposable flying sword 005 edition!
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Song Shuhang wanted to ask Venerable White about the meaning behind those words. He feared that his weak body wouldn't be able to withstand the wild ride of the disposable flying sword 005 editionafter seeing Senior Copper Trigram zigzag in the sky, as well as recalling the 'parachute style landing' feature and the bunjee jumping-like pleasant sensation he felt that he would surely die in the process.

However, he wasn't as foolish as to directly ask Venerable White: 'Senior, are you planning to use the disposable flying sword 005 edition to send me on a trip in the sky?'

Therefore, he had to probe into it stealthily, which was even more difficult!

First of all if Senior White really wanted to send him off on a trip with the disposable flying sword 005 edition, it should be because he discovered about that death-seeking matter from back then.

The fact that Senior White suddenly grabbed his hair yesterday and made two ponytails partially confirmed this theory. It was likely that the matter about him and Soft Feather changing Senior White's hairstyle and facial expressions over and over again had been leaked.

As for how it was leaked the reason might as well be that file Soft Feather sent in the group space. Therefore, he had to go in the Nine Provinces Number One Group and confirm the situation.

Song Shuhang's phone was a regular one and couldn't get any signal in the middle of the East China Sea. Since Immortal Master Copper Trigram was also sent a few thousand kilometers away, the only option left to get into the group chat was to ask Venerable White to lend him his phone.

"Senior White, can you lend me your phone for a moment?" Song Shuhang tried to squeeze out the most natural and gentle smile he could.

Venerable White had taken over Copper Trigram's duties and was now looking after the barbecue. Copper Trigram had already put the condiments on. Therefore, Senior White only needed to control the intensity of the fire and wait till the food was ready.

"You need my phone?" Venerable White turned his head around and asked with a faint smile, "What do you need it for?"

"It's like this when I went to the mysterious island, I had a lucky encounter and found something interesting." After saying these words, Song Shuhang took out the skeletal dragon's withered vines from the rabbit-shaped purse, saying, "I have sixteen withered vines with me. Therefore, I was thinking of contacting Senior Seven and telling him to come here to take them. He needs them to cure Sixteen's injury!"

This reason was simply perfect! No flaws at all!

"Hm, I see in that case, I'll help you get in contact with fellow daoist Seven." Venerable White nodded and took a step back. Then, he pointed toward the barbecue grill and said, "Shuhang, come here and use the 'fire controlling art'. I want to see how skilled you have become in using this art. If you have reached a sufficient level, we can study how to refine qi and blood pills later."

After saying this much, Venerable White quietly took out his phone. Then, he turned around and started to fiddle with it at an angle where Song Shuhang couldn't see anything.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang arrived in front of the barbecue and used the fire controlling art to control the intensity of the flames, but his heart was in turmoil.

I'm done! I'm done! I'm doneee!

Senior White seemed hellbent on not letting him use the phone! There was surely something compromising in the phone or rather, in the Nine Provinces Number One Group!

In other words, Venerable White had prepared that disposable flying sword 005 edition for him! But he just happened to meet Immortal Master Copper Trigram who was likewise courting death. Therefore, Copper Trigram took the bullet that Venerable White had prepared for Shuhang.

Unfortunately, there was only one Copper Trigram, and he couldn't take the bullet for Shuhang again!

What should I do? What should I do?

I have to think of a way to make Senior White happy if he's happy, there is a chance he might forgive me...

If not, I must find a way to exchange the disposable flying sword 005 edition with the 004 edition. The 005 edition is just too scary.

Song Shuhang's brain was operating at insane speed.

In the meantime, Venerable White opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

The fellow daoists in the group chat were still spamming like crazy. After discovering that Venerable White hadn't gotten online and that he hadn't sent any message to reprimand them either, they became even more unrestrained.

The members that had changed their profile pictures to Senior White's emote were getting more and more.

The corner of Venerable White's mouth rosethere was an unfathomable smile on his face. Then, he clicked on Seven's profile picture.

Su Clan's Seven was a trendy man. Therefore, he too had changed his avatar. His current profile picture was :senior_white_sigh:.

At this time, Seven was also spamming in the group, but he wasn't spamming random stuff like the others. He was asking the people in the group whether or not they had skeletal dragon's withered vines.

He urgently needed a great number of withered vines.

At this time, Seven received a private message.

When he saw the private message, he unconsciously shrank in fearbecause it was a message from Venerable White!

I'm a goner! Why would Venerable White suddenly send me a private message?

Seven cautiously clicked on the notification.

Venerable White: "Fellow Daoist Seven I've heard that you're looking for the skeletal dragon's withered vine, right? If you want those vines, I can give them to you. I've got sixteen of them!"

Direct and to the point! These sixteen withered vines were a huge temptation for Seven. He desperately needed them.

Therefore, he quickly replied, "Senior White, what is your current location?"

"I'm on a small island in the East China Sea. I'll send you the coordinates," Venerable White replied.

Immediately after, he sent the coordinates to Su Clan's Seven.

Su Clan's Seven: "Got them. I'll immediately head toward your position!"

"Good. I'll wait for you." Then, Venerable White also added, "Also, your new profile picture is rather amusing. Let meet us on the island, bye bye."

After reading this message, Seven couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat.

Why did I stupidly change my profile picture Although Senior White sent a smiling emoji, Seven felt that a bleak future awaited him.

...Should I really go to the island?

The answer was yes! He had to go even if he had to face mountains of swords and seas of flames.

Seven clenched his teeth and put his phone away. Afterward, the heavenly saber on his back automatically flew beneath his feet.

"Let's rush toward Senior White's coordinates!" Seven headed toward the small island

Venerable White narrowed his eyes into a smile and said to Song Shuhang, "Done. I've notified fellow daoist Seven. He'll be here very soon."

Song Shuhang revealed a radiant smile and replied, "Thank you, Senior."

"You're welcome." Venerable White's mood seemed pretty good. He stretched his hand out and picked two skewers of meat and vegetable from the barbecue, saying, "I'll prepare a small gift to welcome fellow daoist Seven. You can keep grilling the food. Your fire controlling art isn't bad and has reached an acceptable level. Later, we can try to refine qi and blood pills."

After saying this much, Senior White took a bite of the food and leisurely headed toward the nearby forest. From the looks of it, he seemed to have gone there to pick up a good tree branch...

And if Senior White was going to pick up a tree branch it was very likely to be manufactured into a disposable flying sword!

Tears started to well up in Song Shuhang's eyes After Senior Copper Trigram, is it my turn?

...And these aren't tears, it's just the smoke from the barbeque making me tear up!

Anyway, I need to pull myself together!

I need to find a way to cheer up Senior White before he decides to 'send me off'.

Song Shuhang operated his brain at high speed.

He was thinking about what Senior White liked and what could possibly help him improve his mood.

Disassembling electric equipment? Eating bayberries? Racing with cars? Racing with flying swords? Closing up? Anything weird or mysterious? Sending disposable flying swords in space? Submerging in the depths of the sea? Using a volcano as a hot spring?

Wait, what's wrong the latter options? Song Shuhang fiercely shook his head, casting aside those dangerous options.

Anyway, all these options were impractical!

Or else should he try telling Senior White a funny joke to cheer him up?

Although Song Shuhang had read many books, now that he tried to rack his brain, he couldn't recall any interesting jokes!

In the forest, Senior White was humming a song as he chose a good tree branch, starting to peel it. Very soon, the embryonic form of the disposable flying sword 005 edition appeared in his hands.

There was a slight difference between the 004 and 005 editions. The blade of the 005 edition was slightly arched.

I'm done for, I'm done for! What should I do now? Since there was no signal, he couldn't even go online to look for help!

Soon after, Senior White started to engrave a formation on the body of the sword.

Two minutes later, a brand-new disposable flying sword 005 edition had appeared in Venerable White's hand.

"Done. I've also added a coiling flight feature and narrowed the flight angle. There is also an additional meteor-like effect that would make it look like a meteor streaking across the sky when launched. This improved edition is a little different from the 'disposable flying sword' series let's just call it 'disposable meteor sword 001'!" Venerable White muttered as he raised the wooden sword in his hand high. "I'll be able to try it out in a while. If the effects are good, I can perhaps create a whole meteor shower in the future."

The body of the sword was faintly emanating a meteor-like radiance.

When shooting up in the sky, this flying sword would surely look beautiful...

Perhaps because he had already opened his Ear Aperture, Song Shuhang heard everything Senior White muttered.

Song Shuhang touched his legs; they had somewhat gone soft.

Senior White had upgraded the disposable flying sword and it was even scarier than before at this point, it was better if he had been sent flying with the disposable flying sword 005 edition used on Senior Copper Trigram.

In the meantime, on a certain island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The old professor, Tubo, Gao Moumou, and the other passengers got up with great difficulty. Yesterday, they managed to formulate a rather efficient teaching method under the directions of the professor.

"Get up. As first thing, we have to see what's the current level of understanding the natives have in regards to Chinese characters. After we know their level of proficiency, we can teach them according to their aptitudes," the old professor said.

They were planning to randomly select some of the primitive men and conduct a small test to see the level of their understanding in regards to Chinese characters.

According to Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman's words, these primitive men had already studied the Three-Character Classic and almost all of them could recite it from memory, and the majority could also write it down from memory.

An hour later.

The old professor, Tubo, Gao Moumou, and the others looked at the pile of examination papers, somewhat dumbfounded.

They really wanted to know which country's Chinese characters were there primitive men writing all the test papers were written down in illegible handwriting, so illegible that they couldn't make out a single character...

There was no way this was the Three-Character Classic; this was a book about ancient magical runes!